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Princess Betty


Betty couldn't remember the first time anyone called her Princess. Her father had never called her anything else. She could, however, remember the first time her little girl's mind made the association between the character on the theater screen and what she had always been called.

"Daddy if I'm a Princess how come we don't live in a castle like that?"

He hugged me and asked, "Have you ever seen a castle, Darling? Not one in the movies or on TV, I mean a real one?"

She shook her head. "No, never."

"Well that's the problem! There are more Princesses then there are castles. To make it even worse, almost all the castles were built in Europe which is very far away. Princess, if only they had built more castles around here, then I'm sure you'd have been picked as an official Princess."

When she started going to school she quickly learned the simple truth that attitude is everything. As long as she acted like a Princess and was kind to most of her subjects then she got treated like one. When she got a little older and went to middle school everything started to fall into place as her body started to fill out. She'd always had a pretty face, long blonde hair and a well rounded bottom, but as her chest began to grow she began to realize the value of boys. As long as she controlled the most popular and athletic boys, everyone else fell into line; and her body kept growing.

In seventh grade she had a big fight with her mother because she insisted that she needed to buy larger cup bras but her mother said that she didn't need them yet. They finally agreed that as soon as she was in eighth grade she could move up to C cups but by the time they were out shopping for back to school clothes she finally was forced to admit that Betty needed to skip C cups and move on to Ds.

High school was rough, though. Betty's school and two others wound up in the town's single consolidated George W. Obama High School and it turned out there were three princesses in the same school. For the first time she had to compete to extend her domain. She was considering having sex with Robbie Carter so she could solidify her control over the school quarterback but changed her mind reasoning that her cherry was something she could hold out to several popular boys as a possibility but the moment she gave it to one, she lost that power. Besides, there were still several things she could do for Robbie without losing her virginity and all the boys told her she was good at them.

Then came U.N.L.V.

It was a completely new kingdom and they were all entering on more or less equal ground. She said more or less because even the crowd with 20/400 vision could tell she had an edge. She was an eighteen-year-old fox with a killer chest, an ass which attracted more than its share of pats, long wavy hair, a cover girl face and a dusky voice.

She remained active in gymnastics, registered for the Drama club and wrote Haiku. Her roommate, Becca Lindner, was involved in cheerleading but Betty hadn't been interested. She was studying on her bed when Becca burst into the room.

"We have a late admission!"

"What are you talking about Becca?"

"Norm Kincaid worked out some sort of deal and is matriculating here this year. His agent announced that he turned down some movie contract so he could finish his education and he wants to play hoops here."

Betty's eyes were the size of saucers. "Oh My God! This is perfect. Twenty bucks says he'll be following my ass around like a puppy by the end of this semester."

"No bets but you have competition, I just saw him on the quad talking with Jessica Lewis." Betty just smiled. She had known Jessica for five years and knew she'd represent no competition.

The next day Betty was feeling rather smug. Not only was it a beautiful day but she'd been sitting on the steps of the library for the last forty five minutes chatting with the school's new celebrity. Norm had been having a hard time keeping his eyes off her chest which suited her just fine. "You know, Norm, Saturday after next the alumni have taken over the ballroom for a dinner dance and a select few of us active in student affairs have been given tickets. You're new here and if you'd like I'd be happy to take you and introduce you to many of the 'right' people."

Norm lifted his hand and gently stroked the back of his fingers down her cheek as he gazed into her eyes. "Thanks a lot Betty but Jessica Lewis already asked me and I said yes. I wish I'd known you then 'cause I can see you'd probably be a lot of fun to spend an evening with." This time those same fingers began gently stroking the side of her right breast. Betty was more than a little shocked by such forward behavior, especially in public like this, but she had set out to capture his attention so she didn't make a fuss. She still reached out and removed his hand from her chest and brought it up to kiss those fingertips. Betty looked up and saw those eyes gazing deeply into hers and for some reason she couldn't quite comprehend instead of kissing them she began slowly sucking his index and middle finger into her mouth.

