tagExhibitionist & VoyeurProm Date Detour

Prom Date Detour


When I knew Naveen Gonzales she was a pudgy girl of 19 who was very popular with the guys.

Popular, defined as easy.

You always knew that a date with Naveen would have some kind of a happy ending. It was rumored she had slept with more than half the senior class. She had a reputation, as the saying goes. Guys wouldn't admit to dating her, but after they did they'd brag about how far they got with her.

That was then, this is now, and the other day I saw her walking down the street in Avalon pushing a double baby carriage. Now about 27, she was still a little pudgy and obviously she was still giving happy endings to someone.

We spoke a couple minutes, she informed she was married and the two little ones were hers, and was enjoying life. She was still a little heavy, but had maintained that perfect smile and great sense of humor.

I couldn't help thinking back to the good old days when she was one of the most popular girls in the area, despised by most of the girls but loved by the guys.

That night I ran memories of one of the most exciting nights of my life through my erotic memory bank. A series of memorable occasions would better describe it. And it all started when Billy called and told me to ask Naveen to the prom just months after our 18th birthday.

"She will never go out with me, she doesn't give me the time of day," I told the football team quarterback.

He replied he knew that, but she would say yes as a favor to him because he wanted to see her, which made no sense since he was dating Mary, the head cheerleader. Mary was beautiful as much as she was chaste, supposedly saving herself for marriage. Billy and Mary made a perfect couple, so it just didn't make sense.

"Listen, dummy, I'm going to see Naveen sometime during the prom. You know, for a little loving. I need you to be her escort and to be my wing man when we sneak off so nobody knows."

Now it made sense.

The plan was hatched. I'd pick up Naveen at her house, bring flowers, hold her door open and take her to the prom. Once there we'd mingle, dance, eat, and at some opportunistic point, she and Billy would take a prom date detour and would slip away for some hiding of the sausage while I kept lookout. Later, I'd take her home acting as if nothing had happened.

Why not? Billy was a good friend, and hey, it wouldn't be bad being seen with Naveen as I'd be able to tell stories about how I conquered the girl that night parked by the lake or something. And Billy would be able to be satisfied like dozens before him even though Mary didn't put out.

The plan worked pretty well. Naveen looked very nice when I picked her up. Her long pink prom dress was full at the bottom and tight at the top, keeping her heavy behind cloaked and her large bosom on display. She actually looked pretty hot.

She thanked me for bringing her to the prom, and made me promise to keep our little "deal" secret, because, as she said, "People talk!" Hell, she was the talk of the boys and girls locker-room. That's when I first heard the word "Slore", as in Slut Whore, as defined by my hearing two girls at an adjacent lunch table calling Naveen a "freakin slore."

At the prom, all decked out in a Neptune décor, we mingled, ate and even danced a couple times before Billy gave me the "high" sign. That meant to head out to the back deck of the country club where we'd meet the sneak off to the rest rooms by the 15th hole.

The country club had these elaborate rest rooms on the course, only available via a key pad...and Billy got the current code from the son of the golf pro. Secluded, quiet, but we had to be aware that a couple other couples may have similar ideas.

Billy had told me over the punch bowl that we only had about an hour, because Chase was taking Melody to the same bathroom about an hour after he went there. Damn, we needed to take a number to use the course rest room.

Naveen and I casually walked through the ballroom and into the hallway, sneaking down some stairs and out the back to our pre-arranged staging area. There, after ensuring the coast was clear, Billy took Naveen's hand from mind and the two of them walked close together while I walked along as a lookout.

'Your date is very hot, Rob," said Billy, acting as if Naveen couldn't hear him. "And she looks swell in her dress. You are a lucky guy."

Not as lucky as Billy would soon be, I surmised, but he was correct. The dress hung well on her. Her few extra pounds were hidden and she looked the Belle of the Ball from my perspective. Demure and hot in the same outfit.

