tagErotic CouplingsPretty In White (The Cowgirl Ride)

Pretty In White (The Cowgirl Ride)


Saturday: Day 2 out of 8

Normally on our days off from work, me and my girl liked to get out of the house. We'd go see a movie, have dinner, go shopping or do something as simple as take a stroll in the park -anything to get out of the house. I was an employee of a video editing company and for the last two years I had been getting work done in the house. There was a workroom in the house setup with two computers, lots of extra hard drives, disks, cables and other electronic equipment specifically for this reason. Of course, there were many advantages of getting business done in the house.

The first was avoiding the whole monotony of getting ready for work. Then there was not dealing with a horrible commute and less than pleasant weather conditions. There was the freedom of not having a rigid schedule to follow and perhaps best of all was getting to see my love every day. The only real downside's were the risks of allowing yourself to get distracted and not getting any work done. Aside from the dalliance, the other negative aspect was not having as much of an opportunity to get out.

Being cooped at home for a few days wasn't a real bother to me. At any rate, once or twice week, I was required to head out to the companies' studios in order to receive a new batch of videos to edit, hand in finished projects and fill out some paperwork. Working my ass for the last fours years had certainly lead me to a very comfortable position within my company. Maria was no different, but was passionate in a different area, writing. In the last six years she had gone from a being an aspirant teenager with a laptop, to being a published author of several short stories, writing columns for a newspaper and now being an editor in chief for a small book publisher. Inspired by my occupational accommodations, she managed to persuade her own employer to allow her the same privilege.

So for the last year or so, she too was working from home. A spare room, a computer and fax machine was all that was truly needed to have her new writing station established. Though about two, sometimes three days a week, she still plugged in eight hours of work at the publishing firm. This was usually to meet with authors, go over their work with them, receive new material, hand in the old etc, etc. The vast majority of the other time she was at her work station, preparing the submitted texts for publication. Making a living from within the comfort of our home, it was certainly a good thing we had going.

Yet the only real problem was again, the isolation from the outside world. We hadn't made specific plans on where we going out for the weekend, other than on going out. Unfortunately, mother nature had a different arrangement for us, like so many other times. We had awoken to a sunny spring day, eaten a hearty breakfast of pancakes, eggs and melon slices, and were looking forward to our day off. Then the warm rays of the sun were unexpectedly caged behind rogue gray clouds and a freak storm nestled in. Now instead of going anywhere, we lazily sat on the living room couch watching TV, while the rain poured outside.

I convinced myself the situation wasn't really that dismal. After all we were sitting snuggled up against each other, enjoying each others presence and warmth. At least we didn't need to get all dressed up. I was in a simple white T and a pair of jeans. Maria was wearing a casual yet enticing black halter top, light-blue denim shorts that tightly hugged her cute ass and a pair of comfy pink slippers. Somehow she always managed to look great in whatever type of attire she wore. Toward the end of the second hour of watching TV, our restlessness for a new activity became apparent.

The brunette repositioned herself on the couch for about the twentieth time and let out a sigh.

"Let's do something else." She softly entreated.

"I'm tired of this..."

She wrapped her hand around my arm and gently caressed it with her face.

"Allright babe, got any ideas?" I answered back to the affectionate kitten of a girl.

Maria brought me in closer and tickled my ear with her secret whispers. She finished and let go of me.

"How about it?" She grinned.

"So yesterday wasn't enough huh?"

"You know I gotta have the real thing."

"And you know I'm always up for it."

"Well if that the case....race you to the bedroom!" She exclaimed laughing and darting out of the living room.

Caught off guard, but not to be outdone, I quickly followed behind, made my way out of the living room and veered to my left where the stairs began. My girl was still happily laughing and beginning to make her way up the stairs. Pell-mell, I made a mad dash for her, but simply managed to touch her cute ass with the tips of my fingers before she slipped away and I nearly tripped. Tumbling my way up the stairs, I regained my balance and halfway up caught the peach by her dainty waist.

"You didn't think you were going to win that easily did you?" I asked now laughing too.

"Yeah I did." She replied giggling and turned around to face me.

I took the opportunity to take her by the shoulders and plant a passionate kiss on her.

"Well, you were wrong." I mumbled, lavishing her soft pink lips with more kisses.

"Hmmm." She simply uttered under my busses.

My hands set out to work and softly caressed her arms, grazing against soft fair skin. I switched one hand to stroke her gorgeous brown hair and the sweet scent of pomegranates invigorated my sense of smell. In no time at all her lips were kissing back and we were in our own little pleasure world. I banqueted on her beautiful lips, slowly moving to the corner of her mouth and then across her cheek. My kisses traveled across soft flawless skin and continued to her neck.

