tagLoving WivesPrisoner's Wife Learns Hard Lesson

Prisoner's Wife Learns Hard Lesson


My husband is in prison - not because he is a rotten crook but because he happened to be the fall guy for a group of businessmen who had pulled a few crooked deals. The bastard has been in prison now for 22 months and I am so horny I could fuck any man who gets near me! I am only allowed to visit Tom once a month and the first thing he asks me is, "Have you been faithful to me? Are you really waiting for me to come out of prison to have sex? Are you sure you can be true to me and wait for me?" These questions did nothing to quell the fire which was raging in my cunt. My reply has always been the same, "Yes, I have been faithful to you and no, I haven't fucked anyone else while you are in prison but if you don't get out soon I don't know how long I can wait for it!"

For the first 6 months it wasn't too bad - I have my vibrator and that had kept me off the boil but now it was so much longer since I had been fucked I just didn't know how I could managed without sex. At first Tom's questions had been so sincere I felt terrible having him in prison without sex and at least I was able to move around outside but he was locked up. A bit later I detected a change in Tom's attitude to me and to the questions he continually asked. He had definitely changed but he wouldn't talk to me about the change although he admitted he felt different. Of course I didn't feel different - I badly wanted a fuck and was becoming desperate.

Tom had been a very good man before his prison sentence. He had high moral values and was always a very respected man in the community. I had felt very privileged to marry him. He should have known better than to get involved in the stupid deal which had landed him in prison but he thought it would turn out much different than it had. Tom and I had a very good sexual relationship and we enjoyed each other's bodies whenever we had the chance. Sex for us was a loving experience and we made love whenever we could - sometimes twice a day. Usually because of Tom's moral beliefs, we tended to have sex in the missionary position although he was certainly prepared to try different positions and to even try other things like anal sex and oral as well. He tended to think anal sex was dirty as well as the oral sex but if I could get him excited enough he would do these things with me anyway.

Let me tell you about myself. My name is Jennifer and I am 28 years old. I am a brunette with a very good figure, rather tall and I have been told I am very good looking. My breasts are very full but natural and my waist is slim but my hips are just right - generally I am a very attractive woman even though I say that myself. My pubic hair is very dark, almost black, and Tom didn't like me to trim it so I have always left it to grow untrimmed. When I go to the beach and wear my very tiny bikini suits I have to spend a deal of time tucking in the stray hairs to make me look more respectable. If no one is watching at the beach Tom likes me to just pull the front of my bikini bottoms down and then pull them up so that the hairs show on either side of the bikini front. This is one of Tom's few breaks with strict codes of dressing. He doesn't like me to wear anything which is too revealing except on the very odd occasion when he wants to show me off. Then he gets me to wear something which he feels is appropriate for him but sometimes rather revealing for me. These times are usually only when he wants to show me off to his business colleagues.

For the most part I am very proud of my figure and don't mind showing it off for Tom. I guess this is because I know I will be in for a wonderful fucking when we get home - Tom gets very turned on when he sees me flirting with his colleagues but only then. He can get very upset to see me playing around with anyone at all if he hasn't asked me to but of course I never go too far.

This change with Tom which I mentioned before has me worried. He tries to be the same but he is a very troubled man. I guess nobody likes going to prison but this has affected him much worse than most because he just didn't believe he belonged in a place like that.

I was getting hornier every day and my vibrator had ceased to satisfy me any more. I really wanted a man's cock in me and I needed to cum from the friction of that cock in my cunt. My last visit to Tom - only two weeks ago - had almost been with a stranger. He still asked the same questions but with no fire in the voice nor in the question. It was almost asked out of habit rather than to get ask for a genuine response. I tried to make sure he understood I had not been playing around but now he didn't seem to care.

There was a knock at the front door on this particular day and when I answered it I was amazed to see Tom standing there - a completely different Tom - almost waiting to be asked inside. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him fiercely on his lips but he didn't respond. I tried rubbing my body against his but he held back - and all his was taking place on our front porch.

