tagRomancePrince of Darkness vs Prom Queen 04

Prince of Darkness vs Prom Queen 04


coldhands_warmheart © 2013

The sequel to Prince of Darkness v Prom Queen 1, 2 & 3

Chapter 1 The Little Prince of Darkness

There was a new Dominant in the house.

Matthew Donovan Corbett

Born: October 11th

Proud Mom: Laci Corbett

Panicked Dad: Donovan Corbett

Au Pair & Unofficial Big Brother: Victor

By all accounts he was a remarkably good-natured baby. Not quite two months old, he was eating well and sleeping for slightly longer periods of time. He had his father's very dark hair, his mother's bright blue eyes, was alert and curious, and did his share of gurgling and cooing. Sometimes he smelled a little funny.

And he screamed like a banshee whenever Donovan got too close.

List of Donovan Corbett Haters

1. Frank Harding -- depraved pervert

2. Virgil -- stuffed unicorn with beady eyes

3. Prince Ogre -- growling horse

4. Matthew -- son and heir

The list was growing. Great. Just great.

Laci's pregnancy had been a shock. It wasn't unwelcome, in fact, before he and Laci were married they had spoken extensively about starting a family. It still shocked him when she occasionally spoke about her past. Even if her parents had gone through a difficult divorce, how could two people bring a child into the world then simply ignore her existence, especially someone like Laci. It was funny how she seemed less bothered by the situation than he was. She'd accepted it and moved on. She never dwelled in the past and always looked to the future. Now, together, they were facing future parenthood. He just wasn't sure he was ready. He wasn't sure he'd ever be ready considering how little experience he had with babies. Hell. He had no experience with babies. He was still having trouble taking care of himself.

Laci handled pregnancy with her usual efficiency. It never slowed her down and she insisted on working the entire time. The only thing she craved, morning, noon, night, and all times in between, was orange juice. She drank enough to keep the citrus growing industry in business for years. He should have purchased an orchard for her. This kid wasn't going to have a cold during his entire lifetime considering how much damned vitamin C he had absorbed before birth.

Oh. And there was that other craving. She called it a hormonal mood swing. He called it horny.

Really horny.

She was horny the entire time. Month after month of horniness and not just regular horny. It was more like sex fiend, nymphomanical horny. Morning, noon, night, and all times in between. Must have been all that damned orange juice mixed with the hormones. Laci Corbett had the happiest, horniest, and most vitamin C packed pregnancy on record.

'Insta-fucks' had been pushed aside for 'mega-fucks'. Quite often, there were 'super-mega-fucks'. On more than one occasion she craved a trifecta of 'super-colossal-mega-fucks'. What the hell ever happened to pickles?

Donovan's way of life had been built around the business of sex and sex slaves. He understood sex. He liked sex. There was almost nothing he'd rather do than engage in some form of sex with his very beautiful wife. After the fourth 'super-colossal-mega-fuck' trifecta, he found himself trying to hide from her out of sheer exhaustion. Hiding didn't work. Her sex-radar was infallible. Why the hell couldn't she be craving some type of food containing tryptophan so she'd fall asleep once in a while? He wasn't exactly complaining. It was actually a spectacular dream come true. All he wanted was a little time off for good behavior. An hour? Maybe two? Just to catch his breath. He'd been really good.

He actually had been good, trying his best to be as supportive and available as possible, even if he was slightly overwhelmed. Once again Laci had steered him into new territory. Donovan Corbett was going to be a father? He had started a huge corporation with less anxiety. Business was business. There was a task to do, it was done. Case closed. On the flip side, he was a Dominant. He trained slaves. He told them what to do. They did it. Sometimes they had to be persuaded but usually that was a choice of their own making. Bottom line was: he gave a command and the slave responded. Somehow he didn't think things would be as simple with an infant.

Hopefully the kid would be sleeping most of the time but what about later? Would the days start with the kid screaming for attention? Usually Donovan was the one demanding attention. Was every meal going to be about what the kid was and wasn't eating? He hated those parents who followed their kids around trying to coax them to gobble a spoonful of cereal. He liked quiet and relaxing mealtimes with a superb bottle of wine and pleasant conversation. What was going to happen when Laci got home? Was she going to make a run for the kid? Donovan liked it when she made a run for him. Was the kid going to demand all of Laci's time? He liked knowing Laci was always going to be there for him. And what about sex? Was the kid going to want to sleep in their bed? He liked being open and free with his wife, making love any time of the day or night, 'insta-fucks', even 'super-colossal-mega fucks'. Was that all going to end? Parenthood didn't seem too appealing and definitely not very sexy.

