Pretty Fly


Wednesday, 12:41 p.m.

Nicollette stared at her limp salad and chuckled lightly. Limp! Just like my sex life, she thought wistfully. Michael McLaughlin sat across the table from her. He seemed to be gazing in her direction longingly, ever so often. Nicollette looked behind her and saw an extremely thin, yet pretty blond at a nearby table. Aahh, that explains it, she figured. Nicci was sure that Mike was practically drooling over the "hot young thang," just like any other guy of his caliber would. The blond was very..."waif." That would be the way that Vogue magazine probably would have described her. Perhaps, even earning the prestigious title of "heroin chic." Nicollete had no idea when heroin had become chic and not simply addictive. But hey, she knew how white people loved to make up silly, trendy names for describing models.

Nicollette herself was also thin (but she had curves in alll the right places). Standing 5'8" tall, she had caramel-colored, brown skin, 36B breasts, shoulder-length, jet-black hair, and flashing, light-brown eyes. Her lips were full and thick, the kind that many Hollywood actresses paid big money for. But unlike theirs, her's were all natural. As well as her ass. Plump, tight and round would probably be the way that Ebony or Essence magazine would have described it. Maybe even..."healthy."

As Mike and Nicci were ascending in the elevator, to their respective departments on the 15th floor, Mike leaned over and whispered into Nicollete's ear:

"I need to talk to you," he said.


"I'll tell you when we get upstairs."


Nicollette led him to her cubicle.

"Okay, now what did you want to talk about, Michael?" Nicollete wanted to know.

Mike knew how nosy the people within the company could be, especially the old lady who was in the cube across the wall from Nicollete.

"Let's go to my office."

Mike had come to the company about a year ago as a junior VP. He had made quick friends with the people in the department on the other side of his floor from his office, especially, Nicollette.

They reached Michael's medium-sized, corner office. He closed the door behind him. Nicollette was now genuinely perplexed. She had been pretty, good friends with Mike for the past 10 months, and he had never insisted on talking to her in such close quarters.

"You can sit down if you want," Mike said.

Nicci lowered herself onto the small, black leather couch in the corner. As she sat, her knee-length, smooth skirt rose a bit. But, she didn't notice the light sigh that escaped Mike's lips as he caught a glimpse of her thighs. Michael sat on the edge of his desk, straight across from her. Then, he started to speak.

"Nicollette, I've been trying to think of a way to tell you this for a very, long time. So, I've decided to keep this as short and sweet as possible. Basically, it boils down to this: I think it's extremely difficult to find many women who have intelligence, beauty, charm, and grace. And, a sense of humor." He chuckled nervously. "But, in my opinion, you have all of all of those combined. To put it simply...I want you."

Nicci gasped in surprise. She couldn't help but notice the slight bulge developing in Michael's dark pants. But, before she could speak, Mike continued:

"It's been a very, long time since I've felt this way about someone. When you first walked into that board meeting, all those months ago, something stirred in my heart. And I knew that I had to have you. From the moment I laid eyes on I've wanted to touch your beautiful, brown kiss those full, luscious lips of yours..." His words tapered off and he appeared deep in thought. Apparently, about Nicollete.

Nicci had noticed how the bulge in has slacks had begin to grow as he spoke of her physical characteristics. Now, she was growing a little sexually excited herself, and her nipples begin to harden.

She had thought of Michael many times as a handsome, intelligent, and physically attractive man herself. He was 27 and she was 24. But, it wasn't the small age difference that made her hesitant about being with Mike. It was the fact that he was white. Albeit, 6'2" tall, with short, curly, chocolate-brown hair, and sparkling, green eyes that made all of the secretaries practically swoon, but white none the less.

At that point, it occurred to Nicci that Mike was probably gazing so adoringly at her, during lunch, and not the blond girl. Well, good!, she thought. I'm tired of blondes anyway! With Britney, Christina, Jessica, and Mandy, I wish people would pick a new hair color! It's as if they think blond = automatically attractive.

"So it was me...not the waif..." Nicci muttered to herself unconsciously.

"What?" Mike asked.


"Listen, sweetheart," Mike said. "I know you probably can't say whether or not you'll be with me now. I'll just give you time to think about this."

Friday, 5:12 p.m.

Nicollette sat at her desk, thinking about Michael. He seemed so sincere with his words two days ago. She no longer cared about his race. He was pretty cool despite that. Besides, she was lonely, and it had been nearly a year and a half since she'd been with a man. She had had her heart broken, gotten over it, and was now ready to move on. With someone new, someone fresh, someone different, and someone...Micheal.