I literally dragged Tom into the house and took him straight into the lounge room where I offered him a drink. Tom doesn't drink much but likes an occasional whisky on special occasions. Tom refused my drink offer. Suddenly I felt terribly horny and wanted Tom to fuck me. I was a little disappointed when he hadn't responded to my kisses at the door but I guessed he was a little shocked at being home from prison. He told me he had been released earlier than expected due to his good behavior but was on parole and could be returned to prison at any time if he should re-offend.

Tom moved uneasily around the house looking at everything as if he hadn't seen it before. He was very uncomfortable particularly when we went into the bedroom to look at a new cover I had bought for our bed. I could see he wanted to leave the bedroom but I held his hand and kept him there. Next, because I was so horny, I undid a couple of buttons on my shirt and, because I wasn't wearing a bra, I was able to pull my shirt aside and bare my left breast complete with long nipple because I was so aroused. Tom glanced at my breast and then turned and walked out of the bedroom. I was so disappointed I felt like crying! I left my breast exposed and walked after Tom determined I would get him aroused somehow because he just had to fuck me or I would go crazy. Now I undid the rest of the buttons on my shirt and pulled it out of my short skirt and exposed both of my breasts. Now I was sure he would take notice. I followed him into the lounge room where he was helping himself to the whisky which he had refused before. I stood in front of him, pulled the front pieces of my shirt wide apart exposing my lovely breasts to him, and then said, "Tom, aren't you pleased to see me and my breasts again?" Tom shook his head as if to clear it and said, "Just leave me alone can't you, I want to be left alone!"

I decided to take him at his word so I walked to the kitchen and began preparing lunch. Having made up a lovely lunch for him I carried the plates and cutlery into the dining room and set up the table ready for us to eat. I still felt terribly horny so I left my top off completely and was naked to my waist with my lovely breasts bobbing around as I walked around. I went back to the lounge room to get Tom but to my horror he immediately yelled at me and told me to get dressed - what sort of a slut have I become! I just couldn't understand this. Tom had been away from me for so long and I expected him to tear my clothes off and fuck me but instead he was just pushing me away from him at every opportunity. I collected my shirt and put it on and only then would Tom look at me! This didn't make any sense at all. We ate lunch in silence and then Tom stood up, thanked me for lunch and told me he was going to lie down for a while. I cleared up the table and placed the dishes etc., in the dishwasher and then quietly crept to our bedroom to see if Tom was sleeping. He was just lying there looking up at the ceiling with a vacant look on his face. What has happened to my loving husband?

I walked over to the bed and sat down alongside him. I took hold of his hand and squeezed it and told him I loved him and was really pleased he was back home to me again. He just snorted and told me, in no uncertain terms, to piss off! Bewildered I sat there for a minute or two and then burst into tears and ran from the bedroom. I felt so rotten but had to be realistic that he had been away from female company for a long time and it would take him a while to adjust to being home. At least that was what I hoped!

Tom stayed in the bedroom most of the afternoon and only came out when I called him for our evening meal. We ate in silence and I could see my only course of action was to just let him be despite my longing for a good fuck! After the meal he said he would like to go to bed so I decided I would join him and make it an early night and, hopefully, a night of sex.

Tom was already in bed when I reached the bedroom and so I slipped off all of my clothes and slid into bed with him. I reached for his cock but was amazed to find he was still fully dressed - he had just climbed into bed and that was that! I tried talking to him but he just wouldn't talk so I just lay there wondering what had happened to my husband. I hardly slept all night although Tom did.

Next morning I woke from my fitful sleep first and climbed out of bed and donned my thin robe and began preparing our breakfast. It was all ready to eat when Tom walked into the kitchen. He looked at me and then sat down to eat! No greeting or pleasantries - he was just there and that was that.

I tried to get him to talk but he just wouldn't so I thought it best to leave him alone. After breakfast he sat in the lounge chair and stared at the wall. I couldn't get my head around all of this - what on earth had happened to him. I decided I would make one last effort so I sat down on the floor in front of him and took his hands in mine. I told him it was stupid not talking to each other and he had better shake himself out of his misery.