"We only have about an hour," said Billy as we neared the brick enclosure that saw numerous golfing visitors during the day but was secluded at night. "Let us know if anyone is coming here, or even walk nearby."

With that I used the key code and held the door open for the two lovers. They entered the women's side, with Billy smiling at me grasping Naveen's ass on the way in.

Holding the door partially open with my foot, I looked around as I heard the rustling of Naveen's dress inside. It was so quiet out in the middle of nowhere that I could hear the kisses from inside.

Excuse me, but I had to look inside. Slipping my head inside to look was fruitless, as they apparently had moved around toward the vanity sink away from the doorway. Ensuring the coast was clear, I slide inside, still around the corner from the lovers, and quietly closed the door.

Back to the wall, I slid a little closer to them, listing as Billy exclaimed that she was "oh so sexy and hot.". I could clearly hear sucking sounds and surmised that Billy was probably receiving a blow job.

I didn't want to stick my head around the corner and be seen. Then an idea hit. If I move just a little further down I could look at a wall mirror. I knew from my caddying days that on the men's side there was no such mirror, but the women I guessed demanded it from the club.

From my perspective, it was a great idea as I could clearly see the two lovers in the far corner in the light provided from the skylight. Good thing it was nearly a full moon.

Billy was leaning against the wall while Naveen was bent over at the waist bobbing her head back and forth on his cock. She was holding her dress close with one hand and her other was balancing herself against the wall, so it was all mouth action on my friend.

The girl looked a little uncomfortable and unsteady for the act of serious cock sucking, which most likely would better have been given on her knees, but clearly she was concerned about her outfit and not doing anything to dirty it.

Billy's head was held back, eyes closed, enjoying the girl's ministrations on his cock. I had only seen such activities on the Internet, and this was so much better even though I couldn't see everything. The sucking noises from Naveen's lips clearly heightened the act. I watched as Billy's hands came around and held the girl's head as he quickened the attack. His eyes opened and he spied down at her.

"Oh Naveen, that's so hot. You are a great cocksucker," said the guy, who was quickly rewarded by the girl's quickened actions. "If you keep that up I'm gonna cum....oh, yes, that's great. Suck me!"

I watched in awe as the girl didn't miss a bear. She mumbled something unintelligible, but never stopped the head action. She was working the cock like a pro.

Billy rocked a little more then quickly pulled out of her mouth. "I want to be inside you," said the guy, as I slipped back toward the door as not to be caught watching. Looking outside, I made sure nobody was coming. All was quiet on the western front!


I heard Billy's loud curse and wondered what had happened.

"Hey, Rob, you there?"

"Uh, yes."

"Got a rubber? This one broke."

Did I? Of course, What 19-year-old scout doesn't come prepared for a date with Naveen.

"Yea I do."

"Bring it here."

I did, closing the door and walking to the back of the bathroom. Turning the corner I spied a wonderful view. Naveen was bent over the vanity, ass high in the air. Her black stocking tops were excellent contrast to her big white ass. Her panties were down and off one of her legs while still held on by the other. Billy was fingering her pussy while she held her dress high in the air.

'Give me it," demanded my friend. "Hurry."

I handed him the rubber and he started to open the packet, nodding toward the girl's backside. He mouth the words "finger fuck her."

Okay, I did. Who was I to argue? I slipped my middle finger in her sloppy pussy hole from behind, slowly at first then with a little more pistoning. It was milky soft, wet and hot. The fingering didn't last for more than a minute, as soon Billy was secured in the condom and jockeyed me out of the way.

At no time did Naveen say anything of the goings on behind her, but she surely had been rocking against my hand. Whether she knew it was me I didn't know, but she had to, right?

Billy shunned me to the side and told me to keep a look out while be sauntered up behind the girl and rubbed his dick up and down her slit. He smiled at me, giving me the thumbs up. I went back around the corner, stopping at my perfect spying location just in time to see the guy entering the girl and beginning to thrust into her soaking wet pussy.

