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Pregnancy Help


Russ and Pete had become friends some 8 years ago when they first met at work. They shared similar interests, football, music, guitars, women and had had many great nights out together. Russ was a few years older than Pete and, although he'd had a few serious relationships, had never settled down. Pete, on the other hand, had married Sonia three years ago. Russ had been best man at their wedding. Russ had changed jobs not long after and had not seen or spoken to Pete in almost a year. Russ was really pleased to hear from him when he'd phoned and asked if he fancied going out for a few beers one night.

They had met in town and spent the first couple of hours catching up. Pete's big news was that he was due to become a dad, Sonia was four months pregnant. As the beers went down their conversation became more nostalgic, reminiscing, recalling the good times they shared together. By the end of the night the subject had turned to women and sex. Just like old times!

A week or so later Russ had been invited over to watch the Cup Final at Pete's house. They were stood in the kitchen when Sonia walked in, she looked fabulous. Her long, dark wavy hair tumbled over her shoulders, her large blue eyes sparkled. Her full lips were accentuated by a deep pink lip gloss. She was wearing a patterned, light cotton maternity dress that showed a hint of the cleavage between her swollen breasts above the column of buttons that held the dress together. The dress hung from her pregnant bump and finished at her knees. She walked across the kitchen in her bare feet and reached up on tip toe to place a kiss on Russ's cheek, the heavy scent of her perfume filled his nostrils.

After a few minutes chit chat Pete announced that he needed to go out and get some more beer and off he went leaving Russ and Sonia in the kitchen. Sonia suggested a glass of red wine each, assuring Russ that one glass would not be harmful given her 'condition'. Sonia had always looked after herself and looked younger than her 28 years. Russ watched her intently as she poured out two glasses of wine, her perfectly manicured nails were painted with a purple colour, her long slim fingers were wrapped around the bottle. His eyes drank in the shape of her pregnant body, she looked sexy, really sexy, and he stole a glance at her breasts trying to see the flesh of her cleavage. She walked towards Russ carrying the two glasses of wine.

"They've also got bigger, not just my belly!" said Sonia as she held out a glass of wine for Russ to take.

"Shit, sorry!" said Russ, "It's just that, well, you know, I couldn't help, but;"

"It's fine." Sonia cut him off. "It's nice; Pete has this 'thing' about pregnant women, it's a complete turn off for him."

Putting her glass to her lips Sonia took a huge gulp of red wine.

"What about you Russ, would I turn you off?" she asked. Russ was stunned, lost for words in fact; he took an even bigger gulp of his drink.

"Completely the opposite." he mumbled. Sonia took his glass from his hand and after placing both glasses on the worktop she took his right hand and placed it on her belly. She placed her hand on top and moved Russ's hand in a circular motion. Through the soft cotton of her dress Russ could feel the shape of her pregnant belly. Without saying a word Sonia undid one of the buttons and started to slide their hands inside. Russ resisted.

"What about Pete?" he asked.

"It's okay." came the reply "He told me to enjoy myself, he's very understanding!"

The words 'it's okay' were enough, Russ allowed Sonia to guide his hand underneath the fabric and onto her warm skin. She repeated the circular motion, moving Russ's hand across the expanse of her bump. Keeping his hand in place she turned her back to him and took a step backwards so that their bodies touched.

"You know, Pete won't be back for ages." said Sonia, "I know he told you about his lack of desire. We've talked about it and he's more than happy for you to help out. If you want to that is."

With his free hand Russ slid Sonia's long hair from her shoulder, exposing her neck. She felt his warm breath on her skin, it made her tingle, she closed her eyes as his lips gently touched her flesh. She felt a wetness between her legs. Sonia's hand had stopped moving, she was too caught up in the in the sensations that were rushing through her as Russ's mouth moved up and down the side her neck, as high as her ear lobe which he gently tugged with his lips, back down her neck and a little way along her shoulder blade. His lips were in constant contact with her skin, she showed her appreciation with gentle moans of pleasure. Sonia pushed her hips back, forcing her bottom into Russ's crotch which was welcomed by his steadily stiffening cock. With his hand, Russ gently turned Sonia's head towards him, he brought his lips to hers, they kissed for the first time, a lingering kiss before Sonia's tongue slipped between Russ's lips, tracing their shape and then burrowing further, seeking out his tongue.

Sonia's pussy felt heavy, her lips felt swollen, she ached for cock, she knew she was wet, her juice felt more abundant than in a long, long time. Russ broke their lips apart, Sonia still had her back to him and his attention returned to her neck. She tilted her head to one side and Russ started to nibble up and down her neck with his lips. As he did so he placed his arms around Sonia and started to undo the buttons on the front of her dress, one at a time starting at the top. With each one Sonia felt his fingers brush her naked skin as his hand slid down to the next. As he unfastened her dress Russ looked down over her shoulder, a white bra supported her large breasts, her pregnancy giving her a perfect roundness beneath. She was gently moaning with the intense pleasure she was receiving, she was now blatantly gyrating her hips so that her bottom was rubbing against the stiffness of Russ's cock.

