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Professor Speech!

byWarm to touch©

This is a true story for adults over 21 only. If you are younger, beat it!

Why do men get a bit whacky when they approach their 50th birthday?

Mid life crisis they call it, but maybe at that age guys just found the nerve to do what they really want to do! Some guys can't stop eyeballing anything in a skirt, some divorce, and some start to drink like crazy. Well my story is a bit different but one that you may like, I just turned 50 and it make me think of an incident that happened in college, this is a true story so please enjoy.

In was Joe average in college, I dated a few girls, had a few fun parties, and played on the baseball team. I enjoyed college and had really great professors, but my favorite was my speech professor. He was fun to talk with and always made us laugh with a few quick jokes! Professor Speech as we called him was a short guy, balding, and wore glasses, but a GREAT guy.

After class one Friday afternoon the professor and I were bantering back and forth about public speaking. I had to go but offered to meet him for a beer at the end of classes that day if he dared. To my surprise he agreed but only if he could buy, as a poor college student I was delighted...free beer!

As planned we met at the campus pub called the Rathskella. I had not been to the "RAT" before and when I arrived I realized that this was one of those great old college bars, lots of babes and horny guys. It was also very smokey and neither of us smoked, so when he suggested that we leave and go to his place for THAT beer I said that it was okay by me. When we got to his apartment you couldn't help to notice that it was incredibly clean, too clean for a single man! His place was so cool, nice TV with a bar next to it, warm colors on the walls and a great overstuffed chair where I sat right away.

Prof got me a beer and put on some music, he said that he was going to get a shower because he hated the smell of smoke on him, I fully understood the feeling. I sat back in that chair and took in the atmosphere as I sipped my beer for a long neck bottle.

When he got out of the shower Professor Speech came back into his living room wearing just a towel and cracking some joke about saving money on shampoo his balding head. As I looked up I saw him standing there in his towel, not much different than when I was with the baseball team in our locker room. That was until I glanced down and saw the large bulge under his towel that was very noticeable. I suddenly felt very hot all over as I looked at his bulge from across the room, now it was my turn to make a joke because I knew that he caught me starring at it.

"Is that a salami hidden under your towel or are you happy to see me?" I said as I tried to smile.

This is very hard to explain because it never happened before this moment, but i felt like I was having a HOT FLASH!

My professor looked right through me or so it seemed, he stayed focused on my eyes as he walked towards me. I tried my best to keep eye contact but once again as he got closer I stole a peak at his bulge and I knew right than that I was busted!

He walked right up to the chair where I was sitting he reached down and took hold of my hand and lifted it to his stomach. My hand had a mind of it's own as it caressed his abs and belly button. I turned in the chair to face him better and put my second hand on his chest and felt his hardening nipples. Here he stood with his hands on his hips, his legs spread, and his head back as if he were looking at the ceiling, he swiveled his hips and the towel fell to the ground. I'm sure that he heard my audible gasp as I looked at his bulge, it was beautiful.

Although he was small in stature my professor had an incredible body complete with a chiseled chest, and tight abs. His thighs and legs were so toned that he looked like a runner, his ass was to die for. As I looked up I saw him looking down at me and smiling. I no longer cared what he thought, I had to feel his bulge, the thing that caused my hot flash just before.

As I looked I felt my mouth open wide in shock, he had the fattest cock that I ever saw in my life. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't abnormal, he was just larger that anyone I had ever seen. His balls were a work of art, they hung very low and quite large. I wasn't sure what to do, I had never had those feelings before, but i wanted to taste his sexiness and I was hoping that he wanted it also.

"Mike, if you Like what you see go ahead and touch it, it won't bite but i may spit " he laughed.

I took it in my hands, one holding the shaft and one cradling his balls and just stared at it. His shaft was much thicker than mine and the head looked like a fat mushroom, I was in love!

"It's so large, I never would have guessed that your cock was this big" I told him.

"I think that you just learned the secret of the short man" he said

When he said that I remembered that my math professor was shorter than him! Hmmm.

"Is it okay for me to hold it like this, you don't mind me doing it do you"?

He looked at me and continued to smile as he inched closer to where I was sitting.

" I want you to do more than hold it, I'm hoping that you will suck my cock for me tonight...and any other time that I want you to"!

"Many of us shorter guys have longer thicker cocks than most men, and as for me I love having my cock sucked".

He never asked if I had done this before or if I wanted to do it now, maybe the look on my face told him what I wanted.

I opened my mouth and let the head of his cock slip past my lips. It was a great mushroom head and I loved the feeling of running my tongue all over it. I did this for a while and than I started to lick his shaft from top to bottom to get it very wet. While I was doing this he told me what to do next, he had me lay down so that he could put his balls in my mouth while I stoked him off.

He hair was neatly cut around his balls and i was able to suck them into my mouth without much hair getting in the way.

"Oh yea, suck my balls for me my little cock sucker, I'm going to fill your mouth with the cum that's in them pretty soon" he told me. As I continued to suck his balls he continued to tell me how hot I was. I noticed that as I pumped his shaft his precum was now leaking out and making his shaft very slippery.

I was never so excited in my life, I wondered if I was born to do this?

We changed positions a few times and when it seemed like he was going to cum he would hold back and cool off for a minute. This may sound selfish on his part, but I loved it because it gave me all the more time to play with my new toy.

Things got very hot as he was getting ready to finish...

I was on my knees looking up at him while his large cock slid in and out over my lips. He looked tense and was sweating, but still smiling at me. At that moment I wondered how any woman could possibly say that she didn't love doing this to a man. The faster and deeper that he went into my mouth the wilder he looked, I could feel that the time was coming..and I was making it happen!

"Oh, use your tongue more on the head", said Dr.Speech and he sawed back and forth.

"Hold my ass for me while I fuck your mouth, God you are good", he said.

I reached back and grabbed his ass cheeks to pull him in as far as I could. As he pumped my face his balls would hit my chin and swing back towards my neck, I loved it! As he did this he took each of my ears in his hands and held them like a handle, it must have looked funny! He finally held my head still and kept his cock all the way in as he just swiveled his hips to make his cock jump in my mouth.

"Try to swallow my cock head for me baby, that will make me cum so fast", and I did.

I sensed that he was about to cum and reached down and took his balls in my hand and rubbed them. If they were full I wanted to feel them start to pump his cum into me. This sent him over the edge and as he held my head and starting to shoot into my mouth he started moaning.

"Here I cum, take my load you cocksucker", he said. I'm happy to say that at that exact moment I shot a load in my pants, win win I figured.

When he shot a few squirts in my mouth most went right down my throat, the remaining drops I got to taste and loved it. I held his ass tightly so that he would not pull his cock out until it was soft.

We talked later that night and made plans to make this a regular event.

"This isn't about grades," he said.

"Not at all I agreed, this is about my power to please" I said.

We did meet for fun a few more times before I graduated and I loved it each time. I learned much more from him outside the classroom that I did in class!

All feedback is welcome!

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