tagSci-Fi & FantasyPrincess Charming Ch. 03

Princess Charming Ch. 03


Again a huge thanks to my editor Jen who saves me from making myself look stupid.

I am pleased with this chapter and I think this story can really get moving now.


Chapter 3: Damsel In Distress

The meal was delicious as it always was, but it was without enjoyment as Athanasia worried for her Jelena. The Lady-in-waiting had been in bed for an hour and the Princess sat near her older brother and fiancé as they ate the last of the custard tart. Athanasia sighed audibly at the empty chair next to her.

"You're not regretting our engagement already are you?" Axel teased before scooping a piece of tart into his mouth, "I was hoping you would not feel that way until after our wedding night."

"I doubt my sister will regret her wedding night," Castor chuckled dryly, "As you are twice the man than any of your competitors." He gave the Knight a wink and sipped his wine.

Axel shot Castor a worried glance, but was thankful that Athanasia seemed to have missed the innuendo. "I do hope the young Lady you have an eye on will not be disappointed when your special night occurs," Axel returned fire.

"My primary concern for that night is I cause as little discomfort as possible," Castor smirked. "I will show her my linguistic skills," a quick flick of his tongue across his upper lip translated his meaning.

"She would like that," Athanasia said under her breath with a chuckle.

"Something funny my sister," Castor asked innocently.

"Not at all," she smiled, she knew her brother was friendly with the palace maids, he only confirmed the obvious; "I must be getting tired as I am finding humour in the most stupid things."

"Yes dear sister, sleep," Castor grinned, "I will have the pleasure of announcing your engagement to our father and begin planning your wedding myself." He helped Athanasia to her feet.

"The King will not be pleased that his choice chose not to in the end," She giggled. "Perhaps Sir Axel would like walk me to my room?"

Axel liked the suggestion, some time alone with his bride-to-be would be nice, and maybe a few more stolen kisses before retiring for the night would give him pleasant dreams. "I would love to."

Castor stepped aside so Axel could offer his arm to the Princess. The Prince was quite happy with himself; his sister was to be married, he himself would follow his sister down the aisle soon after and the thought that he would have to wait until the following day for his own little indulgence of soft supple lips. He hoped that Jelena felt better in the morning, he had a little and somewhat naughty idea to get the two of them alone and with any luck, time to learn more about each other. "Do not take too long Sir Axel," Castor teased. "I would not be too pleased if you give my sister a reputation."

"My reputation is already one that most men find distasteful," Athanasia informed her brother cheekily, "So nobody would believe it anyway. And if they did I willingly offer myself for a test of virtue."

Axel laughed at the thought of ruining this girl's innocence before their wedding night; the women in Balany could be killed for loosing their virginity before marriage, and a Princess is not exempt from such a law. In reality it was a serious situation, but on his honour he would do what was right. "Waiting for such a delectable young Lady will be worth it," Axel explained with a kiss to her hand and contrary to his words, a heated expression clearly designed to ignite passion within her.

"I will count the hours until then," she responded with a flush of heat to her cheeks. The two walked out arm in arm leaving an envious Castor behind.


The walk to Athanasia's boudoir was slow and languid and almost silent if it were not for the directions the Princess gave her companion. The door to her room was solid; as she discovered when Axel waited for the hall to empty of occupants and pressed her up against it crushing his lips against hers. Athanasia surrendered immediately, whimpering at the shear strength he extruded through his touch. Athanasia felt the familiar heat burning between her thighs and was sure that the way he rubbed his own desire against her would leave a damp stain on the fabric of her dress. This was pay back for teasing him on the balcony before; she was in for a rough night.

Axel cursed himself for the hunger he felt for her, she will be his, and that thought alone was enough to drive his lust forward. She did start it, thrusting her hips into his; awakening his primal need to claim her the way the gods of old demanded. He needed to touch her skin, to feel her naked body against his, but it will have to wait until their wedding night and that was yet to be determined. With a groan the knight released her lips and sighed, "I should demand a wedding this very night."

"Jelena would not like that," Athanasia panted. "I promised her that she would stand with me." She giggled, "And I would not like to displease the future Queen of Balany."

