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Prim & Proper

bySensuous Storyteller©

The man came up to the 18 year old naked girl standing before him and quietly demanded, "So you want to be in porn movies, do you? Open your mouth wide".

There was no please, no thank you, not even a smile graced his lips as he spoke to her. His whispered demands were more authoritative than a shout would have been. His large strong body coming up closer to her was very intimidating.

Susan shivered as she watched the scene on her screen.

The man put his big fingers into her mouth, sliding them deep along her tongue causing the poor girl to gag.

'We are going to have to work on that problem. Kneel!'

The trembling girl kneeled immediately with her head bowed in obsequious subservience. Susan watched as the man released his huge cock from his pants and began stroking himself in her face. Once his cock was erect he stood even closer to the girl. He gripped the hair at the back of her head and tugged so hard that her head came up forcefully facing his erection.

Kohl lined dark eyes looked up at him with just a hint of fright as he demanded that she open her mouth again. Complying immediately, the girl opened her mouth and the man moved closer to place his cock on her tongue. With both hands he gripped the hair on either side of her head and proceeded to ram his cock down her throat. There was no time for the poor girl to get used to the size or feel of his cock; just a quick thrust of his hips so that the huge member slid across her wet tongue like a fast boat gliding across still water. And he didn't let up. Thrust after thrust, the girl could not breathe. She was clearly fighting for air and trying not to gag as the man rammed his cock home.

Looking closely, Susan could see tears well up in the girl's eyes. Spittle threaded from her mouth on each outward pull only to drip from her chin as man shoved his cock back down her throat. It didn't take long before the man held the girl's head tight to the base of his cock and his head flew back with a loud roar. He wasn't even aware of the young girl gasping and struggling for air as he released his seed down her throat. Susan watched the girl's throat. It looked like the body of a snake when it swallows a rat. She tried valiantly to swallow the load he forcefully fed her. Abruptly, his hands released her hair and the naked girl fell to the floor gasping and coughing.

The media player stopped with the man smiling down on her; his still erect penis just above the head of the girl where she had collapsed.

Susan quickly looked over her shoulder to check that there was no one watching her. Had anyone been watching her, they would have seen the high colour on her cheeks and the shining glaze of her eyes, even her breathing was fast as if she had just been running. But Susan had nothing to worry about she was alone, just as she always was.

Even with no one to see her, Susan blushed. She got up from her computer and with unsteady feet walked to her bedroom. Laying her head down, she sighed as the coolness of her pillows offered a little relief to her hot cheeks. Her hand slid down her body to slip inside her panties. Susan was surprised at how wet she was. The crotch of her panties were soaked.

Slipping them down her legs, she tossed them onto the floor. Lying on her back she let her fingers glide along the silky slit. Her clit was throbbing and just begging to be touched. The pad of her finger soaked in her own juices circled the rubbery tissue in slow smooth circles. The rhythmic circles heightened her arousal making her moan softly in the empty room. She felt the fullness begin low in her tummy as the heat of it radiated up to her breasts. Her nipples popped out reaching for something; for someone to touch them; to kiss them. But no one was there. Her left hand came up to squeeze them herself and they hardened even more just as another flow of juice streamed from her lips to dampen the sheets beneath her.

Her hot cheeks needed to feel the cold pillow again so her head turned from side to side in a slow frenzy searching for that cool relief. But she did not feel relieved. She felt hot; her chest was tight as was her flat tummy. Her thighs were taut and her calf's straightened out like rods of steel with her toes pointing to the end of the bed. She couldn't take it anymore. Her clit wanted her finger to stop rubbing and yet at the same time, it wanted her to rub it even harder.

Sweat beaded on her upper lip as the tension rose to an almost unbearable point in her unsated body. Her legs could not keep still; neither could her finger as it rolled around her swollen clit. Her feet slid up the bed, raising her knees only to be sent down flat against the sheets within seconds. Her mind was not working. She was not aware of anything but the building pressure in her body; a pressure she knew was about to erupt. With her private vision of that large hard cock being rammed into that girl's throat forcefully rolling like a movie in her head, she moaned again.

