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Pretty Vein


It was still very early in the evening, he had cruised the bars seeking the right one for this evenings indulgence. The unwitting fodder milled about him unknowingly as he tested the air. He had no need to impress anyone and had dressed accordingly in a pair of grey chinos, a white shirt, and sandals. A crumpled white sun hat adorned his cropped and bleached head and he wore his frameless high Uv-resistant shades to counter the strong sunlight that would slowly weaken him otherwise. Dressed as such he appeared very unthreatening, which was all part of his strategy to succeed tonight with minimum effort.

Behind him he heard feminine sniggers, he turned to see three girls staring amusedly at him. As he stared back quizzically two of the girls looked away nervously but one foolishly met his gaze steadily. Interest stirred in him, his face hardened into an annoyed expression to test her bravado. Spiritedly her dark eyes held his gaze defiantly as the others literally shrank away from him. The girl would make a good choice; she was very pretty and perfectly proportioned. Dressed in a short very feminine purple dress and matching sandals, her long sun bleached blonde hair was loose.

He had decided that she would suit his purpose, the sheer arrogance she displayed enflamed his interest further. Tonight he mused to himself the bitch would learn a very valuable lesson! Even as he approached she stood defiantly as if daring him to reprimand her, meanwhile her friends had vanished.

"Is there a problem? He kept his tone mild.

"No, not really" she glanced away then turned her pretty dark eyes to stare at him seriously, "you look a complete dork though."

"A dork, hmm," he smiled wickedly, "That's not very nice."

"Perhaps not but its true," she allowed a smile to show for an instant, a tiny chink in her armour.

"Oh," he paused sensing her growing interest and enthusiasm long before she was aware of it herself, "and I was going to say how exquisite you look, good enough to eat so to speak!"

"Do you eat many girls then, Casanova?" she laughed derisively.

"Maximus, my name is Maximus," he smiled slyly winking at her, "and the answer is yes, I specialise in eating girls!"

Awkward embarrassment overwhelmed the girl she squirmed before his terrible gaze. Shifting her weight she desperately wanted to break the eye contact that she had instigated but he held her steadfast. Wickedly he held on until her confidence finally crumbled and he watched her redden with embarrassment.

"I'm sorry for seeming such a bitch," she almost whimpered, "I'm Marie, can we start again and forget all that dork nonsense?"

He sensed her uncertainty and vulnerability and growing arousal and knew she would be his with out fail so he played along. He could tell she was a hot horny little bitch that would succumb to his every sexual desire and sensed her darker side that she herself was not even aware of. He smiled; tonight was going to be fun in fact the foreseeable future held a lot of prospects for him if he was not too greedy!

"Can I get you a drink? Marie chirped hopefully, "it's the least I can do."

"Okay," he smiled "I'll have a ginger ale."

"Ginger ale!" she laughed jokingly as she turned to the bar, "are you sure your not a dork?"

As she turned he seized her hips, she froze then almost instantly he felt her resistance melt in his grasp and he drew her close enjoying the electrifying intensity of her excitement to flood his senses, her smell, her emotions and arousal poured into him and he devoured them hungrily. The drinks forgotten her trembling body fell back into his arms, her breathing shallow and excited she was aflame with lust in moments.

"I'm going to enjoy fucking you!" he groaned into her pretty ear as he pulled her hard against his swelling member.

"Oh yeah," she sighed breathlessly trying to make a display of resisting him, "and who says your going to fuck me, it would be nice for a girl to be asked at least!"

"I'm going to fuck you for two reasons," he hissed hungrily feeling her press back against his swelling erection," the first, to teach you a lesson for calling me a dork the second, because you want it real bad you dirty bitch,!"

"Ohh good, I suppose it was quite rude of me," her voice was a whispered whimper of excitement.

"You my dear Marie are going to get the fucking of your life, you trust me on that!" sighed Max.

"I hope so!"

"I know so!"

"Shall we go?" whimpered Marie, "I live just a short walk from here!"


"Yes, all alone in my very, very private house!" she giggled breaking from his grasp as he released her.

"This may sound strange Marie," he turned her to face him and caught her eye meaningfully, "it is imperative that we are not seen leaving together."

"I don't want to know why," she smiled calming a little, "as long as you fuck me at least half as good as you say you will I'll be happy!"

