Principally Speaking Ch. 01

byStardog Champion©

By 1AM she'd put a healthy dent into a bottle of wine as she killed time online. She'd received six emails from others at the site, two she knew, four she didn't. Dismissing each to varying degrees between sips from her glass, Dinah was getting ready to call it a night when email #7 of the evening suddenly dinged her out of her stupor. Clicking on her inbox one last time before turning in, Dinah's hands reared back in shock, nearly toppling the half drunk bottle of vino to her right.

"Shit," she gasped, seeing the name 'Soulstroker12' on the sender line.

The nerves from her scalp down to her toes exploding like kernels of popcorn, Dinah stared at the computer screen like it was the overlook of a bottomless gorge.

"There's nothing that says you have to reply to an email, much less even read the thing. Just delete it and go to bed..guys like him probably put dozens of feelers like that out every night," Dinah told herself, but there was no way in the world she could take another breath without at least seeing what he'd written.

Like a blithering idiot sticking her arm inside the lion's cage, Dinah clicked view.

"I like older women..wanna any pics?" it read.

"Certainly the charmer," Dinah mumbled aloud, feeling a strange sense of empowering calm wash over her knowing she was just another anonymous woman he was trying to catch at a vulnerable moment.

"The answer to both your questions is no. Thanks but no thanks." Dinah typed out her response but kept her trembling finger above the mouse instead of hitting send.

When she finally brought her finger down like a soft, melancholy gavel, Dinah was sure her polite rebuke would end their ultra brief dialogue. Unfortunately, for every 5 of those types of solicitation Carlton sent out, maybe 1 woman might respond. For better or worse, he had a live one on the other end.

Before Dinah could put a bow on the whole sordid situation, her inbox dinged with Carlton's reply. Rolling her eyes as she looked back and forth between the screen and what was left of the wine, Dinah let out a self loathing groan as she poured another glass.

"my bad," the email started. "just noticed u looked first..figured u saw sumthin u liked??"

The annoying chatspeak aside, Dinah roasted uncomfortably in her seat, both from his sarcastic bravado as well as his bitingly truthful insinuation. An overwhelming desire to defend herself coursing through Dinah's every fiber, she knew anything she'd type would just dig her ditch deeper.

Sometimes in life, the shovel has a mind of its own.

"I'm not really sure what you mean," she shot back after a long, spine steadying sip from her glass.

Five minutes went by without another reply and suddenly the bed became a very enticing option.

"Maybe this has run its.....," Dinah started to say when email #3 from Carlton jerked her back down into 'the cage'.

Her right hand balled into a nervous fist as she stared at the un-opened message in her inbox, Dinah had lost track of her left until she suddenly felt the moisture of her arousal on the tips of her fingers. Without even realizing it, Dinah's left hand was nestled between her thighs as the flashing cursor on the screen taunted her indecision.

"u viewed my profile while I had another picture up last week a spike of new views," it read.

"I see a lot of profiles on here..I see a lot of pictures," Dinah quickly replied, those fingers of her left hand now rotating in steady, circular motions against her simmering pussy as she typed with her right.

"This one?" Carlton wasted no time shooting back, the two words accompanying the attachment he'd added to the message.

"OH GOD," Dinah winced, her left hand clamping over her crotch as she began squirming in the seat.

It was the same graphic picture that had started this all a week earlier.

Even though the 27 year old young man was sitting in front of a computer nearly 40 miles away, Dinah could almost see Carlton sitting in his own darkened lair, probably taking a long drag off a cigarette or joint as he waited for her response to what he'd just sent.

"You got what you wanted," Dinah snidely congratulated herself, but any sort of vindication in her deception, no.

A bear trap is the easiest thing in the world to step in. Getting out, not so much.

"You're damn right it was that one," she could have easily typed, but that wouldn't have been very becoming of a former principal and current school board member.

Instead, Dinah kept pinching and kneading her fingers between her legs, her eyes unblinking as she stared a hole through the black shank of gristle dominating the center of her screen. Her breathing shallow and gruff as she began bucking her rear end off the cushion, Dinah gripped her right hand tight around the edge of the desk as she rounded the final turn and hurled herself down the homestretch.

The sound of Dinah's chair squeaking mixing seductively with the tenor of her exhaled breaths, the lovely melody rose in pitch until it was interrupted by the ping of another message from Carlton arriving in her inbox.

"Just cum..don't worry about it..Just cum and go to bed," Dinah's inner voice raged, but it would have been impossible, by then, not to look.

