This is a story about what it takes to be in professional sports. For you little censors out there, note that sex doesn't enter the picture until all the characters are eighteen or older.


The first time she saw him she was only twelve but she knew that one day he would be hers and hers alone. She practically ran home after school that day.

"Mama," she chattered excitedly, "I saw the cutest boy at school today. I want to date him!"

"Now Monique, you know you are too young to date. What is so wonderful about this kid? I've never seen you act like this over a boy," her mother, Cybil, chided.

"I don't know mom. There is just something different about him. I'm afraid that if I don't get to date him, some slut will come zooming in and he'll be gone forever!"

"If he is worth anything, he can stand a slut assault. You guys are so young! Later on, if you still like him, you can date him, okay?"

"Okay mom, but can I still be friends with him?"

"Of course honey. Just don't do anything stupid."

It took a year for Monique to bring him home.

"Mama, this is Gerald Pearson. He's the one I told you about!" she squeaked.

After seeing Gerald, Monique's mom could easily see what had attracted her daughter. Gerald was tall with short curly blond hair. He had a winning smile and exuded an air of confidence when he talked.

"I'm very pleased to meet you Mrs. Moraine. Monique has told me a lot about you. I must say that I can see where see gets her beauty."

A little shiver ran down Cybil's spine. She knew that his boy would eventually take her daughter and she knew there was nothing she could do about it. He moved with the grace of a tiger. Just looking at him, she knew he was very strong. He was quite handsome and well mannered.

"Come in the living room and sit down," Cybil said.

Both teenagers followed her into the room.

"Have a seat," she instructed.

With a note of finality in her voice, Cybil told them, "Since you are both going through puberty, I want to discuss some things related to young teenagers. First," she said looking directly at Gerald, "My daughter is too young to be sexually active. You are too. You only have one chance to do this the right way and if you blow it, the consequences can be horrendous. Do you understand?"

"Yes maam," Gerald answered. "We discussed this in sex education class and Monique has decided she wants to be a virgin when she gets married. So do I. I'm not saying your fears are groundless because Monique is a truly beautiful person and anyone who is around her will be sorely tempted but I promise you that I'll be chaste until we are much older."

"Yes mama, I know that our hormones will boil from time to time but we will just have to exercise some control over our temptations. When the time is right and if Gerald is the right one then I will give myself to him."

They seemed entirely too level headed for thirteen year olds, but Cybil knew that enough had been said for now.

"Okay, so much for the morality lecture. How are you doing in school Gerald?"

"I am getting straight "A"s. Next year I'm going to be the quarterback on the football team. Until then I have a part time job at my dad's feed store."

Somehow that seemed to relieve Cybil. If only he weren't so damned perfect! She fed them some grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and then they escaped to the park.

"Sometimes mama can be such a pain!" exclaimed Monique.

"You should be glad she is looking out for you. Some mothers don't give a damn about their kids."

"I suppose you're right. Let's walk around the pond and then I have to go home."

Hand in hand they toured the park. They held hands all the way home.

On the front porch she kissed his cheek. "Thanks for a great time Gerald."

"Anything for you Monique."

It was two years before Cybil let them date. They came into the house one day for lunch after walking in the park.

Cybil looked at Gerald and said, "If you like my daughter so much, why don't you take her to a ball game or a movie?"

"Oh wow!!! Really? I didn't know we could date. Monique, I want to take you to a movie."

"Okay," she accepted demurely. "Thanks mama."

On the first date they sat way up in the back of the balcony holding hands and looking at each other.

"We're not watching much of the movies," Monique observed.

"I'm not here to watch the movie. I came here to look at you up close and personal."

"In that case," she giggled, "you should at least put your arm around me so I can't escape."

"Good idea," agreed Gerald. He slipped his arm around her while still holding one of her hands.

"You're so sweet," she remarked, reaching up to kiss his cheek.

He kissed her forehead and they settled into each other. By the time the movie was over they were both smiling and happy. Gerald walked her home. When she opened the door she suddenly pulled his head down to her and briefly pecked his lips. Cybil watched through the living room curtains and knew it wouldn't be long until they got really serious.

"Did you have a good time?" Cybil asked her.

"Oh mama, it was great! I even kissed him goodnight."

