tagGay MalePresident's Mistress - Michael Worthington and Eric Hayden

President's Mistress - Michael Worthington and Eric Hayden


The President's Mistress -- Michael Worthington and Eric Hayden

© 2012 angelface195 -- all rights reserved.

I'm still with Kate and Grant. Someone asked me to write this story. I hope they like it because I am not a gay male please forgive any mistakes. This is their relationship.

This is for that someone...


3 years before Kate

Michael Worthington was in a bad mood. He was in a bad mood because he was late and he was late because that damn Hamilton came begging and pleading for him to take him back. He was in a bad mood because he almost let the little bitch come back and then he remembered why they had broken up. They had broken up because he had caught good old Hamilton in bed with a Drag Queen three weeks before.

He had walked into his apartment and heard giggles coming from the bedroom. Without making a sound he had walked in on Hamilton, being fucked in the ass by said Drag Queen named Cindy Jerkoff. She had real boobs and everything. To top it off she was in full make-up and wig. She looked more like a woman than most women. He had dragged Hamilton off Cindy's dick and then told Cindy to get the fuck out. She had knelt down and offered to suck his dick; that was the last straw and he ordered her out. She pouted and cried, but she left.

He had beat the shit out of Hamilton with the flogger and stopped just before really hurting him. Then he had packed all Hamilton's belongings and had them sent to his apartment. Now two weeks later on this morning of all mornings the bitch had come crying back to him and begging him for forgiveness.

He had let him in the apartment to keep the neighbors from hearing and then it took another hour to get him out. He was done and he told him never to contact him again. Hamilton left weeping and wailing. He was so tired of this 23 year old man. He needed someone who wouldn't drain him with their drama. He was too busy with Senator Grant Adams to deal with anyone who caused him any trouble. He was done with men for a while.

Tammy reminded him that Grant was already waiting and he walked swiftly to Grant's office. Michael knocked on the Senator's door. They were old friends, great friends, their bond more than friends, more than brothers. They had been through a lot of shit together and now here they were, planning a future that would include a run for the White House. Senator Adams was the democrats golden boy. Everything was being put in place for him to run and when he won Michael's job would be chief of staff. He was always meant to be the man behind the throne.

Worthington had been a representative for 4 years from the great state of NY before leaving to work for Senator Adams. He had done this just to be in a position to know the ins and outs of Washington and he had learned. He played the game just so he would one day be Chief of Staff, now he was by Senator Adam's side. Today was the day he would meet the Director of the CIA, a man named Jason Potter who was bringing with him Eric Hayden, an encryption expert from MIT who had joined the CIA two years before and was a genius at breaking code.

He knocked on the Senator's door. Grant introduced him to Director Potter and then to a young man who as he looked up, took his breath away. He was about 27 or 28 years old, but looked younger, with hazel eyes and light brown hair. He looked very much like the actor Ryan Philippe. Worthington's heart stopped. He sat down next to the handsome young man and was introduced to him by the Senator, "Eric Hayden this is Michael Worthington". Eric looked up at him, "Oh you're the former representative from New York." He stuck out his hand and Michael took it. It was warm. He could feel that familiar tingle in his groin and he berated himself, calm down boy. You don't even know if he's gay. He is delicious looking. I wonder if he's a top or bottom. I'm definitely hoping he's a bottom. Stop thinking like that. Get to work. His inner voice screamed at him.

"Glad to meet you, I've read the report. You're the one who broke that terrorist code." Michael said smiling.

He laughed, "Yes, it only took two days, but I'm glad I did." Eric had stopped a massive attack in New York by a terrorist cell. Their encryption was difficult, but Eric in two days cracked the code. Michael was in awe of him.

Senator Adams was head of a committee that decided on funding for the encryption program. He wanted more money for the program and needed a report written. "Michael and Eric, I need you two to work on the report. It's going to be a lot of late nights because I need to present it by next week. So the Director and I will leave you to it."

Michael and Eric were dismissed. They went to Michael's office and Michael issued orders to his staff. "Do you need anything?" He asked, thinking, you need me to spank that tight little ass.

"Just some water, espresso and some of delicious scones I saw coming in your office." He smiled wickedly at Michael.

Michael's dick did a happy dance. Down boy, be cool. "Tammy, you heard the man."

