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Primal Eloquence


[Disclaimer: This story contains a sexual situation suitable for mature audiences. Though I personally am not offended by younger people enjoying my work, laws tend to see it otherwise. So if it is illegal for you to view erotic literature, or if you do not wish to view erotic literature that pertains to love, sex, and impregnation, please occupy your time with something other than reading further. If, however, you wish to enjoy this work, please do.]


They couldn't keep their hands off one another. Without any plans or forethought, they burst into the eloquent house, shutting the door behind them as an afterthought.

Instantly the man pressed the woman up against the wall, kissing her full on the lips. Not the gentle goodnight kiss to bid a lover sweet dreams; he gave her a savage, lusting kiss, telling her she wouldn't be sleeping sweetly tonight.

She moaned and wrapped a long leg around his, rubbing his back with manicured hands, pulling him closer, breathing sultry air against his ear.

No time for formalities; they were too far gone for words. No, not even their attire could impede their primal needs: he in a pressed black tuxedo, she in a strapless red dress. Away from formal civilization, they would become animals in each other's embrace.

They maneuvered around the table where tea and chatting would entertain guests. They passed the living room where visitors would comfort themselves with conversations about weather and politics. They ascended the stairs from where he as host would bid his guests farewell for the night.

Instead, he found his bedroom and led her inside eagerly, closing the door to all the rest.

There, in the dim light of midnight, the two embraced. Their hands spread like flames over each other's bodies, engulfing each other, feeling every feature:

The smoothness of her bare arms, the powerful muscles beneath his suit, the sweet scent of her hair, the strong motions of his chest, the gentle curve of her hips, the taut strength of his ass, all felt in those fractions of a moment.

His hands slid up the sides of her silky dress, admiring it once again tonight; how well it flowed from her form, how seamlessly it fit her body, how easily it would fall away from her with the lightest shrug.

Her fingers gripped the inside of his tux, running her hands from the hem of his pants to the tops of his shoulders. The gentlemanly coat fell to the ground. Delicately, her pristine touch slid down his front, unbuttoning each button of his shirt slowly, deliberately.

As his shirt fell, so too did her hands fall down to his belt, grasping the leather snake and threading it out till it lay curled and lifeless on the ground at his feet. Another serpent was very much alive, however, growing longer and more powerful by the moment, trapped behind the façade of his black pants. With an impish grin, she began to release the beast from its prison.

Her eyes locked onto his manhood as it strained against its bonds. As if shedding, his dark pants fell to the floor and was left beside the other vestiges of the prim and proper. Now he was left clad only in his thin boxers - the final levee against the ocean of his lust. Even then she licked her lips, seeing the long thick snake trying to pierce its prison.

While she worked to feel his bare skin against hers, he felt her bare skin through her thin dress. The line of her back he stroked with his fingers, making her shiver. Her rounded ass he petted and squeezed, feeling how firm she kept herself beneath the shrouds of etiquette. He felt her eyes looking past his reason and his poise, gazing beyond his formality and civility, and staring into the very essence of his masculinity.

She continued to look up to him as her hands, blind but precise, curled under the hem of his boxers. He looked back into her sensual stare as he felt her tug away the final inhibition from his body.

With her hands, she removed his barriers.

With her body, she summoned his lust.

With her eyes, she subdued him entirely.

His clothes were discarded onto the Persian rug in a heap, his bare skin his only remaining attire.

Though his desire demanded his hands to strip the dress from her beauteous form, to release her breasts for his hungry eyes, to expose her sweet pussy to his devouring want, she held him with her gaze. Her only desire was to release his.

With her lover fully subdued, her lovely hands turned back onto herself. Crossing her arms in front of herself, she took a few steps back. The look of a seductress spread across her face as she lightly pinched either side of her silky dress.

With the smoothest of motions she lifted her arms, the silken red pulling up like a curtain for the stage of her body. The social attire fluttered like a defeated flag to the ground beside her bare feet.

