tagLoving WivesPrivate Island Ch. 02

Private Island Ch. 02


Part II - Saturday

The jet landed smoothly on the runway and taxied to the terminal. When it stopped at the gate we exited the plane with our carry on luggage and found the sign to ground transportation. We stepped outside and let the hot Florida sun warm us for moment before we went to locate the shuttle to the small aircraft terminal. It was late afternoon on a Monday. We sat on the shuttle holding hands on the ride. When the shuttle stopped we exited and entered the terminal. We were directed to a gate where a good looking young man greeted us and asked for our paperwork. He reviewed it and greeted us by name as he walked us out to the tarmac. A Gulfstream corporate jet sat on the runway.

Several other couples were boarding. We joined them and sat down. Three couples were already on the plane. I noticed that everyone looked like they were in good shape, ranged in age from their late twenties to early forties, and were oddly very average looking ordinary people. No one was movie star beautiful, but everyone was attractive.

We chatted with the couple seated opposite from us. Ron and Ashley were in their early 30's. They were as intrigued as we were by the mysterious offer and like us, they couldn't pass it up. Drinks were served and we chatted as the plane readied for take off. There were twelve couples on the plane when the doors closed. We were in the air for about an hour when we started to descend. I was on my third drink and feeling very relaxed. We landed safely and soon were walking down the stairs to the tarmac.

The airport was inland, surrounded by palm trees with only the small building that served as a terminal and a service hanger. We were met by several good looking young men and women who gathered up out limited luggage and led us to a small bus. I thought it was odd that we didn't have to clear customs. When I asked one on the young men simply said, "It's been taken care of." More drinks were served on the bus before we headed down the road.

It was a short drive to the resort which was more beautiful than the photos could convey. We were all escorted to a small ballroom. A beautiful young blond woman dressed in a short tropical sun dress addressed the group. She introduced herself as Katya and welcomed us to our vacation with a Slavic accent. She told that she had our room assignments. We were all expected to attend dinner in the ballroom at 7:30 and our clothes were laid out in our rooms.

We were escorted to our room by one of the young man who met us at the airport. We had learned his name was Brian. He looked about 22 and had an athletic build. We asked him what to expect for tonight. He smiled and said, "A nice quiet dinner and drinks, the real fun starts tomorrow." Brian showed us around our villa. There was a living room, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and two bedroom suites that adjoined. He led us to the larger bedroom where we found a closet and dresser full of clothes. Shorts and a hawiian shirt were on the bed next to a short flowered sun dress which he asked us to change into. Brian told Debbie he hoped to see her tomorrow afternoon, smiled and left.

We freshened up, changed into the clothes and were happy to discover they fit perfectly. We noticed that the room contained no underwear. Debbie looked great in the short dress which was low cut but not too revealing. We sat on the deck that could be accessed from both our bedroom and the kitchen room and enjoyed the view of the beach while enjoying a cocktail before we headed to dinner.

We were seated across from Ron and Ashley. Name cards on the table marked our seats. Our hostess greeted us and while wine was poured she invited us to enjoy a casual meal and get to know each other. We were invited to walk around the resort after dinner, but were urged to retire early to get good nights sleep,

We also met Bob and Vickie, a couple in their late thirties as well as Rhonda and Jim, a couple in their early forties. Everyone was curious about the vacation, the resort, and what to expect. No one had ever been to an adult resort or nude beach. We all led pretty quiet normal middle class lives.

About 9:30 we headed back to our villa. We were joined by Bob and Vickie who suggested a walk on the beach. We kicked off our sandals and enjoyed the warm night air and sea breeze. The resort had about 20 villas, the main building where we had dinner, and several smaller buildings whose appearance did not explain the purpose. The pool was very large with a swim up bar at either end. I considered a swim but feeling a bit tired I suggested we call it a night. I was feeling hornier than usual and wanted to get Debbie back to the room.

We parted company with Bob and Vickie. When we hugged goodbye Vickie held me tight. I began to feel aroused as her braless small breasts pressed against my chest. I was more excited that I should have been from a mere hug. She lingered, which I didn't mind and I noticed that Debbie was doing the same with Bob. We entered the villa from the deck and entered the bedroom. I spied our night clothes laid out on the bed, a pair of boxers for me and a short night shirt for Deb. Debbie used the bathroom and changed. She looked sexy as hell when she came out. I went in the bathroom to take care of business and change as well.