Her smile took his breath away and before he knew it, he had captured it again with his ravenous mouth with all the passion only a man of common birth could feel. Athanasia was lifted off the ground by his strong arms and her legs locked around his waist, feeling the full length of his masculinity teasing her intimately with forceful thrusts. Axel took advantage of her now exposed leg clad in the finest silk stocking of all the Kingdoms, he ran his hand up from her knee to the soft, yet firm curve of her royal bottom which was also covered in silk. "You are the image of temptation," he mumbled between kisses that covered her face and throat, "Ambrosial sin in the flesh."

His hard sword of flesh hit her in just the right way, colliding with the petite button that had come out of its hiding place. She bit her lip hard to prevent her cries from notifying others that could be in the area to the pleasure he gave her, but the soft groans in her throat diminished all her efforts. Axel grinned as he continued to kiss her sensually down her neck, he knew what he did was cutting it close, he could feel his own need for release hanging in the distance that would need to be dealt with after his good night kiss to Athanasia was complete.

The Princess could not believe the exquisite sensations running through her, unlike her Jelena's tongue, Axel was hard and so very forceful that her body cried for more, her legs trembled with the oncoming peak of ecstasy. He was relentless in his efforts, pushing her ever closer to her delicious end. A few more moments of his luscious assault and she exploded with lights sparkling before her eyes and a wonderful warmth spread from her recently pleasured feminine cove to her fingertips. Her body relaxed against the Knight who was grinning, clearly pleased with himself for what he caused to happen. His muscled arms wrapped around her and stroked her hair, "That is, but a taste of what is to come," he whispered hotly in her ear, this resulted in another tremble to wrack her body.

"You test my determination to hold myself true," she responded eventually as her heart beat settled, "That was incredible." She gasped as she felt his hand slide down under her silk coverings to the now soaked lips of her womanhood and explore around, "Oh goddess help me!" She slowly rocked against his hand, feeding it more with the fluid he milked from her.

"Yes," he cooed. "Flow like a river for me." This was different, his fingers found the hidden treasure within her and rubbed firmly, and the feeling was otherworldly, triggering her muscles to move in a way she was not use to.

"Axel," she hummed, "What are you doing?" Her answer was an amused chuckle, "Do not tease me, please," she begged whining in desperation as he pulled her towards another blissful release.

"Just let go," his words were the catalyst and she again erupted in ecstasy, gushing with the force of raging rapids, covering his hand with the honey she provided. Her body gave out when he extracted his devious hand and tasted her offering, "Sweeter and more intoxicating than the best wine." He offered her a taste which she already knew; she had tasted it on the lips of Jelena as they kissed. She knew she had to play along with his little game which was quite a lot of fun. Slowly she opened her mouth and tentatively licked his finger, watching his smile grow as her tongue connected, "Good night Princess." He gave her one last kiss, lowering her back to the ground and walked away.


Castor gave Axel a knowing smile as he walked back into the room and sat down, "You have been officially announced," Castor informed him. "Needless to say father is displeased that his plan to marry Athanasia off to Baldassare has fallen through and the Galnoan King is nowhere to be found."

"Has he returned to his room?" Axel asked, shifting to ease the discomfort his little tryst with the Princess had caused.

"No," Castor's eyes focused on Axel's adjustments. "My sister's good night kiss that pleasing?" Instead of a disgruntled frown on the Prince's face, an amused smirk graced his features, "She is a lucky Lady to have such a well endowed man to lay beside her at night." The Prince scrutinised the bulge in the front of the Knight's tights, "I confess; I am jealous."

"Do not be," Axel chuckled, "I find it more of a hindrance."

"How so?"

"Men are envious and women pursue what they believe to be the ultimate bliss only to find that it is too much to handle," he sobered a little at the mirth. "Then they hit you for being so large."

"Well," Castor took one last look. "I do hope you do not injure my sister when the inevitable wedding night commences, it could seriously reduce your chance of producing an heir." He took up his wine again, "Do you need accommodation for the evening?"

"I do," he adjusted himself again as the arousal Athanasia had inspired had not receded. "A private place to take care of my current problem would be preferred."

Castor's mind ticked away for only a fraction of a second when he answered, "I have the perfect place."

Axel chanced a glance at Castor, "Dare I ask?"