Still, in spite of his many misgivings, he tried his best and he understood his need for staying in control. Dominants didn't just discipline their submissives; they also cared for them. Even if the Dom/sub lifestyle was a bit blurred between him and Laci, it was still his responsibility to care for her and it was something he really wanted to do. He wanted to share the entire experience so like he did with all his projects he did his online research and read his books. He might be terrified, but at least he'd be terrified and informed.

The more he read, the greater his concerns. Babies wanted constant attention. They ate a lot and they puked a lot. He really could have done without that childbirth video. Gross was not the word. Hideous and repulsive came to mind. He should have offered to get Laci a kitten while he still had the chance.

She was her usual confident self. She was certain it was going to be a boy even before her doctor confirmed it and his name was going to be Matthew. She said it was her favorite name after Donovan. How could he argue with that? At least she didn't want to call the kid Virgil. Or Victor.

She changed her mind about how she wanted to decorate the nursery at least ten times, finally settling on no theme other than simple and tranquil in shades of blue and cream. He'd let her have that, too. He'd wait and pick his battles saving them up for things like diaper changing.

He was shocked to discover they'd have to abstain from sex for six weeks after the kid's arrival. SIX WEEKS?? Sure he was tired from the demands brought on by her hormonal horniness, but six weeks? All he needed was a day or two, not six weeks. The kid wasn't even born and he was already causing problems. Her due date was rapidly approaching. Her voracious horniness never abated the entire time. Maybe six weeks off wouldn't be so bad but a kitten really would have been the way to go.

Finally, it was time. Laci, the Wonder Prom Queen, handled labor like a champion. Donovan was nauseous. He told himself it was from nerves but it wasn't helped by the cheerful doctor who placed a very slimy and screaming Matthew in his father's hands. Did Donovan Corbett look like someone who did slimy? He had only recently gotten slightly adjusted to dusty. Laci was beaming brighter than her usual sunbeam self and was a little tired but hardly had a hair out of place. Donovan looked and felt like he had been run over by a speeding baby carriage.

Was it too late for the kitten?

The next day, Donovan and Laci took their new little Prince of Darkness home. No one was more excited than Victor who had discovered his inner Mary Poppins and was going to be helping to care for Matthew. How the hell did Victor, with his slightly shady past and questionable background, know how to change a diaper so easily? How the hell did Victor, who knew how to pick locks, know how to work a car seat? How the hell did Victor, who used to work with Donovan training sex slaves, know how to swaddle? In all the years of slave training Donovan could not recall a single instance of swaddling.

He wasn't surprised when Laci adapted to motherhood as easily as she did to everything else. She was a natural and always knew how to soothe Matthew and make him feel safe and secure. With Cousin Marian's blessing, Laci was taking a few weeks off from work, then going back part time and would also be working from the house when necessary.

Matthew happily snuggled in his mother's arms and sighed with baby contentment every time she was around. Daddy would have liked feeling some of that safety and security, too. He wouldn't have minded some snuggling either.

Matthew also liked Aunt Marian, who was technically Cousin-Once-Removed-Marian, and who, as far as Donovan knew, had never had even the slightest interest in babies. During all the years they had spent together, during their many conversations about their pasts, presents, and futures, she had never even mentioned babies. She completely shocked the hell out of him by offering to baby sit any time Matthew needed her. How about when good old Cousin Donny needed her?

Uncle Victor Poppins and Matthew bonded within two days. Victor had the amazingly wonderful idea of turning the dining room into a makeshift nursery so Laci wasn't constantly running up and down stairs. It was a nice room, convenient to the entire lower floor, and flooded with soft sunlight for most of the day. It was also where Donovan used to enjoy his quiet and relaxing mealtimes, with a superb bottle of wine and pleasant conversation. The kid was taking over already.