For the first time he smiled at me and said, "Jennifer, I am a very troubled man. I know no one will accept me back into society but that isn't the whole problem. I hate to tell you all of this but I guess you are entitled to an explanation. I don't hate you at all, in fact I love you more than ever but I cannot do anything about it! When I was in prison I shared a cell with 3 other very nasty prisoners and they have abused my body and now I don't want anything to do with sex of any sort! These men fucked me for hours on end - my arse has been so badly damaged I don't think it will ever recover. I have been made to suck their pricks and swallow so much cum I just hate sex. I haven't turned into a homosexual but I have just developed a complete hatred of sex! I guess you will never understand what I am saying but that is how it is!"

I was totally shocked and didn't know what to say. I asked Tom if he would just try to fuck me and see if it would work but he glared at me and told me no, not ever! This was the worst news I had ever heard. My husband loved me but wouldn't fuck me at all. I put up with this ridiculous situation for four days before I exploded! I told Tom I just had to get satisfaction somehow and I needed him to provide my relief. He just wouldn't budge saying he would fix it soon for me.

At last he was starting to go out. He would walk around the streets but wouldn't contact any of his former friends or business associates for fear of them hating him.

On the sixth afternoon Tom went out for one of his walks and was gone for about 2 hours. When he returned he had another man with him - a complete stranger. Tom didn't even introduce this man to me but told me he would now fix my problem of the lack of sex. I couldn't get my head around what he was saying until he said, in his sharpest voice - "Jennifer, get all of your clothes off right now! Strip everything off and this man will fuck you!"

What the hell was going on? This stranger was about 22 and looked a decent enough man but I couldn't understand what Tom was on about. Tom moved over to me and started stripping my clothes off! He literally tore my shirt off my body and, without my bra, I was standing there naked from the waist up. Then he tore my skirt off as well as my panties and I stood there completely naked in front of this man I had only just met. Tom told the man to get his gear off too, which the man did, and then Tom said, "Right, now fuck this bitch - fuck her hard and long!"

The man moved over to me and placed his arms around me. He then started playing with my breasts and nipples, squeezing and then sucking and biting my nipples hard. Then he thrust his hand between my legs and tried to stick his finger in my cunt. I was not the least bit excited and I was very dry. Tom could see the man couldn't get his finger inside me so he kicked my legs apart and then this allowed entry of his fingers into me. The man had a good size cock but somehow it wasn't attractive to me! There was no foreplay - the man just pushed me back on the lounge, spread my legs and, with a bit of difficulty due to my dryness, he forced his cock into my cunt! Once I had the feeling of a cock in me for the first time in months I soon started to lubricate and then he fucked me in earnest. This was, without doubt, the coldest fuck ever. This man just wanted to get his cock in me and fuck me and then get out! But fuck me he did and it was so arousing being fucked for the first time in months I actually came just before he shot his load of cum deep inside my cunt! He then pulled out and began dressing. He talked quietly to Tom who escorted him to the front door and then Tom returned to me, stood over me still lying on the lounge, and said, "Well, now you have had your fuck - I hope that keeps you satisfied!"

I was flabbergasted! What was Tom doing to me? He had allowed - even arranged - a complete stranger to fuck me and then leave. Certainly this had broken my sexual drought but it hadn't done much to alleviate my lack of sex. I was heartbroken because Tom had been so detached when this stranger was fucking me that I just felt like a slut having been used.

Two days later after another of Tom's walks, he brought another stranger to our home. This man was much older than me - probably in his 50's - but the story was the same as before. I was made to strip naked and this man just fucked me until he had cum in me. Again I managed some relief but this really wasn't proper lovemaking - it was just a form of being used for sex!

Over the next 5 weeks Tom kept bringing complete strangers to our home every few days and every time it was the same. I would be stripped naked and then fucked! I was so glad I had kept on with the pill during Tom's sojourn in prison otherwise I would probably have been pregnant to one of these men by this time. I must say I felt just like a prostitute being made to fuck any and every man Tom brought to our home. I didn't get any choice - I was just made to fuck each man. By this time I was starting to relax a little with these strangers and on most of the occasions I was able to reach an orgasm but these orgasms were not anything like I had experienced before when I made love to Tom.

After this time I had had enough! I told Tom I was leaving for a holiday with my Sister and would think about returning after I had thought about it a lot more. I spent 3 weeks with June trying to relax and understand what was happening to me and to us. I didn't tell June very much about our problem but just told her I was there for a rest. She knew Tom had been in prison and tried to help me relax.

