tagGay MalePrice of Passage

Price of Passage


"I think we can dispense with these" he said, shedding his human visage. I followed suit, and we both took a few moments to stretch our wings, swish our tails and stamp our broad clawed feet, feeling the life pour back into our neglected bodies. We were the only two of our kind on Earth, and it was rare that we got an opportunity to relax into our native forms.

"Now... I presume that you aren't here for a social visit, so what can I do for you?" He smiled, showing a mouth full of sharp white teeth.

He was right, of course. I respected him firmly for his insight, his wit, and for the subtle net of manipulation and intrigue he wove so deftly amongst the indigenous population. But I didn't like him. No, I was here because I had reached the limits of my endurance with this squalid, overcrowded planet and the constrained and unfulfilling life I had to live trapped in a pseudo-human form. I longed for the wide open skies of our own world, the feel of the wind shooting over my wings... for the smooth touch of a female, our soft grey skins pressed against one another in a warm embrace... for a family of my own.

"I want to go home."

He gave me a calculating look. I knew that as the leader of our little mission he, and only he, could arrange it. And he would lose little by it, as I had shown little promise in my vocation and he could manage quite well on his own. But as a missionary who was only half-way through his term, I knew that he was under no obligation to let me go, and he rarely gave anything away without a price.

"So be it," he replied after a few moments' thought, "I can have you on a ship out of here tomorrow." My heart raced and my ears twitched in agitation as I waited for him to pitch the other side of the bargain. "I ask only one small favour in return..."

Dropping to all fours, he bent his long pale neck until his head was a few inches from the floor. Dropping his ears back flush with his head and opening his jaws very slightly, he fixed me with an intense rifling stare from his golden eyes.

My heart spasmed as I realised just what the terms where to be. The gesture he had just given me was an ancient and primitive one of our race, and it was one which we males usually reserved for our mates.

"No!" I took three steps backwards, heart thumping, tail curling in distress.

He raised his head, never releasing the eyelock between us. "Just the once. A little business, and then on your way. You might," he said, a thin smile of amusement breaking across his features, "even enjoy it."

"I said no." My head swimming, I turned away from him to escape his piercing stare.

"I've been here," he said softly, closing the distance between us, "for twenty years. It's a long time, not to know the touch of a female." He stretched out his head to place it near mine; I could feel the warmth of his breath on my ear. "You haven't been here so long, but perhaps you've felt it too."

I had. I yearned for the gentle touch of another wing against my own, for the wet fire of a female tongue sliding sensuously along my neck... but those thoughts did not belong to him. I stayed silent and still, closing my eyes against his advance.

We remained frozen in tableau, each waiting for the other's will to break. After several mercilessly long seconds, he pulled away. "Very well. I suppose that we are to keep the pleasure of each other's company for some time to come. You shall hear no more of the matter."

His words cleared my head. To remain on Earth, anchored and frustrated, or to head home: to fly, to sing, to find love... He would not change his offer; I knew him well enough to be sure of that. Was it such a high price to pay? To surrender my pride, and submit to him, for a single night?

I opened my eyes and turned to face him. Pulling myself high, I tried to affect a calm and businesslike manner but the words came out thin and cracked: "I'll do it."

* * *

Whilst he was gone to prepare himself I selected a comfortable spot on the deeply piled carpet and waited, feeling small and empty. My stomach churned. It felt like a bad dream; I knew plainly what was to happen but at a deeper level I couldn't make myself believe it. Tentatively I lifted my tail, feeling a cool breeze whisper over my exposed rear. I tried to imagine him on top of me, heaving, the feel of his manhood thrusting in and out within me...

I dropped my tail and shivered. Bad dream.

I turned when I heard the soft tread of his approach. Our people do not smother our bodies with clothes, and so there was no surprise in seeing him naked. But we males keep our private organs tucked away inside of us until needed, and so the sight of his long slender penis hanging stiffly between his hind legs made me quiver. Its pale grey shaft glistened with lubricant.

So it was time. On all fours I spread my wings to the side, dropping my hind legs slightly to give him access. Raising my tail and burning with shame I offered myself to him, inviting him to mount me.

He did not. He fixed a penetrating stare on my proffered backside, shifting his head as though to anticipate it from all possible angles, and then stepped around to my side. My whole neck tensed as he lowered his head and pressed its side against my own.

"Well?" I rasped. "Are you going to do it or not?"

"Of course," he replied, his jaws whispering millimetres from my own, "but we are not animals, are we? Have you not heard of foreplay?"