Once the final button had been undone Russ slipped the dress from Sonia's shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He turned his attention to her bra, swiftly unclipping it and sliding it down her arms. He continued to look down over her shoulder as the white material left her body and revealed her breasts. Her protruding nipples were deep, deep pink as were the surrounding aureoles. He brought his hands around and cupped a breast in each hand, lifting each one slightly, taking its weight in his grasp before gentle squeezing each nipple between a thumb and finger. Sonia bit her bottom lip taking a short, sharp intake of breath.

Russ continued caressing Sonia's neck and shoulders with his mouth and tongue as his hands began to explore her body. Leaving her breasts they moved down her sides, over her hips and part way down her thighs, his cock gave another twinge when he realised that she wasn't wearing any panties. He brought his hands to the front of her thighs and with his fingertips he gently traced the contour of her body, to the top of her thighs then under and over her bump finally returning to her breasts. She felt so good to his touch; his touch was making every nerve in her body scream for more. Delicious as all of this caressing was, Sonia needed more now; she was ready for the next level.

Sonia stepped away and turned to face Russ, she looked stunning, Russ's eyes were darting around taking her in as she stood before him in all of her pregnant, naked beauty.

"Follow me." she instructed and started to walk away, Russ followed unable to take his eyes from the seductive movement of her body as she walked. Into the living room she went and stopped in the middle.

"Undress for me." she said, which Russ promptly did. Sonia's eyes were fixed on Russ's stiff cock, pointing out from the top of his legs. She admired its length and girth, his neat sac hanging from the base of his dick. His foreskin was already pulled back down the shaft, the bulbous end of his cock was a deep purple and glistened from the wetness of his juices. They moved towards one another to kiss again, Russ's cock was squashed between his abdomen and her enlarged belly. He moved his hips slightly, enjoying the feeling of his cock sliding against her skin as their tongues explored each other. Sonia turned her attention to Russ's nipple, she circled it with the tip of her tongue before taking it between her teeth and gently squeezed.

Sonia knelt down, her face only inches from Russ's stiff cock, she took a few moments just looking, it had been a long time since she had felt a warm, hard dick inside her. She placed a hand on each of Russ's thighs and ran the tip of her tongue from the base of Russ's cock to the top, she felt his juice on her tongue as she circled it around and over his end. Russ drew a deep breath as he felt her lips poise at the tip of his cock and then slide smoothly over his end and down the shaft, taking him into her mouth where her wet tongue ran over the underside of his dick. Russ looked down and watched Sonia wrap her fingers around the base of his swollen member and then watched her mouth fuck his cock. She bobbed her head back and forth each time taking as much of his erection into her mouth as she could manage.

Sonia's cunt was begging for attention, she could feel the moisture oozing from her swollen lips. She slid her mouth off Russ's cock and it made a small pop as it reappeared, it was wet with the mixture of Sonia's saliva and his own pre-cum, small traces of her lipstick stained his shaft.

"I need to be fucked." said Sonia in a low voice, "I'm going to come so easy." She lay back on the floor, knees bent and legs apart. Russ knelt too, he could see the wetness between her legs, the redness of her vulva, he manoeuvred himself between her legs, supporting his weight on his arms over her pregnant belly. Sonia reached down, he felt her fingers grab his cock and she pulled it towards her gaping pussy, positioning it at the entrance. Russ slid the first inch in and Sonia's eyes closed.

"Ohhhhh!" she murmured. He withdrew, then slowly pushed in a little deeper this time, another moan of satisfaction from Sonia. Again he withdrew and slid back in, she was so wet, one more withdrawal, swiftly followed by another push and this time his whole length was buried within the softness of Sonia's pussy. Russ began slowly fucking Sonia, his hard cock rubbing the inner walls of her cunt. Each rhythmic movement brought an "O" from Sonia's mouth as his cock reached its deepest point.

"O!" she muttered with each thrust, "O, O, O, O!". Russ could feel his own orgasm starting to build, his movements were quickening. Sonia's breasts were rocking back and forth in time with Russ's fucking, she reached up and took hold of one in each hand offering her large, erect nipples up for Russ to suck on. He stretched his neck and managed to take one in his mouth.

"Fuck your cock feels good." Sonia whispered, "Oh fuck yeah it's good!" her body tensed, her cunt grabbed his cock, he felt her nails dig into his buttocks to keep his cock deep inside as her orgasm ravaged her body. She'd waited a long time for this, spasm after spasm shook her body. Russ kept still allowing her take control, to let her ride through her orgasm so she could reap maximum pleasure. Sonia's head was reeling, she'd forgotten just how good it felt to come. Russ needed his release, he'd tried his hardest not to come until Sonia had used his cock for her own gratification but he couldn't hold back now. His come was forced from his cock, he could feel it pumping into Sonia, his balls now tight as they emptied their contents inside her.

Moments later their bodies relaxed and Russ withdrew his softening cock from Sonia. Without saying a word they both knew that they should redress. Sonia went off to the kitchen to retrieve her clothes, Russ put his back on and sat on the sofa. Sonia returned, dressed again, handed Russ a bottle of beer and sat on the chair opposite him just as Pete arrived home.

"You guys had a good time?" he shouted through from the kitchen as he started to put the beer in the fridge. Sonia raised her knees and parted her legs, she ran a finger between her wet pussy lips and brought it up to her mouth, she licked the mixture of their cum from it.

"Very pleasant!" she shouted back with a wicked look on her face. Russ almost choked on his beer!

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