"I believe it will help you in your current predicament," The Prince boldly groped the Knight's groin. "I'll reduce that nasty swelling," he whispered.

Axel felt more pressure than before, what was it about the royal family of Balany that aroused his desires? "Are you capable, your Grace?" His curiosity piqued at the nonchalant shrug the Prince gave.

"You will just have to wait and see."


Athanasia had been left with the feeling of her skin crawling with need, she needed Jelena's touch, but she would be happy with Axel's too. A naughty thought crossed her mind involving both in acts that could get them all executed, but that only made the thought more enticing.

Heat exploded between her thighs and moisture gathered like the spring rains around the mountains, she needed the touch of another, but she only had herself. With a frustrated sigh she slid her hand down under her nightgown to the slippery opening within the foliage of black curls, seeking the hardened and already sensitive button. Her skilled finger teased her flesh which had been awakened by Axel, swirling around slowly, so as not to end the sublime arousal she experienced.

She let her imagination take over, she wanted to feel her Jelena's tongue ravishing her feminine cove and Axel's body pinning her to her bed. She wanted to burry her face between Jelena's thighs as Axel pounds into her with reckless abandon, heightened her pleasure to new levels. For the first time in her life she wanted to feel a man along with a woman, she would jest with Jelena about the two of them sharing Athanasia's husband, now she wanted it! Demanded it!

Letting her fingers to enter her enough to feel the virginal opening pulling tight, she wanted Axel to be causing that pressure, she wanted Jelena to kiss it better once her future husband's duty was done. Her thumb flicking rapidly against her pearl, she cried out loudly as the pent up pressure of her day released, pulsating rhythmically around her fingers and flowing over them. She clamped her mouth with her free hand feeling embarrassed at the sound she made. She had always managed to keep quiet when Jelena pleasured her and Jelena was equally controlled, what had happened there scared her.

She rolled onto her side; now that her lust was subsiding she felt guilt. Jelena was sick and she had done something very selfish. Whatever had come over her friend and lover was worrying, but Athanasia would have to wait until the morning to see if Jelena was alright. She hoped that in the morning, everything will be like it was before.


The night wound down and Prince Castor was the one who had to wish all the guests a good night. His fatigue showing with large yawns and long blinks. His only concession being that his new friend Sir Axel stood with him. "Are all royal functions so tedious?" The Knight asked casually.

"Unfortunately," Castor answered with a subtle laugh, "Your wedding will be nearly as bad as mine will be."

"I've never seen a royal wedding before," Axel commented casually. "What are they like?"

"Ever seen a play in a theatre?" Castor enquired in kind, "Ones with all the fireworks and acrobatics?"

"Yes," Axel replied, curious as to where the Prince was going with his questions.

"They look chaotic, do they not?"

"They do."

"They are positively calm and organised in comparison to a royal wedding."

Axel's eyes bulged with fear, "I never knew they would be so hectic!"

"And if you are to believe our father, it never stops." He added jovially.

"My parents are very happy together," Axel informed Castor. "They grew up together and married as soon as they could. I am one of fifteen children."

"And which is your ranking?" The Prince enquired.

"Eighth," Axel shrugged his shoulders to display the commonality of the high number of children.

"Among your brothers?" Castor could not stop smiling.

"Eighth," he repeated.

"Hmph," Castor gave a chuckle, "Male dominant family."

"Yes, much to my father's pleasure," Axel gave Castor a smile, "Runs in the family. All bar one is male; my baby sister is the only girl."

"Fourteen older brothers to keep unwanted attentions at a distance, I bet your sister must have hated you."

"My father was pleased that she had no male contact, but his rule of not until she's thirty won't happen. When I was last with them she had a potential suitor who looked like a little lost puppy around her."

The two chuckled and turned to leave the grand hall. The passages to the Crown Prince's room were cold and drafty, the growing blizzard outside adding to the chill. "The maid had better have lit the fire in the room," Castor mumbled as he opened the door.

"You're in luck," Axel shrugged and sat on the bed. "Someone will keep their job for now."

Castor closed and locked the door behind him. "It was most likely Laetitia, and she has been very attentive to my needs for years." The Prince chuckled softly, "Well nearly."

