tagNonConsent/ReluctancePrivate Arrangments

Private Arrangments


"I really want to thank you for meeting with me," Sue said as she entered her husband's boss's private office.

"Well I figured it's the least I could do," Stan said as he closed the door behind her. He motioned at the chair positioned near his desk saying, "But I'm afraid my mind is pretty well made up."

"I understand," Sue said quickly as she walked over and sat down. She waited until he had sat down at his desk before saying, "But I just wanted to try and talk with you and see if maybe I could convince you to not fire my husband."

"Sue I'm sorry but he admitted to having embezzled close to fifteen thousand dollars from this company," he said with a slow sad shake of his head.

"He...he told me all about it," Sue said with a quick nod. She was sure that he hadn't told her everything but that didn't matter, he had told her enough. In a soft almost pleading tone she said, "We'll pay it back I promise we will."

"Oh I know he will," Stan said with a confident nod. Apparently noting her puzzled look he opened the drawer on the side of the desk. He rummaged through the files for a few moments and then removed one, laying it on the desk in front of him. He opened it and removed a paper. He held it out to her saying, "He signed this promissory note. He agrees to repay the full amount within the next year, plus five percent interest. If he does I won't sue him."

Sue partly came out of her chair to take the paper from him and then sat back down. She glanced at the note, seeing that it was as he had claimed, complete with her husband's signature at the bottom.

Shaking her head as she looked at the paper she asked, "But...but if he's not working how...how can we pay this off?"

"That's really not my concern," Stan said as he leaned back in his chair. He grunted softly, saying, "He really should have thought about that before he started stealing from me."

"Couldn't you keep him and...and deduct some out of his paycheck until he's repaid you?" Sue suggested as she laid the paper back on the corner of Stan's desk.

"And give him a chance to continue to steal from me?" Stan asked with a short laugh. He shook his head saying, "I'm not that foolish Sue."

"But...but he wouldn't," Sue begged.

"I just don't want to take any chances."

"But...but how can he possibly find another job?" Sue asked.

"Again that's his problem."

"But we just bought a new house," Sue said.

"Sue I really don't care," Stan said simply. He shrugged saying, "He's the one that created this trouble."

"I...I understand but I'm begging you to please not fire him," Sue said tearfully. She sniffed and then said, "I promise we'll pay all of this back."

"I don't know," he said after a brief pause. He frowned and shook his head asking, "What guarantee do I have?"

"Well you have that note there," Sue said gesturing at the paper on his desk.

"Yes I do," he said with a cold smile as he sat up and picked it up. He returned it to the folder, saying, "But that is only as good as the person that signed it."

"I swear we will repay all the money," Sue said as firmly as she could.

"And what guarantee do I have that you will?" Stan asked as he rested his forearms on the desk in front of him.

"I promise we will," Sue said.

"But that's just more words," Stan said slowly. He cocked his head to one side as he looked at her. Sue bowed her head slightly as he gazed at her for a number of seconds. Grunting softly he said, "Maybe we can work out a deal that will make sure I get back what's mine."

"I...I will do anything you want," Sue said quickly.

"I understand that you're currently working in the mail room for a local company," Stan said slowly as he leaned back in his chair.

"Yes I do," Sue said with a quick nod.

"My personal secretary just gave me her notice a few days ago. I want you to quit your current job and come work here as my personal secretary."

"I don't have that much experience as a secretary," Sue said carefully.

That's okay, you'll learn," he assured her.

"Is that all?' Sue asked hopefully.

"Well I will be deducting money out of both of your pay checks until the full amount is repaid," he told her.

"I understand," Sue said nodding her head. She couldn't believe how well this was turning out; better then she had expected. Scooting to the edge of her chair she asked, "Is there anything else?"

"Well yes there is," he said with a smug grin.

"And what's that?"

"You're very pretty Sue," Stand said giving her a quick nod.

"Tha...thank you," Sue mumbled quickly shocked by his comment.

"Very pretty. It's going to be nice having you working for me," he said. He eyed her for a long moment and then told her, "Stand up."

Puzzled by his request she shook her head as if she hadn't heard him clearly. He grunted and motioned for her to stand. A little shakily she rose from her chair. She shifted uneasily on her feet as she stood there and he openly eyed her. There was no casualness about it; he slowly moved his eyes up and down her slim figure.