"I don't think....I can wait...till the bedroom." I mumbled in between kisses.

"Then let's do it here." She blithely whispered.

The young sexy babe lightly pushed me away with her hands. She reached toward my jeans and while undoing them, playfully kissed me.

"Take a seat mister." She coyly commanded.

Maria climbed down the step she was on and I took a seat there. She repositioned herself on the stair case to be in between my legs and kicked the pink slippers off her feet. They tumbled down and came to rest a few steps below. Next, she slithered her way out the tight pair of lowcut jean shorts and her black panties. She took one foot out of the ring of clothes at her ankles and kicked the garments down to the bottom of the staircase. Her juicy little butt was now facing toward me and I could see the tiny pink pussy lips of her cute slit.

"Why don't we see who can last the longest?"

"You mean if you can ride my cock before cumming, or if I can handle your steamy pussy before cumming?"

"Exactly." She replied smiling, looking over shoulder.

"Sounds fun."

By now I had pulled down my underwear and my erect cock was itching for the divine sensation of her pussy. She placed her feet a few steps below and slowly bent her knees to descend down on my rod. Her head shifted forward to take a look at the hot, pulsing, meatstick passing in between her legs. She coiled her soft hand around my cock and teasingly rubbed its engorged head against her wet pussy. A minute later she repositioned my dick and guided into her slit as she lowered herself down. We moaned in unison as my cock slid into her velvety canal and her gorgeous ass came to rest on my lap.

She remained perched on my cock and getting accustomed to the deep filling sensation stimulating her vaginal walls. As much as she enjoyed the intense feeling of having a thick cock in her pussy, she put the phallus to work straightaway. The muscles of her sexy toned legs raised her petite body and allowed her to climb up the length of my cock. She descended back down and plunged my dick back into her sacred depths. The walls of her wet flowing pussy easily permitted my member to slide in and out. For some time I simply sat in ecstacy, reveling in the act of having Maria wildly begin to ride my cock.

The peach eagerly pushed of the stair steps with her feet and legs to attain the hop needed to ascend up the dick in her pussy. On the way down, she let gravity do the task of driving my meatstick back into her. No sooner had her cute pussy lips settled on the very base of my shaft when she arose again.With every spring her long dark brown hair swayed behind her back and her supple breasts bounced in the security of her halter top. The sound of her hot pussy slapping down on my cock and our sexually laced moans brimmed the house. It was clear through my girls enthusiasm, that she was hungry for cock and seeking to satiate the sexual voracity.

Inside her, like always, there was heaven- the sweet embrace of her pussy against my pulsing member. It was a moist and intensely warm place of bliss. I wanted it to last forever, but was regrettably inching closer toward a climax. Maria was showing no signs of slowing down, still feverishly riding my cock.

"Oh! Oh, yes! Oh!" She moaned throughout her mount.

The sensation of her pussy was highly intense, yet I endured her fucking. When it felt as if I was going to explode, her hips gradually began to slow down. Diminishing from a hard and fast cock riding frenzy, to a temperate and pleasant cowgirl sex session. Eventually, Maria ceased entirely and settled her plump ass back onto my lap. I had not felt any signs of her having an orgasm and so concluded she had been nearing one and decided to stop. Neither of us had forgotten our little friendly competition, nor were we about to give up.

"I hope that's not all you got." I teased, trying to mask the fact that I came quite close to a climax.

"Don't be silly, I'm just getting started." The rivalrous, horny, beauty replied.

Anxious to prove her point, but still too sensitive for a vigorous fuck session and fearful of cumming too early, she opted on a different course. Her waist and hips began to slowly rock back and forth. Her pussy grinded against the base of my shaft while my cock squirmed inside her steamy cunt. Maria's sexy narrow waist and flat stomach worked in unison to create the pleasurable undulations. Mounted on my rod, her tight pussy felts as it were kneading my entire dick with every sway of her hips. The thick cock massaging her vaginal walls surely did not leave her out of the rapturous delight.

Bound together by the heated copulation and the coursing ecstacy, our staircase fuck session continued. Wanting to stir things up a bit, my girl ceased her rocking hips and began to press against my cock in circular motion. I could feel her weight shift around my dick as her lower torso traveled in a predetermined circular course. Round and round her waist moved about, stirring the cock embedded in her pussy. Her hands were now positioned on top of my thighs for extra support. My own hands found themselves playfully manipulating her gorgeous silky ass.

"Ooooh...yeeees..." She softly moaned.


Her wonderful gyrations allowed her arousal level to drop and gave me a chance to recover as well. Yet, the steady and intimate grating sustained our sexual excitement and euphoric payout. When the time came to get back into the game, Maria ended the abrasion, raised her legs up, placed her feet on the top of my knees and shifted her weight backward. Instinctively, my hands fell on her narrow waist to give her a secure support. I felt her legs push down and the sensation of her pussy climbing the length of my cock proceeded. A second later, her hot wet pussy plunged back down on my dick.