Axel shifted nervously at the inflection of the Prince's tone; they were not constrained by the urgency to get to the celebration. It was not like he did not want to be here with the Prince, it was the unknown that frightened him. Castor sat next to him, he too was nervous.

"Axel," the Prince spoke softly, dropping all the confidence he had before. "I am torn," he confessed, "Up until this morning, I knew in my heart that I loved Jelena and no other." His eyes stared out into the room, directionless and unfocused. "Then I saw you and I don't know anymore."

"You still love Jelena?"

"I do, but ..." Castor looked at Axel and sighed, "Now I cannot see my future without you in it."

"I am to marry your sister," The Knight spoke as quietly. "I will be in your future."

"I want you to be more than just my brother-in-law," he reached out and touched Axel's cheek. "I feel selfish to want you when Jelena is sick."

"You will see her in the morning," Axel touched the Prince's hand. "And we have the picnic to look forward to."

Castor leaned in and gave the Knight a chaste kiss to the lips. "Come, let us rest for the morrow." He stood and began to undress quietly. He looked distracted as he threw his clothing over the back of a chair.

Axel joined him by stripping down to his undergarments and climbing into bed. "Castor," he called. "You look agitated."

Castor had not realised he was pacing once he was ready for sleep. "I'm sorry. I have so much running through my mind." He sat on the edge of the bed and sighed, running his fingers through his hair, "Jelena looked more fearful of my affection, and you were not that different." He gave dry laugh, "I'm not use to having people hesitant of my attentions."

Axel touched the Prince's arm, "I'm not offering my body to you, but please lay down and rest, we will have a memorable day tomorrow, and I will see you laugh sincerely about your current mood." Castor complied and laid back, resting his head on the feather pillow. Axel began to comb his fingers through the Prince's hair, "My mother use to do this for me when I was upset."

Castor felt the stress ease in his mind. "Thank you," he mumbled. He felt Axel crawl in behind him for warmth, after a short while his arm wrapped around the Prince's waist. Whether the move was conscious or not, Castor felt at ease. It was not about desire, but simple affection between friends.


Athanasia awoke in a cold room; it was a new experience for her. "Jelena?" She called out sleepily, "Are you there?" She heard no reply. The Princess sat up and looked around to find the room empty, the curtains closed, and the fire a smouldering pile of ash. She kicked the covers back and quickly regretted it, the icy air chilling her to the bone.

She reached for a shawl and inspected the fireplace; the pile of wood was untouched from the night before. Picking up a piece, she tossed it into the hearth, kicking up a puff of ash. The fine particles tickled Athanasia's nose causing her to sneeze. Rubbing her nose indignantly and glared at the offending dust. She waited for the fire to spark up again, when nothing happened she tried another piece of wood; still nothing.

Giving up on any hope of warmth from the fire she went to her wardrobe and extracted some clothing. If she thought the fire was a hassle, dressing would prove to be near on impossible. "How does Jelena do it?" she asked herself, holding up her petticoat by the ties. She rattled her brain, trying to remember the details of dressing rather than the conversation she would usually have. Taking a guess, she stepped into the smaller of the two distinct openings, tying the cords together in a messy knot. "I don't remember her doing it at the front," she mumbled to herself. She began to twist it around to the back.

After the effort of donning her petticoat, she reached for her bodice and groaned at the laces up the back, "You must jest," she examined the garment, silently cursing the construction of ladies clothing. Slipping it over her head and pulling the cords, her movements were awkward and frustrating. Another great length of time passed when she finally tied off the laces. It was then she noticed her chemise, she had forgotten to put it on. Contemplating the struggle of putting the petticoat and bodice on she decided not to worry about the chemise and moved to one of her day dresses.

The prospect of throwing a brightly coloured dress on did not seem hard, until the dress she picked up fell into four parts. She sighed heavily, tempted to just go back to bed. Picking the skirt off the floor, she pulled it over her head. Wrestling with the fabric she found the waist band and wriggled it into place, fastening the toggles. Next came the top part of the dress, the sleeves had come away from the rest of it and the whole lot looked like a mess. Plopping onto the side of her bed she began to thread the laces that held the sleeves in place, she had no plan for the pattern of the lace as she did not care any more. The task took next to no time once she gave up caring; she threw the top on without ceremony and focused on the next task, her appearance.

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