tagErotic CouplingsPretty in White (Maid Service)

Pretty in White (Maid Service)


A little over a week in the life of a very sexually active couple.

Day 1: Friday

It was late spring, night had fallen and covered the peaceful, quiescent, streets of a suburban neighborhood in tepid twilight. Inside an average two story home; the door to a spacious bedroom opened and in came an attractive twenty-four-year-old. I was reposing on my bed, resting from work when this happened. I stared at her and she stared back me.

"Finished cleaning?" I asked Maria.

"I just finished." She sighed tiredly.

This was not some random beauteous woman, or hot housekeeper, but my girlfriend whom I had been living with for the last five years. She was a loving partner and a hardworking, struggling, writer. Although one could barely tell she was the respected author of the daily newspaper articles and an editor for a small publishing company from the attire she currently traipsed in. She was clad in short white pajama shorts, a clingy pink tank top, a pair of black flats and a pink bandana strewn across her head to keep her long brown hair out of the way. In her right hand, she held a dirty dustrag.

"I could sure use a hot shower." She commented.

"That reminds me..." I suddenly began.

Underneath the queen-sized bed, I picked up a small, rectangular, pink box capped with a matching bow. I ambled over to my girlfriend and handed her the surprise.

"It's especially for you." I said.

She didn't ask what it was and simply took the box and flipped its lid. Inside, her chocolate brown eyes laid sight on a small slender remote control attached to a long cable that lead to a one-inch, smooth, pink vibe.

"It's remote controlled. How about we try it right now?"

There was a small pause from her. It was natural she was hesitant, after all, she had spent the entire day doing laundry, vacuuming, cooking, washes dishes and a host of other housewife chores.

"Well.... I could use a massage. And I guess I have time before a shower."

The amenable brunette dramatically threw the dust rag she held and ripped off the bandana on her head.

She shook her head from side to side and her voluminous, shiny, pomegranate scented hair flowed down her shoulders and down to her back. The long bangs of hair framed the pretty face that housed her long eyelashes and her pink lip-glossed lips. Indeed, Maria was no sex prune, but a sexually willing peach. Despite dusting, sweeping and mopping the entire house, she was horny enough to muster up some extra energy to satisfy her womanly urges. I reached into the box she held, scooped up the remote in my right hand and placed the vibe in her mouth. She lubed it up with her spit and expelled it back out.

I took the slimy pink vibe and slithered my hand down her shorts and panties. I found her vaginal entrance and pushed the vibe into her slit with one finger. She let out a small breath of air from the insertion, but remained calm. My hand was pulled back out and I addressed the horny babe in front of me. We started off kissing. Her luscious lips were soft and inviting as always.

It was like a slow sensual dance. Our lips took their time savoring and enjoying the sensation of the other. In the meantime, my hands went to her slim shoulders to gently brush her soft fair skin. I traveled to her hourglass waist and stealthily crept toward her plump rear where I caressed her gorgeous bottom. Gradually our slow saltation grew to a heated passionate battle. We each fought to get more kisses in, to dominate the other.

Neither of us was letting up. Our tongues wildly slithered in and out of each other's mouth. There was an opening for me once I flicked the switch on the remote I held. A muted buzzing was barely audible, but the vibrator had undoubtedly begun to massage Maria's vaginal walls. She let out a small gasp on the vibe's initial start up and was visibly adjusting to the device sending waves of pleasures through her pussy. She brought her curvy, silky, legs together as close as possible to intensify the stimulation by allowing her velvety walls to tightly press up against the vibe.

Holding the sex toy's remote control, I knew I held the upper hand and proceeded to passionately french kiss the pleasure stricken brunette. She stood motionless with quivering legs, enjoying the kisses falling on her lips and the rapid shuddering deep in between her legs. I eased my kisses across her cheek and along her jawline. Shortly traveling down her neck and collarbone. Her skin was delectable, her warmth soothing and the perfumery scent of her hair arousing. My hands glided up to her shoulders and gently pulled down the thin shoulder straps of her pink top.

She withdrew her arms out of the loops and half of the taut shirt rolled down her chest, exposing her beautiful breasts. They weren't super sized double D melons, nor were they mosquito bite boobs. They were a perfect match for her petite size figure, cute supple B sized tits with pointy raspberry colored nipples, small acerolas, fair skin and the ability to be easily cupped. I didn't mind that they weren't a bit bigger because they were real, adorable and more importantly, all mine. My lips eagerly kissed across her chest, making their way to her right breast, while my left hand playfully fondled her other tit. I arrived at her lovely orb and showered its smooth soft skin in gentle kisses.

