It's only 3:30, Sire won't be home till well after 6:00. (I'm sure you can guess what's going to happen here). I lounged on our huge California king-sized bed. Game Cube remote controller in hand, I intensely tried to concentrate on the turns of the race. I lost as usual.

Bored, I rolled over and thought about all the chores I needed to do before Sire got home: the dishes from breakfast, make the bed, straighten up the living room, and study. It would all only take me 45 minutes at the most. Sire wouldn't know I hadn't studied. Plus, it was Friday, I had all weekend to study. A pang of guilt struck me. If he asked would I lie?

I remembered the last time I was caught in a lie. It was the first time he had really punished me. He had used the belt on me. I remembered the guilt and the shame. I remembered the tears I cried for him. He was so disappointed. He hated to beat me like that.

He didn't stop and rub my ass lovingly like he usually did in between smacks with his hand. He didn't slide his finger into my pussy and tease me till I was begging. He just beat me, and then held my shaking, sore body till I fell asleep. I shivered remembering the night.

Living a submissive lifestyle was all so new to me. I always knew that I needed to submit, needed to be dominated. I just never thought it was a normal exploration. I craved something deep inside of me. Just the thought of being told what to do, sexually or not, gave me shivers. And I'm not the dominant woman executive type, ruling the corporate world by day, needing a spanking by night. Nope, my whole day and night desired the rules. 24/7 I wanted to taste the release of giving myself to another. I knew that submission for me had to be a whole lifestyle to truly satisfy me.

And this is not to say that I am not a stubborn forceful person on my own. I'm a Taurus, all I think about is how to get my way. The thing is that my way is to belong to another. This has always been quite the conundrum for me. But with Sire, I can freely explore my needs and desires.

I awoke from my memory as my timer went off letting me know I had an hour and a half till Sire would be home. Planned procrastination. I had a routine. After I got home from class, I always knew exactly how much time I had to complete my chores. I always waited till the last minute. I don't know why, I couldn't seem to help it. In the meantime, I watched TV, chatted online, played video games, and occasionally sneaked a quickie with myself.

Once again, a pang of guilt hit me. I was supposed to call and ask permission before masturbating. But he hadn't picked up the phone when I called before. Besides, I hated to have to ask that. And he knew it.

I thought about that now. I always feel like I have two people in me. One wants and needs the domination; needs to be taught lessons through discipline. But the other fights it and tries her best to avoid it all. But both await the secret pleasure of the consequences. Sometimes I have to wonder if I push Sire. Am I subconsciously looking for ways to force him to punish me? 'Topping from the bottom' he called it. I don't mean to be manipulative, that's disrespectful of course. So why do I do things that I know are wrong? Maybe just to see if I can get away with it. I have to know.

I sighed and looked at the clock. I had time if I hurried. I hopped out the bed, and went to the dresser with all the toys. I slowly opened a drawer, taking a mental note of where everything laid so I could return it without notice, and picked out my favorite: little dickie, a small bullet vibrator. Just looking in the drawer at all our toys excited me. The expectation of my upcoming orgasm made me grin.

I jumped back on the bed, and wiggled out of my panties. I lay on my back, bent my legs, and spread my knees. I clicked on the tiny bullet vibrator, and smiled at the sweet sound of its humming. I placed the head of the bullet on the tip of my clit, and closed my eyes, concentrating on the task at hand; I didn't have too much time. I thought of my Sire licking my clit, playing with the tiny bud till it grew and twitched at his every breath. I spread my lips and raised the hood to expose her. I made tiny circles with the vibrator clockwise, and then counter. I dipped the tiny bullet into my pussy, and wiggled it around, then slid it out and resumed my circles around my clit.

"Mmmmmmm," a moan escaped my lips.

I slid my left hand under my shirt and squeezed my breasts. I caressed my soft caramel colored skin raising goosebumps. I gently flicked the small ring in my nipple and twisted it a little. I was getting close. Then suddenly a thought invaded my mind. I remembered all the literotica stories of careless subs getting caught masturbating. I opened my eyes. Everything was the same. No towering Sire glaring down at me from above, belt in hand. Though the clock did say I only had about 40 minutes left until his arrival. I quickly shut my eyes and continued my thoughts of Sire licking my clit, and I soon came.