Friday, 11:20 p.m.

Mike and Nicci were on the phone with each other, talking things out. She was telling him about her past relationship and how difficult the breakup was. He too, revealed to her that he hadn't had a sexual relationship with someone in a about a year. He evidently was holding out for her. He said that he was tired of the ditzy bimbos that were only good for one thing. And half the time they weren't even GOOD at that. They had seemed to just go through the motions. He needed a girl that appealed to his brain as well as his body. Michael said that woman was her.

Nicollette had never been so flattered and moved by a man in her life. To think that he had actually ceased having sex, in a vow to try and win her over. This notion propelled her to drive across town to his apartment and surprise him. Nicci bathed, and put on her sexiest undergarments: a red, lacy bra, and red, silky panties with a lacy trim. Over the lingerie, she put on a slinky, black dress that accentuated her curvaceous features. Nicollette slipped on some black sandals, and waltzed out the front door. She thought to take her toothbrush, just in case.

Saturday, 12:23 a.m.

Mike rose from his computer desk to answer the door. He had been finishing a project for work to try and get his mind off of Nicci. He couldn't stop thinking about how sensual she looked when he had revealed his feelings for her. Her almond-shaped, cinnamon-colored eyes widened with disbelief, and her kissable lips formed an astonished "O." That in itself made Mike want Nicci even more. That's why he had ended their conversation quickly; he could barely contain himself when she was around. I need help. I can't stop thinking about this woman for five seconds, he thought. He opened the door, and there stood Nicollette, looking sexy as hell. Micheal started to speak.

"Nicollette, what are you dong here?"

"Well, I thought about what you said, and...I want you, too."

Then Nicci threw herself into Michael's arms and brushed her lush lips slowly against his. The small action made his body tingle.

The second kiss was pure passion and the epitome of desire. By then, they were inside Mike's apartment and on his couch. His tongue was mingling with hers and he was sucking on Nicci's full, juicy lips. She began returning kiss for kiss. It felt sooo good to have Nicollette's soft body against his.

"Mmmm...Nicci. Kissing you is better than my wildest fantasies," Mike managed to murmur in between kisses.

She laughed and tousled his hair a bit. "But we haven't even gotten to the good part...yet." Then, she rubbed her body against the length of his and begin to grind him. Mike lowered his head into the small of Nicci's neck and started to kiss it lightly. Damn! Her skin is sooo smooth and warm, he marveled.

"So tell me, bad do you want me?" Nicollette inquired in an all-too-innocent voice.

Micheal trailed a kiss on her skin from the cleft of her breasts, all the way up to Nicci's ear, and whispered "Sweetheart, you have no idea how bad I want to fuck you." His cock had piped up as soon as he'd seen her at the door.

Suddenly, Nicci hopped up as if she was about to leave. Mike stood up, too. "I'm s-sorry." He stuttered, "It's just that when I get excited, I say what I feel, without censoring myself. I hope that didn't offend you."

Nicollette laughed, and pushed him playful back onto the couch. "Have a seat," she said in an authoritative voice. Micheal obeyed.

The brown woman who reminded "Mikey" of a queen, seductively walked over to the cushioned chair that was at the computer desk directly across from where he was sitting, and pulled it out. Then, she spoke.

"Talkin' dirty doesn't offend me, Mikey..." as she paused, she let her black dress fall to her feet. "It turns me on."

This is getting gooood, Micheal thought with a grin.

Nicollette quickly stripped off the undergarments that were giving Mike a temporary heart attack, and stood completely nude. Micheal gasped from his seat on the couch.

She was absolutely gorgeous from head to toe. More so than he could have imagined. Her golden brown skin drove him crazy anyway. But, it was like heaven to see her full, yet perky breasts, finally unclothed. Her aureoles and nipples looked like little Hershey's Kisses. Nicollette's hips were curvy, but not too wide. Her pussy was mostly shaved, but the hair that was there was very short and neat. Micheal could practically feel her long legs wrapped around his waist. And to top it ass to die for and perfect feet. I've hit the motherfuckin' jackpot, he thought.

Nicci sat in the chair. Then, she spread her legs wide, with her feet planted firmly on the ground. Her dark cunt was glistening wet and practically oozing with moisture. Mike couldn't stand it anymore. His dick hardened to full capacity, and he could've cum right there and then.

"So....what do you want to do now?" Nicci asked teasingly.

Micheal walked over to where she was seated, and kneeled before her. "I was wondering, if I could..." to demonstrate, he pressed his face between her smooth thighs and gave her wet pussy slit one long, slow lick. Then, he pulled away.

