Private Audition


I skimmed through the magazine, casually stopping at ads that caught my eye. "Safe sex...get paid. Call now." Yeah right, I muttered under my breath. Like someone is going to pay me to fuck! I thought prostitution was illegal, anyway?

Just then I noticed an ad, big as day, screaming, "Actors/Actresses Needed for Adult Film Work. No Experience Necessary. All races, all sizes, all orientations. Must be at least 18 years of age w/ valid ID. Call 1800-555-5151. Auditions from 1pm-3pm daily. Major studios like Vivid, Sin City and others looking for new talent." Shit, I thought. What the hell? I might as go down there and kill some time. I made a pit-stop at the house to get some baby oil, a G-string and some back-breaking stilettos. I slid on another coat of lipstick, checked the address, and headed right over to Richards Blvd. I was clueless to what I was getting myself into.

The line was out the door. It was hotter than 100 degrees in warm sunny Sacramento. Weather this hot was typical, so there was no need complaining. It was the moment where you just grabbed you something to drink, copped someone's seat, and prayed for an occasional breeze to come through. Anyhow, I was prepared for whatever. There were plenty of women doing whatever they could to get themselves through the line faster. There was a surgically-enhanced blonde talking to some man in the corner. She indiscreetly lifted up her dress and he began to stroke her ass. Minutes later, she was on her knees, sucking his dick like a seasoned veteran. Another brunette showcased her "talent" by spreading her pussy as wide as she could and letting various men insert as many fingers as they could, while her girlfriend rubbed her nipples and talked dirty in her ear. It was the circus of freaks, but no one seemed to mind. As the afternoon dragged on, the wilder and dirtier people became. As the saying goes, the heat can make people do strange things.

Just as I was ready to call it quits, the manager, a short, stocky man resembling someone's high school woodshop teacher, yelled that it was almost three and that they would be discontinuing auditions until tomorrow. A collective remarks of "This is some bullshit" and "What? I've been waiting for over an hour," could be heard throughout the crowd. The disgruntled crowd disintegrated from over 200 people to less than 20 in ten minutes.

Damn, I thought. I had better things to do than waste my time with these idiots. I walked back to car, silenty cursing myself. There was nothing in life for free, Mimi. Stop bullshitting and get something together. I popped my belongings in the passenger seat and began to fiddle with the CD player.

"Leaving?" a woman's voice said.

"Yeah, auditions start up again tomorrow. I might try my luck then. Or maybe not."

"Well, I was watching you from the window, and you seem like porn material. What'ya interested in?"

"Girl/girl mainly. All that other shit is not for me," I said, still digging for my Sade CD, which was inconveniently buried under the driver seat under a mound of unpaid bills.

"My name's Janine. The director and I are good friends. Maybe I can pull a few strings for you."

"Huh?" I answered, dumbfoundedly.

I stood up and saw the goddess of lesbian porn before my very eyes. She looked incredibly edible but normal and regular. She didn't have the "superstar of porn" air about her. She almost reminded me of someone's babysitter or older sister. This couldn't be the woman I watch lap pussy on innumerable porns. Her golden blonde hair was pulled up into a high ponytail that stopped just below her neck. Janine wore a very tiny white cut-off T-shirt that was slightly wet. She was braless, and her nipples were stiffer than a dead man's dick. Her cut-off shorts revealed two round firm asscheeks and a taut stomach, and a very thin gold belly chain. Sexy, seductive, but subtle. I was never really into White women before, but she was the exception to the rule.

" can start out by telling me your name and any experience that you may have, if any. It won't hurt, either way. They are looking for new talent, but a little experience never killed anything."

"My name's Mimi. I used to dance in San Francisco at a club called Exotica. I decided to give a hand at porn to see if I'd like it. An ex-friend told me that she was getting into it too. She has done a couple of flicks here and there. Nothing big."

"What's her name?"

"Jasmine. I don't know her professional name, though."

"Look, sweets. It's scorching out here. Let's take this inside."

"Sure," and I followed her into her trailer. Inside it was like a mini portable house on wheels. It was equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, small refrigerator and a cot-like twin-size bed. In one corner, there was a 13 inch TV/VCR. The volume had to be on mute, because you couldn't hear a damn thing. Not to matter, because it was what was on the screen that commanded my attention. It was the scene from "Where the Boy's Aren't #6" where Janine seduces Dyanna Lauren after the "meeting". She starts off with a nipple rub and some aggressive kissing and pretty soon Dyanna is half-naked over the table getting licked doggystyle. Janine doesn't seem to have a problem fufilling her needs as a Dyanna moans and groans in sheer delight. I shifted my weight from one leg to the other, trying to hide my horniness from Janine.

"You seen this before?," she asked, blocking the TV.

"Yes, I had the movie at home. Had before I let someone borrow it and never got it back."

"Do you like watching this one?," she asked, sliding her tongue across her top lip seductively.

"Yes, it gets me wet."

"Me too. I remember like yesterday when we filmed that. Tasting her hot, sloppy hole was pure pleasure. Bending that ass over and sliding my tongue right in....Oooh! She's such a great fuck", she said, sliding her shirt over her head and tossing it to the floor.