Whew, I felt so much better. I lay there enjoying the throbbing between my legs, and waited for my heartbeat to return to normal. Then, once again my feelings of guilt returned. I sat up and looked at the clock. I was really pushing things. My guilty feelings left as I thought of what Sire would do to me if he came home before I finished all my chores.

I rolled out of bed, and went straight to the kitchen, where I ran the hot water, poured in the Dawn, and scrubbed as fast as I could. With that done I rushed to the living room and threw the pillows in place and picked up the magazines from the floor. I finished, and looked at the clock, I had just enough time to take a bath and wash my crime from between my legs. I ran to the bathroom and ran the water, got in the tub and started washing up. Then I heard something and instantly froze. Was that the door? Oh shit! Oh my God! Oh shit.

"Girl!" he bellowed.

I nearly broke my neck scrambling out of the tub. I ran out of the bathroom dripping wet with suds all over my body. He stood in the bedroom doorway; a wrapped gift in one hand, and a bouquet of wild flowers hanging down in the other hand.

I stood there, staring at him. I didn't know what to do. An eternity passed. I watched his eyes. I saw sadness, disappointment and something else that I couldn't identify. Then I watched as his gaze turned to the bed askew with sheets and pillows. And finally his eyes went to the opposite side of the room to the open drawer of the dresser. I panicked and looked back at the bed at the vibrator half covered by a pillow. He followed my gaze and anger replaced the sad, disappointed look on his face. This all happened in a few seconds, but it all seemed to go in slow motion. I swear his eyes turned red. Should I run back into the bathroom and lock the door, till he had time to cool down? Yeah right.

"Floor," he growled.

He threw the flowers in the small trashcan, and set the gift on the dresser. I hesitated for a split second and then ran to kneel in front of him. I pushed my chest out, crossed my ankles, grabbed my right wrist behind my back, and lowered my head. I'm sure he could see me shaking. Should I apologize? Should I look up at him? He just stood there. Say something, I thought. I shivered as the cold air cooled the water on my body.

"Who do you belong to?" he asked.

"You Sire," I replied.

He stood there for another minute. My body continued to drip, I could feel droplets of water slide down my back and arms and watched a single drop quiver on the tip of my nipple, and fall onto the damp carpet below me. I couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm so sorry, Sire," I started, "I didn't..."

Then smack! He backhanded me so fast; I didn't even see it coming. I landed on all fours on the floor. He had never hit me like that before. I put my hand to my face and felt my stinging cheek, hot tears rolled down my face. I had screwed up big this time. I quickly sat up and got back into position. I wouldn't do anything else to fuel his rage. I cursed myself for speaking without his permission. How much deeper could I dig my hole? Damn. I waited again, silent.

"Your procrastination has finally caught up to you, girl," he said. "Here I am, coming home early with flowers and a special gift for my girl, only to find her chores undone and her vibrator on the bed. Did I not specifically say that your chores are the first thing you must do when you get home?"

Was I supposed to answer? I nodded slowly hoping that that was the right thing to do.

"You left a dirty pan on the stove," he continued, "and you clearly didn't wipe off the table. It looks as if you rushed, girl."

I gulped.

"You know I'm not usually that picky about your straightening up, I could have let those things slide," he stated "but then I walk in here, and what do I find?"

His tone lowers even more. Shit, I never know when to answer his questions. I think this one is rhetorical. He walks around slowly to stand behind me and snatches my hair yanking my head back.

"Answer me, girl!" he growls.

"Uh.... Er.... Bah.... The vibrator on your unmade bed, Sire?" I babble out quickly, barely being able to form the sentence. He lets go of my hair roughly pushing my head forward. I try to slow down my heavy breathing and calm down. I feel myself getting excited. I'm terrified, but I know I probably need what's coming.

"What else?" he asks.

I start to panic. What else? There's something else? I don't know. I dart my eyes back and forth, my mind spinning.

"Let me help you!" he roars.

He grabs the back of my neck and forces me easily to me feet. He leads me to the desk in the corner and pushes my face into my books.

"Your Organic Chemistry book is in the EXACT spot it was when I left. Studying was definitely on your to do list. What the fuck? Were you going to lie to me, girl? You knew I would ask."

I couldn't answer him. I started crying.

