tagLoving WivesPre-Party Warm-Up

Pre-Party Warm-Up

byJack and Carol Arid©

Smoke blanketed the bar in thin wisps like so many tattered tapestries. It hung in the air, floating, sculpted by overhead lights and the small lamps that illuminated the place in a hue far brighter than the typical watering hole. The Double Tree Hotel wasn't known for the magnificence ambiance of its open-aired saloon, nor for the limited selection of drinks created by their bartenders. But for the patrons it was a place to unwind after a hard day's conferencing, and to socialize with others similarly trapped by their various employers' mandates requiring attendance at whatever conference was happening on that particular day at that particular hotel. It was a simple place, casually tossed off to the side of the main hallway leading from the registration desk toward the elevators. I anxiously glanced over the other bar patrons from my perch atop a stool at a far table near the lone pool table, looked impatiently at my watch, and then back to the unfolding show before me.

The shiny black leather mini-skirt slid halfway up over her butt as she stretched over the table to take a shot. She peered briefly back over her shoulder in my direction, smiled, and then slid the pool stick smoothly across her hand, striking the cue ball, and deftly dropping the 6 into a corner pocket. Thigh-highs and no panties—nice, very nice. The black leather framed her smooth, full ass like delicious golden-ripe fruit presented for the sampling. A frame within a frame within a frame. Her beckoning butt generously cupped her swollen vulva outward, an offering, and the shaved lips shone wetly with desire. She stood and made a show of tugging her skirt back down. The whole bar watched as she sashayed gracefully on her stilettos around the other side of the table, her back now to the bulk of the fifteen or so bar patrons, and then she was again stretching over the table to take a shot. I knew they could see everything.

"Hey baby, you going to give us a chance?" asked one of the two black guys she was playing pool with.

The targeted ball, smacked decisively by the cue ball, rolled smoothly across the felt and dropped into its intended pocket.

"Oh," she laughed, "You'll get more than a chance."

I watched as she slithered up to him, her unrestrained breasts moving gently beneath the tight black cotton tank. She reached out and slowly caressed his face.

"You wanna make this really interesting?" She said it loud enough for the whole bar to hear.

I lit a cigarette and noticed that my hand was trembling slightly. My heart thumped wildly in my chest, and my mouth was suddenly dry. I took a slow sip from my drink.

"If either of you beat me, you get to take me upstairs and fuck me."

The men in the bar were holding their breaths, the women were glaring, and the bartender listened intently. The deafening sound of silence filled the air.

"And if you win?" asked one of her opponents.

She smiled and coyly ran her fingers down his chest.

"You get to take me upstairs and fuck me, " she breathed.

I heard a pin dropping from the 10th floor.

"Ohh, I like that kinda bet!" laughed one of the guys, "Both of us?"

She smiled brighter.

"Both of you."

Something touched my arm, startling me, and I jumped.

"I said--can I get you something else?" It was the barmaid.

I looked at my watch, and shook my head.

"No, I guess my date isn't going to show up. Guess I got stood up."

She smiled at me, her green eyes dancing amid the swirls of her blond hair. She was cute, in a plump sort of way.

"Maybe you should play pool, it looks like it's working for those two guys."

"Yeah, it does doesn't it?"

"Somebody's gonna have fun tonight," she said enthusiastically.

"Maybe we could ask to join them," I suggested.

"Maybe-- but I don't think my boyfriend would like that too much."

"That's too bad."

She smiled again, sighed, cleared my empty glass, and walked away, her eyes glued to the pool game in progress.

I don't think I've ever seen a quicker game of pool. The two guys lost in quick succession, and then the two of them, my wife between them, walked from the bar and headed toward the elevators. I fingered the hotel room key in my pocket. They had fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes and I would be opening that hotel room door to discover my wife in a room alone with those two black guys. My head pounded and my cock was uncomfortably hard in my jeans. Fifteen minutes… it felt like fifteen hours.

I crushed out one cigarette and lit another. In my mind I heard Carol screaming out in orgasm.

It had always been her fantasy—pick two guys up in a bar, play pool while flashing herself to everyone, and then go upstairs to a pre-arranged room and get her brains fucked out. Of course, while it would be hotter for the two guys to be complete strangers, it would also be far too dangerous. So I got to work; it really wasn't much work.

Carol's birthday was in two days, and we'd already had a birthday gangbang party planned. Carol wanted to do a strip-tease dance in front of a bunch of guys, and then take them all on. That was already all set up. This would be the "pre-party warm-up" as I'd dubbed it. So I called Ed, who was already scheduled to attend the party, and outlined my plan. He had a buddy he had wanted to ask to attend the party, and since Carol had never met the guy before it would almost be like her picking up strangers in a bar, he'd explained. Since Carol and I both trusted Ed, I agreed.

I slid the card key into the lock, turned the handle, and swung open the door. I heard Carol moaning. I walked in, my heart pounding uncontrollably.

My wife lay naked on her back across the bed. The guy I didn't know had his large cock stuffed in her mouth, while Ed's face was buried in my wife's delicious pussy. I pulled out the camera and took a shot.