She had finally reached that much sought after peak and all she had to do was allow herself to tumble down with it. Her body trembled as incoherent sounds bubbled from her vibrating throat and a flood of wetness poured from her body. Nothing felt cool to her skin anymore as she thrashed on the bed moaning and groaning trying to catch her breath.

When her body collapsed in deep repose and lucidness returned to her, Susan started to cry. With saddened sobs and a fierce shame, she grabbed the sheets from the bottom of the bed to cover herself against her embarrassment. She couldn't believe that she had done this, again.

Susan blushed and railed against herself as if everyone in the world had just seen what she did. She was mortified with her own behaviour and wondered why she couldn't control herself. What drives her to secretly search for those things on the internet? Why does this need take over her reason? Why can't she be the good girl she was raised to be? With tears drying on her cheeks, Susan rolled over and prayed for forgiveness and blessed sleep.


With the red gown almost totally covering her trim 25 year old body, Susan sang out enthusiastically as if she had hoped that the passion in her song would erase the passion in her mind. She truly believed that the louder she sang the more likely it would render her naughty thoughts gone; and for the moment it worked but she knew it wouldn't last.

When church broke up and everyone was shaking hands, wishing each other a good week and to go with God, Susan felt like a phony. She wondered how many, if any of her fellow church goers had similar secrets. Did they live good Christian lives and not have any dirty little secrets? Did they in turn look at this prim and proper woman and wonder if she had any? With these and many other thoughts on her mind, Susan waved a final goodbye and turned to go to her car.

'Excuse me.'

Susan felt strong hands grip her hips as she almost fell from bumping into this stranger. Realizing what she was thinking when she bumped into him made her blush furiously and she hated herself for doing so.

'Oh sorry, I wasn't paying attention.'

'No problem, I should've watched where I was going too.'

'Well...' She pulled away not sure what she should say but felt she needed to step away.

'Please, let me take you for coffee. It is the least I can do.'

'Don't be silly, we just bumped into each other. Coffee's not necessary.'

'I know I'm just using it as an excuse to take you for coffee. Please.'

'Well...' She stammered not sure how to get out of going for coffee or if she wanted to.

'That's the second time you've said that.' He smiled. 'Come on, just here across the street. Just coffee.'

'Well...' and realized with another blush that it was now the third time she said well. 'Ok' she agreed surprising herself.

Sitting across from each other over coffee, he introduced himself as Jim.

'I'm Susan.'

'Nice to meet you, Susan. I've been hoping to bump into you, if you'll pardon the pun.'

'You have?'

'Yup, you work in that bookstore on John Street. I've been there a few times and have seen you but you were always busy.'

'I'm sorry I don't remember seeing you.'

'That's ok; the other girl took good care of me.'

'Well, I'll look out for you next time you come in and I'll be glad to help you.'

After coffee, Jim stood and took Susan's hand in his and held it warmly between his, not really shaking hands, just holding it. Susan slid her hand free and thanked him for the coffee and left.

All the way home, she went over their conversation in her head and she tried pictured him again in her mind. She remembered his dark hair, a few gray ones here and there; dark brown eyes, deep and secretive but still warm. He was a big man, maybe 6'3 probably late 30's or 40ish with a tiny bit of a belly but definitely not fat. She remembered the dark hair on his arms as he lifted his mug to warm sensuous lips and she even noticed the darker hair in the V of his shirt. She pictured that hairy chest as her fingers ran through it down to his belt. She shivered.

'What are you thinking?' She berated herself. 'You just left church and you just met him' --------- Sure enough on Monday, Jim walked into the bookstore and this time, Susan saw him and went right over to help him.

'Hi there. I was hoping you'd be here and not busy.'

'Hello Jim, nice to see you again. Can I help you?'

Jim leaned forward and whispered in her ear, tickling her hair as he spoke. 'So formal, Susan. You need to relax. Is being prim and proper a requirement for working in a bookstore?' He teased.

Susan didn't smile at his teasing, 'Of course, not.'

Before Susan really got mad, Jim took her hand and led her over to the erotic section of the bookstore. Susan looked up seeing where he dragged her and blushed furiously.

'Susan, you blush so prettily,' He teased. 'However do you serve your customers?'