"Don't start crying yet, there will be plenty of time for that later."

I sucked back my sobs and tried to calm down.

"Procrastination," he continued, "is a very bad habit. One I will break you of. Disobedience is something I will not tolerate. And lying, I thought I had cured you of this, but I guess your punishment has to be more severe tonight." He let me go.

"Floor", he said again.

I dropped to my knees in front of him and assumed my position. He took a deep breath and let it out in a deep sigh.

"Do you always wait till the last minute to do your chores?" He asked.

I nodded slowly.

"Hmmm" he hummed thoughtfully. "I knew you were using the vibrator without my permission."

How did he know that? I asked myself.

"That was going to be addressed this weekend." He went on. "Since you're new to this life, I was going to go slow with you and take things gradually. But you're blatant disobedience has shown me that you require more......attention." He paused again. "And not studying. Girl, you have midterms next week. Since your lying punishment, have you told me lies about studying?

I nodded.

Have you told me lies about anything else?"

I nodded again.

"Tell me them now," he said slowly and menacingly.

I didn't hesitate a moment. I needed to tell him, I needed him to know, I needed to be free of my guilt.

"Every day when you come home and you ask me if I have been a good girl, and I say 'yes', most of the time I had used the vibrator." I started with that one, since he knew of it already and didn't seem particularly upset about it. Last week when my account went overdrawn, it wasn't 'cuase I had to put gas in the car; it was because I had bought a pair of sandals. But I didn't know it would..." He put his hand up silencing me. I can't believe I was trying to defend myself at a moment like this.

"What else?" he asked coldly.

"I don't study everyday like I have been saying," I continued, "I usually watch TV or chat online till I feel its time to start cleaning. That's it, that's all."

He chuckled. Which surprised me, was he less angry than I thought?

"Untill YOU feel its time to start" he repeated menacingly." Damn, bad choice of words. "I know you're new at this girl, but I thought we had that much straight. You no longer do things when YOU feel like it. You do them when I tell you to do them, and how I say to do them. Do you understand that?"

I nodded.

"Answer me, girl!" He roared.

"Yes, Sire, I understand." I shivered

He chuckled again. What the hell was so funny? I wondered.

"Do you really understand? I have heard this answer before with you. Yet you continue showing what I believe to be: deliberate disobedience." He paused.

Damn, was I supposed to agree? He sighed deeply. I continued my silence.

"So," he started again, "you like to procrastinate? You like to put things off. You like to wait till later," he said thoughtfully. His new calm thoughtful state worried me a bit.

"First you will receive your punishment for your lying and disobedience," he stated.

He walked towards the dresser and tore open the package. He revealed a riding crop.

"This could be used for pleasure", he stated, "I wanted you to enjoy your first taste, but you have ruined that. Tonight it will only bring you pain."

I shivered as my stomach twisted into tight knots.

"Bed" he commanded.

I jumped up and crawled onto the bed. I lay on my stomach, ankles crossed and hands on the back of my neck. Last time I was in this position he had made my ass red and sore.

I didn't have to wait long. He whacked me. "Yeouch!" It wasn't the hardest he had ever hit me, but I didn't get a warning at all. The first hit burned across my right ass cheek. I felt the heat spread from his blow across my body. He continued hitting me with the crop, alternating from ass cheeks, to thighs, and my back. His hits got more forceful after the first few.

Whap! Whap! Whap! I had lost count. My body was on fire. I wanted him to stop, but at the same time I could feel myself getting wet. Again, that feeling that there is two of me. It was so damn painful; I could never ask for it. But I knew I needed it, even wanted it. Unlike me, my pussy didn't tell lies. She was throbbing and leaking as he continued his assault. I couldn't hold back anymore, I wailed into the pillow and squirmed underneath his blows.

"Remember" whack!

"This" whack!

"Next" whack!

"Time" whack!

"You think about disobeying or lying to me." Whack, whack, whack!

He stopped. Was I dead? The burning on my back, thighs and ass told me I was very much alive. I continued sobbing into the drenched pillow.

I awoke later to the feel of him rubbing something cool onto my sores.

"Uhhhh," I moaned.

I had slept. I had probably passed out. I had a horrible headache, and oh my god, every spot that he had hit me screamed for mercy. Then suddenly the burning died to a numbing feeling.