For the first two weeks Donovan tried his best. He wasn't quite ready to try diaper changing although he watched Laci, Victor, and even Marian take their turns. He wasn't sure he understood the whole swaddling concept and that fucking baby seat thing might as well have been a twelve thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. For the moment, he would just try holding. The kid did not agree. The minute Donovan even attempted to get near him, the Little Prince of Darkness screamed purple-faced, holy-hell, bloody murder. After the second week Donovan left things to those in favor with the prince.

He retreated to the peaceful solitude of his office which did not house any type of baby related paraphernalia or coddling adults. Laci, Marian, and Victor had everything under control. Donovan hardly ever even heard the baby cry. Maybe when the kid was about eighteen and asked who that tall guy with the dark hair was, Laci could introduce them.

Chapter 2 The Tale of the Dethroned Dominant

The weather was cool and rain was predicted. Laci had taken the reigning, miniature Dominant to visit his pediatrician which meant the house was calm and quiet. The recently dethroned Dominant was enjoying the peace and solitude as he surveyed his former kingdom. It was only one kid. How the hell had the realm become a baby emporium in less than two months?

In one corner was a swing. In the other, the twelve thousand puzzle piece baby seat. Small and mysterious colorful objects that made a variety of noises were scattered about. Toys? Victor seemed to be having fun playing with them. By the door was the diabolical stroller that Donovan had helpfully spent twenty minutes trying to fold before giving up only to see Victor come along and collapse the damn thing with one toe. One single fucking toe.

The Prom Queen had learned to submit to a new Master, which really didn't explain why she hadn't been able to pick up that skill with the old Master. Maybe the old Master should have tried crying and cooing. He sort of felt a bit like crying right now.

Donovan refilled his mug with coffee and returned to his tranquil office. He used to enjoy working from home. Sometimes he went out to conduct business but the benefit of having his own company was working where he wanted to work, when he wanted to work. He remembered the old days when he'd walk through the door at the end of his day and Laci couldn't wait to jump into his arms. It was almost as good as jumping into her waiting arms but these days her arms were full.

They all seemed to have forgotten it was his house. Before any of them moved in, before the days of diabolical strollers, baby powder, and Master Matthew, the house and all it contained belonged to Master Donovan but he had been overthrown by a pint-sized subversive and his band of followers.

What, Donovan wondered, would happen if he snuck out? How long would it take before they'd realize he was gone? He sat and surveyed his lonely office domain. Probably not a good idea to desert the fortress. By the time he got back, Dom Junior would have probably staked his claim for a playroom.

Donovan glanced up as Victor puttered into the room.

"Hey, Daddy-bug! Whatcha doin?

"Are you addressing me?"

Victor looked around the room. "Don't see any other Daddy-bugs around so I must mean you."

I would appreciate if you'd call me by my given name and don't you have anything better to do than annoy me with your inane and time-wasting remarks?

"Nope. Not 'til Noodle-bug gets back from the doctor."

"What the hell are you talking about? If you're seeing bugs call an exterminator. Ask how much extra he'll charge to rid the house of persistent and pestilent Victor-bugs."

"Someone's in a bad mood."

"Someone is trying to enjoy the peace and quiet that has been in short supply the past few weeks."

"Okay, Donovan. What's going on now?"

"Victor, why does anything have to be going on? I'm sitting here alone, bothering no one. Why does that translate to something going on?"

"Because you're always sitting here alone, for hours, like a forlorn hermit crab. That's crab as in grumpy curmudgeon. Hey, I'll bet Noodle-bug would love playing the vocabulary game when he gets older. I'll have to remember that. He's the most brilliant kid I've ever seen."

"He's not even two months old."

"So? I'm telling you he's a genius. You'd see that if you ever ventured out of your crab cave. Laci's worried about you sitting in here all gloomy and sulky. You're not enjoying Noodle-bug."

"Victor, has it escaped your constant and annoying attention that MATTHEW screams every time I am within ten feet of him? How does he even know I'm there? According to what I read infants can't even see clearly."

"Not when they're first born but he's already starting to focus. He knows Laci and he'd get to know you if you'd quit hiding."

"I'm not hiding. I'm working."

"You're jealous of Noodle-bug."

"That's absurd and stop calling him that ridiculous name."

"So what's going on? You upset and horny because it's been awhile since you and Laci did the naughty, naked mommy-daddy dance?"

