Professor Is Seduced by Student


"How'd you know that," I said confirming her contention.

"Well I know she didn't leave you because of the nine and half inches of timber you're sporting here," Julie said as she placed the ruler on the floor.

"Well, she had her priorities..." I said.

"And I have mine," Julie interrupted. "I'm going to show you what it feels like to get sucked off by someone that truly appreciates this fat cock!" With that, she lowered her head into my lap and took the head of my dick into her warm sensual mouth. Her eyes were locked with mine as she made short bobs up and down on the top three or so inches of my manhood. I could feel her tongue flick back and forth on the underside of my shaft in the process. She moaned as she sucked on my meat and jacked me off at the base of my cock.

"Oh, that's it sweetheart," I managed to say in between breaths. "Your mouth feels so good!" Julie used to hands to jerk as she continued to suck on my knob. "Try to go a little deeper," I pleaded. She continued to bob up and down staring me in the eyes, but she removed her slender fingers from around my shaft and started to massage my balls. As she did this, she gradually began taken my member deeper into her anxious young mouth. I placed my hand on the back of her soft brown hair to encourage her. Julie's wide lips were stretched tight around my girth. Her glossy lipstick allowed my cock to slide in and out smoothly without resistance.

Julie took my cock farther and farther down her throat. When she had about six inches in her mouth, Julie gagged and coughed as she pulled my saliva laced dick from her teenage mouth. "I'm sorry about that," she said smiling. "I've never quite worked with this kind of talent before!" Her hand returned to the base of my cock and she jacked me off as she caught her breath. Before long though, she returned my cock to the confines of her warm orifice and continued to suck me off. She attempted to go even farther now, so that only two inches of flesh remained outside of her mouth. I felt the head of my cock pressing against the back of her throat as she sucked.

She held my cock deep in her mouth for several seconds as she vacuumed my flesh rocket. Shockwaves of pleasure were sent out all over my body. She slowly and deliberately raised her head and let my rigid cock slide out of her tender mouth. As the head of penis slipped out of her suctioning lips, an audible popping noise was released, which caused us both to smile.

"How was that Mr. W?" Julie said smirking. Her hand had returned to the base of my throbbing cock. "I'm going to be honest; most guys I've blown don't usually last past the first couple of minutes. One time, this kid Artie Flunkhouse came as I was unzipping his zipper. Pathetic, I know, but even more disgusting because he didn't tell me, and I got a handful of cum as I reached for his little pecker!"

"So how many different guys have you given head to?" I asked. I wasn't concerned, just curious. I used my hand to encourage Julie's tender grasp to jack me off and she continued to stroke my cock as she spoke.

"You're my twelfth," she said unashamed as she continued to massage my shaft. "That's not counting Artie, of course!"

Pre-cum dripped from the tip of my dick as the teenage girl jacked me off from her knees. My balls were contracting and I felt myself starting to reach my climax. I decided to try to prolong my efforts by distracting myself with pointless chatter, but I couldn't stop coming back to Julie's comments about my daughter. "So, what about Angela?" I asked.

"What? How many cocks has she sucked?" Julie shot back with a wry smile. "Well, not to disappoint you, but I'm not sure she has ever put a penis in her mouth. Although, she is kind of infamous for giving this kid Justin a handy under the table at the restaurant on our 8th grade trip to D.C."

I couldn't help but crack a smile as I remembered my first hand job. It wasn't exactly under the table at a restaurant, but it was memorable none the less. Not including myself, Suzy Q was responsible for at least three of my friends' first forays into sexual deviance. We used to call her Suzy Sticky Fingers.

I also took some solace in the fact that my little Angela was still relatively innocent. I couldn't say so much for her good friend Julie, who abandoned our small talk and went back to bobbing up and down on my cock as she pumped my shaft with her slender hands.

As she continued to suck, I reached down and cupped her left breast. She encouraged me further and guided my second hand toward her right boob. Her tits were soft in my strong hands. They were very pillow like and clearly authentic. I wanted to feel her flesh rub up against mine and I bucked my hips forward as she engulfed my manhood. I could feel her mouth disengage as she let my penis slip out of her open mouth. My erect cock flopped against her narrow chin as I squeezed her ample breasts.