Tammy his very attractive black assistant jumped up and said, "I'll be right back gentlemen."

They went into the conference room and worked. Sometime around six, Grant popped in and asked how it was going. It was going along fine. They seem to work well together. He reminded Michael that it was all right to quit for dinner and informed him he had made a reservation for them at Komi, a very chic Greek/Mediterranean restaurant in Dupont Circle at 8.

Michael looked at Grant, what was he up to? "Thanks Sir, we'll be there."

Grant raised an eyebrow, "I reminded Tammy to call you so that you leave on time and Michael." Michael looked back up at him, "Dinner is on me, the thank you is on you." And he left.

Tammy called him at 7 and then again at 7:15. They were both hungry so they left for dinner. Michael drove them in his grey Mercedes to the restaurant. He still wasn't sure if Eric were gay or if he was even interested. Working with him had been really fun, the guy was smart and witty. He really liked him. The report would be done in time and they would give it to the Senator for any changes and then finish it so he could present it.

All during the drive, Eric was nervous. From the moment Michael walked into the office, he wanted to get on his knees and suck his dick. The power of the man, the way Michael looked intently at him, Eric knew he was a Dom, but was he gay? There had been rumors, but nothing was certain in Washington. Eric wanted him, but he couldn't make the first move. If Michael was this strong man as he appeared, Michael had to order him to his knees.

All during the drive they talked shop when they got to the restaurant they agreed no more shop talk. It was after all Friday night and they were about to have a very nice dinner.

They were seated at the best table in the house. Michael had been there before and he knew the owner/chef, Johnny Monis who came out of the kitchen to say hello and escort them to their seats. Eric was impressed.

They were seated and immediately given a button of steamed brioche dabbed with Greek yogurt and glistening with beads of orange roe, a trio of pristine slices of crudo -raw hamachi, red snapper and a dewy scallop graced with fresh wasabi and threads of beef follows soon after. "Eat in one bite" says their cheery waitress.

They ate really good food and drank excellent wine paired with their meal and soon were chatting like old friends. Michael learned that Eric was from a small town in Ohio named Attica with a total population of 903. Everybody knew everybody and just as soon as he could, after graduation and acceptance at MIT he got the hell out of Attica.

Michael watched him as he talked. Eric had those puppy dog eyes, he had those full lips. He wanted to bite his lip, he wanted to run his fingers through that hair, not run his fingers, he wanted to grab that lovely hair and pull it onto his dick. Michael decided to put a little out there and see if Eric would bite. He had to know, "So why did you want to run away? Small town living not to your liking? " This was the decisive moment; please, please, please say you are gay.

"Attica is no place for a gay boy."Eric says looking up at him through his lashes.

The heavens opened, the angels sang and Michael grinned. He never grinned, but he grinned broadly. They finished their meal and thanked the chef. Eric's car was back at Capitol Hill, so Michael drove him back. Just as he was getting out, Michael asked, "It's still early, would you like to come to my place for a nightcap?"

Eric's dick did a little twitch. "I'd like that. I'll follow you." Eric's heart was beating almost out of his chest as he followed Michael to his house in his car. He hoped beyond hope that this was the one he had waited for. He had done the gay club scene in Washington and had met a few Doms, but none he wanted to have a relationship with. They were either; too Dom for him and into all kinds of kinky fuckery with pain involved or they just wanted to order him to suck their dicks. Eric wanted someone who would understand his quirkiness, someone who would spank him from time to time, but more importantly, he wanted someone who would control him. He wanted to surrender to that person. He was deeply attracted to Michael and hoped beyond hope that he could be the one he had searched for.

Michael's dick was hard and getting harder by the minute. As he drove, watching Eric's Acadia from his rearview mirror, he got more and more excited. Was he ready for a new relationship? Yes, he thought, Hamilton had been old a long time ago; he just liked the idea of having someone to come home to.

However, he wanted to lay out the rules to this man before they got started. He wanted to make sure that he understood what he expected. This was his wheelhouse and he was in control. It was his way or the highway. He was Master of this Universe.

Michael knew as he pulled up to the Ritz Carlton Residences that Eric would be impressed. He was impressed when he first came here. Grant helped him purchase this two-bedroom apartment, one of the perks from his bonding with Grant at Madam Claude's. The valet took his car and greeted him, "Mr. Worthington, I'll put her away safely."

