tagLoving WivesPreparation to Seduction

Preparation to Seduction


Pre-Seduction Sex.

My wife and I had discussed her having sex with other men, and then telling me about it, in every detail. This was a discussion just before a party where a friend, David, was to be seduced by my wife....

"What should I wear tonight?" Lynette said, as she stood naked before the dresser, sorting through her lingerie drawer.

"You may as well close that drawer, you won't be wearing any underwear tonight." I said.

"No panties, no bra?"


"You know we have four couple coming for the cookout tonight, I don't want to show myself to everyone."

"You'll just have to keep your legs together and not bend over too far for anyone but me and David."

"You still think he is interested in me?" Lynette said.

"I've seen the way he looks at you on the tennis court, especially when your nipples get hard and show through your tops. Believe me, he has had his eye on you for some time. You know how flirty he gets when we're at the club having drinks. Take my word for it, he's interested. If you come on to him you find out just how interested he is." I said.

I sat on the bed in my underwear as Lynette walked to the closet to select a dress for the evening. We had discussed this many times during love making, and I would get hard and turned on thinking of her seducing and fucking another man. Tonight David was her target. Though he would be there with his wife, we were certain something would happen as long as the situation was right, and it appeared safe. It was up to me to make sure David's wife did not get suspicious or go looking for him.

"Do you like this one?" she said as she turned and held up a halter-top sundress.

"That my dear is one of my favorites." I was a soft cotton material, with a rather full and flowing skirt that came just below the knee. The top consisted of two pieces of pleated material that covered each tit, and tied in a knot behind the neck. Since it had an open back you couldn't wear a bra anyway, but with the fullness of the material and the pseudo pleats, Lynette's tits were not too conspicuous, despite being a 38D. To keep the top from gaping on the sides, there were two pieces of material straps that tied from behind.

Tossing the dress on the bed Lynette stood there for a second before climbing on the bed next to me. I took her in my arms and we kissed for a long moment.

"You looking forward to tonight?" she asked.

I kissed her again as I ran my hands over her body. In return she reached down and found my cock straining to get out of the shorts I was wearing.

"I guess you are based on what I'm feeling." She said with a smile.

I rolled her over on her back, and climbed on top, freeing my cock as I did. As we kissed I slid my cock in her wet and warm pussy. Once fully inside I lay there while we kissed. Slowly I raised my hips, withdrawing my cock to till the head was barely inside the lips of her pussy and lowered myself again.

"God I love you cock. I love you. I love how you make me feel." She said softly.

I continued to slowly fuck her pussy as we kissed.

After a few minutes she pushed me to the side and rolled me on my back, with my cock still in her pussy as she knelt above me. With a little effort, she moved from sitting on my cock with her knees on the bed, to a squatting position with her feet supporting her. She extended her arms to me for support. As soon as I had hold of her arms she raised her pussy to the tip of my cock and back down again. This was something she had never done before, but I could not believe how it felt, and looked. I could see my cock as it entered and withdrew from her pussy.

"Does that feel good?" she asked.

"Jesus, I don't know where you came up with this, but don't stop."

With that encouragement Lynette began moving up and down faster.

It was incredible. I was supporting her with hands which kept me from grabbing her tits, but to see my cock go in and out of her pussy, and watch her tits sway and bounce as she rode my cock, it was more than enough. I knew it would not take long before I came.

"Oh baby, I love it. Keep fucking me like that." I moaned.

I didn't think she could fuck me any faster but she did. Soon we were both panting and gasping for air as I came.

"Oooooohhhhhh fuck." I said as my cock erupted with a mighty burst. Knowing my orgasms came in sync with my heart beat, Lynette timed the next up and down to correspond with my next orgasm, and my next, and my next, till I finally could come no more.

Even though Lynette didn't cum, I could see she was satisfied by what she had done for me. She smiled and settled with my cock still inside her, but fading fast.

I lay there, catching my breath, with my eyes closed. A feeling of complete calm and satisfaction washed over me. We stayed like that for several minutes, until my cock, completely spent, slipped from her pussy, followed by a stream of my warm cum as it flowed from her pussy.

Leaning forward she lay flat on my body. We held each other and kissed for a few minutes. As we separated our hot and sweaty bodies, we exchanged vows of love.

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