"Victor, why is every aspect of my personal life your business?"

"So are you jealous of Noodle-bug, or just scared of him?"

"I don't like making him cry. It's not good for his blood pressure or mine."

"Don't recall you having any reservations about making slaves cry. Made me cry a few times and that never bothered you."

"When the hell did I ever make you cry? You're usually the one bringing me to tears."

"Why don't you try getting to know him or are you planning to hide until he goes to college?"

"Is there any chance I can get you to hide until he goes to college?" Donovan growled.

"C'mon Donovan. You might as well tell me what's going on. You know you're not going to feel better until you do and you know I'm going to keep annoying you, so let's quit wasting time. Which is it? Jealousy? Fear? Mad that you're being neglected? Just plain horny? Out with it!"

Donovan sighed. "Is there a category for all of the above, and how exactly did you acquire your extensive knowledge of newborns? Where the hell did you go to school? The Poppins Academy of Dubious Lock-Pickers and Swaddlers?"

"I've been around, plus, I've been looking after you for years. If I can take care of you, Noodle-bug is a cinch. Wanna help me change him when he gets back? Just a warning...he may pee on you. Aim's not real good yet."

"No thank you."

"Gonna keep pretending he's not here, 'cause I'm pretty sure he's planning to stay. He likes it here."

"Why the hell wouldn't he like it here? He's taken over every damn room except the master bedroom and my office. He has more clothes than I do. He's got the constant attention of three used to be rational adults, including your wife and mine who also happens to have a husband she seems to have forgotten about. All of you think every single thing he does is like some amazing miracle. He has every need taken care of the minute he makes a sound. He'll never leave and why the hell are you grinning at me like some psychotic babysitting baboon?"

"Because you're scared to death of him," Victor answered smugly. "You may be feeling really horny after six weeks..."

"Seven and a half," Donovan interrupted with a scowl.

"Excuse me. I stand corrected. You may be feeling really horny after SEVEN AND A HALF weeks, and you're jealous and think you're being neglected because there's a new man in Laci's life, but mostly, you're just plain scared to death. You. Master Donovan, who can discipline with a riding crop in each hand and is in constant demand as one of the best trainers around. Donovan Corbett, one of the toughest, most ruthless and most successful business owners in the country. And you're scared to death of a Noodle-bug."

"I understand business. I understand dominance and discipline. I understand control. I don't understand him. I don't even understand his stupid stroller. I can assemble a whipping bench faster than anyone. I've designed and sold my own discipline apparatus and I can't fold the damned stroller. I know how business works. How the hell does he work? I'm guessing he doesn't have an off-switch."

"Maybe you need to stop trying to control everything and being perfect. There was a time when your business was new. There was a time when you were a brand new Dom. You needed to learn about those things. Give yourself a break. In a couple of years, you and Noodle-bug will be laying on the floor in your underwear watching the ballgame together, drinking beer and juice boxes."

"When the hell have you ever seen me lying on the floor, much less lying on the floor in my underwear watching a ballgame? And the only beer I drink is imported. It's not lying on the floor drinking beer. It's sitting upright in a chair and taking the time to savor beer."

"Right," Victor acknowledged with a snooty look on his face, "then you'll want to pair it with the organic apple juice boxes, the ones with less sugar. I tell you, Donovan, that stuff is damn good. Marian buys it for me all the time."

Donovan looked at Victor with annoyed disgust. "My cousin buys juice boxes?" He paused for a moment. "What in the fucking hell is a juice box? Juice is supposed to come from fruit, not boxes."

"It's a new world, Donovan."

"I like the old world. I like it even better when you're not in it. Go away."

"Can't do that, Daddy-bug. I'm stickin' with you and Noodle-bug. Wanna get naked and I can tie you to something? That always makes you feel better."

"That makes you feel better. Go away."

Victor headed for the door. "You know, Donovan, he's starting to turn into a little person and if you spend your time hiding in here, you're going to miss it all." The door slammed closed behind him.

Donovan glared at the closed door. Obviously Victor didn't know everything. It had somehow escaped his attention how many nights during the past seven and a half weeks Donovan had stood next to the crib, alone and silent in the tranquil blue and cream room, watching his son sleeping.

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