Her breasts were picture perfect and beautifully colored. She had bite-size nipples, and her areolas were the size of quarters. She slid her fingers in her shorts, and let out a low moan.

"Ooooh, I am soaked", she moaned, pulling her shorts to the side, revealing a peek of her trimmed snatch.

I just stared in awe, not knowing what to do.

"Do you masturbate?," she asked me, grinning.

"Sure, when I used to dance, I did before I went out on stage. Sometimes my friend and I would do it together...", I replied, voice trailing off.

"Really?" she asked, in peaked interest. I tried to ignore the fact that she had one hand stuffed in her jeans, rubbing her clit and the other fingering her asshole.

"Yes, we fucked around with toys and fingers and everything we could get our hands on. It was something to get you mentally prepared."

"Wanna fuck around now?," she asked, closing the blinds.

Before I could answer, I could feel her tongue, soft and wet, down my throat. Her fingers were massaging my nipples, gently circling them and then a soft squeeze here and there. Her hands explored every inch of my womanhood. From my breasts they manuevered their way down past my stomach and into my jungle of love.

"Unshaven?" she asked, incredulously.

"Yes, more men like it with hair, than without."

She said nothing else, but motioned for me to lie down. She traced my body with her fingers, from my left inner thigh to my right tit, like a giant figure 8, occasionally stopping to plant kisses here and there. She bit my nipple gently and then kissed it, and then licked it. She spread my pussy open and began gently blowing. Her warm breath on my cunt was overwhelming.

She slid one finger in and began to pump rhythmically.


"Oh, you like that, eh?," she asked, placing her finger in my mouth. She then removed her finger from my mouth and slid two fingers in my fuckhole.

"Oh, God....", I moaned, rubbing my nipples.

She added another finger to drive me over the edge. Pumping furiously, she then leaned forward and added her tongue ring to my already-swollen clit.

"That's it.....oooh, lick my clit, baby..."

She replied my removing her fingers and burying her face in between my inner lips. I felt her tongue race to find my G-spot in my bearded clam.


"You taste like....pudding. Chocolate pudding, " she panted, between licks and sucks.

She stopped licking and began to dig in a blue bag on the floor, beside the bed. Out came a long glass dildo that was about twelve inches in length and had three textured knobs at the end of it (these are the same dildos featured on HBO's Real Sex Series) and a bottle of lubricant. She spread the lube all over the dildo as if she were jacking it off,sliding the dildo back and forth rhythmically through her semi-clenched hand. Janine looked downright devilish as she resumed teasing my clit with her tongue ring. It wasn't long before I had almost forgotten about the glass dildo. That was until I felt something pushing itself against my asshole.

"Mmmmmm..", I whimpered.

"Let me in, baby," she whispered, applying more pressure.

"Owww," I cried out in pain.

"It'll only hurt for a minute. Just relax and and it'll go in easier," she instructed.

I relaxed my anal muscles and as promised, the dildo disappeared inside.

"Ooooh...," a moan escaped from my lips, as I tried to adjust to something being in my third---and tightest---hole.

She positioned herself on the straight edge of the toy, opposite me. The smooth edge of the head slid in her cream-drenched hole with ease. Her quim swallowed the dick with one effortless try. With one hand, she controlled the dildo, with the in/out motion from my asshole to her cunt. With the other she fingered her own asshole, which was no stranger to penetration.

"Ooooh, this feels soooo good," she moaned, four fingers deep in her ass.

"Oh, God,", I yelled, feeling a mind-blowing orgasm coming on.

"Come for me, please. Let me taste that sweet fuckjuice," she said.

"Oh, here she goes....", I said spreading my quim open even wider. I had a feeling that I was gonna squirt all over the place, and I was ready.

Janine gently pulled the dildo out of my ass, one textured ball at a time, sending me over the edge. My hot lovejuice came shooting, soaking the towel that was beneath me. I had never came so hard before in my life and it felt good. My body was weak, but I had a grin plastered on my face.

Janine slid one finger back in my jizz-soaked hole, and smiled. Then she firmly planted herself on my face, lips dripping with anticipation.

Her fuzzy trim tickled my nose and mouth as I slid my tongue between her beaver. I began a gentle sucking and pulling motion, watching her labe snap back as I pulled at it. I lapped at her cunt like a dehydrated dog.

"Yesssssss.....", she moaned, grinding her cunt into my face.

I spotted a Pocket Rocket vibrator on the floor next to me and picked it up. I teased her inner things and snatch with the Rocket and then I slid it right between her pink-puckered anus.

The buzz of the vibrator was drowning out her moans, and I began tongue-fucking her even faster than before. I slapped her ass and pinched her tits, all while tongue-bathing her soggy twat.

"Eat it, baby. Circles....circles. Around and around," she moaned, as I pushed the vibe deeper in her bunghole.

Suddenly, a hot salty liquid filled my mouth. I swallowed all that was Janine's orgasm.

"Damn," she exclaimed, examining her twat for any signs of leftover juice missed my mouth. She lie very still, wallowing in her post-fuck afterglow.

Then out of nowhere, the trailer door swung open and there stood the woodshop-teacher looking man, looking quite irritable.

"What the fuck have you been doing for the last two and half hours, Ms. Janine?" he demanded angrily.

"Testing the new talent," she replied, smirking.

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