"Turn around," Stan curtly told her making a quick circular motion with his finger. A little wobbly she slowly turned around glancing back over her shoulder at him and finding him staring at her bottom. She shuddered as she continued to turn for him. She had had men look at her but nothing this brazen.

"I...I think I should be going," Sue said in a shaky voice when she was facing him again.

"I don't think so Sue," he said with a quick shake of his head. He grinned at her saying, "You can leave when I say so; you work for me now."

Wide-eyed Sue nodded her head dumbly, she swallowed surprised at how dry her lips and throat had suddenly become. Calmly he stood up and slipped his jacket off. As he did he told her, "And when I said you would be my personal secretary I meant my personal secretary."

"Th...this isn't right," Sue weakly protested.

"Oh and you're husband's stealing from me was?" Stan asked in a mocking tone. He began to loosen his tie saying, "You can walk out of here right now if you want to. But if you do I will have your dear husband arrested and charged with embezzlement. It's all up to you."

Sue sniffed heavily and repeatedly blinked her now tear-filled eyes. She wanted to flee but knew she couldn't. Stan watched her for a few quiet seconds and then smiled coldly, saying, "I guess you've made your decision."

Unable to answer Sue simply lowered her head staring at a spot on the floor in front of her. As she stood there she nervously toyed with her dress, rubbing it back and forth between her thumb and index finger.

"Yes this is going to great, having you here," Stand said as he walked around from behind his desk. He paused a short distance in front of her. Sue could feel his eyes on her. Suddenly he told her, "Get on your knees."

Shocked by his direction Sue jerked her head to stare at him. Calmly he nodded at her to kneel, folding his arms across his chest as he did. Taking a shuddering breath and feeling the warmth of her blush spreading across her face Sue slowly knelt. She kept her head bowed after she had dropped to her knees and let her arms hang loosely at her sides.

"That's a good girl," he told her. Instinctively Sue looked up as he moved towards her. Sue's stomach knotted as he began to unzip his pants. As he did he asked, "Like sucking cock Sue?"

"I...I never have," Sue stammered, shaking her head. Her stomach tightened even more when he pulled his stiff cock from his pants.

"What?" He said as he gripped his shaft. There was skepticism in his voice as he asked, "You suck your husband's don't you?"

"No," Sue said quietly as she again shook her head. She couldn't pull her eyes from his stiff cock as she said, "He...he's never made me do that. And he's the only man I've ever made love to."

"Well that's gonna change," he chuckled. Slowly he ran his hand along his shaft saying, "As my personal secretary you're gonna do a lot of personal work. A lot."

Sue shuddered as he stepped closer; instinctively she drew back as his cock was right in her face. Stan reached out with his other hand and grabbed her by the back of the head. She gasped as he pulled her back. Without thinking she reached up and placed her hands on his hips, pushing back. He grunted shortly and gave her head a sharp shake making her stop resisting.

Closing her eyes and pressing her lips together tightly when he began to rub his cockhead against her face. Slowly, firmly he rubbed the end of his cock over her cheeks, eyes, up and down her nose even pushing it into her dark brown hair. He groaned loudly as he moved his cock to her tight pursed lips and began to rub it along them. Sue was both disgusted by having his dick against her lips and yet another part of her was amazed at how smooth it felt. She knew that he wanted her to open her mouth so he could stick his filthy dick in her mouth; she was sure that she would get sick if he did. She couldn't imagine how any woman could actually enjoy doing such a thing.

"Open you mouth," Stan finally ordered her. She was only able to move her head slightly in a quick refusal, grunting deep in her throat too. Stan lightly slapped the back of her head saying, "I said open your mouth."

Revolted by it but realizing she couldn't refuse him Sue shakily parted her lips. Her eyes fluttered open when his stiff cock slipped into her mouth. He groaned approvingly and pushed his hips forward driving more of his shaft into her mouth. Fearful she would choke on his dick she instinctively tried to pull her head back but he now had both hands on the back of her head and kept her still. He did pull his hips back slightly allowing her a brief respite.