She took a breath as her eyes were closed, her whole body undulating in the way only the completely liberated can. Opening her azure eyes, they fell upon her lover. She smiled, seeing how ready he was, his hardened manhood already drooling at the mere sight of her body.

Stroking her hands up her perfect form, she showed her mate what he had truly won tonight...

Long smooth legs, ready to greet him in their curling embrace.

Strong supple thighs, prepared to spread and surrender to his feral desires.

Wide flared hips, designed to bear his every thrust and grind.

Flat trim belly, crafted to twist and bend with the ancient sacred dance.

Subtle ribbed chest, built to house her gasps and moans until they escaped her lips.

Soft full breasts, eager to heave in ecstasy while he would grunt and groan above her.

And her lovely face, smiling and beckoning to him with a succubus grin.

He stepped towards his mate, taking her into his arms and kissing her fully. For a moment, just a moment, there was the gentle embrace of lovers exchanging wordless oaths to one another in their sweet kiss.

But within that same moment, their feral passions gripped them completely with its urgent, unstoppable power.

His impressive member slid up to her navel as they embraced, promising to fulfill her every desire. Her perfect breasts pressed against his chest, vowing to give him everything he needed.

Picking her up like a hunter's kill, he threw her onto her back upon the king-sized bed. She could only shriek with lusty joy.

Leaning up on her elbow and brushing her hair aside, she looked like a nymph just captured, ready to please her handsome captor. She spread her legs and beckoned, her words meaningless compared to what her body said to him.

He pounced upon her, lining his body up with hers so that his face hovered just inches above hers, his aching manhood pointed unstoppably towards her moist folds. As his member grazed the length of her slit, he could feel her wetness covering his tip like slick dew.

She was ready for the mating. No, more than ready, begging for it. Her chest blushed, showing the ripeness of her apple-sized breasts; an irresistible display for her wild conqueror. Splayed as she was, she was totally his, her body pleading for him to take her, to claim his mate.

Without hesitation, he lined up with her hole. As he felt the tight ring of her entrance around the tip of his cock, he looked into her eyes before thrusting himself into her depths.

His thick veined member pierced deeply into her, drawing out a lusty cry from her as he bottomed out inside her. "Again!" her body cried, speaking through the way her body arched into him and her lungs contracted to make such a cry of anguished ecstasy.

Not to disobey his instincts nor her cries, his rhythm did not develop, but was imposed; the quick hard rutting of mating beasts, growing ever faster and intense with every stroke he made.

She could only gasp and moan with his heavy grunts, her legs twisting around him like ivy to hold fast to his rutting body.

Sweat slickened both their bodies; his stomach slid against hers effortlessly; her breasts beaded with perspiration; their tangled limbs slipped and caressed against each other's steamy body.

They pushed and strained against each other, and in doing so moved with one another. He plunged deeply and powerfully, making her scream with lust. Her hips gyrated and bucked wildly, not to throw him off, but to encourage him to subdue her.

Like animals, they fucked. This was not making love, some sweet and gentle embrace of two souls. No, they were fucking each other, their feral cries matched by the pounding of his hips against hers and the scratching of her nails down his back.

Primal and simple, they mated for a single purpose, a single intention, a single reason: They must.

Her lust overwhelmed her, and with a look in her eyes overpowered her powerful mate. Understanding her need, he stopped and hugged her tight. Rolling over onto his back, his cock buried in her gripping snatch, he let her be on top.

His arms dropped as she rose up, her body glistening in the dim moonlight. She stretched her arms, her pale skin white in the light, her lithe torso waved like a serpent above him. Looking down upon him, she appeared like some primordial goddess, grinning down upon ancient savage man.

Strong hands slid up her smooth thighs to her flared hips. Course fingers felt the velvety softness of her flesh. His cock pulsed hard inside her tight pussy, blood rushing to his vital organ held inside her milking channel.

She lifted, and he groaned. He thrusted, and she hissed. As she fell, every inch of her silky pussy slid down his cum-slick shaft to the very base of his manhood. And as she rose, every fleshy rib of her inner walls caught and tantalized the bulbous head of his cock.

