Prison Rape

byDr. Hard-on©

The cell door clanked shut. Ten years with nothing to do. Except think. Think about what I had done. I raped the bitch not once, but repeatedly. I lost count after busting a nut on her face for the eleventh time. I still say the little whore deserved it. And she probably liked it, too. But that didn't matter to the judge, the jury or the state Department of Corrections.

I stretched out on the top bunk. The cage door swung open a while later. I looked up. A guy twice my size -- in muscle and height -- lumbered in. The sleeves were torn off of his orange body suit, revealing a network of reptilian tattoos-- snakes, dragons and iguanas. The guard, a short man with a crooked mustache, snickered.

"There he is -- your new roommate," the guard said. "He likes to pick on little girls."

"A rapist?" the inmate asked in his deep husky voice. "You put me in here with a rapist?"

"We thought you could straighten him out," the guard said.

The inmate glared at me, his face hard as an aluminum baseball bat. "Oh, I know how we can do that."

As the guard swung the door shut, the inmate laid on the bed below me and said nothing for three hours.

Then came chow time. I ate alone. Had no problems. Just minded my own business. By lights out, my roommate still had said nothing to me. Didn't even acknowledge my existence. I figured his comment to the guard was just bullshit. He was letting me know he was running things in our ten-foot-by-ten-foot cell. Which was fine. I could respect that. It seemed I was in the clear, so I let myself drift off to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of the metal door banging shut. It was completely dark. I heard a voice near the front of the cell: "You guys got ten minutes." It was the guard.

Then I felt myself getting pulled out of bed by at least two men. I landed ass first on the concrete floor. They picked me up and threw me on the bottom bunk, stomach first.

It all happened so fast and I was so shocked, it's all still a blur. Something was stuck over my mouth. The rip of duct tape right next to my ear. Hands held at my sides as my jumpsuit was slit and torn off me. Naked.

Then came the sound of my roommate's voice, a harsh whisper in my ear: "You feel this?"

I felt something sharp barely touching my asshole.


"It's either this shank in your ass or our dicks. It's up to you. Let me and my boys have a little toss and everything'll be fine. Struggle and you'll be shitting in a bag the rest of your life. Understand?"


I got on all fours on the bed.

"Lube 'em up, Rock," my roommate said.

A cap was unscrewed and dropped on the floor. Then came the squishing. One finger slid slowly up my ass. In, then out. Like that three times. My dick turned harder than an L.A. cop's nightstick. More squishing. Then two fingers. My asshole was ready for a good fucking. This had started as a prison rape. But it wasn't rape anymore. I was a willing participant. My assailants, however, didn't know that. And that made me even harder.

"OK, that's enough," my roommate said. "Move aside. It's time for me to show this fucker what rape is all about."

He spread open my cheeks. The dick went in hard and fast. My asshole stretched about three inches in half a second. It burned. It stung. But I loved it. He grabbed me by the hips and started slamming me. His whole dick sunk into me on the downstrokes. Every time he pushed it in, he grunted. His rhythm was intense as a heavy metal song.

As I took it in the ass, I felt flesh press against my cheek. It was another dick. I licked my lips and took it into my mouth. I slid down the pole, trying to get an idea of how big the guy was. The circumference was about the same as an unpeeled banana, but I never learned the length. He was so big, I wasn't able to swallow the whole thing. I've taken in 10 inches before, so I know he was at least 11.

Behind me, I felt my roommate tremble. Then he squirted deep inside me. As he pulled out, the guy in front busted in my mouth. I let the salty semen swish over my tongue.

"Swallow it," someone said.

I let the cum slide down. my throat. Two guys' sperm in me at once -- I felt so sensual.

I was assrammed twice more and sucked one more dick before the guard came back. I heard him open the door and my assailants' -- no, lovers' -- footsteps as they went back to their cells. My roommate shoved me off his bed. I climbed up to my bunk and tore the tape off my mouth.

"So, did you learn your lesson?" the guard asked.

I thought a second and allowed myself a secret smile in the darkness.

"No," I said. "You might want to send them again tomorrow night."

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