I joined Debbie in bed. There was no TV so we talked about the events of the day.

I said, "Well it seems pretty normal so far. Everyone we've met is down to earth. I wonder when the freaks will come out?"

Debbie was lying on her side facing me. The night shirt was resting high on her thighs and I noticed her nipples poking at the sheer fabric.

I asked, "I don't know if it's the drinks, the weather, or being stress free but I feel funny. What about you?"

"I feel horny if that's what you mean." She rolled over closer to kiss me.

Our tongues swirled briefly and when we broke off the kiss I said, "I do to but when I hugged Vicki it felt, I don't know, more exciting than it should have."

"I guess I felt the same way with Bob. I think it's the tropical weather. No winter and no work."

She kissed me again, tracing her index finger down my arm and onto my thigh. We continued to kiss my lips moving to her ear lobe and neck. Deb grabbed my dick through the material of the boxers. My cock started getting really hard. She kissed and played with my dick as I moved my lips down to her chest. My hand moved to caress her tits. Debbie dropper her head to my groin and started sucking on by dick through the boxers.

My cock was rock hard and soon it was pushing out of slit in the boxers. Debbie took my dick into her mouth and slowly started to move up and down the shaft. She felt great; my whole body was shivered with excitement when she pushed me on my back with one hand while squeezing my balls with the other. After several minutes Debbie slid her mouth up the shaft and lifted her mouth off my cock.

She looked at me with her brown eyes sparkling with lust then said, "I want to fuck you."

I thought about the few times I said that to her and got a withering look before she reminded me that we "made love". I decided to shut up and go with the moment.

Deb roughly pulled boxers off and stradled me. She grabbed my cock and pointed it toward her pussy. I could see the moisture that coated her labia as she aimed the tip of my cock at her waiting hole. I moaned as my glans made contact and was enveloped by her womanhood. She slid down onto my pole quickly. I convulsed as our groins met. She felt amazing.

Debbie fucked me hard and fast. I was surprised and pleased with her aggressiveness. I started to unbutton the night shirt. She stopped me and pulled it off over her head. My hands flew to her breast, gently pinching her small hard nipples. She rode me for long time before I finally felt the cum rising from my balls. I told her I was getting close to cumming and she ground down hard on me. I grabbed her hips and pushed up to meet her downward thrusts.

She moaned, bit her lip, leaned back and said, "Cum to me baby, cum in me, Oh God, fuckkkk, I'm cumming" I could feel her already wet pussy get wetter. I watched my cock sliding in and out her creamy juices coated my cock pooling at the base of my shaft.

I rolled over with Debbie still impaled on my cock. My hands grasped her ankles and moved them to my shoulders. Leaning forward her ass raised up off the bed slightly as I slammed into her forcefully. I felt the cum boiling toward the end of my dick and couldn't stop it. It burst out and shot into her soaked pussy. Debbie was cumming again and I ground my crotch on her clit until she let out a squeal of pleasure and I collapsed on top of her.

We kissed and held each other tight and soon fell asleep.

Much to my surprise we woke up at about 7:00. We showered and dressed. Debbie made coffee and we sat on the deck in the short lightweight robes we found in the bathroom. The villas were all about 100 ft apart. We waved at some of the other couples who were outside. When I went to get more coffee I noticed a letter near the door. It was the schedule for the day. Breakfast was served from 8:00 – 9:00, and then we were free to spend the morning as we wished. At 1:00 Lunch would be served followed by massages in the afternoon, cocktails at 6:00 and dinner at 7:30.

It was almost 8:00 so we decided to put our swimsuits on under the robes and go to breakfast. Debbie had a choice of seven swimsuits, all two piece, none of which could be termed modest. She chose a yellow one which caused me to start singing the itsy bitsy bikini song. Debbie did not find me amusing. I too had seven suits to choose from. My suits, like hers were very tight and small.

We arrived at breakfast and ordered. No formal seating this time. Ron and Ashley joined us.