I worked at covering every inch of her breast with my lips, and journeyed to her nipple. I stuck out my tongue, traced the circumference of her acerola, and flicked her raspberry teat a few times before sucking in as much tit into my mouth as I could. The suckling was light at first and increased in pressure over time. I glanced up at Maria to see her eyes closed and be positively swept away by the pleasure of having her tits sucked and massaged as the vibe within her pussy continued to induce waves of ecstacy. Thirstily, I suckled on my girls breasts like there was no tomorrow. Only stopping on occasion when suction was lost; I took the opportunity to give her nipple a few licks and then resumed nursing.

Content after another few minutes, I gave her tit a last kiss on its nipple and switched over to her other breast to repeat the same process. Ultimately departing in the same method, I traveled back up her chest and neck to meet her lips once more. In the meantime, she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. As soon as our kiss ended, she squatted down and pulled down my jeans and underwear. She promptly gripped the shaft of the throbbing dick in front of her and pulled back the foreskin. Her tongue licked the head of my cock clean of pre-cum and gave it a few teasing laps.

"Tasty." She playfully commented and smacked her lips.

"I hear it's your favorite." I replied smiling.

"Then you heard right."

Her hand skillfully ran up the length of my cock and twisted on the way down. The slow hand strokes induced a pleasurable sensation that ran through my rod and was meted out to the rest of my body. In the middle of jacking me off, Maria glanced up at me.

"So where would you like to cum this time?"

Immediately I began to debate the spot on my girl where I would enjoy relieving myself.

"On my face?" She asked.

"On my pussy?"

"Or in my mouth?"

Her teasing hand strokes increased in speed with every question and the queries were further serving to arouse me. She was in total control of the situation and appeared to be fully adjusted to the sex toy embedded in her pussy.

"How about your tits?" I replied.

"Good choice." She grinned


I honestly didn't think there was any bad place to choose from when I was cumming on the young and sexy brunette, and at the moment, I was particularly enamored with her cute boobs, so the decision was easy to make. She gave my rock hard cock a few last fast tugs and slid it into her warm mouth.

"Oh, baby..." I moaned.

Her pink pursed lips advanced down my dick and she let out a muffled Hmmmm! near its base. The utterance was a clear response to the vibe's abrupt speed gain. I had increased its setting - using the remote I held - from low to medium. The sex toy was now vibrating at twice the previous pace and producing an intenser stimulation against Maria's wet pussy and a louder buzzing noise too. She struggled to deal with the strong pleasure and simultaneously attend to the dick in her mouth. Slowly, the horny peach adjusted to the sensation, like I adjusted to her wonderful cock sucking.

I kept a careful eye on her as she ran up and down my rod. I always loved watching my girl as she gave head. Aside from the intense physical stimulation the act was very visually erotic. My eyes followed her bobbing head, her firm puckered lips sliding up and down my cock, the pointy nipples protruding from her dangling tits and the episodic stares from her brown eyes. She was gradually getting into the rhythm and speed of blowing dick. Maria certainly had gotten extremely proficient at performing oral sex, but even such an expert as her experienced slip ups.

On a withdrawal, she accidentally pulled back too much and her firm lips on my cock completely slipped away. I took my spit-covered dick and held it out to her with a request.

"Let me slap those titties of yours."

She did not shoot down my proffer and awaited for the deed to occur. I directed my cock toward her chest and began to playfully slap her cute boobs one at a time. There was a small smack that sounded as my meat stick spanked those cute breasts of her. I ceased momentarily, turned my attention to her raspberry teats and brushed across her nipples with the head of my cock. Administrating a couple of final dick slaps, the hits were harder than before and left the skin on her boobs slightly red. I presented my rod back to her mouth and she instantly sucked it back in.

Maria began cock sucking again and picking up speed. I could hear her moan from the enjoyment of performing the blowjob and the euphoria caused by the palpitating vibe. Its buzzing was escorted with the sound of her lips sucking on my saliva-drenched rod. She sucked and sucked, bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm. Wanting to last longer, I withdrew my cock from her soft pink lips and directed it at her chest once more. She waited patiently as my dick slapped around her tits, and its head teased her nipples and ran down her cleavage.