Slick with sweat, her hips slid out of his grip as her body slithered onto his. Arms on either side of his head, her hot lips brushed his. A look of lust met in both their eyes as her motions intensified.

Slowly, her hips slid up and down his shaft, moving independently of the rest of her. Rhythmic, she kept the steady beat of flesh upon flesh, taking him deeper and deeper into herself.

She rocked on him, grinding her clit into his pelvis. Her tongue lashed around his as she kissed him. Sweet saliva coated his tongue as thoroughly as her pussy bathed his member. Groans met her ministrations; his hips jerked upwards every time her hips fell.

She moved slowly at first, her tightness stretching to accommodate all of him deep inside. Yet her body needed more. Desperation drove her further towards becoming the animal she really was.

Tenderness gave way to brutal need. Her clawing hands gripped his chest. Her ass rose and fell faster and harder. Impaling herself over and over, her pained cries of lusty fulfillment echoed around them.

His own pleasures mounted as she rode on, moaning and screaming his name. As her pussy gripped down on him hard, her juices overflowing over the base of his cock, he knew from the lust filling his every vein that he was close to satisfying his ultimate feral need.

When she opened her eyes again and looked into his, she knew. With a sultry moan, she lifted her hips from him first, stretching cat-like over him. Cum dripped from her wet pussy onto his stomach.

Her full breasts brushed his face mischievously as she crawled forward over him. He saw every inch of her. Her midsection was taut; her hips were wide. Her inner thighs glistened with her sweat and pleasure. Breathing her in, he filled his whole lusting being with the intoxicating scent of her sex.

With the grace and intent of a lioness in heat, she padded further up the bed. He rose to his knees behind her, entranced by the sway of her ass as she moved. A few feet from him she stopped, spreading her legs wider, preparing herself for him.

She flashed her eyes back at him, a look of pure desire in them. No, not desire, need. Animalistic need.

It drew him to her as if lead by a leash, but he was not tethered. His hands spread over her back, feeling slick warm sweat covering her skin. Still, she quivered from her previous orgasm, and he could feel her.

She sighed, his touch so needed yet driving her wild. Her hips nuzzled against his ridged member, soft flesh against hot steel, urging him to plunge into her again.

Their eyes met again as she looked over her shoulder, her long hair draped over her back. She told him everything in her gaze: her body was for him.

For him to see and hold with his eyes.

For him to caress and grip with his hands.

For him to kiss and taste with his lips.

For him to feel and fuck with his entire being.

For him to fill and breed with his seed.

For his every pleasure was her ecstasy, and his every desire was her need.

As she told him this with her simple look, he felt his civil facade fall away completely like a loose skin. Both free of their humanity, he thrusted into her with a feral roar, and she let out a sultry howl.

They fucked once more, his strokes furious, slamming into her from behind. There was no mercy in his harsh grunts, no sign of fatigue in his virile motions, no vestige of humanity in his wild abandon.

She pushed back against each and every thrust, feeling the power of her mate pound against her. The bed shook and her body shivered as he used her, filled her, over and over.

His tongue hung out like a dog's. His paws wrapped around her stomach in a tight grip. His grunts came as barks of air behind her ears as he held fast and fucked her harder and harder.

Her panting and howling accentuated her need, making her feel alive. It sharpened her senses: every musky scent, every lusty impact, every feral sound brought her closer to her ultimate peak.

No longer could civilization touch them. They had stripped themselves of order, torn away their civility, thrown worry and foresight to the winds.

They stopped thinking of what was proper, what was expected, what was right or wrong; they thought only of the here and now, with savage pleasures consuming their slick rutting bodies.

Love was pushed aside, for it could not contain the thrusts of their ecstasy, nor the loud grunts and groans of their passions.

She clawed of the bed like a wounded beast, and he mounted her like a stallion.

She screamed like a cat in heat, and he bellowed like a lion.

He mounted her like a ravenous wolf, and she delighted in being his bitch.

