tagMaturePrime Time 01

Prime Time 01


She shook, as her body trembled releasing the discharge of cumming. Perspiration shone on her face and lovely body with a brilliant smile covered her lovely face. Making motion with her hand curling a finger, silently asking me to join her I moved up to her face, she opened her eyes and softly said; "Now I take care of you."

As I snuggled close to her placing an arm across her body, my mind raced, as emotionally I caught up with the physical reality of what had just happed. Having just rushed into a wonderful physical act I was now faced with the reality of having a physical body that has failed to respond to a variety of stimuli for a lengthy period of time. Adell's last words rang in my brain, "Now I take care of you.", "Now I take care of you.". . .

My assumption was that there would be a discussion prior to our having SEX, and now reality hit. The deed was done and a beautiful woman was preparing to. . . .

Fear seized me as if a large icy hand grabbed hold!

No place to run, no hiding place, trapped in the open and worst of all, the fear I might hurt or loose Adell!

Adell sensed or felt a signal from me as I heard, "John?"

Uncontrollably my body jumped, and I couldn't speak.

I felt her hand rubbing my arm, "John?"

My mind raced, searching for something to say, something to do, anything, anything. . . .

Trapped at a time of passion, and caught as no man EVER WANTS TO BE CAUGHT!!!!!

A hand on my chin, pulled my face toward hers. . .


Soft brown concerned eyes met mine and she softly said, "John, relax. We'll work it out."

Fear's icy hand held as I eyed the open door.

She moved onto her side facing eye to eye. Rubbing my shoulder and down my side. "Loosen up, you're tight."

"I'm going to make some coffee, and we can talk about it." she kissed my cheek and rubbed harder. "OK?"

Warmth returning I managed a weak "ok."

Rolling over she bounced from the bed, looked to her closet, reached in grabbed her robe, slipped it on, stepped into slippers.

"I'm making coffee, come down and join me when you're ready." , giving me a quick look before leaving.

I found my clothes, among the discarded put them on and placed her's neatly at the bottom of the bed. I looked round the room seeing it for the first time. It was a warm off-white tastefully furnished and feminine touches showing the warmth of Adell's personality.

I turned to the door and headed down the stairs.

Adell was standing outside the entrance to the kitchen and smiled warmly at me. She walked up opened her arms wide and hugged me warmly planting a gentle kiss on my lips. "Have a seat," she said as she motioned toward the dining set.

"That was so good!", she exclaimed.

She moved closer to me, looked directly into my eyes, saying, "Have a seat. "We'll get through this."

She went back to the cupboards, pulled down a couple of mugs and then got the sugar and creamer placing them on the table.

My thoughts were on how could I say what I was feeling to this woman and would this be the end of our brief relationship. Sexual dysfunction wasn't a topic I had experience talking about, let alone with a woman who made me feel young virile and made me forget.


I looked up and Adell was bringing two steaming mugs toward the table.

"Try to relax; we've just had a whole lot of fun. We'll deal with this."

She placed the mugs on the table, gathered her robe tightly about her, placed a leg on the seat of the chair then sat upon it and with a look of concern her eyes found mine.

"Lover you just sent me to the moon!" She smiled, ran a hand through her hair and looking straight at me.

"Can you tell me about afterwards?

Swallowing hard, my lips moved to form words, and a raspy sound escaped.

I looked down, and then up as I cleared my throat. "I'm right up against hard realities 68, diabetic and no sex for a time." I said softly.

These words seemed to hang out for what to me seemed like a very long time as my mind a blank and Adell was either thinking or waiting for my next round.

She stared at the steaming liquid in the mug as if an answer would float to the surface. She looked up, at me and seeing I wasn't ready to add further, she asked, "Can you tell me about it."

"I'd," my voice croaked "assumed we would talk about sex, and when you kissed me,. . . w. . well, my mind and physical response was that of somebody I'm not." I looked into my coffee mug, and slowly lifted my eyes.

"John," Adell said, "that was you! And it was great!!!"

Feeling trapped, I looked down at the mug, talking into it, "I've never had a problem with my tongue and lips, and I loved every moment of it. "Afterwards. . . . "

My mind blanked I couldn't speak. Fear of losing Adell hit me hard.

"I'm a foolish old guy. You came along, flattered my ego, my pride and now . . .."

"STOP, right there!", she said.