"Ooooooh...Mikey...pleeeeeease lick my pussy again..." Nicollette practically pleaded.

Micheal laughed mischievously. "Mmmm...please? I plan on eating your pussy until you cum harder than you ever have before. It's what I dream about. I just wanted to hear you beg for it this one time..." Then, he stuck his tongue as far into Nicci's pussy as he could, and wiggled it around.

"MMMMM.... Oh baby! Right theeere!" She was writhing in the chair with her back arched and her head back in ecstasy. She ran her fingers through Michael's curly, brown hair, pushing his head forward and burying his face in her cunt.

Mike was slurping away greedily at her pussy. She tasted like sweet, sweet oranges. He put her legs over his shoulders and begin to flick his tongue across her swollen clit several times. "Oh YES! MIIIIIIKKKEEY!!!!" Nicci moaned loudly as she came quickly. She came so hard that some of it dribbled out of her pussy and onto the chair cushion.

Nicollette's sticky cum covered Mike's face and chin. But he wasn't complaining. He'd enjoyed every spasm of pleasure that he'd felt around his tongue. In fact, he wiped the cum off of his face with two fingers and put them in his mouth to suck it off. Then, Micheal ran his tongue up the side of Nicci's inner thigh, licking any cum that was starting to drip down.

"Mmmm, sweetie.... you taste sooo good," Mike said smiling. By then precum was trickling from the tip of his cock.

"And you make me feel soooo good," Nicci complimented. "I've never had my pussy licked so thoroughly, that I came within 7 minutes," she said. "Seven minutes in heaven," she added, with a wink.

"'s time for the reeeeally good stuff," Nicollette informed.

"You mean I get to do it again?" Micheal asked half teasing, half eager.

Nicci told Micheal to stand up, which he did. She pulled down the shorts he was wearing. He didn't have on a shirt. She was very pleasantly surprised. His dick was rock-hard and thick, nearly 8 inches in length and 2 in girth. She guessed the myth about all white men being small wasn't true.

"Mmmm...take my seat, baby." Nicollette stood up and let Mike sit in the chair. She couldn't resist licking the precum off the head of his dick, which was now standing fully erect towards the ceiling.

"Ooooooh," Micheal groaned huskily, as Nicci's warm tongue circled his cock's tip. It sent chills through his entire body.

Nicollette put herself into mounting position, with the tip of Mike's dick right below her pussy lips. She teased him by rubbing her pussy slit across the head of his cock. "Aaaaaaaahh!!!," Mike moaned. He noticed that her cunt had soaked the tip of his shaft. Neither one of them could take this much longer.

So, Nicci plunged down on Michael's cock pushing it as far into her as she could. Her cunt was so tight that she had to do it a few times to take him all into her. Nicci squealed in pain and pleasure as she begin to ride Micheal. Sweat was trickling from his brow now.

"OOOOOOH FUCK!!!" Micheal cried out. Nicci's pussy was the tightest and wettest and warmest that he'd ever felt. "OH MY GOD!!!....You feel sooo good inside, Nicci!" Mike exclaimed.

Nicollette was now bouncing up and down on Michael's dick, riding him hard and fast. She too, was moaning with pleasure, while Mike egged her on.

"Fuck me baby! Ooooooh yeeeees!!! Ride me with that pretty, black pussy of yours!"

Nicci's tits were jiggling in Mike's face and one of her nipples accidentally grazed his lips. He reached up to squeeze her breast roughly and ran his tongue around her the tip of her nipple several times. Afterwards, Micheal stuffed as much of Nicci's pretty tit into his mouth as he could.

"'re about to make me cum, Mikey!" Nicollette said in her sweet voice.

She was milking Michael's dick for all it was worth, bucking on it like she was riding a horse. Then, Nicollette came....HARD. Micheal felt her pussy contract with several spasms. She was moaning his name as she continued impale herself on his white cock. Her cum ran down his shaft and soaked his already moist pubic hair.

It was then Mike's turn as he felt his balls tighten and he exploded inside her, spurting stream after stream of white, creamy cum into Nicci's warm, tight, ebony pussy.

"AAAaaahh...OOOOOHHH...UUUHH....OOOOHH NICOLLETTE!!!!!" Mike wailed.

That was the best fuck of his that point. But the weekend was far from over.

Saturday, 5:02 p.m.

Michael and Nicollette had explored each other's bodies in many ways but they hadn't had sex since "the chair." Nicci was starting to feel hot again, and a little wet. She decided to give "Mikey" a little hint.

"I'm feeling kinda...dirty," she said seductively. "I think I'll take a shower."