Unthinkingly she wrapped her lips tightly around his shaft hearing him groan approvingly after she had. He then began to push his length into her mouth once more. Again Sue tried to pull her head back but he held her still. Frantically she tried to relax her throat muscles as he continued to slowly push more of his length into her mouth. She was breathing heavily through her nose. She tensed when the end of his cock touched the back of her mouth and he stopped pushing his dick into her mouth. He paused, keeping his dick deep in her mouth and then slowly began to pull his hips back. Sue shuddered as his shaft slowly slid back through her lips hoping he intended to remove his filthy dick completely from her mouth.

Stan halted when only the bulbous head of his cock remained in her mouth. Instinctively she opened her mouth but he let it remain resting on her tongue. She opened her eyes and rolled them back to look up at him. He was smiling down at her as he slowly began to push his dick into her mouth.

"Um this is nice," he groaned as he steadily pushed his length back into her mouth. Once more she closed her lips around his thick shaft. As she did he told her, "Um yeah you suck cock kinda good. But you'll learn how to do it better."

Sue shuddered wishing somehow she could flee. She was revolted by the fact that to help her husband save his job she had sold herself to this man. She knew that as long as she worked there helping pay off her husband's debt she was going to be his personal sex object.

"This is a pretty good setup," Stand chuckled as he began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. He was still glaring down at her as he said, "Your husband tried to screw me out of fifteen thousand dollars so in return I'm gonna screw you until I get it all back."

"Sue could only groan deep in her throat in response; although she wasn't sure what she would have said if she could have spoken. He chuckled crudely as he asked, "Your husband's a thief and you know what you are?"

"No," Sue was able to gasp past his shaft.

"That makes you a slut Sue. A cock sucking slut," he chortled as he pushed his dick deep into her mouth. Grinning coldly as he pumped his shaft in and out of her mouth he said, "You're a slut because of your husband Sue. What do you think of that?"

Sue could only gurgle in response; deep down she knew he was right. Because of her husband's act she had given herself to this man.

"Say, I love my husband," Stan told her. Sue started to pull her head back so she could get his hard dick out of her mouth. He gave her head a quick shake and held her head still, saying, "No say it with my dick in your mouth."

"I luff my hufen," Sue mumbled quickly.

Again," he ordered with a chuckle.

"I luff my hufben," Sue repeated feeling utterly humiliated.

Grunting loudly he began to slide his cock in and out of her mouth again. Looking up at him Sue saw him staring down at her with almost gleeful expression. Forcefully he shoved his cock into her mouth, driving nearly two thirds of its length into her mouth. As his shaft slid into her mouth she rubbed the underside of his shaft with her tongue and sucked hard on it, her cheeks puckering in sharply.

"Um you suck cock good Sue," he groaned after a few seconds. He grunted, saying, "Real good. I'm surprised that you've never sucked cock before." Sue partly closed her eyes wishing he would at least spare her his vulgar comments. He chuckled again and said, "I mean with a pretty face like yours. It almost begs for it. Say I was born to suck cock."

Sue knew that he would not pull his shaft from her mouth when he stopped pumping it into her. He wanted to degrade her further. Pausing to take a breath through her nose she then mumbled, "I wuth born to thuck cock."

Stan chuckled loudly and pushed his cock further into her mouth. He paused and told her, "Say, I love to suck cock."

"I luff to thuck cock," Sue muttered, shuddering as the filthy words spilled from her abused mouth.

Chuckling softly as he patted her on the head making her roll her eyes up so she could see him. He smiled at her, asking, "Do you like sucking my cock?"

"I luff thucking your cock," Sue said assuming that was what he wanted to hear from her.

"You're a cock sucking whore," he said as he pushed his dick deeper into her mouth. He kept his hands on her head as he pumped his shaft back and forth. As he did he grunted, "Just a cheap slut. Give your body away just so your husband can keep his job. What a slut."

Sue closed her eyes as he degraded her; she knew she really couldn't deny it. She had prostituted herself for her husband. In a slightly gruffer tone he told her, "Admit it. Say I'm a cock sucking slut."

"I'm a cock thucking thut," Sue mumbled tears beginning to fill her eyes.

"You ready for me to fuck your pussy?" He asked, stopping his rapid pumping of his cock into her mouth. He had his cock still in her mouth. He waited until her tear filled eyes blinked open and then asked her, "Do you want me to cum in your mouth or your pussy?"

