Prison Bitch


I knew it was wrong. I knew I would get caught but the rush that it gave me made me do it. I had to have that necklace and I was going to do anything I could do to get it. The jewelry counter at the mall was packed because of the sale. I was able to flag a sales person down and have him get the necklace out of the jewelry case for me. Actually, a couple of necklaces were brought out so that I could distract him from the one I truly wanted. I was dressed to the nines and looked like I belonged in the expensive store. He trusted me...big mistake.

As I was examining the necklaces, he was called away to another couple looking for an engagement ring. I quickly put the necklace that I wanted around my neck and tucked it into my turtleneck. I began admiring the others as he returned. I told him that I would have to think about it and I would be back. I turned to walk out of the store and I actually got to the door and out on the street. I thought, well that was easy enough. About that time the alarm began sounding and two very good looking security guards came after me. I began to run but with the heels that I was wearing I didn't get far before they had me down.

They arrested me and took me to the local police department and had me booked for grand theft larceny. A crime that was sure to land me in prison. I was sentenced the very next day and sent to the women's prison in the southern part of the state. I was terrified, I had never been in trouble before this but this was going to be a 5 year stay unless I could get out on good behavior. The ride to the prison was awful with anticipation. I couldn't imagine what was going to happen to me there but I had heard some really awful stories about women in prison.

As the bus entered the gates, I saw the other women out in the courtyard. They all looked hardcore and I started trembling. The guards led me through the gates and into the main admission room. I received my bedding and prison jumper and was led to the showers. There seemed to be only men guards at this facility and I was hoping that I would not have to shower with them watching.

"Take your clothes off and fold them up for safe keeping. They will be cleaned and held for your release. This is a no tolerance facility and by that we mean that there will be no tolerance for any insubordination. You will do as we say when we say in the amount of time given or there will be a high price to pay. Do you understand Sophie?" I nodded my head yes. I was trembling as I removed my clothes but did so in the manner that he requested.

"You will have five minutes in the shower and you will be sure to be clean for inspection. Once your shower is completed, your body orifices will be examined to be sure of no contraband being smuggled in with you. You will then dress in your jumper, no bra or underwear needed while you are here, and you will be escorted to your cell. Is everything understood Sophie?"

"Yes sir," I replied weakly.

I entered the shower and the three guards that were there with me did not take their eyes off of me. I quickly showered and washed my hair. I took extra care to have my pussy and ass clean as they were going to inspect them. I soaped up my nipples and realized that they were very erect and pointing straight out. Was I aroused at them watching me? I was terrified of running over my shower time and quickly rinsed off. While rinsing my pussy, I felt my clit as hard as a rock and my cunt was slippery with my own juices. Wow that is odd, here I was terrified and aroused at the same time.

Once my shower was complete, I exited the shower and walked over to the prison guard that was giving me instructions. "I am finished, sir, what do I do now?"

He motioned for the other two guards to come over and assist with the orifice examination. "I need you to lie on this table so that we can examine your vagina and your anal cavity. And you better hope to God there is nothing found there."

I got up on the table face up and lay down. The smallest of the guards, Lucas, came over to me and took my arms and placed them above my head. I glanced up as he was hand cuffing me to the table. I squirmed a little and I heard a crack against the table. It was the head guard, Matthews, hitting the table with his billy club. "You will not resist anything that we do or you will be punished. We punish very harshly in this facility and this will be your last warning!"

Lucas was still standing at the top of the table and all of a sudden I felt his cock in my hands. "I want you to stroke my cock while they are inspecting you, you little slut!" So, I took his cock into my hands and began rubbing it until it was hard. I stroked it while I felt my legs being pulled apart and chained to something. I looked down and saw that they were attaching my legs to a spreader bar. Then they took the bar and attached a pulley to it and raised my legs in the air. The biggest of the guards, Jones, was lifting my legs until my ass was off of the table. I knew this couldn't be a good sign.

Matthew then got down to business. "Well, looky here at what I see. This little slut has a shaved pussy and it is spread wide open for me to inspect. I think that I will take the vaginal inspection today guys. I want to see if this pussy is as sweet as it looks." With that, he climbed up on the table and spread my pussy lips apart with his gloved hands. "Looks like we got ourselves a pretty wet pussy down here fellas. I think that she likes what we are doing to her here. That will come in handy in this place. You see, when we punish you will be in a position similar to this every time. It makes it easier if you just sit back and enjoy it."