Their cries and movements became erratic, both lost in their impending climax. Nothing between them but sweat and bare flesh.

They couldn't care for consequences -- they don't affect the present.

They didn't care for contraception -- she was in heat.

They forsook the rest of mankind to its rules and civilization -- nature was freedom.

Their time had come. With a tremendous roar, he drove his pulsing member completely into his mate, the bloated head kissing the mouth of her womb fiercely as he held her tight.

She felt it. His cock pulsed from base to head as a powerful jet of semen splashed against her cervix. The impact drove her over the edge, and she screamed as her orgasm took her as another rope of sperm lashed against her inner walls.

Globs of his cum gushed into her as her pussy milked his shaft for every fertile drop. His girth left his semen nowhere to go; her hungry womb devoured every spurt of semen, gorging itself on his sperm.

She didn't know how fertile she was, nor cared; her body craved his offering. And he, on the most basic of levels, knew exactly how fertile she was; he filled her completely.

Finally, their orgasms subsided. He pulled out slowly, her pussy still gripping him tightly. His semi-flaccid member slid out limply, followed by a gush of his thick white cum. It oozed out of her used hole heavily and slowly.

Most of his seed remained inside her however, planted firmly in her womb.

She could only moan as he withdrew from her, and the feeling of his spunk spilling out onto her swollen lips intensified her afterglow. She shivered like a leaf, even though her body was on fire; her belly in particular. As she felt his seed slosh around in her tummy, a sexy chill ran down her spine.

He slid off her back, his chest heaving like a billows. She looked back at him, flashing him a tired wolfish grin. She rolled over onto her back, spreading her legs as she did so.

Her hand slid down her taut sweaty belly to her dripping pussy, scooping up some of their combined juices. She licked it off her fingers like the remnants of a filling meal.

The sight made him grin as well, his cock still drooling cum down its length. He crawled beside her, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her atop him again. She giggled as she lay atop her strong mate, kissing him sweetly.

They drifted to sleep, buffeted by the warm afterglow and the warmth of each other's fulfilled bodies.

Blissful in their mutual conquest, they didn't know how far his sperm had traveled already. They didn't realize that her ovary had released its monthly egg, nor that it had been met by an pack of writhing sperm.

She nuzzled her mate as the sperm bombarded her ovum. He cuddled with her as one penetrated its outer layer. They kissed and fell asleep as the sperm and egg fused into one...

5 months later...

The man offered his hand to the woman. The other guests at the party, dressed in their finest and most extravagant ornaments, scoffed and whispered to each other at the sight.

She smiled and accepted his offer, standing with some effort. Her red form-fitting dress, once showing off her slender form, now contained a round bulge where her flat stomach once was.

Holding her pregnant tummy, he slid his hand over his work, smiling with a father's pride. They looked at each other and kissed, coming close so that her jutting belly pressed gently into him.

The others, they knew, wouldn't understand. As he held her in his arms, the child they made in a moment of feral passion between them, the other guests whispered how vulgar, how rude, how inelegant they were to be so brazen and crude in public.

But they knew as they walked out of that party, with all the brilliant lights and costumes of civilization, that those people didn't understand what wonders wildness could bring.

He held her hand and the door as she slipped into the roomy limousine. Those other people, they held their social status and their expensive toys as the greatest wealth in life. They didn't know what true riches were.

The opposite door opened and closed as he got inside the vehicle. She giggled, her fingers tracing the outline of his bulging member under his tuxedo pants. Their fellow party-goers all thought the same -- nature has been conquered by Man, and is now their plaything.

The truth was shown to be simple as she lifted her dress from her shoulders, revealing her very pregnant body to him: Man was still nature's plaything.

Beauty was a product of civilization, of the highest pinnacles of the mind and imagination. But as the two lovers were together in the back of their limonene, fulfilling their feral desires with silent cries of ecstasy and lust bursting from their graceful movements as the vehicle glided towards home, they knew what truly was the greatest of beauties...

This was their Primal Eloquence.

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