"Better?" he asked.

I gave a slight nod, before slipping back into sleep. I woke up the next morning, stiff but only slightly sore. That stuff he rubbed on me worked magic.

I rolled over to find Sire sleeping besides me fully dressed. He looked so somber. So different from the grinning, clever look he had when I met him months before on campus. He had been so wonderful, smart as hell. Smart about everything. He was in a Ph. D. program for genetic engineering. But that is not what attracted me to him. The thing that first caught me, and keeps me here now, was his knowledge about me. He KNEW me; absolutely. He knew what I feared, what I needed. And we both knew that I needed him. He read me like a book. And with patience and love, he began training me. Training me on how to be a better me. Training me on how to receive what he had to offer me.

I watched him sleep, watched his chest rise and fall. I had been failing him. I hadn't been doing my part, yet he was doing his. I had to try harder. I never wanted to feel this feeling again. The guilt, the pain. I loved him. I snuggled closer to him and wrapped an arm around him. He awoke and smiled at me.

"You ok?" he asked.

I could only nod. I wasn't really ok, I had so much to make up for. I wouldn't fail him again; I wouldn't make him have to do this to me again.

"I'm sorry," I said simply. There was nothing else to say.

"I know," he said, "go wash up". I arose slowly and walked to the bathroom. I let the cold still water from the previous night out of the tub, and refilled it with hot water. I slipped in the tub and let out a deep sigh. I never thought I could take a beating like that. He told me he would push me. This wasn't what I had had in mind. But I had learned my lesson. Or so I had thought.

After my bath, I slipped into my silk robe, enjoying its softness on my skin. I sat with my legs spread at my desk and opened my Organic Chemistry book. I was so horny. I found myself thinking of the dull pain of my body, and was surprised to realize I enjoyed it. I could feel my excitement growing. And again I let out a deep sigh. Where was Sire?

I got up and walked to the kitchen. He had made me breakfast. My favorite: scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and toast with strawberry jelly. I grinned and sat in the seat he offered me. He sat at the table with me and we ate and talked casually about how our classes were going as if nothing had happened last night. And soon I was chattering and teasing him like normal. God I was glad that was over. I stood, grabbed his hand, pulled him to his feet and tried to lead him towards the bedroom.

He stopped short, "you need to do the dishes first," he said carelessly.

"Oh come on, I'll do them later, I promise," I replied.

I hadn't even thought about my words, not until they had left my mouth. Not until it was too late. He grew stiff, and narrowed his eyes at me. And I swear the room darkened.

"I never did punish you for your procrastination," he stated.

Before I could blink, he grabbed me around my waist and carried me to the bedroom. He flung me to the bed onto my back. My robe flew open and I could only lay there and wait for a command. His dark eyes glared violently at me. He was looking me up and down. I knew he liked what he saw. My legs and arms sprawled in every direction twisted in my robe; my breast rising and falling as I took in deep breaths of air; my face showing a mixture of fear and desire.

He slipped off his belt, and I cursed myself for my bad habits and stupid tongue. I couldn't take anymore beating. I just couldn't. He dropped the belt onto the floor and unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall from his shoulders. What was he doing? I couldn't read his face. Would I get what I wanted? Would I get my pleasure? Would he make me cum? I was so confused, a second ago, I thought he was angry with me. Now it looked like he was going to fuck me like I originally wanted.

He continued stripping until he was naked. He was a chocolate God. I never tired of his body. I smiled inwardly as I took in his broad shoulders and long torso. He walked to the bed, grabbed my legs, and yanked me to the edge of the bed. He kneeled in front of me, spread my legs, leaned forward and pressed his mouth to my pussy.

"Aaahhhhh," I sighed.

This is what she had been waiting for. My pussy throbbed to the beat of my heart. I relaxed and closed my eyes. Nobody could eat my pussy like him. He pushed the hood back with his lips and slashed at my clit with his tongue. He licked it up and down, around in circles, I could barely lay still. He pushed his tongue into my pussy, then slid it up back to my clit. He worked it just right. I could feel my orgasm rising. I was breathing deeply. I grabbed at my breasts and massaged them; pulling and twisting the rings on my nipples. I was so close. Then he stopped, he sat up. What the hell? I thought.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing, I'm just going to finish later," he replied.

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