Prom Night


Abby smiled as she glanced at her reflection in the mirror. About 5'8", auburn hair sweeping her shoulders, she was voluptuous with a small waist and large perky breasts. Her red, form fitting dress was low-cut with a large slit up the right leg, showing off her long legs, tanned from a recent trip to South Beach for her 18th birthday. Mommy and Daddy had sent her there for a weekend of shopping and sunning herself on the sandy shores in preparation of prom. She fleetingly wondered about her boyfriend, Greg's plans for that evening, hoping they wouldn't include a hotel room and a pocketful of condoms. "If he thinks he's getting some just because it's prom night, he has another thing coming." She told herself as she applied lipstick to her full lips.

Abby had a reputation around North Valley High School. Sure she dated almost continuously all of her high school career, but no one had yet parted her toned thighs to so much as touch her tight little pussy. Abby knew this, and reveled in it. She enjoyed sitting in men's laps while in her cheerleading uniform and "accidentally" rubbing herself against them, feeling their cocks instantly harden against her. Afterwards, she'd leave them to their own devices.

She then heard the familiar sound of Greg's Mustang in her driveway, and looked out her window. Sure enough, there he was, clad in tuxedo, coming up her front walkway. Soon after, she heard her doorbell, yelled for her mother to answer the door, and set herself down on her bed. Sure, she was ready, but what kind of girl didn't make her date wait a minute or two? Her hands wandered to her breasts, and she played with her nipples through the silky material of her dress. They quickly became hard and pert, showing through the dress. Abby smiled, slipped on her shoes, and went downstairs to meet Greg.

"Bye mom, bye daddy!" Abby said quickly after her parents had snapped a few pictures. Her and Greg got into his Mustang, and Greg pulled out of the driveway.

About ten minutes after they had left her house, Abby noticed that they weren't heading toward the hotel which prom was being held at this year.

"I think you're going the wrong way, Greg. I don't want to be late." Abby said worried.

"Relax, this is just a short-cut. We'll be there in about five more minutes." Greg smiled at Abby, reassuringly, and put his hand on her knee. Abby swatted his hand away, and gave him a look. Greg sighed, and concentrated on the road.

A few minutes later, Abby realized they were most definitely not heading toward the hotel. Angrily she turned to Greg and said "Don't play games, Gregory, now we're going to be late. Where are we anyways?"

"God, just shut up!" Greg yelled, and he reached under the driver's seat, retrieving a cloth, and slammed on the brakes. Abby flew forward, and Greg held the cloth in place over her nose and mouth. A few moments later, Abby stopped struggling against his hand, and limply slouched into her seat.

Abby woke up later, disoriented, and light-headed. She looked around and didn't see much of anything. She was tied to a bed with a double-knotted handkerchief on either hand, and her feet were similarly tied to the foot of the bed. She was spread eagle and was quite aware of it, the only thing she wasn't aware of, was where Greg was.

Abby tried to call out, but her cried were muffled by the balled up piece of cloth wedged into her mouth. She tried pushing it out with her tongue, but it didn't work. Struggling against her binds, she realized quickly, that she was going nowhere fast.

About a half hour later, Greg walked into the room. He lazily rested his hand on the foot of the bed, and gazed at Abby, amused.

"Having fun?" He asked Abby. She struggled against her restraints, and demanded he let her get off of the bed, but of course, the gag in her mouth muffled her requests for freedom. "Well, Abby, I'm having fun." Greg sat at the foot of the bed and put his calloused hand on her clave. Abby shuddered. He slowly moved his hand up to her thigh, and where the slit stopped, he began to rip her dress. Soon, Abby was covered only by a thin lace bra and matching g-string. Greg seemed to be aroused by her plight, and Abby noticed that the bulge in his pants was growing by the moment.

Greg's hand pushed underneath Abby's lace bra. He rubbed and twisted her nipple as she whimpered in anticipation of what was to come. Greg's face suddenly turned hard, and he slapped her. "Did you really think you could go around, teasing guys, and never once put out? You're asking for this, you know this is what you've wanted all along." With that, he ripped her bra from her trembling body.

Greg admired Abby's dark pink nipples. One was erect from his touching and twisting, and the other, he was sure, was erect from the chill in the room. He lowered his head to them, all the while keeping his eyes locked with hers. The fear in her eyes was making him harder, and Abby felt the evidence of that against her thigh. Greg's tongue flickered against her nipple, and he nipped and sucked as she writhed in protest.

Greg was quickly bored with Abby's nipples. Although she had exquisite breasts, he was still after her soft, pink, virgin pussy. Slowly, he moved down to her stomach, and hovered over her lace g-string. His hot breath made her vagina tingle. Abby felt herself get wet, in spite of herself. Greg looked up and smiled, he knew she wanted it. One of his fingers pushed aside the lace and entered her tight, scalding hot pussy. He inhaled her sweet aroma, and pushed the finger in and out. Soon, two fingers were inside of her. Abby softly moaned. He then flicked his tongue out against her clit as he pumped his fingers in and out. Soon, Abby was sopping wet and bucking her hips in rhythm with his fingers.

Greg suddenly stopped, pulled out his fingers, and sucked her juices off of them. He grinned at Abby, and unzipped the pants of his tuxedo. His cock pushed out of the fly, Abby gasped at its size.

"Oh god, it's not going to fit." Her mind screamed at her.

Greg smirked at the terrified look on Abby's face. He got on top of her, one leg on one side, one leg on the other, and with the head of his penis, he rubbed her clit. Greg grew harder as he lubricated his cock with the juices dripping from Abby's virgin hole. He would take great pleasure in popping her ripe cherry, and filling her with his hot cum.

Greg quickly thrust his cock into her tight hole.

Abby screamed into her gag as she felt him ripping through the barrier of her virginity.

Greg slid his cock in and out of Abby. Had she not been so wet, she would be in a world of hurt. He quickened his pace, and Abby felt herself meeting him thrust for thrust, her vaginal muscles tensing on his rock hard cock. He became vaguely aware that he was going to cum. Greg pushed all the way into Abby, and shot his load into her, then pulled his softening penis from her dripping pussy. His hot cum was spilling from her abused pussy. Greg stuck his fingers into her pussy, getting both their juices on his fingers, and removed the wadded cloth from her mouth. Surprisingly, Abby readily sucked on his fingers, savoring the cum mixture.

At this, Greg felt himself hardening again, to his amazement, and without warning took hold of Abby's face. He pumped his dick in and out of her mouth, as she tentatively sucked on it. He didn't thrust it all in, or she would have chocked, only about ¾, but still Abby felt herself gagging a bit. Soon, Greg came in her mouth, and Abby tried swallowing it, although some gushed out.

Greg then stumbled off into another room to sleep, but not before replacing the cloth to Abby's mouth.

A few hours later, Greg returned and took off Abby's restraints. She looked at him, smiled and snaked her hand down to her pussy. Abby began to finger herself as Greg watched in amazement... Maybe this would be more fun than he thought.

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