Keeping her left hand spinning against her moistened crotch, Dinah shoved her right hand out to activate the message.

"Got a few more just like that one..wanna see???" it read.

"Send them," she rattled her quivering fingers across the keys as fast as she could.

Perhaps it was the wine, but it wouldn't have been fair to blame the alcohol fully. While it does lower inhibition, a good glass (or three) of red doesn't conjure thoughts that weren't already there.

The seconds suddenly started grinding by once she'd sent the previous email. The lagtime only served to incubate the doubt and fear in her scattered conscience. Continuing to rub her pussy as she tapped her typing hand anxiously on the desk, Dinah stared at the computer screen, seething for the slightest change.

"Calm down..just calm down..God knows how many other women he's jerking around right now," she tried soothing her nerves, but the contemplation of Carlton conversing with another woman in this moment of such virulent need sparked a jealousy inside Dinah she couldn't quite describe.

When Soulstroker's name popped up in her inbox a few tortured breaths later, Dinah jumped to the point that her knees banged the underside of her desk.

The attachment contained four photos.

The first one had been taken at the same time the original one she'd seen. Carlton was standing in front of the bathroom sink, except this time he was holding the thick base of his fully aroused manhood with his right hand while he clicked the pic with his left. The clarity on her image was so vivid, Dinah's stomach rolled when she saw the glistening bubble of pre-cum seeping into view.

The second one, Carlton had taken in the shower. Even though the steam created a murky backdrop, Dinah didn't have to strain her eyes one bit to see the beads of water sparkling like diamonds on Carlton's broad, sculpted chest. Allowing her gaze to drift lower, Dinah's toes tingled shamefully seeing the way the club of the younger man's semi-erect penis hung lewdly from his groin.

By then, Dinah's head was pounding as violently as her crotch as she methodically scrolled down.

Carlton had taken the third picture flat on his back and he laid naked on his bed. The camera was perched on his chest with a perfect view of his cock jutting proudly into the air, just like a crude, phallic monument blotting out the everything behind it.

Biting the inside of her mouth hard as she parted her thighs in the chair, Dinah spun her fingers rapidly through her steaming cunt, unable to stop herself from imagining just what it would feel like to straddle the exquisite chunk of masculinity in front of her.

Managing to keep her mouse hand steady as she progressed to the fourth and final picture, what little tether of self control Dinah had left was torn asunder.

Twisting to her right and bolting up from the chair, Dinah scampered across her bedroom in the dark, nearly losing her feet several times before she reached her nightstand. It didn't take long to find what she was looking for once she reached inside. Nothing else in there had quite the same shape and texture as the pocket rocket shaped vibrator she kept handy for such occasions.

The glow of the computer providing the only light in the room, Dinah stared down at the rather innocuous looking device, knowing full well its glorious capabilities. Taking a seat on the edge of the bed as the lust and alcohol in her system fermented into a lethal concoction, Dinah slid backwards until she was resting comfortably against the pillows behind her.

Pulling her shorts down and kicking them off to the side, Dinah focused squarely on the image eight feet away as she switched on the vibe and lowered it between her legs. Responding immediately when the initial jolt of sensation rocketed through her, Dinah kicked her feet out to each side and ground her heels down into the sheets as she absorbed the carnal potency of what she was witnessing.

The final shot was of Carlton standing naked. From the angle of the camera it was hard to tell if he was holding the thing himself or if someone was kneeling in front of him to snap off the shot. In either event, his huge erection expanded across the screen, the pixels detailing every ridge and veiny contour of the girth. The only difference with this picture was from the way the camera was pointed, the viewer could also see Carlton's smirking face leering down to the right of his rigid and virile endowment.

Feeling what amounted to a wall of adrenaline splashing over her, Dinah leaned all the way back against the pillows and braced herself for what she was about to put her body through. Gliding the vibrator across her clitoris, she plunged several of the fingers of her left into her boiling quim and succumb to the cruel depravity she'd brought upon herself.

Back and forth, Dinah's eyes darted between Carlton's manhood and his cold, humorless eyes. The same set of eyes that glared dismissively across the table at her years earlier when she'd been punishing him. Now they were trained directly on her, seeming to take great joy in the way she turned into a maniacal, whimpering whore, thrashing on the bed in front of him as she brought herself off.


Unfortunately for Dinah, that frenzied rush hadn't served as an orgasmic exclamation point to the evening.

Eighteen hours later, she found herself in a conference room at City Hall helping preside over monthly school board meeting. There was a heaping docket of issues to tend to, not to mention a capacity audience and two cameras streaming all the happenings live across the town's public access channel.