He then leaned down and kissed my hard clit. I squirmed a little and got smacked on the ass for squirming, by Jones. Matthews then licked my clit and sucked it into his mouth. I moaned because it felt so good. He then took two of his gloved fingers and inserted them into my dripping wet pussy. He felt all around inside of me and hit my g-spot numerous times while "inspecting" me. I was still stroking Lucas and he began to moan. I must have been doing all right for him to be enjoying it as he was. Matthews then added another finger to my cunt and began fucking my pussy hard. He was still sucking and licking my rock- hard clit while finger fucking me. I was getting dangerously close to cumming because he was so tight inside me with those three fingers.

"Well, boys, there seems to be nothing inside of her vaginal canal but she certainly seems to like it. If she likes three fingers, I think that she will love four!" He added the fourth finger into my cunt and it seemed like I was going to split in two. It felt so good to have my pussy filled this much. He fucked me like that until I came and squirted all over his arm and hand. I couldn't help it, I loved be fucked like a little sex toy. This was quite a welcome. About then was when Lucas came hard into my hands and covered my hands with his semen. It was hot and thick and I was wishing that I could taste it.

Matthews was pushing harder into me then and trying to get his knuckles inside of me for a fisting. I had never been fisted before and was beginning to get scared again. About that time, Jones came up beside me and said, "Now, while your pussy is full, I am going to inspect your anal cavity. Don't squirm too much or you might get hurt. Just relax and let me inside of that nice tight ass of yours." I could feel Matthews' knuckles get inside my vaginal walls and wow...that was hot. Then I felt Jones' gloved fingers enter my ass. He had lubricated them as to have easier access and slid right in.

Matthews was fist fucking me and Jones was finger fucking my ass when Lucas climbed up on the table and straddled my neck. "I want you to suck my cock and make it hard again. It is my turn to fuck the new inmate's ass and I want to be nice and hard for you, you little whore!" I took his cock into my mouth and sucked what he would give me. He eased it in inch by inch until the head of his cock was hitting the back of my throat. He was getting harder with every stroke and about that time Matthews started fucking me harder. Jones added another finger to make it three in my ass and fucked me in rhythm with Matthews' fist. I was in complete ecstasy having all three of my holes filled.

I began moaning while Lucas' cock was sliding in and out of my mouth. This orgasm that was building was going to be a doozy. I was beginning to feel the muscles in my pussy get tighter and apparently Matthews was too because he said, "Watch out boys, she is going to cum hard. I can feel her muscles tightening, she is going to explode!" He was right. I began to cum and squirted all over his arm once again.

After I came, Jones took his fingers out of my ass and Lucas got up and got between my legs. He put it inside my pussy to get it nice and wet and then he took his cock and entered my ass with one thrust. He was hard and his cock was huge entering my ass. He let me get accustomed to his size and then he began fucking my ass like no one had ever done. Matthews then came up and straddled my waist and stuck his big hard cock in my pussy. Wow, it took me going to prison to be able to be double penetrated. Then Jones came up and straddled my face and stuck his big hard cock in my mouth. I was now being fucked in every hole; I think I am going to enjoy prison life.

They were all pounding my individual holes with a vengeance, like they had not been fucked in weeks. I couldn't get over the feeling of ecstasy that this whole fucking scene was giving me. I sure hope that I get to have more of them. Jones began to cum first. I could feel is cock growing even harder inside my ass and then felt him spill his load deep into my ass. About the same time, Matthews' cock was beginning to tighten inside my tight little cunt. I was reeling with overwhelming desire and began to cum myself. I squirted all over Lucas' and Matthews' cocks and they loved that.

"Isn't that amazing, Lucas?" squealed Matthews. "She is such a hot little bitch when she shoots her cum out of her pussy like that. I think we may have to visit her a little more often than the rest of the cunts in this prison. She is a hot little tramp that loves to have her holes fucked!"

Just then, with all of the excitement of making the other two cum, I sucked harder on Jones' cock and he fucked my mouth harder and faster. I was going to get to taste this big man's cum. I sucked like I had never sucked a cock before and could feel his cock getting harder and going deeper in my throat. I was sucking and he was shooting his cum down my throat. I swallowed every last drop of his hot jism with the hopes that I would be able to suck him off again.

Lucas got off the table and took my hands out of the cuffs. Jones let my legs down and took the cuffs off of my ankles and then removed the bar. There was cum seeping out of my ass and my pussy and dripping down my leg as I stood up. Then Matthews said, "I think that we should put this little bitch in with Sherri. Sherri will know what to do with her and how to keep her safe for our disposal. She is a rough little bitch but she will not let any of the others fuck with her too much. Let's go Sophie, we are going to introduce you to your new roommate for the next few years."

I couldn't wait to meet this chick. If she was as tough as they made her sound, then maybe I could fall right into a lesbian submissive to the right one. I sure hope she has big titties. I put my jumper on and realized that I could not button all of the top buttons; I guess they wanted to see our cleavage at all times.

Can't wait to tell you about my introduction to Sherri.

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