"Hi baby," I said as I began stripping off my clothes, "Having fun?"

"Mmhhhuummm," she moaned in response.

"Hey Jack!" Ed shouted, looking up briefly from between Carol's thighs, "Jack, this is Steve."

The guy with his cock in my wife's mouth looked over and saluted.

"Damn Jack, you're a lucky man!" Steve said as he placed a hand on the back of Carol's head, encouraging her to swallow more of him, "Your wife gives some of the best head I've ever had in my life!"

"Glad you like it," I replied as I tugged off my jeans and joined them on the bed.

I ran my fingers gently across her nipples, tweaking the one with the nipple ring the way she likes it. Carol's body shook, and she groaned loudly. Her hands reached down to Ed and gripped him by the back of his head, and she convulsed again. I climbed around the edge of the bed and brushed my hardness against her face. Carol let Steve slip from her mouth as she turned her head toward my offering, and swallowed me whole, her tongue doing its marvelous dance along the underside of my cock. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Hi baby," Carol licked under my balls, "These guys are good—real good!"

Then she turned her attentions back to Steve, renewing her passionate ministrations on his cock. She came again, then again. I've always marveled at my wife's incredible enthusiasm for sex. She is the most sexual woman I have ever known, she just gives her all—everything—and gets lost in the passion.

The guys traded places as Ed crawled up my wife's body and offered her his cock to suck, and Steve slid down, parted her thighs, and slid up inside her. I noticed that he had somehow managed to slip a condom on. Carol moaned as he entered her, and she pulled Ed from her mouth.

"Oh my god!" She breathed, "He's so big!"

"Do you like it?" Steve asked as he stroked her, working his way in deeper.

"Oh yessssss!"

"You like picking up two "strangers" in a bar, taking them to a room, and then fucking them—don't you?"

Carol plunged her mouth down on Ed's cock, moaning as she swallowed him deeply.

Steve's cock stretched my wife wider, opening her, and he glistened with her wetness.

"You like doing this—don't you?"

He dug into her deeper, fucking her with now with smooth, even strokes.


Ed placed both hands on the back of my wife's head, his fingers entwined in her hair as he encouraged her to swallow him deeper. Steve's balls slapped against my wife's ass.

"You are soo hot!" Steve withdrew from her slowly, leaving her lips gaped open and wanting. She gasped, and reached down between his legs with one hand, her fingers encircling his manhood.

"Oh my god…" she breathed, "oh my god…oh my god…"

Quivering, she was rolled over and up onto her knees, and Ed slid his face underneath and between her thighs. Steve's tongue and lips suckled hungrily on her nipples. I watched as Carol lowered herself onto Ed's waiting mouth, and then Steve was standing on the bed, brushing his cock against my wife's lips. Her mouth opened, and slowly she drew his length wetly inside. I reached out a hand, placing it gently on the back of her head, and pushed her down further on his cock. She moaned, and grabbed Steve by his hips as she started cumming again, her body trashing wildly between these two other men.

Throughout the night the three of us enjoyed my wife's considerable talents, sending her rocketing to the moon and back countless times. She danced in orgasmic light bathing her in shimmering shards of luminisant joy, skimming borderless cresting waves of unending color, light, sound, sensation, surfing spasming oceans of orgasm swirling up, down, and through myriads blending into one yet separately melding slivers, shimmering quicksilvers radiating into, through, and out the core of her vibrating essence…

Carol lay on her back on the bed, our friend's cocks crouched as loyal hound dogs on either side of her face awaiting her alternating mouth, as I laid between her legs and slid deep into her well-used and desire-swollen pussy. As I loved my wife I watched her pleasure these other two men, and when she struggled to take them both into her mouth simultaneously I came, hard, long, and satisfyingly inside her.

Steve took her from behind, sliding up deep within her as Ed thrust in and out of her mouth, then they traded places, continuing the diligent teamwork they had so eloquently displayed so far. Then, on her back again, sucking Steve deep into her mouth while Ed plummeted the depths of her pussy; she quivered cumming, always cumming. Steve pulled from her mouth, her tongue licking at the now empty air, and, aiming his weapon, began his own orgasm, an erupting geyser splashing rivers of cum across my wife's tongue, lips, and face. Simultaneously, Ed withdrew from Carol's pussy, ripped off the latex jacket, and stroking himself, added his own oils to the mosaic that now coated the canvas that was my wife.

We enjoyed my wife's talents long into the night, the three of us taking turns, as well as taking her in combinations of two, and three. The guys DP'd her, and that was a first as it was the first time she had ever been DP'd by two guys and I wasn't one of the guys doing it. When she climbed up on top of Ed and slipped him deep inside her pussy, and then Steve gently slid his huge manhood up her butt--she went wild, thrashing around between the two of them, cumming in one long continuous orgasm. Later, she took both guys in her pussy at the same time—and that was a first for her too, but it wasn't going to be the last.

It was a perfect warm-up for her upcoming birthday party scheduled for two days away. Eight of us guys were supposed to be there, helping her celebrate. And after this night, she was more than ready.

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