It wasn't the best time for Dinah to feel one step above roadkill. Three separate people had even asked her at the meeting if she was OK, and each time she'd told them she thought she was coming down with the flu. Dinah openly wondered if she'd told them the real reason she looked so haggard, if they would have shrunk away from her any quicker.

At some point during her frantic masturbatory efforts in the wee hours that morning, Carlton had dropped another message in Dinah's inbox, essentially saying she'd seen all those pictures of him, that it would be nice if she returned the favor.

Dinah's release should've alleviated the complex and cataclysmic pressures that had been building inside her. Pulling her greasy and slick hand free from her crotch before laying the equally soaked vibrator down on the nightstand, Dinah wobbled over to the computer to shut it off when she saw the new message.

Drowsiness now beginning to overtake her, Dinah crumpled back down into the seat and clicked view. Ever the beacon of equity, she couldn't argue with the premise of Carlton's query. Fair was, after all, fair.

As weird as it sounds, it felt as if an anvil had been lifted off Dinah's shoulders when she typed out her admission to Carlton that his pictures had made her cum. The fact she was even considering sending him a picture proved just how far her judgment had strayed. Still, her freshly frigged pussy throbbed when she contemplated his reaction to seeing her face.

The few pictures Dinah had stored on her hard drive all had clear shots of her face, and even in her weakened and aroused state, she knew she couldn't send those. Out of nowhere, Carlton made a suggestion that was brilliant, both in simplicity and decadence. Understanding Dinah's hesitance to reveal her identity, Carlton told the woman he only knew as DGL64 to send him a picture of her pussy after she'd just finished playing with it.

Scurrying through the house as if her blood had suddenly been replaced by helium, Dinah searched high and low for her digital camera. Once she found it, the former teacher, school principal, board member and overall well respected member of the community was holding the hair-lined fissure of her stretched labia apart with one hand as she snapped off a photo of it with the other.

Fumbling her fingers across the keys as she downloaded the pic from her camera, the scent of her billowing lust hung in the room as Dinah readied the photo to send. When the document was all done, Dinah sat there for a minute or so asking herself if all of this was real. She tried to think of something to write before sending the picture to Carlton but decided the up-close image of her swollen vagina said plenty.

Sending it would shred the last vestige of being an aloof spectator in this interaction with her former student. She'd become a willing and active participant.

Normally, after she came, Dinah had mastered the ability to roll right over and go to sleep. Much like smoking a cigarette or doing a hit of a drug of choice, the endorphin release allowed her to de-compress from the day's emotional build-up, and before long, she was dead to the world.

This time however, things were different. Dinah sat in her front of her computer, her entire crotch fizzing like one giant mosquito bite as she hit 'send' and mentally pictured the digital path the obscene photo took to Carlton Kelly's inbox. She couldn't help putting her sticky left hand back down between her thighs to quell the itch as an infinite number of questions burned in her head.

Had he gone to bed or logged off before she sent it? If he had received it, had he been aroused, amused or mortified? Had his pupils flared and his dick sprung to life seeing her submissive offering of appreciation, or had he simply marked the picture up as a notch on his keyboard and moved on to the next bit of horny and vulnerable online prey trolling at that late hour.


All those questions danced like devious little elves inside Dinah's head as she sat behind the wood paneled dais at her school board meeting the following evening. Ruminating over million dollar decisions that would, in many cases, shape the future of the localities educational system, Dinah closed her thighs together beneath the desk to shield her pantyless crotch from the air conditioning permeating the room.

When Carlton had replied with his approval over the picture Dinah had sent, he'd made a few suggestions. Even though he had no clue who DGL64 truly was, Carlton had told her to go to work the following day, sans panties.

Dinah complied.

He'd also told her to wear the shortest skirt she had in her closet.

Even though she wasn't a frequent skirt wearer, Dinah made an exception that night, and blushed mightily each time one of her cohorts brought it up before the meeting.

"If they only knew," she told herself more than once as the parade of scheduled speakers passed by.

Despite clearly 'not being herself', Dinah had faked it well enough to endure the three hour ordeal. She'd made all the votes, kissed the necessary butts and picked up a copy of the minutes to peruse in a day or two when her mind was focused back on things it should.

For now, all that was left as her car idled in the City Hall parking lot at a little after 10pm was a soup of fear, anxiety, trepidation and utter carnal want that Dinah Lebowitz never fathomed she'd ever taste.

Instead of making the left out of the parking lot and heading home as she'd always done, Dinah made a right......

Part 2 coming soon

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