Ron asked how our night and Debbie blushed a little and said we spent some time together.

Ashley also smiling agreed.

Ron said, "I'm looking forward to the massage."

Ashley concurred and said how much she loved a good massage.

Debbie asked, "Will the masseurs be same sex or opposite?" This led to a discussion on the virtues and pitfalls of each.

After breakfast we all headed down to the beach. The water was crystal clear and we spent the early morning darkening our booth tans in the real sun, swimming and playing volleyball. We met Ted and Brooke who were with Monica and Pet. All were in their thirties. Ben and Stacy were there with Tony and Anna who appeared to be in their late twenties. Everyone wore the sexy swimsuits. Almost everyone commented that the suits were a bit more daring than those they normally wore.

We decided to head to the pool as lunch neared. I got a round of mojitos. We sat in the shade and sipped at the drinks and were joined by Ben and Stacy.

Ben commented, "Well the crowd seems to be pretty small and in spite of what I expected pretty tame. Maybe they screened out all the wild folks."

I thought for a moment then agreed that it was pretty quiet. I wasn't sure about the wild folks though.

We were all relieved to be away from the daily grind. Quiet was good.

After three rounds of drinks we headed to lunch where we were served light fare and more drinks. I was feeling a little drunk by the time we finished. An attractive young lady who introduced herself as Lauren came in and rounded up the men to lead them to the athletic building for our massages. As we started down the hall we chatted and wondered why we were split up by gender.

Lauren led us to a large building on the far side of the resort. It was about a ten minute walk. We entered the building and were instructed to shower. Our masseuse would meet us in the room. Lauren dropped us off one by one in private rooms. Each had a shower and a massage table. The room larger than it needed to be with large empty area. There were mirrors on each wall. I undressed and showered. When I finished I wrapped a towel around my waist and lay on the table face down.

A few minutes later the door opened. In keeping with the theme of the staff a beautiful young woman joined me. She said her name was Katie; she was mid height with shoulder length blond hair. She a short robe tied at the waist. The v of the robe showed a good deal of cleavage though her breasts were not that large. I admired firm thick muscular legs. I guessed she was a soccer player. Speaking with an accent from northern England she asked if I took massages often.

I told her I rarely did.

She assured me I would feel great when we were done. She adjusted the table height, applied some oil to my back and began working on my shoulders. She stood to my left and I had to agree that she was right. I was feeling better already. Her soft hands worked wonders on my muscles. I was getting very relaxed when she moved down to my feet.

She slowly worked up my legs, applying more oil as needed. Her light banter was quite soothing and she put me at ease. I learned that she was twenty-one and had indeed played "football" for her school team. She asked if she could move the towel so I rose up a little to loosen it. She surprised me a bit when she then pulled it away but soon laid it across my bottom below my waist and at the top edge of thighs.

As more of a statement than a questions she said, "You don't mind me seeing your bum, do you?" with a teasing lilt in her voice.

I replied, "No, no, not at all." Sounding a little clumsy and embarrassed despite my best effort to seem nonplussed.

Her hands were high on my thighs when I felt her brush against my scrotum. It happened two more times. I tried not to react but watching this beautiful girl in the mirrors combined with her gentle touch was making me a little excited.

She leaned close to my face and asked, "Do you want your glutes massaged?"

I stammered back "Yea, um sure, why not."

And she folded the towel up on to my back and worked my cheeks. Her fingers again brushed my sac and touched and even lingered on my anus. My cock was beginning to harden.

Katie replaced the towel and told me to roll over. I hesitated due to my slight erection. I was hoping the towel would hide it but she noticed commenting, "Oh my, aren't you a happy fellow. Don't worry; I seem to have that effect on men." I was turning red when she applied the oil to my right arm. She continued to chat putting me at ease and my erection started to recede.

She stopped and said, "I need more oil walking to the cabinet at my feet. She bent over to access the bottom drawer and the robe slid up her bare ass was exposed. I could see the small piece of material from the thong barely coving her vagina. My cock started to firm up again. She returned to my side grinning mischievously and then leaned across my body to grab my left arm. Her breasts brushed against my chin and chest.