"It's a promise," he laughed, "where do you live?"

"On Archimedes Street, the last house up the hill with the high walled garden, do you know it?"

"Yes I think so."

"Go around the back, through the garden gate and lock it after you," she urged him eagerly, "I'll be waiting, hurry Maximus!"

"I'll be right behind you."

He drew a deep breath steadying himself as he watched her buttocks roll enticingly as she headed for the door, he would fuck that girl senseless before he took her. Once she was his he would take her home to play, she had a lot of life in her and promised him much fun did poor Marie! He allowed her ten minutes before he left during which time he openly picked up another girl who he left the bar with. He walked some distance with her in the opposite direction to Marie's house before telling the girl to piss off after a quick grope and fumble. As his alibi disappeared in floods of tears he took a circuitous route to Marie's home and surveyed the place. It stood alone at the top of the hill a good distance from it's nearest neighbour. He was well pleased as he slipped through the gate locking it behind him. He could smell her sensual aroused odour as he made his way up the garden path.

"Hi lover," she called out softly, "you took your time!"

Zeroing in on her voice he saw her, she sat demurely on a white linen draped four-poster bed that had been set up on the patio under the cover of an extensive vine draped pergola that was attached to the back of the house. The metal frame of the bed was draped in sheer white nets and thin gauzy white curtains with gold flowers printed upon it.

Silently he moved towards her kicking off his sandals, she too was barefoot. As he came closer her excitement hit him, the girl was brimming with energy. As soon as he sat beside her she pounced on him, grabbing him she kissed him eagerly as she pressed herself urgently against him. Surprised at her eager ferocity Max allowed her to run the show for the moment, the unfortunate girl didn't know what she was getting herself into.

He eased her away a little and kissed her throat, her response was alarming, the bitch was so excited she shuddered as his lips sought her pounding jugular. His tongue sensed the vibrant essence flowing beneath the smooth skin and he struggled to control the beast within. He could not trust himself to take a little first then fuck the girl, he must resist after all give the bitch a few orgasms and her nectar would be that much sweeter. He pulled away allowing Marie to take control of the situation for now.

"Lie back Max," she gasped pushing him down insistently, "I wanna see him!"

Only too happy to comply he laid back watching Marie spring into action. She crouched on the bed beside him, her small hand stroked his swelling cock through his pants for a few moments then she set about freeing the distending beast from its cloth prison. In no time her practised hand had him out.

"Ooh Max," she cooed staring down at his cock, "impressive, very impressive!"

Gripping him tightly she wanked him slowly as he swelled to full size, her eyes were fastened on it as she played with him. Max knew what was coming, he watched as she lowered her head opening her lips invitingly. Saliva dribbled as she sank her hot moist mouth right over his cock, she writhed her tongue about it as she drew it deep into her throat without delay. Unable to stifle the groan Max shuddered as she worked her hot mouth over him knowledgeably. The dirty bitch was good, he was only too happy to let her carry on but at the same time wanted to move things on. The short dress had ridden up as she worked exposing her naked buttocks and hips and a dainty bird tattooed upon the small of her back. Slipping his hand beneath her tummy he reached between her open thighs to feel her dripping wet pussy. Deep in her cock filled throat Marie groaned as he caressed her, his fingers came upon something metallic and round, he realised her pussy lips were pierced.

Probing her pussy with his long fingers he frigged her in time with her bobbing head until her legs weakened and she collapsed on the bed. She was coming for the first time already, he wriggled his hand from beneath her and assaulted her from above smearing her copious juices up the cleft of her arse and teasing her puckered anus occasionally as he frigged her quivering cunt. Releasing his cock from her mouth Marie cried out as she came loudly at first then subsiding into grateful sobs of pleasure as he fingered her.

It was time to move on decided Max reluctantly, her mouth was so talented part of him wanted to let her carry on till he burst inside her. It was more than clear that was what she wanted too but insistently he drew her up and she settled into a sitting position beside him. Without delay he freed a breast sinking his lips to the soft hot flesh, only partially recovered from her orgasm Marie was hot and pliable in his arms. He pulled both breasts free showering them with kisses and gentle bites making her squeak with delight.

