tagRomancePretend For Me Ch. 03

Pretend For Me Ch. 03



A week later and Xander and Lexi had everyone fooled. They held hands, cuddled on the sofa while watching TV and stayed in the same room at night. That was absolute torture for Lexi every night in the same bed and waking up tangled in each other but nothing else.

Tonight the family had decided they were going to celebrate. No one was on shift as it was Sunday night so they were going to the newest club, 'Starlight'.

Cora had informed Lexi that she was making her over tonight and that she would knock Xander's socks off. Lexi couldn't deny Cora's puppy dog eyes, so she agreed.


Xander looked at his watch again. It was 9:15 pm and they were supposed to leave at 9. His brothers had already gone to the club ahead of them and he was now waiting for the girls.

"Cora! Lexi! Come on the boys are already gone!!"

Cora came to the top of the stairs and began to descend.

"We're here, ok!"

Cora was wearing tight dark denim, boot cut jeans and a scarlet halter with a black bolero on top. At least Lexi had made sure it was n outfit he could live with his baby sister wearing.

"Where's Lex..."

Xander trailed off as he looked past Cora. Lexi was wearing black skin-tight jeans, a red leather halter top & black leather hooker boots. Her hair was curled around her face and Cora had done her makeup flawlessly.

"Xander close your mouth before you catch flies!" Cory grabbed Lexi's wrist and dragged her out to the car. "Let's go Xander the boys are waiting for us."

"What? That's what I said!"

Xander followed behind the girls and could only admire Lexi's ass before they entered the car and took off.


At the club they found the guys easily standing at the bar.

Callum turned, "Apple Martinis for the girls and a Beer for Xander as requested by the Princess herself." He bowed low in front of Cora as saying this.

Cora curtsied and said "Why thank you kind sir."

Everyone burst into giggles as they moved one of the booths by the dance floor.

"A toast!" Craig shouted while holding up his glass. "To Xander and Lexi we wish you all the joy and happiness for your life together. Also lots of nieces and nephews for us!"

"Here, here!" The rest shouted.

Lexi blanched and looked at Xander who just winked. Cora grabbed her hand and started to drag her to the dance floor. Lexi gave in so that she wasn't the sole focus of the family.

It wasn't long until the guys joined them on the dance floor. Xander wrapped his arms around Lexi from behind and moved them in perfect rhythm together. Lexi felt his breath on her neck and shoulders and shuddered.

"Everything ok Babe?" Xander whispered, his lips brushing her ear lobe at the same time. Lexi nodded unable to speak. "You sure?" He whispered as he pulled her closer to him. Lexi could feel his erection pressing into her back and gasped. "We need to get out of here." Xander whispered again as he waved to his brothers and sister and then pulled her behind him towards the clubs entrance and towards his car.


It only took about fifteen minutes to get home but it had seemed like an hour to Lexi. They hadn't said two words to each other since leaving the club.

As soon as they parked in the garage Xander had jumped from the car. He opened the passenger door of his car and grabbed Lexi's hand to pull her into his embrace. Xander hungrily kissed Lexi which she returned passionately. His hands snaked down her back to her ass and he easily lifted her. Lexi clung to Xander's shoulders and locked her ankles behind his back. Xander began to move them inside the house, their lips never leaving each other.

When they reached the kitchen Xander set Lexi on the counter-top and moved his hand between them. He was slowly inching up her abdomen when Lexi moaned before throwing her head back.

"Hello Alexander!" A voice from the table said.

Xander sprung away from Lexi faster than lightning.

"Aunt Sophia?"

Lexi's head snapped towards the table where she saw this little old lady sitting there and staring at them.

"Oh My God!!" Lexi screeched and jumped down from the counter. She ran upstairs to the bedroom.

Xander watched Lexi run away before greeting his Aunt.

"Hi Aunt Sophia. It's good to see you."

"I doubt that." The old woman said.


As they moved towards the sitting room Xander tried to make some idle conversation.

"You've arrived early Aunt Sophia, I didn't expect to see you unto next week."

"That's obvious Alexander. This is the example you are setting to your younger siblings?" Sophia was in no mood for idle conversation and wanted to know what was going on.

"No Aunt Sophia the others are out, I just left them and we didn't expect there to be someone lurking in our house." Xander replied.

"Well you could of shown some self control and she could of considered this a family household and not acted like a common tramp."

Xander growled at the disparaging remark against Lexi.

"Don't you dare growl at me Alexander McCloud!"

"How dare you! You come into my house and insult Lexi! You don't even know her or what she would do for this family! She's been there for us!"

"I think I've got a clear view of what Lexi would do!"

Xander was starting to lose control and was about to explode when the front door opened.


Xander heard Cora shout as she came running through the hallway with her brother's following. Cora looked at the scene between her eldest brother and her aunt and she sighed. Then she ran upstairs towards Lexi.

Adam came storming into the sitting room.

"What the hell is going on?! Lexi called Cora in tears saying we should get here as soon as possible!"

"She's what's going on!" Xander shouted as he pointed towards the old lady.

"Pfft!" Aunt Sophia huffed. "First of all Adam watch your tone of voice with me. You're starting to sound more and more like your brother!"

"What's wrong with that!?" Adam still didn't know what was going on but why was his aunt putting his brother down.

"Why would you like to be like him? Living with a gold-digging tramp, who doesn't respect your family or your family home."

"What?" The other three couldn't believe that Aunt Sophia was talking about Lexi.

"You know nothing Old Woman!!" Xander fumed as he went to go to Lexi.

"I know you will get her out of this house or I will be speaking to my lawyers tomorrow morning about custody of your sister!!"

That's all it took for Xander to completely snap.

"Do it! I will fight you all the way and by the time our whole family have been dragged through the courts Cora will be 18 and it won't matter anyway! But I warn you if you do this I will make sure Cora knows why it's happening and she will never forgive you. That tramp is like the big sister Cora never had. Because of you we've already probably lost Lexi!" Xander slumped down in the nearest armchair and held his head in his hands.

"Well then you may as well break off the engagement and that is the end of it." Sophia continued.

"Stop it Aunt Sophia!" Craig said then turned to Xander. "Why would we lose Lexi. You love each other and you're engaged."

"There is no engagement!" Xander confessed.

"What?!?!" Xander was confused they had just been celebrating their engagement.

"We made it up." Lexi answered from the stairs.

Everyone turned to look at her.

"Xander was scared of losing Cora as you're aunt had threatened to take him to court for custody if he was living with a woman but not in a relationship. She believed that otherwise it would show Cora that casual sex was acceptable. She wouldn't believe that Xander and I were just friends and not sleeping together so, Xander told her that we were engaged so that I could live here. But it wasn't the right thing to do and don't worry Mrs McCloud I'm leaving." Lexi picked up her suitcase and headed towards the front door.

"Lexi stop!!" Xander shouted after her but, Lexi kept going. Xander slid down the wall in the hallway to he sat on the floor. He looked up to see his Aunt standing in the sitting room doorway. "Get out!!"

"Alexander I'm your Aunt. You're family."

"They are my family, you are not! Get out! Go home!" Xander shouted.

Sophia stormed out the door. "You'll be hearing from me Alexander." She said as she passed him.

He kicked the door shut as hard as he could and went to his bedroom.

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