With this his head twisted round, his slender red tongue shot out and he began to massage the sensitive area under my jaw. I had not expected this and was frozen for a moment before whipping my head back out of his reach. He gave me a look of withering amusement and said nothing.

My mind whirled. I was desperately uncomfortable with this but my reason, such as I could muster at that moment, told me that the path of least resistance was to let him have his way, and endure. It could not, after all, but be over soon.

Meekly I lowered my head back towards his. He smiled, and his tongue resumed its caress.

The touch sent a tingling sensation down my spine, which intensified when his kiss moved up to my neck. He moved his tongue up and down its length in long, artful strokes, again and again, the warm and wet feeling of its passage inducing a fiery chill in the sensitive skin. To my horror, I felt the beginnings of arousal stir deep within me as his skilful motions triggered primitive biological instincts.

Gripping me suddenly under the wings, he deftly flipped me over so that I lay on my back, legs and wings sprawled to either side. He stood straddled over me, his hind legs pressed tightly behind my own, the tip of his penis swinging inches from my belly. Slowly he brought the clawed hands of his forelimbs down and pressed them against my chest. Applying gentle pressure and moving them in slow circles he massaged the tender flesh, and simultaneously brought his tongue back down to paint strips of saliva in-between. The effect was irresistible, sending electric waves of pleasure through my body. My unbidden arousal heightened as he worked his way backwards, his nimble claws and cunning tongue etching grooves of sensation into my skin.

I could feel my own shaft swelling inside of me. It ached to break free but still I resisted, holding it firmly in. His probing tongue reached its sheath whilst his hands played magic with my hips. It played enticingly around it, willing it to come forth, but with some effort I held firm.

Moving on, he gave only the briefest touch to my anus, sending a cold shock-wave through my system, before turning himself around to better work on my tail. I gasped as I felt the chill contact of his penis resting gently on my belly. Placing his long mouth around the base of my tail he began to work his way along, applying the slightest pressure with his pointed teeth and lapping furiously with his tongue. While he worked, the tip of his penis oscillated back and forth, tracing a zig-zag trail of wetness onto my skin.

The sensation crescendoed as he reached the tactile tip of my tail. Squeezing it ever so slightly between his teeth, he ran his dexterous tongue over and around it, tickling and caressing. I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure, but still held myself in, in defiance, with a monstrous effort of will.

Releasing my tail he turned back to stand over me and slowly, ever so slowly, lowered himself down to lie on top of me, his warm belly and chest resting on my own, our limbs gripping one another. His penis pressed wetly against my groin. He lowered his wings until our tips met, and wrapped his tail once around my own. So intertwined, he lowered his head to my own and began to softly nuzzle the underside of my neck, gently licking. His hind legs pulsed against my hips whilst his hands worked their art around the base of my wings.

Suddenly, as he squeezed with his legs, I lost the battle with my penis and cried out as I felt it burst out of me, erupting upwards to slap against his groin with a wet smack.

He smiled warmly as he gazed down at me with his yellow eyes. "Good," he said, "now we can begin."

The slithering sensation of our mutual erections sliding past one another filled me with fire as he unspread himself from on top of me. I needed no bidding now to roll over onto all four limbs and spread my hind legs wide to receive him. I hated him, yes. But I wanted him inside me.

He mounted me delicately, placing one powerful thigh on top of my own, then the other, and finally pulling his full weight squarely on top of me. His giant wings beat twice to steady himself before he hunkered down into a comfortable and stable position: legs wrapped over my own, forelimbs resting on my back between the wings, penis hanging flatly against my anus.

I had thought that he would impale me then, but he still hadn't finished his play. His foreclaws began a cunning massage across my back, moving in erogenous circles, whilst his hind claws kneaded the receptive flesh of my belly and groin, where my pendulum swung with ever-rising excitement.

Suddenly, darting his head forwards with great speed, he took the skin at the back of my neck, behind my ears, between his front teeth in a firm but not painful grip. Amongst our people, this was the traditional hold applied by males to our mates during intercourse, and its application made me squirm in thrilled anticipation.

Now, the time for play exhausted, I felt him subtly shift his position, bringing his pelvis upwards and backwards to enable his lance to make its skewering thrust. Its tip made contact once, twice, as it hesitated in finding its true aim. The third time, it met its mark and rested there, the contact sending a shudder of delight along my spine.