Slipping from the bed he began to stand before her, urgently she grabbed him by his undone trousers frantically straining up to kiss him. His rampant hard on nestled between her soft breasts as she kissed him ardently, it ached deliciously with a life of its own urgently reminding him of it's own needs.

"Let me suck him again!" whimpered Marie.

"No!" he gasped wanting nothing more at this moment, "no, later maybe!"

"Ohh please Max," she cooed, "I don't want you to fuck me, I wanna feel your hot spunk washing down my throat!"

"Oh no," he laughed, "you're gonna get the fucking of a lifetime bitch like we agreed.

"Ooh come on then big boy," she giggled releasing him, "do your best!"

"All in good time," he laughed as he slipped his shirt off and slithered onto the bed behind her, "all in good time."

Pulling her to him he grasped her wonderful firm hard nippled breasts as she lay easily against him. The smell of her excitement exuded from her skin, his lips brushed her hot throat sensing the strength of her vitality that flowed just beneath the vulnerable soft skin. Sighing softly she responded as he expected, just as they usually do. Something deep within her recognised the predator and eagerly succumbed to his power baring her unprotected throat to him. Long ago that would have been enough for him to attack but he had much greater control now. All the chefs in the world agreed that meat was most succulent when cooked slowly and attentively for a long time.

Her body oozed with life and excitement as he caressed her, he dipped his head to kiss her shoulder. She wrapped her arm about his head drawing him down and insanely pulling his lips to the nape of her neck. What fickle creatures they were inviting doom so readily as if by instinct. Once more he became all too aware of the raging life force that pulsed so close to his lips. His teeth ached as he savoured the anguish of the moment. Releasing her breasts he gripped her torso and wriggled back, his free hand dove between them. Marie fell back against him as his fingers slid between her thighs from behind to find her pussy once more but he pushed her into an upright position whilst still fingering her.

Casting his hat aside he slipped lower behind her, his fingers still working on her aroused flesh as he slipped onto his back and wriggled his head under her firm buttocks from behind. Obligingly Marie lifted a little as he wormed his way under her kissing her soft hot perfumed skin as he went. Pulling her down she settled lightly on his chest her molten musky pussy close to his mouth. She was quivering with excitement, he was overwhelmed with the scent of ripe female flesh, and his own mouth trembled as he licked at her for the first time. Inwardly he smiled to himself as Marie cried out above him, he loved playing with his food! She was delicious her taste hot and spicy on his tongue, most enjoyable, a pleasure to linger over indeed.

"Ohh Max, she wailed, "ooh Max", repeatedly as he licked and sucked at her exquisite peach with added vigour.

So wet, the girl was so wet he marvelled swallowing her juices time again as her licked bit and sucked at the ever flowing slit. Above him Marie was in rapture though he was ever careful not to allow her to come too soon. Stroking her vibrant firm body as he drank from her he could only imagine the exquisite anguish he was putting Marie through. In her passion she reached up grasping the rail above her, it groaned in complaint as he bit down on her clitoris lightly causing her to convulse wildly, she was very close to orgasm. Lifting her easily he threw Marie onto her back where she lay there spread wantonly and panting like a wild animal as her tore his trousers off. He fell between her thighs eager to taste more of the irresistible girl and set about her pussy with ardent relish. Probing her delightfully petalled slit with finger and tongue he once more drew her to the brink of orgasm and torturously held her there for ages. Marie was a physical and mental wreck, she pleaded and implored him to allow her to come but he held her torturously on the brink.

"You bastard!" she wailed breathlessly as he broke away, "You cold hearted bastard!"

He laughed as he clambered over her until they were top to tail, desperate as she was Marie wasted no time fastening her lips about his offered cock. Her hot mouth and writhing tongue felt real good as he gripped her hips and rolled them over so that Marie was on top. He grasped her buttocks and parted them licking her from top to bottom in one firm stroke.

"Nice?" he inquired.

"Mmm!" came the cock muffled reply.

"Good, now you please me with those rosy lips of yours and I'll let you come, okay?"

"Mmm," came an eager response as Marie began to work on him with added enthusiasm.

