tagNonHumanPrimal Urges Ch. 02

Primal Urges Ch. 02


(I've received such a flow of positive feedback on this story; I thought I'd try writing a few more chapters. I had one person ask me if this was a play off of Beauty and the Beast, and to be honest, it had not occurred to me that it would be taken like that. I just wrote something I was fantasizing about for a while, wanting to share it with those who liked it too. I hope this next chapter doesn't disappoint. And please, don't forget to vote, and leave me some comments and feedback!)


Sunlight danced into Candace's eyes, coaxing her awake with warm fingers. She moaned in protest, burrowing her face into the crook of her arm, which was pillowing her head. A soft chuckle sounded in her ear and something hard and insistent pressed between her legs against her pussy. Stilling, she resisted the urge to scream and tried to remember what had happened. Then, all in a rush, it came back to her; her afternoon of self-pleasure, getting caught, then the werewolf. Oh, the werewolf and his magnificent tongue and cock. She had never cum so hard in her entire life. She hadn't thought it was possible to feel that good, to be that full, and to be so wanton.

A smile curved her lips in memory and she stretched, pushing her hips back against the warm, definitely human body behind her, feeling the smaller, thinner, but still impressive cock push inside her. Opening her eyes, she looked over her shoulder at the handsome face of her werewolf as he started to slowly thrust inside her. He grinned and kissed the tip of her nose, his grip on her hips firm, but still careful not to hurt her. She smiled wider and caught the kiss on her lips and pushed her hips back into each thrust, reaching one hand down between her legs to feel him sliding in and out of her.

She half expected to find a gaping hole where her tight little passage had been, but to her pleased surprise, she was just as tight as she usually was, caressing and holding him deep inside her. Relaxing with relief, she let her fingers dance lower and over his sac, caressing the wrinkled orbs lightly as her tongue teased along his lower lip. He growled softly and deepened the kiss as he thrust harder and faster into her, enjoying the warm welcome of her body. She didn't cease to amaze him. He fully expected her to wake up and run screaming back to the seeming safety of civilization.

Instead, she was once against taking his cock into her body with every sign of enjoying it as much as he was. If not more, he thought as her free hand tangled in his shaggy hair and tugged him closer, growling back in return. "Temptress," he groaned, breaking free of the heart stopping kiss and rolling her to her hands and knees. Tangling one hand in her long thick curls, he tugged her head back, using that and the hand on her hip to thrust hard and deep into her, looking down and watching his cock disappear into her again and again.

Splaying his fingers over the curve of her ass, he pressed his thumb against the tight little star that he had played with so roughly the night before. When he felt her tense, her head shaking a little, he chuckled again. "After all I've done to you, you tell me no on this one thing?" he asked her, tugging on her hair, wrapping the tangle of silken curls around his hand. "I don't think so Candace. I think you really want me too, as long as I don't hurt you. After all, that's what you told me last night, wasn't it?" he reminded, pressing his thumb hard enough to feel the ring start to give way, her tight muscles sucking his finger into her. A soft whimper and a thrust back against his cock and finger was his only response. He used the motion to push his finger all the way into her ass, loving the idea of her impaling herself on his thumb.

Her cheeks filled with color as he slid his thumb in and out of her ass in time with his thrusts. Lowering her gaze, she felt herself blushing harder at the realization that here she was, being taken in an openly degrading way in the middle of a clearing. Where anyone could walk up and see them! Not that she expected anyone too, but the chance was still there. She, the girl who had never done anything but plain-Jane missionary style with the three men she had slept with, was now on her hands and knees before a man, whose name she didn't even know, while he plowed her pussy from behind, his thumb invading her ass, his other hand using her long hair as if it was a set of reins or a leash. And she loved every second of it. She was so close to cumming, it almost hurt.

"Oh, I'm about to cum," she moaned, her fingers digging into the soft soil underneath her hands. "Please, harder, I'm so close," she begged, needing just a little bit more stimulation. He just chuckled at her words and slowed his pace, making her whimper and writhe in frustration.

"I knew you were a cumslut. MY little cumslut. Admit it and I'll let you cum again little Candace." His softly spoken words sent shivers down her spine and she shook her head, her proper upbringing crying out denial to his words.

But her body had other thoughts about it and she heard herself answer almost instantly, her blush darkening, "Yes, I'm a cumslut, I'm your cumslut. Now please, I want, I need to cum!" Her reward for the degrading and illicit words was for him to thrust hard and fast inside her, using her body for his pleasure. Which only made her cum; hard, fast, and loudly. Her scream reverberated through the surrounding forest, startling birds into flight with a thunderous sound of flapping wings. He groaned and was soon following her into ecstasy, her clenching, milking walls too much to withstand.