From the window in the south reading room Jessica had been steadily watching as the melodrama unfolded before her. She felt fairly confident of her relationship with Norm but she realized how vulnerable she was to the Princess' sexuality. She decided on a dangerous course of action and dialed Norm's cell.

"Norm honey please don't let on that it's me you're talking to. I'd like you to do me a favor and temporarily excuse yourself and meet me in the south reading room. Tell Betty you're just using the men's and that you'll be back in a second... Thanks Sweety."

Norm excused himself from Betty and went into the library. Jessica flowed into his arms and kissed him deeply. As the kiss broke she began. "Honey ever since you asked me to that Alpha Chi Rho party tonight I've felt guilty about turning you down. The only thing is we both know everyone's just drinking to get drunk and it's going to get completely out of control.

I'll be completely honest. I was more than a little frightened about getting pawed by a bunch of your frat brothers and I was even more frightened that if it did get out of control I could never look you in the eye without thinking I'd somehow betrayed you."

Norm kissed her again. "I already told you that I understood, sweetheart. I appreciate your feelings and never want to put you in a position that scares you." He held her close and she pressed herself against him.

Jessica continued, "But I still felt guilty!" She thrust her tongue into his mouth and kissed him deeply before continuing. "Then when I looked out the window and saw you talking to Betty an idea hit me which could work out great for everyone..." she pulled back a little so she could look him in the eye. "But my idea's a bit naughty." She smiled.

Norm laughed. "Now what's going on in that devious mind of yours?"

Jess adopted a little pout on her face. "I'm not being devious one little bit. I just hate denying you anything. Now I've known Betty since middle school and I've always thought of her as being a very dear friend but I've always been a little scared of her wild side. She had a bit of a reputation when it came to boys. I'll just bet that if I asked her to go with you she'd be totally excited about the idea of a big party where she was the center of attention. As long as your brothers treated her like a princess I can assure you that they'll have a really good time; I won't feel guilty and next weekend after the affaire at the Golf Club we could duck away to my Dad's cabin on the lake and I'd make sure it'd be your turn to have a really good time."

Five minutes later Jess came down the steps of the Library. "Hey guys!" She gave Norm a quick peck on the cheek and held Betty in a big hug. As she kissed Betty's cheek she asked Norm, "Can I steal Betty for a second?"

Jess squeezed Betty's hand. "I can't believe my luck in running into you just now 'cause I wanted to ask you a huge favor. I've been seeing Norm lately and was supposed to go to this party tonight with him."

"Sounds like a lot of fun."

"It's just that I heard I've got a surprise pop quiz in Sociology tomorrow and I haven't opened a book. If I tell Norm the truth I'm afraid he might hook up with some other girl so when I saw you I thought I might convince him to take one of my best friends. What do you think?"

Betty laughed and kissed Jessica's cheek. "Of course I'll keep an eye on your boyfriend tonight. After all, what are friends for?"

After they rejoined Norm and told him about the proposed switch in dates for the evening he acted perfectly in character and shyly asked Betty if she really wanted to do this or was just doing them a favor. "After all, Betty, sometimes these fraternity parties can get a little wild."

Betty took each of their hands and squeezed. "I think my life could use a little wildness quite frankly. Besides, I'll have you there to protect me."

The party was already fairly crowded when they arrived. Parking was at a premium so they were forced to use a spot in the administration parking lot and walk over. As they were passing a blue BMW Betty noticed a brunette with long hair and not a stitch of clothing riding some boy's cock for all she was worth. She pretended not to notice but Norm realized what was happening only seconds later and pointed it out to her. "Wow, that's what I call really getting into a party frame of mind!" The girl paused in her fucking to shake her tits at them and went back to concentrating on her date.

Norm put his arms around Betty from behind and whispered, "Hot, huh?"

Betty was embarrassed, "She's a very pretty girl."

Norm spun her around, "Pretty? I wasn't talking about her looks; she's nowhere close to your league!" He kissed her forehead. "It's as if you're the Princess and she's a scullery maid! What I thought was hot was the freedom she was exhibiting. No shyness, no shame, she was just completely enjoying both herself and her partner. That's what I thought was hot."