He was impressed; she really was an expert at cock sucking and unmistakably enjoyed doing it to boot. As her talented mouth worked on him her pussy juices flowed readily forming thick rivulets that dripped onto him invitingly. After enjoying her enthusiastic dedicated ministrations for a few minutes he set to work on her. Marie had pushed her own excitement to the back of her mind somewhat as she concentrated her efforts on pleasuring him but his skilled tongue soon had her boiling once more. As she got more excited Marie worked harder on him trying to make him come first or their orgasms coincide perhaps. She didn't know it was pointless he could hold himself until he was ready but he was more than happy to let her try.

He marvelled as she struggled against her own climax valiantly trying to deny the inevitable only succeeding in heightening the eventual intensity. It amused him to see her vain feeble attempt to deny the inescapable. Wickedly he worked her distended overexcited clitoris relentlessly whilst she tried to hold back her orgasm fruitlessly hoping to make him come. Her pussy quivered against his face as her futile resistance ended and a gush of hot sticky nectar engulfed him. Marie collapsed on him a writhing heap of wailing orgasmic flesh and he writhed from beneath her whilst she was still convulsing. Before she could recover he had spun her around and had her laid face down with her pert rear up in the air. She was still moaning and whimpering from her last orgasm as he spread her cheeks and began to lick and probe her tight little anal pucker knowing instinctively the dirty little slut would love it. Just how much it turned her on astounded him, as he worked on her she began fingering her own pussy and grasped his head urgently imploring him to further abuse her. He teased her so until she was begging him to fuck her.

Indeed he himself needed to come, his groin ached with restrained lust as he prepared to fuck the girl. He shifted to kneel behind the girl who thrust her shapely derriere out invitingly at him. He lined himself up before the swollen lipped glistening peach and placing a hand on her back to hold her still he thrust straight into her. A shriek of unbridled pleasure escaped her as he impaled her deeply, her hot wetness sucked hungrily at him urging him to drive deeper into her receptive body with each stroke. He screwed her slowly and deeply watching her squirm and mewl with delight as she was fucked.

They rolled over with him still inside her and they lay on their sides, he gave her no respite and continued the slow rigorous pace until she came again this time not as intensely as earlier but just as grateful. She rolled from his grasp and pushed him onto his back. Bending over him she kissed him passionately whilst cradling his head. He kissed her back and she slid upwards a little allowing him access to her throat. Above him she straddled his hips and ground against him urgently as she stripped off her sweat stained dress. She fell on him, his senses leapt into overdrive as he felt her hot body against his but more so the stimulated life-force pulsing so enticingly close to his dry lips and painfully itching teeth. Trying to resist his resolve weakened steadily and was almost at the point of succumbing to his desire when Marie pulled away. She sat back on his upper thighs and grasped his aching phallus and began wanking him. Around his manhood her hand slithered in her own come as she stared excitedly down on him.

"I'm gonna fuck you now!" she groaned excitedly, "just lie there and enjoy it!"

More than happy to allow the girl her own way for now he reached up to paw those splendid breasts she jiggled before him, after all she would soon be fulfilling his needs in a way that she couldn't even comprehend. Above him she moved lifting herself and planting herself firmly on his rampant cock. She slid easily down over him swallowing him fully, he moaned in appreciation as he felt her muscles tighten around him. Without moving she began to milk him with her pussy muscles whilst staring impishly at him. Leaning over him she thrust her ample breasts into his face as she began to hump him. Max allowed her to dominate the performance for some time languishing beneath her wild wanton body wrapped in the tight rippling slippery cocoon of her skilled vagina. For over fifteen minutes he let her fuck him then began to respond, his cock began to pulsate as he pumped more blood into it rhythmically. He began to hump back and she soon lost control, their measured coupling soon dissolved into a frantic fuck-fest of grasping wailing frenzy that inevitably resulted in Marie coming uncontrollably and intensely once more. As the spasms hit her she turned to jelly and fell to the bed a trembling wreck.

Sprawled face down before him with her legs spread Max stared down at her, his eyes drifted to her tight puckered anus and he smiled evilly to himself. Reaching down he began running his fingers over her come soaked pussy gathering the slippery fluid. Below him she sighed with contented pleasure as he moved to wedge her legs apart with his own, obviously completely sated Marie would quite happily fall asleep if he allowed her. His dripping middle finger moved to apply light pressure to her unprotected anus. Marie groaned into the bedclothes softly as he probed her making her squirm and eventually turn her face to him when he was knuckle deep.

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