When I returned to Tom after my holiday he hadn't changed at all. He immediately arranged for another man to come and fuck me that very afternoon I returned home. I tolerated this fucking by all of these strangers for a full 6 months! I couldn't believe I was still doing this but it was the only relief I was getting. Many of these men, although complete strangers, were very nice men who seemed to care for me a lot. They were obviously being offered a free fuck by Tom and who could blame them for accepting - after all it isn't every day a man gets a chance to fuck a rather attractive lady!

At the end of the 6 months I had definitely had enough! I had just been fucked by a very nice man with a very large cock and he had been one of the nicest men to fuck me! He was very considerate and got me fully aroused before he fucked me. He was very good looking and seemed to have a genuinely good nature. Before he left the house he asked if he could use the bathroom. When he returned from the bathroom he walked over to me, still lying naked on the lounge (all of this sex with the strangers had taken place on the lounge - we were not allowed to go into the bedroom). Without Tom seeing him, he slipped me a note, kissed me goodbye and dressed and then left!

Once I could read the note, which was written on toilet paper with a lipstick he must have found in the bathroom, I couldn't help smiling! It read "You need help. I can help you. Ring me on - with a phone number!" I couldn't get this man out of my mind. This was definitely the best fuck I had had since Tom went to prison and I certainly would love to be fucked again by him. I waited a day until Tom went for a walk before I rang the number on the piece of paper. This man was called Bruce and we had a long conversation talking about everything relating to the reason he had been there with me. He told me Tom had been asking around at the local pub for a man to fuck his wife and it was too good an offer to resist. He was surprised when he met me and thought I was very nice. He had expected to find a real hag to fuck and had thoroughly enjoyed the fuck and wanted to see me again. I told him Tom wouldn't let me meet him again but he insisted I ring him again the next day. He wanted to tell me something and we would have more time tomorrow.

The next day after Tom went out I rang Bruce again. I was getting curious as to why he would want to see me again. Bruce started the conversation off by telling me he was single, aged 29, in very good health and had his own business which provided him with a very good income. He then said, "Jennifer, I want you to leave that bastard who is making your life a misery! I don't know whether we would be completely compatible but I would like to try and see if we can make a go of being together. I can't say I love you but I have very strong feelings for you and I would like to see where we might get with that".

The strange bond between Bruce and myself continued thereafter. Almost every time Tom went out I would immediately get on the phone and ring Bruce. He seemed to be so excited when I rang him that I wanted to be near him. My only thoughts of Bruce were those when he had fucked me with Tom watching us. Bruce had been very kind to me that day. He had made sure I was aroused before he fucked me and because of that I had enjoyed the sex with him more than any of the other men Tom brought home for me.

Of course during all of these conversations with Bruce, Tom was bringing home men who fucked me! I really began to hate all of this sex with these unknown, uncaring men. The treatment I received from some of them was almost brutal and they hurt me a lot. One of the really big men fucked me when I was almost dry and this hurt me a great deal. It only became enjoyable when I had become aroused enough to lube myself and even then he hurt me because of his huge size. His cock was definitely the largest I had ever experienced. When he had finished with my and had shot his load of cum into me he pulled out and told Tom he wanted more. Tom readily agreed - this was the first occasion when Tom allowed any man to fuck me twice - and so, after a short rest, I was told to prepare myself again. This time I was made to kneel on my hands and knees while the giant lined up behind me. I knew it was going to hurt me because of what I had felt just a few minutes before. He thrust his big cock into my cunt and shoved it right inside me. He pumped me for a few strokes and then withdrew his very hard and big cock. Next, to my horror, he placed his cock head against my rosebud arsehole and began pushing and shoving until at last he broke through and pushed his great cock deep into my arse! Once in there it didn't feel so terrible but just the same it hurt me a lot. He pumped me hard and at last I could feel him tense up and he shot his load of cum deep into my arsehole. Gee he hurt me when he finally pulled out. He then dressed and left us. Tom was very excited by all of this although he made no attempt to approach me. I thought it might be possible for him to fuck me in the arsehole because of when he had done in prison but alas there was no sign of any erection on his part.

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