Slowly, his body stopped, resting inside her as he panted softly. She made soft little whimpers of pleasure, her body still tightening from time to time around him, coaxing little moans from his throat. After a few moments, he reluctantly pulled from the sweet haven that was her body and stretched out beside her, looking up at the hazy morning sky. Candace pouted a bit at the loss of him, but didn't say anything. Curling up nearby, she looked his handsome features over curiously.

It was almost hard to believe that last night had happened. That this...gorgeous hunk of a man could turn into that hairy, large, and savage creature. Well, it hadn't been too bad. once she had been able to overcome the mind numbing fear that she had first experienced, she had enjoyed herself quite thoroughly. Giggling softly, she traced a few of the scratches his claws had left on her side, ugly red furrows marring the perfection of her skin.

He turned to look at her at the sound and frowned at her action. "I'm sorry about that. It's hard to control the beast most of the time," he said, leaning over to get a better look at the scratches, prodding them gently.

Candace shook her head, shrugging one bare shoulder. "It's ok. It only hurts when I stretch and over extend that side. Don't you worry yourself about it...uh...what IS your name?" she asked, brow furrowing and cheeks flushing brightly with color. "I mean, I can't just call you man, or guy, can I? Or the ever popular 'hey you'." Suddenly embarrassed, she sat up and drew her knees to her chest to hide as much of her body as she could before reaching for her clothes, still folded nearby. When he didn't stop her, she pulled the dew soaked tank top over her head and wriggled her way into the skirt, feeling better and odder at the same time. She was no longer nude in front of this strange man, but after all that had happened, it didn't feel comfortable. Especially since the thin materials clung to her body in their damp state, drawing attention to every curve and valley. And from the way his green eyes lit up, he enjoyed the sight immensely.

"Tomas," he said simply, devouring her with his eyes. Her hair was tousled around her head, her lips swollen from his kisses, and she looked positively well-fucked. He knew that he would cherish this night for as long as he lived. And now that she had seemed to remember herself, he expected her to jump up and run off, never to be seen in his forest again. But, to his surprise, she smiled tremulously and tried to smooth her hair down, not making any signs of getting up and leaving. In fact, she settled back against a rock as though she expected to be there awhile. "What, you aren't leaving?" he asked incredulously.

She shook her head, folding her hands in her lap, the decorous gesture going completely against the visual picture she made, as well as his memories. "No, I have a feeling that no one knows about you. And a part of me expects that I could try all I want, but you won't let me leave. So, instead of creating a big drama of me running, and you chasing, then catching me, and possibly hurting one, or both of us in the process, I'm just going to sit here and accept my fate. I mean, I can understand you not wanting to risk me telling anyone about you, after all. Not everyone will be as...ahem, accepting as I was last night." She coughed a bit at that and blushed hard, casting her gaze to the grass between them.

And with that statement, he realized she had given him every excuse to keep her with him. She was right of course. But Tomas just hadn't thought of it until she said it. And the beast within him roared its approval, having found this little female worthy. He covered his contentment at that with a crooked grin.

"Very true little Candace. Of course, I'm not so much of a brute that I won't let you go back and get some provisions and let people know you are leaving for an undetermined amount of time. Since, if you just disappear, that won't solve any problems, as there will be a search, and police trampling through my forest in search of you. So, let us go back to my house so I can get dressed, and I'll accompany you out to your home. That way, I can make sure you are quick and quiet about it," he explained, standing with a fluid, animalistic grace that made her mouth go dry and think of the wolf. When he offered her his hand to help her up, she shivered with pleasure before taking it. He was such a delicious mixture of cad and gentleman, everything she had always dreamed of, and more...

Within moments, she had gathered all the rest of her things from her playtime the day before and packed them in her bag, blushing hard as she did. He just chuckled, enjoying her obvious embarrassment, already making plans for a few of those toys if she would permit him to touch her again. No, when he touched her again; now that he had had her in both his forms, there was no way that he would be able to keep his hands off her. Just the memory of those hoarsely whispered words earlier, before he had given her what they had both wanted, made his loins tighten. He had never been one for dominating and controlling women, but he could very easily get used to it with Candace. And enjoy every second of it while he did.

But now, he had to get her safely ensconced in his home, away from the temptation to run back to society and presumed safety. Not that he would ever harm her. She was much too sexy and needed for that to happen. A grin crossed his features as she cast a glance at the log she had so eagerly ridden the day before. Well, he wouldn't hurt her unless she wanted him to. And he had a feeling that she would, if the play he had seen her do in this clearing was any indication.

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