My member finished playing with her boobs and was introduced back into her mouth. She gladly accepted it and started to bringing me back up through the levels of arousal. The brunette's long brown hair was the only problem. Several times it swayed across her face and she had to stop to brush away her bangs. I solved the problem by gathering up her hair into a makeshift ponytail and holding it in place with my left hand.

With no more obstacles in the way, Maria enthusiastically started to suck my cock and in retort, I increased the rate of the sex toy in her cunt to its maximum setting. The speed of the one inch vibe not only doubled in speed, but grew stronger in its massaging jolts. Its bombinating was crystal clear despite being stuffed inside her pussy. She let out small whimpers from the intense stimulation, but managed to focus on servicing the dick in her mouth. Her soft lips securely held my cock in their grip as they swiftly ran across its length. No longer was there an instance when she lost suction.

The sexy cock sucking peach hurried across my dick. She kept a hand at the base of my shaft to keep it in position and not have it curve away from the fast and hard blows she was delivering. Her excellent dick blowing was quickly nearing me to the edge. The sensation of her puckered lips holding my cock and traveling up and down its length was beyond extraordinary. In addition, there was the vacuum my dick was under and the feeling of having it repeatedly thrust into the brunette's warm, moist mouth. She carried on quickly bobbing her head back and forth as I struggled to prolong my inevitable ejaculation.

"Oh honey!"

"Faster! Faster!" I moaned

My cock was hot from the friction of her oral stimulation and surged with pleasure. Every second her lips blew my dick, more warmth and ecstacy produced in my body gathered in one central point. I peered down to see Maria effortlessly take my cock in and out of her mouth. Her hair still gripped in a ponytail by my hand, her lovely boobs still dangling in front of her and the vibe in her pussy still working overtime. I wondered for a moment if she had experienced an orgasm yet, but returned to the culminating sensation in my groin. Unable to hold out any longer, the onset stages of my climax began to occur.

"Oh, babe! I'm cumming." I groaned as I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

In spite of holding the vibe's remote control in my hand, I managed to aim my dick toward the beauty's cute breasts.

"Yeah, cum on me baby! Cum on my titties!" Maria urged.

My body was suddenly overtaken by an intense euphoria and powerful muscle contractions. A shot of hot sticky goo splashed against the brunette's chest and lead the way for the rest of the oncoming load. Like a hose, my dick expelled jet after jet of cum. I swayed my cock from one tit to the other, wanting to cover both her boobs in my sperm. Bit by bit, the intensity of the ejaculation died down. I maneuvered my cock to her cleavage and squeezed out the final drops of cum.

As the last course of action, I couldn't help but give her cute, semen soaked, tits a last couple of dick slaps.

"I hope you had as much fun as I did." I spoke, turning the vibrator in her pussy off.

Its clear buzzing got softer and softer till it finally stopped.

"It was surprisingly wonderful, for such a small thing." She replied standing up.

The strings of cum I spewed on Maria's lovely breasts where now sluggishly dripping down. The viscous fluid spread on the way down to coat her boobs in a natural glisten.

"You know what I found out about semen a while ago?" The brunette openly asked as she took both hands and began to smear my seed across every inch of her boobs.

"What?" I asked intrigued.

"It's great for keeping skin healthy and young." She answered happily

"Lucky you." I replied taking a glance at her shimmering cum covered tits.

"Yeah, at this rate I'll be eternally young. Just keep that sperm coming."

She peered down to reach for the wire hanging out of her shorts, but I ended up stopping her.

"Let me get that." I stated.

Her white shorts were pulled down to her ankles and the pink cotton panties hugging her waist followed. I noticed the giant wet spot stained on the undergarment from her own obvious climax. She now stood with her bare shaved pussy exposed. A black wire ran up to her cunt, passed her cute pussy lips and up to the pink vibe stuffed in her moist slit. I teasingly tugged on the black wire and slowly brought down the sex toy. It slid out along with a few drops of her appetizing honey .

I happily lapped up my love's sweet nectar and gave her pussy a good tongue cleaning.

"You're my favorite sex toy of all." She commented staring down at me, my tongue still licking at her pussy lips.

I finished the lave and stood back up.

"I second that motion."

Maria smiled and gave me a playful peck on the lips. She then turned her attention to her pink blouse and slipped it down her waist and sexy legs. She stepped out of the clothing surrounding her ankles and coquettishly sauntered out of the living room. The hot peach returned clean and refreshed after a well-deserved shower. Our little heated sex session turned out to be a great way to end the day before snuggling up in bed and drifting off into a deep sleep.

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