She smiled at me and gently removed my hands from her tits. She took the massive flesh bombs in her own hands and positioned them on my lap, with my shaft positioned squarely between them. It was as if Julie could read my mind. Once positioned, Julie grabbed my cock and sandwiched it deeper into her cleavage. She wrapped her arms around her 36D's and heightened the pressure on my pulsating cock.

"So Mr. W, do I have a passing grade yet?" Julie said as she inched closer to me and repositioned her perky tits.

"Well, you're definitely passing, but I think you can do better," I said as I extended my index finger up to Julie's smiling lips. She took my finger into her mouth and began sucking provocatively on it. I pushed my finger in and out of her wet mouth as Julie began massaging her sizeable melons against my straining cock. When I went to pull my finger from her teenage lips, a long string of saliva clung to my finger and fell into her cleavage. I felt the warm fluid coat the hot flesh of my rigid penis. As she continued to caress my cock with her breasts, I ran my hand through Julie's shoulder length brown hair. I looked longingly into her dark green eyes. She was quite beautiful. "I know one way you can bump up your grade..." I said.

"Oh, I know! I see the way you look at my boobs Mr. W," Julie said looking up at me. I was beyond words at this point and just nodded like a mindless dope. "I saw it earlier when we were outside. I could tell you wanted to know what it would feel like to stick your fat cock between these two babies!" As she spoke, Julie started bouncing her beautiful breasts up and down with my dick tucked securely between them. My hot flesh rubbed against her own and my pre-cum left a trail of my cock's motion in her cleavage. Julie spit lustily on her tits for added lubrication. My cock rubbed smoothly in and out of her cleavage; her perky bags massaging my sensitive cock as she moved them along the length of my shaft.

Julie's pace seemed to increase as time when on. She huffed and moaned as she worked up and down the full length of my cock. Occasionally, Julie dipped her chin and took my extended meat into her warm mouth. "Oh Julie; do it just like that!" I moaned as she sucked on the purple head of my manhood. I bucked my hips and plunged my dick deeper and deeper into her throat. I felt my balls tighten as she massaged my aching member with her soft perky tits. The feeling of her warm mouth on the tip of my yearning penis caused my orgasmic juices to stir. As my cock came out of Julie's mouth, I shot a sticky load all over her face.

"Ooh!" Julie said in surprise as the warm substance coated her face. She leaned back to avoid getting hit with any more surprises, but she continued to tit fuck me enthusiastically. A second stream of my cum shot into the air and eventually splattered onto her impressive bust. I moaned in ecstasy as my third and final shot followed a similar path.

My penis started to soften within the confines of her breasts. Julie released the withering member and took it into her mouth to clean up my excess jizz. She sucked intently on my softening cock, massaging my balls with her hands as she worked. When she was confident that she had emptied my reservoir, Julie let my limp dick slide gracefully out of her mouth. Her face and tits were covered in my white translucent goo. She gently massaged her breasts and, in the process, rubbed in the sperm that covered her chest. I reached down and wiped a goop off her nose with my handkerchief.

"Thanks professor!" Julie said smiling up at me.

"Well, I think I am the one who should be thanking you Julie!" I said smiling. "No one has treated me that well in 20 years. You've brought me back to more youthful and lustful times. Why don't you stand up for me?"

Julie rose to her feet in front of me. Her nipples were still hard as ice. I massaged her breasts for a few moments and Julie moaned to acknowledge my efforts. Then I reached down to the small of Julie's back and undid her flimsy cover-up skirt. It fell slowly to the ground, exposing her yellow thong. There was a noticeable wet spot in Julie's panties and I look down at Julie, who was staring intently back at me. I leaned in and gave her a kiss. As I did this, I reached down and undid symmetrical ties that connected at her hips. Her thong panties were on the ground before we even stopped kissing.

Julie took a step back when she realized she was completely naked. She seemed less confident now in her nude state. It was as if Julie hadn't really thought this situation all the way through, or she hadn't anticipated it would ever carry on this far. At first, it had been Julie that initiated the encounter. Now, she found herself waiting for my next move. I looked up and down her body. She had a sparse runway of hair directly above her moist slit. Julie's legs were closed tightly against one another as not to reveal too much.