"My puthy," Sue said disgusted at using the word. She had been raised that words like that a proper woman didn't use such filthy language. She really didn't want to allow him to have sex with her to defile her even more. But she definitely didn't want to have him cum in her mouth she was sure that if he did she would get sick to her stomach.

Stan smiled at her but kept his cock in her mouth. He again patted her lightly on the top of her head, saying, "Tell me what you are again."

"I'm a thut," Sue said now only eager to get his vile organ out of her mouth.

"A what?"

"A cock thucking thut."

"That's right," Stan said approvingly as he pulled his hips back and his cock popped from Sue's mouth. Sitting back on her ankles, Sue roughly wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She was aware of him standing there with his hands on his hips. Meekly she looked up at him, again wiping her mouth. With a curt nod he told her, "Turn around and get on your hands and knees."

Shakily Sue did as she was directed. Looking back over her shoulder once she had. Her stomach knotted when she saw him staring at her butt, slowly stoking his cock. He grunted and shook his head. Softly, almost admiringly he said, "Nice, very nice Sue."

Sue inhaled nervously when he reached out with his foot and made her spread her feet. After she had he stepped forward and dropped to his knees behind her. She couldn't stop the startled gasp when he grabbed her dress and roughly drew it up and shoved it to the small of her back completely uncovering her small panty covered ass.

Ashamed, Sue turned her head back forward as he slipped his fingers inside the waist band of her plain white panties and began to pull them down. She inhaled sharply through her nose when he slid them down past her slender hips and off her butt. Eagerly he shoved the garment down her legs to around her knees. Awkwardly Sue lifted first one knee and then the other so he could work her panties past them. He made her scoot forward slightly and rather uncomfortably work her legs, one at a time, out of her panties.

Casually he tossed her satiny smooth panties over his shoulder once he pulled them off past her feet. As he did he told her, "That's better."

Sue tensed as he placed his hands on her butt, tightly gripping the cheeks of her pale ass. Stan grunted softly as he squeezed the globes of her butt, jiggling them as he did. Sue shuddered as he began to move his hands over her ass, sliding his hands over her hips, her upper thighs, pressing his hands firmly against the cheeks of her ass. She dug her fingernails into the carpeting as he slipped his hand between her legs and onto her pussy.

"So only your husband has had access to your pussy," he asked as he rubbed his hand along her slit.

"Yes," Sue said breathlessly, nodding her head. The tears were beginning to well over in her eyes. She wasn't lying; the first person to touch her vagina had been her husband. And up to now the only man. She had saved herself for her wedding night. She had been raised and still believed that sex was only meant for a husband and wife. She had had a few men that had made rather crude offers to her but she had refused all of them. She had kept herself proper until now. She tried to convince herself that really she wasn't giving into him. No, she was being forced to give into him. It did little to ease her dismay and shame.

Sue shuddered and whimpered tearfully as Stan pushed his middle finger into her pussy. With one firm shove he drove his finger deep into her moist pocket where no man, except for her dear husband, had ever touched. He grunted as he pushed his finger deep into her pussy, Sue felt his other fingers pressing against her pussy lips.

"Like having your pussy fingered?" Stan asked as he kept his finger deep in her pussy.

Sue gritted her teeth refusing to answer his vulgar question. Stan was silent apparently waiting for an answer. Slowly he began to pull his finger back until just the tip remained between her plump pussy lips and then shoved it back into her. With a slow deliberate pace he began to slide his finger in and out of her love pocket. Sue's anguish grew as her pussy began to respond, despite her wishes that it not happen. Her pussy began to cream, coating his violating finger. Adding to her shame she found herself beginning to hump her hips back with each of his thrusts, causing his finger to slide deeper into her.

"You like having your pussy fingered," he chuckled apparently noticing her reactions. Sue let her head drop as he slid his index finger in with his middle finger and to her dismay a low moan escaped from her. With his free hand he patted her butt cheek, asking, "Ever finger yourself?"

Sue couldn't answer; she had been taught that girls didn't do things like that. Yet although she had had that drilled into her, during her teen years she had given into the urge. She was ashamed to admit it that she had masturbated herself a few times and worse yet she had rather enjoyed it. She settled for a disgusted grumbling groan as her answer.

"Yeah you like it," he said as he again patted her ass. He began to pump his fingers with a little more force, saying, "Yeah you all act so prim and proper but really you like having your pussy pounded."

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