Susan was well aware of this section and that many people bought erotica but rarely did they ask for help. They usually browsed on their own and discreetly brought the books over to pay for them. Susan would just make the sale the same as she would with any other book and wish them a good day.

Wanting to be more in control than she felt she was, Susan asked again 'How can I help you?'

Teasing her he asked, 'Have you read these? I find the authors who write as anonymous are more open then those who use their real names, don't you find?'

'I... I...dunno.' She stammered. 'I haven't read any of those books.'

'Ohhh but you must!'

'No, I mustn't.'

'Lighten up, Susan. It is just erotica and sometimes it is really pretty good.'

Seeing that he was upsetting her he decided to stop teasing and he picked a couple of books and paid for them. As Susan was bagging them for him, he asked her out to dinner. Not sure she was ready to forgive him for teasing her, Susan declined.

'Oh come on, Susan. Just dinner. Any place you want to go.'

Susan did want to see him again. Even if she thought he was far too open with her and he seemed to enjoy teasing her, she did like him.

'Ok, but lets stay in. You come to my place for dinner. 7:00 tonight.'

'I'll be there!' and with a triumphant smile he was gone.

Precisely at 7:00, Jim was walking through the door that Susan had opened for him. Looking around he commented on how nice her place was. She hadn't planned on giving him a tour but she found herself rushing to catch up to him as he quickly walked around looking on his own.

'This is the kitchen, I see. Hmm ... dinner smells good, by the way.'


'And this is the bathroom. Good to know. And so this must be your room...' he kept walking and talking at the same time.'And this is....?'

'My computer room.' 'Really? And what do you do in here, Suze? Check out all the porn sites?'

Susan turned so many shades of red and gasped out loud. She looked faint and really did think she may go down. Jim noticed and grabbed her arms to hold her up.

"Susan, are you ok? Relax I was kidding.'

He dragged her out of the computer room, into the living room and sat her on the sofa. Sitting next to her he could see tears welling up in her eyes.

"Suze, Suze what's wrong?' He hugged her to him as he could see that she was really upset.

Susan just didn't expect him to come out with something like that and with her lack of experience she wasn't prepared her for it. She didn't have a witty quip or a ready denial; she knew her reaction told him everything, her dirty little secret. To her mortification, she cried. She couldn't hold it back. The more ridiculous she felt for over reacting the more she sobbed against his chest. Jim held her in his arms for a moment and then pulled her away and forced her to look at him.

'Susan, you do realize that you're being silly. You're embarrassed with a man who only hours ago bought some smutty books from you. So you check out porn on the net. Who the hell doesn't? Those sites a huge and the reason they are there is because there's a demand for them and tons of people go there. There's nothing wrong with that.'

Turning to grab a tissue, Susan wiped her nose and eyes and tried to explain.

'I came from a very strict religious background where I was raised to be a nice girl. My parents were much older when they finally had me and they kept me close and told me that there are a lot of sinful things out there and I was to always be a good girl. Being bad was never an option in our house.'

'My dad and mom were in a car crash many years ago. My dad died. My mom survived but lived the rest of her years in a wheelchair. I lived with her to help her until last year, when she died too. My life has been work, taking care of mom, and church. I've never had much of a life all my own. Although, I was devastated losing my mom, I was happy to be able to get out on my own and have the freedom I have never had before. But I still feel guilty at times as if my parents were still here with me.'

'Nonsense! That is ridiculous. Guilt? What guilt? Guilt, cause you read a few stories or peeked at a few pictures? You are letting the church and your parent's way of raisng you make you feel guilty. There is NOTHING to feel guilty about.'

"But you don't understand."

"I think I do. I do understand. You finally have time to embrace your sexuality and you want it but you are afraid of it. You have been taught that it is dirty and shameful and I'm here to tell you that it's not.'

'But it is. You have no idea of the things I see on the net. It's all so shocking.'

"I have a pretty good idea and it doesn't matter. When people look at pictures, movies, read erotic books, they get aroused. It does not mean you want to do everything you read or see. Some things are just secret sexual fantasies or things you have never seen before and it arouses you. So what? There is nothing wrong with that. You have to learn to relax with it. You just need to know it is ok and that you are definitely not alone.'