"Well, just be careful. These things can get out of hand fast when you are young."

"We'll be okay mama. We made a promise and we'll keep it."

By the time they were seniors, Gerald's athletic prowess was known throughout the region. He was recruited on a full athletic scholarship to the University of Southern California. Monique's grades were good enough for the honor roll. She applied for and obtained a scholarship to the same school. Cybil was happy for the kids but she knew it wouldn't be long until they wouldn't be able to restrain themselves.

"So what are your intentions toward my daughter?" Carol inquired of Gerald.

"You must know by now that I'm in love with her. I intend to marry her this summer before we go to college because I know I won't be able to control myself if I'm around her all the time."

"Does she know what your plans are?"

"Not yet. I've bought her a ring and I'm going to give it to her today unless you have some major objection."

"Actually Gerald, I've been hoping for something like this from the first day I met you. I will be proud and happy to have you as a son in law."

Gerald let out a big sigh. "You can't imagine how relieved I am to hear that! I had envisioned all sorts of negative scenarios. I really love your daughter."

"I've known about that since you two were in junior high. Be good to her. Don't ever hurt her and I'll love you forever."

Cybil hugged him to her and kissed his cheek. Then she sat on the sofa and softly sobbed. Monique came into the room.

"What's wrong mama? Gerald, did you say something to my mama?"

"Yes I did. Sit down on the sofa. You need to hear this too."

Monique sat down and her heart sank. She was sure Gerald, her true love, was going to dump her.

Gerald knelt in front of her and produced the ring.

"Make me the happiest man alive and say you'll marry me," he begged as he slipped the engagement ring on her finger.

She jumped off the sofa and pinned him to the floor.

"Of course I'll marry you Gerald. I've spent years tracking you down. I've dreamed of this moment from the day I first met you. I love you!"

Cybil smiled down at the young people as they kissed each other deeply.

"Okay guys, let's have some lunch," she said.

"Wait a minute mama. I haven't had enough of my fiancé!"

Monique kissed him again as her mother departed for the kitchen. Then she helped him to his feet. He grinned at her, hoisted her off the ground and squeezed her tight while kissing her again.

"Get a room!" Cybil's voice rang from the kitchen.

"You shouldn't even suggest such a thing mama. I might kidnap him and drag him off to my room."

"Go ahead! It's about time you two got serious!"

"Oh mama, I was just kidding. In only three weeks we'll be married. Don't forget that we made a promise."

"I may drag you off to your room myself!" exclaimed Gerald. "I could eat you for lunch!"

Just as he was getting ready to carry her away, Cybil arrived with a platter of BLT's and soup.

"Thank you mama! You have saved me from a ravenous beast who was going to carry me off and eat me!"

"I'm going to the bank right after lunch. Maybe he can have you for desert."

"Mama! Are you pimping me out?"

"Draw your own conclusions. You're a big girl. Do whatever spins your prop!"

All three of them ate lunch. Carol headed for the bank.

"Do you think she was serious?" Monique asked Gerald.

"I don't know about her but I know I was serious. Let's go to your room and we'll explore some possibilities," Gerald grinned.

"Well, okay as long as we stop short of the big moment. I want to save that for our wedding night."

She grabbed his hand and led him to her room. Once inside she gripped his cock through his pants and guided him to her bed. They sat down together and engaged in a deep, deep lover's kiss.

"Take your pants off," she grunted.

Gerald dropped his pants and his boxers. His cock sprang free and upright in front of her. She grabbed it and licked the drop of precum from the end.

"It's beautiful," she remarked and then she swallowed as much of his cock as she could.

Gerald had never felt anything like that in his life. He thought he might cum immediately.

"Monique that feels so damned good. You're gonna make me cum in your mouth!"

She pulled his hard dick from her mouth and smiled up at him.

"Well, yeah! That's the object of this exercise!"

She inhaled him again, sucking him off while she massaged his nuts. She felt him swell in her mouth so she squeezed his balls and he went off like a howitzer. It was hot and sweet and salty. It had a strange flavor but it was a flavor she knew she liked. After all, it was Gerald! Gerald was lying back on her bed twitching and moaning lightly.

"Oh honey, that was they most fantastic thing I've ever felt."