"Bobby, I have a visitor, please take care of his car." He said and handed Bobby a very nice tip. "Yes Sir Mr. Worthington." And he went over to Eric and called someone over to take care of Eric's car.

"You live here? Wow" said Eric looking at the building. Michael took his hand and Eric didn't pull away. Progress he thought and he led him inside. The concierge greeted him and they rode the elevator up two floors. Eric looked shyly at Michael who was still holding his hand. Michael smiled at him and his dick did another little jump. He was so fucking hot, so kissable. Down boy, he warned. He released Eric's hand to fish for his keys and they walked to the door.

Opening it, Eric's mouth dropped open at the view of the Potomac River from the window. "Great apartment." He smiled at Michael, "It's home." Michael shrugged.

Michael's apartment was tastefully decorated in white's and black. There was a baby grand piano in the living room. "Do you play?" Eric asked. "A little, do you?" He asked. "May I?" Eric said and Michael impressed waved him over to the piano. Eric ran his hands lovingly over the piano, a Steinway. He would have killed for this piano and he started to play, a classical piece by Mozart. Michael laughed, "Show off." Eric grinned, then switched to , "I've Got You Under My Skin."

Very apropos thought Michael. He wanted to move this along. Yes, it was fast, but he had a feeling. "Drink?" He asked. Eric stopped playing. "Some wine would be nice."

"White or red?" Michael asked and he stared into his eyes.

Eric licked his lips, "Red please Sir."

And Michael knew. He turned and walked into the kitchen. His dick was doing all kinds of dances. He poured two glasses of a very nice red and sat down on the sofa. Eric ran his hands through his hair. He was very nervous. Eric wanted this man. He had a feeling they would be good together. Had he moved too fast? Michael sat down and held the glass out to him.

Time stood still. Eric got up from the piano bench and dropped to his knees. Staring into Michael's eyes, he crawled towards him. Michael handed him the glass, "The next time you'll serve me."

"Yes Sir." And Eric lowered his gaze as he took the glass. Michael's dick was begging for relief, but Michael watched as Eric took a drink. He took one too. It was time. He took the glass from Eric. "I want to tell you my rules. If you like, what you hear, then I will have you sign an NDA. If you do not then you and I can have a drink and you can go. We will finish our work and then you go your way and I go mine. If you decide to stay tonight then tomorrow we'll discuss things in more depth. Do you understand?"

Eric nodded. "Cat got your tongue. You will answer me with words and please look at me. Your eyes have been staring at me all day. You want this I know you do so please don't make me ask again."

"Yes, Sir, I understand?" Eric was ready to burst, but he raised his eyes and Michael stopped himself from just taking him.

His expression was palpable. "These are my rules, first if we start this we take it seriously. I want a monogamous, serious relationship. No fucking around with anyone, no gay clubs, no secret meetings, no texts, no one but me.

You will submit to me and if things work out, in a month you will move in with me. We will work on the foundation of permanency. I want a lover and eventually a husband. I want to get married and adopt a few kids. I'm in a very high profile job and if things work out it will be even more demanding.

If you want in then you will have to accept that. You will also have to accept that I am Lord and Master around here. I want you to be yourself, but under that, you will do as I ask at all times, because everything you do is a reflection on me. I will open up your world to new adventures and new things. You will strip naked in a room full of people if I tell you to, you will suck my dick anytime, anywhere and I will fuck you wherever and whenever I choose. If you are a really, really good boy I may let you fuck me, but that, dear Eric is a long way off. I will tie you up, I will spank you, I will do all kinds of things to that sweet body of yours and I will punish you if you misbehave and you will enjoy every damn minute because you will see that I am your master!

You will crave my touch in pain or pleasure and you will want it. Pleasing me will be your life's mission. You may keep your job if you wish, but once we have kids, you are to be home with them. So if you are willing to take a chance on all this and more, if you are willing to put yourself in my hands, then get your fucking ass over here and unzip my pants with your teeth. You are to keep your eyes on mine the entire time."

Michael sat back and waited. He didn't have long. Eric wanted him, he crawled all the while keeping his eyes on Michael. He put his hands behind his back and found his zipper by nuzzling his nose into his pants. Michael stared into his eyes as he grabbed the zipper with his teeth and pulled it down. When it was halfway down, Michael stopped him and zipped the rest down himself. He fished out his dick and held it.