Betty was swept up in the whirlwind. Since she arrived at the party Betty had hardly left the dance floor. She had met and danced with most of Norm's friends. A sweet boy named Paul led her to the bar and ordered them drinks. While she was sipping her beer she was thinking about Norm's referring to her as a princess. It warmed her that he recognized what Betty had always known.

Norm came up behind her and slipped his arms around her waist as he kissed Betty's neck. "I've hardly had any time with you tonight princess; you've been flirting with all my brothers."

Betty nestled herself up against him as she purred, "Not flirting Baby, I've been dancing and don't worry, we'll have plenty of time to flirt with each other." She turned in the circle of his arms, wrapped hers around him, grabbed his head and thrust her tongue down his throat.

At that point another of the brothers named Lewis came over to them. "Hey guys, we've got three townies willing to compete for the cash prize! Let's hurry and get good seats. Paul and Norm headed into the lounge with Betty arm in arm between them.

Betty asked Paul, "Competition? What kind of competition?"

"We've got a stripper pole on a little stage back here. Every once in a while we can convince some local girls to strip for a cash prize of three hundred dollars. Once they're naked it usually progresses a lot farther. Everyone winds up having a great time."

Betty couldn't imagine any way she'd want to watch another girl stripping but she was enjoying being the center of Norm, Paul and Lewis' attention so she went along. They got front row seats.

The first girl ascended to the stage and started to swing her hips in time to the music. Betty couldn't help but start critiquing the girl: pretty enough face, too much make-up, early signs of the jowls she have in not too many years, Betty smiled as she thought "this girl had better look amazing naked because so far she doesn't have much going for her." The girl wore a pullover and as she crossed her arms and pulled her top over her head her nipples peeked out over the top of her pushup half-bra. The guys went wild and started cheering the tits that even Betty had to admit almost rivaled her own.

The girl swung the bra over her head and tossed it into the crowd. Several of the brothers stuffed dollar bills into her garter and invariably paused to cop a feel of those audacious breasts before resuming their seats. Then she unzipped her skirt and kicked it to the side as she continued dancing clad only in her panties. Betty could easily imagine that the pejorative "thunder thighs" had been coined for a girl with legs just like those. Paul left his seat and proceeded to put a ten dollar bill into the girl's panties. While his hand was in there he hooked his middle finger into her and pulled her close enough to the edge of the stage for him to begin sucking those erect nipples. Before Betty realized what was happening Paul had swung the girl over his shoulder and carried her over to one of the sofas lining the side walls. Like a pack of hungry dogs three other guys separated themselves from the crowd and followed Paul and his just bagged quarry. As the second girl started her routine Betty looked over to the sofa and saw the heavy girl on her back with a cock in her throat and one in each hand as Paul drove his in and out of her pussy. Betty's hold on Norm's arm tightened but his total attention was focused on the stage. The girl dancing was a fiery redhead with a slim but well proportioned body. From the vantage of her seat Betty could see that the girl's knee touched her face whenever she did a high kick opening her pussy lips for all to see. Unfortunately her face was plain bordering on homely and to Betty's disappointment the crowd was much less responsive than it had been to the chubby girl. Becky reasoned the boys were simply impressed by large breasts. She leaned over and said to Norm, "This girl's body is much better than the first girl's yet the crowd doesn't seem to agree."

Tom leaned back to Betty and whispered, "The first girl had great tits and acted like she was constantly horny. Remember what I said about the girl in the car being like a scullery maid to your being a Princess? Well here's the rest of the kitchen staff. If you were entered in this you'd win the three hundred without a doubt. Not only do you have the best looks but you've already danced with most of the brothers and they'd go wild if you were to dance for them."

Lewis leaned in and agreed, "That's for sure!"

The second girl finished her set and picked up her clothes to a modest scattering of applause and a few catcalls. As soon as the third and final contestant ascended the stage Betty knew the competition was over. Although there was no one feature that one could point to which would make her lose, the sum of all her features just added up to vanilla, pleasant but totally forgettable. Lewis leaned across Norm and said to Betty, "You can't let this happen, can you? I really don't want the fat girl to win and you're the only person who can keep that from happening."