Watching them fuck was special. I actually liked the blow job voyeuring better because I could see more, but this was also hot. He had one hand on her back and held her while humping. She was holding her dress high, holding on for dear life.

The two went at it for several minutes when I heard something from nearby. I quickly went to the front of the rest room and slightly opened the door. It was a good thing, as Roger and his date, Melody, were closing in.

"Uh, this room's taken," I said, smiling at the surprised twosome.

Melody looked at me. "Is Naveen in there?"

Nodding my head, yes, I said we'd only be a few more minutes. She must have thought I was getting a blow job because she looked down, but from the angle couldn't see anything behind the door.

She turned and the two went to the men's room. "This better be clean," she said, nose in the air.

Damn! What a popular place.

I went back inside and slipped toward the back, whispering to Billy that someone was in the next room. I don't think he cared, as he kept rocking in and out of my date.

Billy hands were on both sides of her ass, holding her while ne humped the girl. She was moving to his motions, bolding her dress up high. "Fuck me, Billy, fuck me," whispered the girl, adding to the demand by lifting and pulling her backside quicker and quicker.

My buddy needed no further invitation. 'Oh, I'm gonna cum," he quietly said, banging the girl harder from behind. "Oh yes!"

My date was rocking back against Billy as the two quietly reached their peak.

"I'm cumming," announced Billy. "Fuck yes, I'm cumming."

The two continued their murmurings for a minute, coming down from their high as I spied outside. The coast remained clear.

I couldn't help listening to them, to their pants and murmurings, and I thought of jerking off but thought better of it. Soon I heard a rustling of her dress and then the zipping of his pants.

"Hey, thanks bro," said Billy as he came around the corner. 'Your date is incredible!"

A couple minutes later, looking presentable, Naveen appeared. She was clearly embarrassed, but had a look of satisfaction on her face. "We better be getting back, Billy, before Mary misses you." It was as if I wasn't even there.

We started back to the ballroom, and halfway there we stopped. Billy kissed my date, and I watched as he fondled a breast with one hand while playing with her ass with the other. I almost thought they'd to it again right then, but hearing someone walking on the leaves nearby Billy thought better of things.

"I gotta go, see you later kiddies," said my friend, leaving me with Naveen. We quietly walked back toward the ballroom for a bit before she said she felt a little awkward, but thanked me anyway.

Telling her I knew nothing, heard nothing and saw nothing, she smiled and walked a little slower, kissing me on the cheek.

"Thank you."

# # # # # #

The rest of the evening was pretty quiet. We danced a couple more dances, made small talk, and about 11 p.m. started home. While others were partying all night, I had promised her folks we'd be back by midnight.

The drive was easy as I kept under the speed limit. We arrived in front of her house at 11:35.

Along the way we laughed at how terrible we both were at dancing, but how we weren't the worst of the pack. We spoke about some of our teachers, and how we were going to spend the summer.

Once parked, she moved closer and kissed me.

"Thanks for taking care of me tonight," said the girl, her hand creeping up my leg. "Is this for me?"

Well, yes, my cock was hard and it was for her.

"Take it out."

I did, unzipping my pants and sliding my cock out of them.

"My dad will turn the lights on and off in a couple minutes. I will have to get out of the car right after that or else he will come out," said the girl. "But if you want I will play with your cock until then."

Of course that was a wonderful idea.

Her hand started stroking me, slowly at first, then quicker. It felt amazing, as her practiced hands knew how to bring me higher and higher. I moaned, urging her on and directing her while kissing her neck.

Up and down the hand worked, firmly stroking my dick like none had before. It wasn't long before I was close. Good thing too, as the lights on her doorstep began blinking.

I shot my load just as the door to her house opened and Naveen pulled away.

"I gotta go," she said, kissing my cheek again but licking some of the cum from her fingers. "Give me a call."

You can bet I did.

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