"I'm glad you like it 'cause I'll be doing lots more of it! Now it's my turn," she said as she slid her panties to the floor and hoisted her dress over her breasts. Gerald stared at her pussy. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She leaned back on the edge of the bed and Gerald crawled in between her legs.

"I hope I do this right. I've never eaten a pussy before," he confessed.

"I would be disappointed if you had. You've been my boyfriend since before we were old enough for this kind of thing. Now, you may lick me. Suck on my clit. Make me cum!"

The closer Gerald got to her pussy, the better he liked it. He knew he would spend many happy hours worshipping at Monique's love altar. Her pussy was perfect. It looked like a rose carved into her body. He gently licked her folds. She moaned.

"More, more, harder!" she begged.

Gerald began licking her in earnest. He quickly located her clit and sucked it into his lips. He didn't know what else to do with it so he rubbed it with his tongue. Monique went insane! She almost broke his nose as her hips shot off the mattress.

"Oh God!!!" she cried.

Gerald knew he had discovered something good so he went right back to massaging her clit with his tongue. An ocean of fluid was draining from her and he licked it all up. She tasted so good! She was still bucking like the main attraction at the rodeo. He held her hips tight into his mouth so she wouldn't throw him off. He felt her start to shake, her pussy lips quivering as he sucked her to her climax. She collapsed, exhausted and he held her tight and kissed her lips.

"When we're married, you've got to eat me every day!"

"It's a deal! We may have to explore the wonders of sixty nine."

"Okay, let's do it now."

"Your mom will be home soon. We don't want our moaning and grunting to permeate the house while she's here."

"That's true. If real sex is anything like oral sex, we're going to have all kinds of fun," she remarked playfully.

They got dressed just in time. Mama came through the door as they were settling into the sofa. She immediately noticed that they had been engaged in some kind of physical activity. As she got closer, she detected the sweet aroma of sex.

"How far did you guys go?" she asked with an innocent look on her face.

"Uh, well, er, ah we just tried some preliminary stuff," Gerald stuttered.

"Yeah, you know, exploratory things," Monique affirmed.

"Don't worry. You guys aren't in trouble. Actually, I'm surprised that Monique doesn't have a couple of kids already!"

"Mama!" cried Monique, "That's not what we promised!"

"Yeah, I know but it's just so seldom that young, horny teenagers can keep those kinds of promises. I know I never could."

Monique and Gerald looked at her with questions in their eyes.

"No, I'm not going to reveal the secrets of my misspent youth. You will just have to guess."

Gerald and Monique spent a great deal of time kissing and feeling each other up over the course of the next three weeks. By their wedding day they were a couple of panting, sweating, horny animals.

Monique was quivering in anticipation as they said their vows. Gerald was a complete bundle of nerves too. He kissed her at the appropriate time and didn't want to let her go. If they hadn't been in a church, they would have done it right there on the floor. They raced outside to the waiting limo which hauled them to Monique's house where they changed clothes.

The private jet jumped off the ground at LAX and headed for Aspen. He almost did her in the airplane but sanity prevailed. The Aspen limo took them to their honeymoon cottage high in the Rockies. The chauffer carried their bags inside and then left.

Gerald scooped up his prize and carried her across the threshold. As soon as her feet touched the ground she grabbed the back of his head and pulled his hungry lips down to hers.

"We're overdressed," she panted.

Gerald picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. He sat her gently on the bed. She kicked her shoes off while he fiddled around with the zipper on her dress. Her hands found his pants and she slowly stripped them from him. He pulled her dress off and stroked her magnificent breasts through her bra. She pulled his shirt from him and soon he was dressed in only his boxers. Removing her bra revealed her twin mounds. The nipples were small and pink and hard. His boxers and her panties hit the floor about the same time. They hugged each other naked for the first time.

"This is so much better without clothes," she whispered. "Touch me."

He massaged her breasts as they fell onto the bed. Sucking her nipples one at a time made her moan with pleasure. His hand dropped to her dampening prize and he rubbed her vulva.

"This is gonna be so good," she quietly remarked as she jacked his cock slowly.

"Now is the time for us to try that sixty nine stuff," he replied, shifting his position so her pussy was directly over his watering mouth.