I took a step forward and wrapped my arms around her waist. My soft cock rubbed agaist her pubic region as I reached down and took a handful of Julie's plump teenage ass. I squeezed her rump forcefully with both hands. As I did this I leaned in and whispered into Julie's ear. "Get up on the desk Julie," I said as I bit seductively on her earlobe.

Julie followed my order without argument. She hopped onto the oak desk and spread her legs intuitively. I leaned in and started to kiss her neck. I gradually moved lower and continued to plant kisses all over her chest. I massaged her tits as I took turns sucking on her nipples. Julie sighed in pleasure and brought her left hand down to play with her pussy. I moved lower still, letting my tongue lick up and down her smooth tummy. She shuddered as I grew nearer and nearer to her sopping twat.

I moved my mouth down further and kissed the inside of her left thigh. I started out by her knee, and worked slowly closer to her pussy with each kiss. When I reached her slit, I casually blew a light gust of air across her wet opening and proceeded to the inside of her right thigh. I could smell her bouquet from the juices that she could do little to hold back. Julie's moans intensified as I continued to tease her. As I had with her opposite thigh, I gradually moved closer to her teenage pussy.

As I neared Julie's glistening vagina, the young vixen had endured more than she could. "Mr. W, please, I can't take it anymore!" Julie said clutching the back of my head and shoving it into her ailing pussy.

I didn't object; I had sufficiently tortured the 18 year old. I licked up and down her slit aggressively, letting my tongue slide between her tight lips. I spread her lips with my fingers and dug my twitching tongue deeper into her tender cunt. Julie screamed as I massaged her tight inner walls with my powerful tongue. I pressed my mouth against her lips and started to gently suck on her clit.

"Oh, oh Professor that's it! Julie screamed. "Please, don't stop. Oh my god Mr. W, just please don't stop!" Julie gripped my hair and pulled my face harder against her pussy. Her hips gyrated and bucked as I continued to work my tongue back and forth inside of her. Julie started to pant as she neared her orgasm. I could feel her delicious juices overflowing down my chin. "Oh Mr. W, don't stop I'm almost..." Julie's words were interrupted by her orgasmic scream. "Ooooh yeaaah! Ahhh, oh my god it feels so good. Oh, oh, oooh!" Her legs shot outward and her whole body shuddered as she climaxed. Once again she pulled on my hair and pressed my face against her pussy, while her delicate secretions were pouring down my neck.

I continued to gently lick Julie's pussy as I waited for her to catch her breath. Her chest was heaving up and down as she recovered from her orgasm. Julie was having a hard time just getting words out, but the big smile across her face spoke volumes. She giggled as I dragged my tongue up her stomach and into her cleavage. I took each of her nipples in mouth and massaged her breasts with my hands. Eventually, I worked my way up to Julie's soft, sultry lips. As I slipped my tongue into her waiting mouth, I felt (as I'm sure she did) my revitalized cock poking the naked girl in her stomach.

I broke off our kiss and looked down at my growing member. I could barely believe it myself. My turn around time hadn't been this impressive since high school. I noticed that Julie had also shifted her focus to my rigid cock. Julie's eyes were locked on the stiff shaft that was gently poking her side. She grabbed my shaft and slowly tugged on it with both hands.

"I think it's time for some extra credit Professor," Julie said as she continued massaging my rock hard manhood. "It looks like you're ready! Do you have a condom?"

Julie licked her upper lip as she awaited my response. I nodded slowly and reached into my desk drawer. There was a pack in there that I had bought with the intention of explaining to Angela about safe sex, but I chickened out and just left them there. Julie took the gold packet from my hand and hopped off my oak desk.

"Allow me," Julie said as she dropped to her knees. She tore open the packaging and placed the condom between her lips. She lowered her mouth onto my cock and slipped the condom over the head of my penis in the process. Then she used her fingers to unroll the latex tube down the rest of my shaft. When she finished doing that, Julie got back on her feet and started to kiss my bare chest. She inched her way up and began seductively sucking on my neck.

My cock was aching for attention now. Julie moved from neck and bit gently on my ear lobe, as she whispered to me. "I need to feel this big thing inside of me," Julie said as she took a firm grip on my cock. She backed away slightly, releasing my rigid member, and I spun her around so that her fine round ass was in front of me. I reached around and grabbed her perky tits with my right hand, allowing my cock to press between her ass cheeks.