"Oh honey." I moaned.

Her energetic second-go at riding my cock began. She moaned and heaved in response to the dick she was persistently slipping in and out of her hungry cunt. Her concentration to be the winner of the vying sex match was rather impressive. Her feet remained securely affixed to the tops of my bent knees and her legs continued to push off without a second of rest. I felt the strong force her legs were exerting in order to raise the upper half of her body and the eventual dive of her pussy falling on my cock. There was always the sound of slap as her plunging cunt was cut short at the shaft of my rod and as her plump butt cheeks slammed onto my lap.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Maria cried.

The sexy brunette's fucking had taken off with quite a vigorous start and was steadily increasing in its wildness. Her hard and fast fucking was starting to get the best of me. Slowly but surely, the divine sensation of her pussy slamming down on my dick commenced to edge me toward an orgasmic apex. There was no way I was about to give up, so I conceived a plan to prolong my longevity. I forced my mind off of the hot babe jumping up and down my cock and instead focused on what work would bring on Monday. The simple technique proved to be effective and I was only pulled out of my wondering thoughts when I realized my girl had halted her cock riding.

My dick was still plunged inside her but she sat motionless on the phallus, exhausted and heavily panting. It was the perfect opportunity for me to strike.

"My turn." I declared.

One of my hands left her waist and easily undid the fastened straps of her halter top behind her back and neck. I pulled off the top and threw it over the staircase, completely exposing her cute perky breasts. She was now sitting buttnaked on top of my cock, pussy wet as can be, and pointy pink nipples aiming through the air. My hands fell back on her narrow waist and my hips instantly began to thrust my entire cock in and out of her hot slit. I ardently pounded into her love canal, swiftly traveling past its tight walls and going in as deep as possible. With the support of her legs and my arms, her gorgeous ass and pussy remained in the air every time my hips dropped down on retreat.

OH!OH! Oooooh!" She screamed in ecstacy.

I drilled into her pussy, giving her a run for her money. There were no breaks, no slowing down, just the goal of having the dick inside her bring her to an orgasm. She moaned uncontrollably, exalted by the sensation and realization of being wonderfully fucked on the very stairs of her home. She simply kept her feet firmly planted and her legs slightly extended, allowing the ramming cock to do the rest. Her firm, round, breasts with aroused pointy nipples swayed lightly along. The view she had of her naked chest heaving and the bottom of the stairs, occasionally switched with the sight of the plain white ceiling.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" The peach screamed.

I was fucking her as fast and as hard as I could. My cock was a mechanical piston, furiously lunging in and out of her pussy. The fast pace and intense vigor of our fucking was drawing us nearer to our orgasm. Employing the same previous technique, I tried not think about the hot naked babe I was fucking, the intense feeling of her hot wet pussy, or her pleasure laden screams. I did not let up pounding her for a moment, but eventually my thoughts wandered off to work again. From there they jumped from one petty thing to another, like what would be for dinner, or what the plan for tomorrow was.

It appeared to work for some while, but the sensation of an imminent orgasm brought me out of the dissociation. I became aware of Maria's loud and unrestrained moans and my own heavy grunting. My hips were still eagerly thrusting my cock into her tight pussy. The intense pleasure pulsing through my body grew in strength and was threatening to overflow. I tightened my grip on her waist and realizing there was no turning back, decided to go out with a bang.

"Oh baby! That's it!" I moaned, pounding away.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She cried.

"Here I cum!"

Heaving through the hard and fast penetrations I was inflicting upon her divine pussy, a wonderful bliss spread throughout my being. I shoved my cock deep into her velvety canal and deposited a hot sticky shot of cum. Long and powerful contractions occurring with my genitals started to spout out sperm, filling up her pussy with my seed.

"Oh baby!" I moaned.

I sat still on the stair steps, wallowing in pleasure and letting my cock finish injecting its white viscous goodness. Exhausted from our sex session, Maria dropped down on my dick, panting and awaiting for the cum gushing into her to end. Once the ejaculation did stop, she slowly got up and turned to face me.

"Nice try cowboy, but looks like it's tie." She grinned, a mixture of cum and vaginal juices was dripping down her slit.

"Oh well, there's always next time." I replied.

She took her right hand and shaped it into a gun, making shooting noises. "I'll get you for certain if that's the case."

"I'll be counting on it. In the meantime, how's a hot shower sound?"

"Sound great. I'll meet you there."

The already nude Maria smiled and made her way up the stairs to the bathroom. I followed behind as promised and met her in the bathroom for a hot and sexy shower.

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