Eric's mouth was open, but he knew he couldn't touch it without his Master's permission.

Michael waited. Their eyes locked together. "Eric, tell me what you're thinking."

Eric took a breath, "I want you so much. I've wanted you since you walked into the room."

"Come and get me baby, suck my cock!"

Eric pounced on his dick. He slurped it into his mouth and licked it. His mouth held just the tip and he swirled his tongue around it. Michael threw back his head and grabbed Eric's head. He held his head fucking his mouth as he unbuttoned his pants freeing more of himself. "Shit boy, you are really good. Stop!" He ordered and instantly Eric stopped. "Let's go into the bedroom. You can crawl behind me."

He walked with Eric crawling behind him. When they got into the bedroom, he ordered Eric to undress. He realized they still hadn't kissed and he was going to remedy that very soon. Eric was trembling. He hoped even more that Michael was the one. He liked this man's style.

Michael watched him undress and liked his body. Eric worked out. His body was muscled but not overly so. It still had a boyish quality about it. As Eric unbuttoned his pants, Michael could feel his dick straining to be free. When he was down to his briefs, Michael stopped him. "Keep those on for a minute and come here." Eric stepped over his pants.

Eric walked slowly over to where Michael was standing at the other side of the bed. He pulled him into his embrace and kissed him masterfully, hard, thrusting his tongue into Eric's mouth, possessing him. Eric put his arms around Michael's waist pulling their erections closer together. Eric groaned and Michael reached down and pulled down his briefs. He swatted his butt, once, twice and Eric breathed, "Michael, oh Michael again."

Michael hit him harder and said, "In this room I am Master or Sir. This will be the last time I will tell you this."

Eric breathed, "Sorry Master." He was still holding on to Michael. Michael said, "Inspect." And Eric released him and got into position with his fingers interlocked behind his head, standing body straight. Michael felt his chest. He licked Eric's nipples and sucked on them. Eric sucked in his breath. "Sensitive nipples, I like that." He went behind Eric's back and tongued down his spine. Kneeling behind him, he eased down his briefs and told him to step out of them.

"You can relax now, but just stand there and don't move." Michael ordered. Still on his knees he came to his front of him and took his dick in his hands, "Impressive." He stroked him. Eric shivered. "Don't come, my sweet." He stroked him again, Eric groaned, "Please Sir. I'm so close. I've been close every since we met." Michael chuckled and released him and in a quiet voice he said, "So have it."

He kissed Eric and Eric wrapped his arms around his neck. "Get into bed Eric and let me show you how I love."

Eric stepped out of his briefs. He got under the covers and watched as Michael undressed. Michael's body was beautiful, muscular, his flat stomach chiseled. As he took off his pants, his erection was very visible in his Calvin Klein briefs. He turned off the lights and got into the bed beside Eric. In the bed, he took off his briefs.

"Why didn't you want me to see all of you?" Asked Eric softly as he kissed Michael's lips.

"I will let you in the morning, when you suck me awake, but tonight, I want you to feel me." He clasped Eric's head and brought it down to his nipples. Eric sucked his nipple and then moved over the other one twirling his tongue on it. "Um, yes, you do that so very well." Michael moaned.

Eric's hand moved to Michael's cock. He could barely fit his hand around it. "Oh my Sir, you are huge." He had barely had the head in his mouth before.

Michael laughed, "You ain't too bad yourself. Stroke me boy."

Eric stroked his cock as Michael moved up and down in his hand. His precum sliding down. "Eric, it's time for you to take my meat. You are to suck me down boy. I want to come in your mouth. You cannot cum until I fuck your ass." He grabs Eric head and pushes him onto his cock.

Eric opens his mouth and moves his head down, further and further until Michael's cock reaches the back of his throat. He relaxed his throat and Michael's cock went further. He was now at the base and Eric moved up and down, licking slowly and slowly. As he got almost to the top Eric went back down swiftly, Michael groaned. Eric sucked in his cheek and moved down. "Shit baby boy, you are taking all of me. I knew you'd be good, but I didn't realize you'd be great." He thrust into Eric's mouth, faster and faster. He was almost there. Finally, Eric could feel it and he got ready, he wanted to swallow every last bit.

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