Relaxing my muscles to admit his advance, my whole body trembled as I waited for him to press forwards. His claws had ceased their caress and he stayed motionless, his tip sitting enticingly against my anus, his hot breath on my ears and saliva dripping down my neck, stretching out the moment into an eternity. At last, mercifully, he squeezed softly inwards, nursing the first inch of his phallus into my welcoming tract.

I squealed as I felt his penetration, savouring the sensation. After only a moment's pause he continued his slow ingress, boring forwards into me. It slid smoothly and steadily, inch by inch, probing deeper and deeper within my being. Finally, just as I thought I could accommodate no more of him, I felt the warmth of his groin press against my tail and the advance abruptly ceased. He was fully inside of me.

"Are you enjoying our little exercise?" he enquired, breathing heavily, releasing my neck.

"Yes," I spluttered, my mind gawping at the potent form stationed within my intestine, "please... keep going."

"Then hold on tight" he whispered into my ear, and resumed his grip on my neck, firmer than before.

Taking his cue, I squeezed tightly around him, exhilarated by the solid resistance of his amply proportioned staff. I felt him quake slightly above me as the pressure sent pleasure rippling through him.

Now he drew back, so far as almost to leave me completely, and thrust forwards with a mighty contraction that made us each cry out at once. Again he pulled outwards and again he hurled himself back in, harder this time, issuing a louder cry from us both. A third time he pumped into me, and a fourth, until by the fifth inward lunge we were whimpering in the ecstasy of the motion.

Unfolding his wide leathery wings, he began to beat them in unison with his pistoning groin: wafting them high as he slid out and driving them downwards as he plunged back in. His muscular hind legs, powering the motion, squeezed my abdomen hard in rhythm with his pulsions. Faster he beat his pelvis, and harder, his legs and wings matching the tempo. His mouth released me to let out a shrill squeal of ecstasy. Faster and faster now, thumping pneumatically within me, whilst I gurgled and drooled in rapture.

At last, with a mighty downward blast of his wings, he ejaculated a piercing shriek, and I felt his hot liquid seed spurt into me. Five more great heaves he made, each one adding to the warm pool within me, our voices screaming in primal song, until his orgasm subsided and he slowed, damping his ebb and flow, until finally his satiated shaft came to a standstill. Gasping, he flopped down on top of me.

For a minute we rested so; his manhood, its work done, slumbering warmly inside me. But it was not over: my own erection still swelled beneath me, hungry for release. He had not forgotten, and as soon as he had recovered his breath he dismounted, pulling himself free from my sticky passage.

I turned to lie on my back, my penis standing upright between my legs, avid for his attentions. He circled me, slowly, eyes locked on it, as though contemplating the most expedient angle of attack. Without warning he leapt forwards to stand over it, resting one large clawed foot on the soft flesh of my belly. Moving his head up close he sniffed the damp grey shaft, apparently relishing the scent. Then his tongue flickered out to taste its tender tip, inducing flashes of sweet sensation. As though the taste met with his approval he now began to lap at it, running long licks along its length which made my limbs convulse with pleasure.

Opening his long jaws he began to ease his mouth gradually around me, the sharp tips of his teeth surrounding me but never making contact. Only when his snout was nearly pressing against my groin did he stop, and began to caress my manhood with his deft tongue. It undulated against the shaft, stroking and tickling it and raising me to an even greater excitement.

I squalled as he began to work me fully, moving his head up and down rhythmically, his tongue sliding over the sensitive skin in a smooth slobber. The sensation was rising, building up within my groin for a final overture.

"I'm about to blow!" I shouted, not expecting him to want me to come inside my mouth. But he simply stared at me with his golden eyes and continued his work: up and down, up and down, sucking and sliding.

When the climax came it made my legs, wings and tail jerk wildly as the ecstasy reverberated out from my genitals to reach the furthest extremities and bounce back, refocusing for a second convulsion, and a third. With each, I felt hot streams of liquid erupt out of me and into his mouth, mingling with his juices.

The throes of orgasm subsided, he lifted his mouth from my cock, a little semen dripping from between his teeth, held his head back and swallowed. I lay panting, exhausted but exhilarated. After a few minutes he fixed me again with his penetrating yellow stare.

"Thank you. You may consider your half of our bargain complete... a ship will be waiting for you in the morning."

"And I'll be on it." I glanced down at him: his semen-smeared penis was already rehardening; his tail twitched enticingly. "But... until then..."

We moved together to clasp one another in a tender embrace.

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