"An old guy doesn't make me feel the way you did. I wanted you to take me to bed and I'm looking to do it again. Look at me," she said.

Her hands reached out to me, and she rose off her chair, used a leg to bump my chair around to giving her room she sat on my lap and smiled.

"I can think of a couple of young studs you who you could give lessons to." she grinned touching my face.

"Seriously the time we've spent you're fun we've talked and now we've had sex", she continued with the big grin adding a very special beauty.

"What do you say we drop it for now? We can watch some TV or . . . just kidding." giving my arm a squeeze.

She kissed me got up from my lap, "More coffee?"

I shook my head and she took a couple of steps across to the coffee pot.

Turning around with pot in hand she added, "We've got time and we can talk more later."

Per Adell's suggestion we backed off from things and later while out for dinner one evening, after the wine had been served Adell said, "John, have you had enough time to think about sex?"

"Would you like to talk?"

We talked.

A few nights later after dinner, Adell excused herself, and came back into the living room in her robe she closed the blinds and producing a bottle of lotion from one of the pockets asked if "Massage my back?"

Removing her robe she was wearing panties, not to shear, and a bra, not completely revealing.

As I rubbed her back temptation surfaced and soon I'd removed her bra and was sucking on her breasts, this lead to her panties being removed and we then spread out on the floor. . .

Adell loved talking dirty when excited and soon "OH, John eat me! Uhhhh, Ahhhh, Ohhh YES! EAT ME!" Adell screamed.

I had my tongue buried in her furry snatch, licking up the juices oozing out her sex as the smell swirling in the air.

Legs were spread as wide as possible as she linked arms pulling my head in. "GOD, what are you doing to me?"

I sucked her clit, used my teeth, to bite lightly down and I had two fingers plunging in as hard as I could.



Her body quivered and her sex pushed up hard as she arched her body. She released her hold on me.

I moved up to her face and watched her return to normal breathing. I kissed her gently on her cheek, her ear, and her neck. Her hand reached and rubbed at my head.

"Let's see what I can do.", she said and I felt her other hand touch me.

She bent forward, I felt warm lips on the tip. A tongue licking as long forgotten feelings stirred deep inside quietly awakening memories. I moaned feeling her hand, tongue and mouth moving. Sensually my mind remembered the sexiness of Adell her sexual enjoyment and the exciting dirty talk.

My cock swelled, she looked up and said, "This bad boy likes it."

I moaned as her mouth restored forgotten feelings. "Ohhh, you are soooo gooood."

Time passed and both became aware that a full recovery wasn't to be. Sensing my embarrassment she moved up kissing me. When she got to my lips she stopped, looked into my eyes. "That's a good beginning,"

Rubbing my shoulder holding eye contact, "No home run this time, but we got a man on base," smiling warmly while squeezing my cock gently.

Taking my arm, she wrapped it around making herself comfortable and looked at me saying. "You're a good lover, you make me cum! You're the best!"

"Have you talked to a urologist?"she asked.

Feeling inadequate I looked down, and replied "Not since before Judy got sick. Then she got really sick and filled with pain all I thought about was trying to get her better."

"Then it came too late, I did what I could to help her with dying." emotion choked me and I looked down.

Once again Adell showed she was in my life and caring as she took my hand and squeezed, as her other hand touched my cheek while breathing warmly on my neck. Gently her lips touched my neck, my cheek, and she pushing my chin up and turning my face toward her, her lips were on my lips. The warm soft kiss lingered, tugged at my lips and my eyes met her brown compassionate eyes.

She backed away as piercing dark eyes saw into my soul, she smiled warmly.

"Could we go to a urologist together? " Her soul gripping gaze held, without a hint of wavering.

I nodded slightly and from a very dry mouth I said weakly, "Yes."

Adell hugged me, and said "you give me so much and I want to give to you too. I've had some lovers in my day, but you're the best!"

"Your love making says I'm special and your confidence puts me at ease."

"You're sensitive to my body which gives the woman in me multiple orgasms driving me to a peak."

"Your eyes, hands, and tongue stir exactly the right things at the right time causing me to EXPLODE!" There was a mild shudder as memories were given life.

"As if you don't already know that." she reached out with a playful hit on my arm.

She gave me a quick soft kiss on the lips looked into my eyes and said, "I want to help you too and we'll get some professional help. " . . . To be continued.

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