"Bend over," I said releasing her ample orbs. I pressed Julie face first against my wood desk. Her large breasts were squished against the hard surface. I positioned my cock between her legs and against her wet lips. I rubbed my hard cock back and forth against her pussy before pushing the head into her opening.

"Oh Professor, stop teasing me and just do it already," Julie said. Her pussy was tighter than any I could remember fucking. Still, I could tell this was not her first time. I gripped her hips and pushed my member deeper inside of her. The tight warm walls of her cunt massaged my pulsating cock as I entered her. She screamed out as I went deeper.

When ¾ of my length was inside of her, I began rocking my hips slightly. I pulled my cock in and out of her tight twat. As I increased my pace, I steadied myself by placing a hand on each of her hips. This also gave me a little more leverage and I could drive my rigid member deeper into her teenage pussy.

"Oh Mr. W, oh that's it! Keep going!" Julie cried out. She bit her lip and looked back at me. "Oh, please go harder professor!"

I picked up Julie's right leg and held it against my body with my right arm. When I spread her leg off to the side, I repositioned myself in between her legs. My angle had changed and as I eased back into her wet cunt, Julie squirmed in pleasure. Her right leg, which I still had pinned against my body, seemed to spasm as I drove my member back into her pussy. I slapped Julie's round ass as I re-entered her. She let out a playful yelp and turned to look at me. When she did, I vigorously drove the full length of my 9 inch cock into her tender cunt.

"Oh, Professor," she cried out. "Ahh, ooh, that hurts kinda!" I heard her words but paid them little mind. She had been asking for it and now she was going to get it. It would surly feel good once I loosened her up a bit. Her pussy was just too tight. I felt the hot walls grip my cock inside of her. I pulled my dick halfway out and drove it back inside of her. She squealed again but I could see she was enjoying herself. She bit her lips and clutched one of her fat tits. I continued to stroke my cock in and out of her twat. Every stroke was easier than the last as Julie relaxed and got used to my size. As I found my rhythm, I sensed Julie's breathing habits intensified.

"Oh, right like that!" Julie screamed. "Mmmm, oh yeah, oh Mr. W!" I felt her body tremble and her vaginal walls contract as Julie reached her climax. Her juices ran down my shaft as I continued to stroke with great conviction. I too had started to feel that familiar feeling in my balls and I knew I was almost home.

Julie's body shook again as she reached another orgasm. She could barely formulate words as she came for a second time in a matter of moments. The walls of her pussy massaged the glands on the shaft of my cock and sent a shockwave of pleasure up my spine. I felt myself nearing my orgasm and I quickly pulled out of Julie's sopping slit. As I walked around to the front of my desk, I ripped off my condom and dropped it on the floor. I gripped my cock in my right hand and positioned it next to Julie's exhausted face.

Julie did not hesitate; removing my hand from my shaft and replacing it with her own. She started to jerk me off with my cock in front of her anxious teenage face. I started to huff and puff as she quickened her strokes. Occasionally she would dip her mouth down onto the ruby red head of my throbbing penis and suck on it for a few moments. As I neared my climax, I tried to not cum for the longest time. I wanted to wait for an opportune moment.

Just then, Julie took my cock back into her warm mouth and I lost control. As her lips grazed the tip of my cock, my load exploded into her mouth. She pulled my member out of her cum filled mouth but continued to stroke my cock. Cum continued to shoot from my twitching dick and splattered all over her pretty eighteen year old face. When I had finally finished cumming, her whole face was covered in my sticky goo. Unable to open her eyes because of the load I had just planted on her, Julie held out her tongue to prove she had swallowed the initial jizz shot I had dropped in her mouth. I took this as an opportunity to finish cleaning my cock, which was still dripping with cum. I pushed the softening beast into her open orifice and held the back of her head as she naturally pulled back. She only struggled for a moment and then realized my intentions. She allowed my soft cock to slide easily into her mouth and she sucked effortlessly on it as it became flaccid. She had no problem fitting my limp cock in her mouth and soon I felt her nose pressing against my pubic hair. She held her position there and just let my soft penis rest in her warm mouth. I reached down with my handkerchief and once again wiped her cute face. She looked up at me with appreciation and I looked down at her with similar sentiments.

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