Susan dipped her chin to her chest allowing her hair to hide her embarrassment. She couldn't believe that they were even talking about this. She hardly knew this man. How did it come to this? Jim took her chin in his hand and lifted her head to look in her eyes. Susan kept her lids lowered and wouldn't look up.

'Look at me'

Slowly Susan looked up into his eyes and was surprised to see no judgment in them only a sincere look of understanding. Susan felt so grateful. She had never had anyone ever look at her that way. Her life had always been filled with censure and disapproval. His understanding look and encouragement to be free took her breath away. Her mouth opened but nothing came out. Jim saw her lips pull apart and the temptation was too much for him. His head went down to gently kiss this vulnerable sweet young woman. Much to his surprise, she did not pull away but pressed her lips closer and harder wanting more from him and he wasn't about to disappoint her.

His finger traced a line along her thigh and as his finger moved upward so did the skirt of her dress. Jim broke away from the kiss to look down to see the lovely little v of her white panties. He could see the shadow of her pubic hair through the material. He felt her tremble in his arms.

'Are you cold?' He knew she wasn't but his question was to get her to let him know if he could go on or if he should stop.

'No. I just want... uhmm... '

'Yes, what is it you want?'

'I... errr I ... would like... uhm..'

'Ask me. Go ahead Susan ask for what you want without shame. It is just us and there is no shame. It's time you conquered that guilt that has been planted inside of you. Come on, ask me.'

'I want you to kiss me some more'

'With pleasure but I want you to know I am not only going to kiss your lips I am going to kiss your neck, your arms and the palm of your hand. I am going to kiss your breasts after you bare them for me. I want to suck on your nipples and watch them grow hard. I am going to kiss your tummy and my tongue is going to bury itself in your navel. Once I get these panties off of you, I am going to bury my face in that thatch of soft curls you have and then as I slowly spread your thighs I am going to look at how lovely you are for as long as we both can stand it. Then I am going to..."


Susan's breathing became heavy as he spoke those words to her, so heavy that she could barely say stop. Her eyes were glassy and her cheeks were red and hot.

This woman had so much passion buried deep inside of her that once she let go, Jim knew she would surprise herself. She wore her passion on her sleeve when she finally let go and he loved it. She was so ripe and ready that he had to remember to take it slow and not push her too quickly.

'Ok, sweetheart, I'll slow down'

'No, don't slow down... go, go, go. I can't take this. I feel like my chest is going to burst. I'm afraid but I'm not afraid. I want this to happen. I have been waiting for this to happen for what feels like all my life.

Jim leaned over and kissed her again this time his tongue slid out to dance with hers. Susan held her tongue back at first but then he felt her relax. Soon the little tip reached out to join his. The contact was like a spark to Susan and even Jim was affected by the tenderness of the moment.

His hand lowered and touched her breast and her tongue retracted in shock but to her credit she didn't move and within seconds she moaned and her tongue slid into his mouth again just as his thumb gently fired up her nipple with quick little flicks.

He undid the buttons on her dress while their kiss deepened. It seemed as though it would go on forever. Slipping his warm hand inside her dress he quickly undid her bra and was pleased when her glorious breasts bounced free. His hand made contact with her soft skin and he felt that her nipple was as hard as a bullet.

Just as he had promised, Jim kissed her face, her neck and her arms. He placed his lips against the palm of her hand and kissed her there before turning to spread open the top of her dress and looked at her beautiful breasts. He watched as her nipples puckered even more and her chest was heaving as if she had just run a long distance race. He looked up at her and saw the raw sensuality in her face. This woman was so ready but he still wanted to take it slow and not scare her.

Susan's eyes opened wide as his lips captured one swollen nipple in his mouth and she couldn't stop the little squeal that escaped her lips. Jim sucked harder enjoying the feel of the little nubbin growing in his mouth. He gently spit it out but only so he could quickly taste the other one.

With the generous nipple still in his mouth, his hands pulled back her dress like a shirt taking her bra with it. Tugging it down, Susan lifted her bottom up off of the sofa so he could slip it right off. Jim sat up to look at this little lovely sitting naked except for her white panties waiting for him to take her to heights she had only dreamed of so far.

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