She pulled the arm toward her and glanced at the towel and seeing the tent looked back at me and grinned. She finished the arm and oiled my chest. As she slowly began working my pecs she coyly brushed her finger tips across my nipples. My stomach was next and she moved the towel down far enough that semi hard penis was almost exposed. Katie moved down to my legs and again when she got to my thighs she grazed my tight ball sac with her nails.

She looked at me and said, "You seem quite tense under here." And slid her hand under the towel making intentional contact with scrotum. "Can I work that out for you?"

I was sure I wanted her to, but Debbie's face popped into my mind. I responded, "Um, well my wife is here and that may, uh not be..."

She pulled off the towel to unveil my hard cock and said with a wicked leer, "Well, you know, she is having a massage right now with Brian. I'm sure she's having all her tight muscles worked out."

I thought of Debbie with young muscular Brian.

Before I could dwell on the thought Katie said, "it's awfully warm work this massage." as she untied the robe and slid it off her shoulders. Her firm breasts and muscular abdomen were exposed and my cock twitched. She giggled and said, "He certainly wants to be massaged, may I? She poured oil over my dick and without waiting for answer wrapped her fingers around my throbbing member.

Her touch felt electric. I caved in and dumbly nodded yes.

Katie began stroking up and down my cock with both hands before she moved her right hand to cup and squeeze my balls. She continued to slide her left hand up and down and around my rigid shaft. Her head lowered to my ear. I could feel her warm breath when she said, "I'll get the knot out of this muscle, no problem." After a few more slow strokes she moved her head and laid it on my stomach with her lips inches from my cock and sped up her motion.

She raised her head up as my hips started to move. I shot my load and it landed on my chest and on the table next to me. Katie continued to pull on my cock until she coaxed the last drop out. She helped me sit up and wiped me off. lightly kissing my cheek, gave me a knowing smile, told me to get cleaned up, put her robe on and left.

I cleaned up, dressed, and then exited the room. Lauren was waiting in the foyer and grinning broadly asked if I had a good massage. I acknowledged that I had and hurried outside making my way back to the villa. Debbie wasn't back yet. I was at first relieved. I was wondering how to bring up the "full service" massage. Especially when I thought of her being massaged by Brian. I spotted a very large flat screen TV on the dresser opposite foot of the bed. It wasn't there when we left in the morning. I found the remote and turned it on. I was shocked when I saw what was on the screen. It was video of Debbie and me in our bedroom making love. I watched and noticed that our lovemaking from last night was displayed from various angles. I looked around the room trying to spot the cameras.

I flipped the channel and the next channel showed Katie massaging me. At that moment Debbie entered through the door from the deck. She looked at me and seemed a little uncomfortable. Then she saw the TV and what was on the screen and gasped. I panicked and changed the channel still looking at Debbie. Her eyes were still on the screen and she gasped again. I turned around and saw Brian massaging Debbie on the screen.

I hit the channel up again and it returned to the view of us last night. I turned it off. Debbie had walked toward the screen and looked back at me when it turned off. She picked up a letter from the dresser. She opened it and read it aloud. It explained that we should watch the three available channels together and decide if we wanted to stay or not. I knew that I would have to tell her about the massage but didn't think that she would get see it as it happened.

I asked, "I don't know for sure what happened with your massage but mine was more than I expected."

She looked down, then into my eyes and nodded and replied, "Mine too, I hope you're not mad, but...."

I reached out and pulled her to me kissing her forehead. I asked "Do you want to stay or go?"

Debbie replied, "What do you want to do?" "I don't know. I mean ... I, we've never done anything like this before. But.... It's really exciting. This is the most erotic experience, but I ..."

About this time we heard some yelling coming from at least one of the other villas. We looked at each other and knew that while we were trying to figure out how we felt, others were quite clear in their feelings.

Debbie suggested we follow the instructions and watch the video. She turned the set on; we sat on the end of the bed watched video of us together. We had made homemade videos of our lovemaking, but the camera angles and views were far better than our efforts. I looked around the room and decided the cameras were in the light fixtures and wall décor. By the time we were fucking on screen my dick was getting hard. I had my arm around Debbie and touched her breast and found her nipples were stiff with excitement.

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