"Mmmm," Mike sighed. "Can I join you?"

"I thought you'd never ask," Nicollette replied with a sly, sexy grin.

Michael pulled Nicollette into his arms and kissed her with hunger. "Mmmmm," he groaned in pleasure. Mike brought Nicci's thigh up to his waist and let his pale fingers stroke her delicate, chestnut skin. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. She could feel his stiff cock against her stomach.

"Oooooooh, Mikey...fuck the shower, give it to me right now...," Nicci murmured passionately. She quickly threw off the over-sized tee that Mike had given her to wear and stood naked. Nicollette could see Michael's shaft protruding in his shorts and precum seeping through the front, where she had grinded against him during their kiss.

She threw herself into Mike's arms once more, rubbing her full breasts across his bare chest. Of course Michael had one of her dark nipples in his mouth faster than you can say tit. While sucking on Nicci's breasts greedily he began to guide her backwards and through the bathroom doorway. Nicollette broke away from him and flicked on the light. She laid down on her back on the cold, white, shiny linoleum with her feet planted firmly on the floor. Then, Nicci spread her legs wide revealing her gleaming wet, milk chocolate pussy.

Michael twitched as another stream of precum leaked from his cock. He was aching to stick it in her, but he couldn't resist burying his face in that sweet pussy first. Mike felt Nicci's fingers in his hair. She moaned lightly.

He thought she was going to push his head forward to make his tongue go in deeper. Instead, she pulled his face up from her cunt. Then, she spoke.

"Mikey, did you hear what I said...??"

"Yeah, you said 'give it to you'," he recited with a smirk.

"Yes, exactly. And by 'it', I meant your stiff, thick, big, white cock. Basically, Mikey, I just want you to give me a goood, looong, haaaard fu-"

Before Nicollette could get the 'ck' out in the word fuck, Michael rammed his swollen cock completely into her pussy, without warning. Nicci gasped. She was still very tight and so he wiggled his hips from side to side to loosen her up a bit.

"Is this what you need, huh??? You looooove the feeling of this white dick pumping inside your tight, black pussy, don't you Nicci???! Don't you??!" Michael inquired relentlessly, as he began to pump her to prove his point. All Nicci could do was whimper and nod her head yes.

Mike was pounding her cunt, fucking her as hard as he could. When he pulled back, he made sure that he almost pulled completely out of her snatch each time, so that when he finally plunged forward, Nicci could feel the full power of his shaft. Michael was pushing Nicci's pussy to its limits with his dick. Nicollette was no longer sighing and moaning, she was now screaming.

"OOOOOHHH YEEEESSS, FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG WHITE COCK!!!! PLLLEEEEASSEE, MOOOORRRE!" she cried. Nicci swivel her hips to meet each thrust.

"SSSSSSST, AAAAAAHH, YOUR PUSSY IS SOOOO GGOOOOD!!!" Mike felt his balls tightening. He had to bite down on Nicci's neck to keep himself from cumming. The feeling of pleasure and pain mixed up together was too much for Nicollette to bare. Micheal felt a wave of warm wetness around his cock as Nicci's pussy contracted several times. She was cumming.

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH," She whined sexily, her thick lips forming an "O".

Michael came as she finished, harder than he ever had before.

"AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!" Mike practically roared with each long, squirt of sticky white sperm. Stream after stream after stream his of cum exploded out into Nicci's pussy. Mike was rigid, as a deep pleasure he had never known before rushed over him. Sweat soaked his body and dripped onto to Nicollette's stomach. He was still trembling heavily as he pulled out of her. Nicci's was the type of lovin' that teenage boys and grown men alike, dreamt about. He didn't want to pull out, but he knew he had to eventually.

As Mike slunk backwards, he glanced down at Nicollette with her legs still spread. He caught a glimpse of her beautiful, ebony pussy. It was overflowing with his cum. So much so, that some had spilled onto the linoleum.

His dick began to flinch slightly, then it hardened quite a bit, almost to full capacity. He laughed, incredulously. At that point, Michael McLaughlin knew that he would never be with a white woman again.

Nicollette saw Mike's cock pipe up.

"Mmmmm, you're just in time for my shower," she said, rubbing her nipples.

Mike fucked Nicci again in the shower, this time pumping her cunt from behind. He loved the contrast of their skin tones, as he watched his pale, swollen cock pounding her dark pussy. It felt sooo good the way his nuts slapped against her ass. He grunted and moaned with lust. Mike ran his tongue along the side of her neck until he reached her ear, then whispered in it about how beautiful she was. She climaxed soon after that, then so did Mike.

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