"Me? How could I stop it?"

"You could stop it dead in its tracks by getting up on that stage and showing everyone what a real Princess looks like!"

Betty tightened her grip on Norm's arm. "That's not all I'd be showing everyone! Besides that wouldn't reflect very favorably on Norm either!"

Norm turned to her, "Actually I think it would reflect very favorably on me. Sort of like 'hey guys, look who's with Norm and don't we wish we were him!' I'd like to see all the guys adoring my date!"

Lewis didn't wait for an answer from Betty as the girl on stage had just finished her routine. He jumped up on the stage and announced, "Gentlemen before you begin to consider your votes allow me to further complicate your selection process. Our gracious brother Norman has consented to allow his lovely date to become the fourth and final entrant. For those of you who haven't yet met her allow me to introduce... Princess Betty!"

Betty looked into Norm's eyes. "You really want me to do this?"

He smiled as he said, "It's kind of late to back out now, don't you think? Go ahead and knock 'em dead."

Betty had half a mind to run out of the room but the moment her left foot touched the first step of the stage the audience began cheering. As the volume rose her inhibitions melted away. Her mind raced through every film she'd ever seen with a strip scene. She picked the proud, haughty quick steps of Penelope Ann Miller in Carlito's Way rather than the lethargic movements of the girls working at the Bing in The Sopranos so she began to quickly circle the stage making sure to make eye contact with as many of the brothers as she could. The top she was wearing was held closed by two pairs of ties, each forming large floppy bows. She leaned forward to one of the brothers and handed him the end of one of the ties and as she rose to stand the bow opened revealing her unpierced belly and up to her purple lace bra. The remaining tie was midway between the top of her bra and the point at which her ample cleavage began.

As Betty continued strutting her way around the stage, continuing to make eye contact with any brothers she'd missed on the first several circuits she began to unbutton her jeans. As soon as the crowd could see that her purple panties matched her bra another wave to applause swept through the room. She leaned over in front of another brother and offered him the end of the last tie which he pulled exposing her magnificent breasts concealed only by her lace see-through bra. She circled the stage this time with her shoulders held back thrusting her chest forward and allowing her top to slide down her arms and drift to the floor. As soon as it landed her hands rose up her spine and unclasped her bra but made no attempt to remove it. She went to the edge of the stage and took one of the brother's faces between her palms and pulled him into a standing position whispering in his ear, "Would you be an absolute dear and lend me that empty chair behind you?"

The boy quickly grabbed it and carried it up the steps placing it in the center of the stage. Betty thanked him by throwing her arms around him and kissing him deeply with as much tongue as she could. When she broke the kiss she led him to the two steps and he went back to his seat.

It was about that time she noticed three of her audience adjusting the fronts of their pants. She smiled at the thought that she was exciting so many men. Each of her 4" heel open-toed pumps was held by two straps held in place by tiny buckles. She raised her left foot to the seat of the chair and leaned forward to unfasten the buckles. As she leaned down her bra swung out exposing her dark nipples which were completely erect. After removing her shoes she stood before the chair and began pushing her jeans down her hips. Since her breasts were ignorant of gravity the bra fell back into place concealing them. When the denim was bunched up around her ankles Betty bent over thrusting her thong clad bottom toward the crowd and allowing her breasts to regain their freedom as she lifted first her left foot and then her right, kicking the jeans aside.

She looked over toward Norm for the first time and was pleased to see his face mesmerized by her performance, the raw lust written over every pore. She sat in the chair and buckled her shoes back on her tiny feet. As she rose she removed the bra and tossed it onto the jeans and top. She gave the applause no time to subside as she pushed her thong to her ankles. Over the years Betty had spent many hours staring at her nude figure in her bedroom mirror and she was secretly proud of her pussy flower. Her smooth shaven vagina was well defined, her clit prominent, and her labia spread just enough to extend an obvious invitation to any viewer to enjoy her depths.

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