Her aroma was wonderfully intense as her body prepared for the ultimate pleasure. He lapped up the drops of dew that were dripping from her swollen sex. His tongue found her slit and he licked it just as her lips closed over his throbbing cock. He almost came at the first sign of suction but managed to hold off as he licked her clit. She tried to scream but his cock was down her throat so all she could do was produce a little humming sound that was driving him crazy.

"Wait a minute," he exclaimed, "I want to be in you when we cum for the first time together."

She crawled up his body and they engaged in a deep lover's kiss. She felt so good lying on him.

"Now is the time, isn't it?" she whispered.

"Yes honey, this is it. Our first time. We'll remember this forever."

She rolled onto her back and he mounted her. Soon his cock was at her entrance.

"This is going to hurt a little, but I'm a big girl now and I'm so ready to feel you inside me. Do it! Do me! Make me yours!"

Her cherry popped as soon as he entered her. She squeaked a little but she didn't shed a tear. Slowly he sank into her until his cock was in as far as it would go. He held still within her, giving her time to adjust to him. Both of them were sweating lightly, their perspiration started to mingle with their love juices.

"Oh Gerald, it feels better than I had ever hoped. Come on. Let's do it hard!"

With that she started to hump against him causing his cock to slip in and out of her. He got the idea and started pumping into her. She rammed her tongue into his mouth and he twisted his tongue around hers. They moaned deeply into the kiss as their genitals pounded together. She felt complete, all she needed was a big shot of semen and all her dreams would come true.

Gerald felt that feeling down deep in his balls.

"I'm gonna cum in you," he panted.

She was breathing so hard she couldn't reply. Her orgasm was at hand. She screamed as her cunt clamped down on his pulsating member. Then she felt his cum squirting into her. It was better than she had ever dreamed. She hugged him harder as he emptied his nuts into her.

"Leave it in me," she puffed.

"Forever," he replied.

They drifted down from their orgasmic high. She giggled.

"What's funny?" he asked.

"It's not funny. I just realized I'm not a virgin anymore. You have relieved me of my innocence."

She rolled on top of him and bounced on his deflating cock a few times. Much to her chagrin, it fell out.

"Oh, boo!" she pouted. "I'm a little sore but I want some more."

"So do I, but we'll have to wait for nature to pump it back up," he replied.

"I think nature may need a hand!" she exclaimed, grabbing his wet cock and squeezing it rhythmically.

In a few minutes it started to swell in her hand. The more she squeezed, the harder it got. She jumped on top of Gerald and rammed their cock into her hungry pussy.

"Home again!" she gleefully remarked as she started bouncing up and down on his now hard rod.

"I don't want to ever stop. This is as good as life is going to get!" she declared.

"Yes, yes," he cried as he thrust his hips into the air.

His cock slid deeper into her as she happily bounced toward her reward. Her pussy twitched and quivered, signaling the approach of her next climax. He felt her clinch their cock as she screamed her release. She collapsed in a shaking heap on top of him as he filled her with the stuff she craved. Her heavy breathing indicated her reluctant return to the real world. She sat up. They were still coupled. She could feel his juices slipping around in her. Their cock jerked as he came yet again.

"I've got the most wonderful pecker in the world!" she exclaimed. "It's not yours any longer, it belongs to me now. It's is mine!"

"As luck would have it, I own the most beautiful pussy on earth. I know what's mine and I'm keeping it!" he told her.

She leaned forward with their cock still inside her and kissed him. He licked her lips and sucked on her neck. They lay entangled for an hour, giggling and feeling each other.

Finally he said, "Let's get a shower and change these sheets."

"I want to keep the top one. It has the evidence of my virginity on it," she informed him.

"No sweat honey. You can have anything you want."

He got out of bed and pulled her to her feet. Arm in arm they wobbled to the shower.

"When we are nice and clean, I want to get a real good look at our dick," she said.

"No problem sweets. You can play with it all you want. After all, it belongs to you!"

His big hands massaged her all over as he soaped her body paying particular attention to her tits, nipples and pussy. She squeaked when he washed her asshole.

"What are you doing," she giggled.

"I'm washing your best parts," he answered.

She turned to him and kissed him as she started soaping his big body. She washed him all over too, attending to her newly acquired pecker last of all. After half an hour of shower games they got out and dried each other off, once again moving to the bedroom.

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