tagLoving WivesProstitute Part Time Ch. 02

Prostitute Part Time Ch. 02


The first chapter dwelt with Betty and Bill having jobs at a fast food restaurant that didn't pay enough to cover the rent and other bills. Betty and Bill emphatically said no when the landlord first suggested he wanted to fuck her for the rent. Later when they saw their unpaid bills stack up and were going to be evicted, they agreed to his suggestion. Also, the landlord paid her to fuck his son as a gift for his high school graduation. After a few sessions in the bedroom, Betty finally came to the conclusion that it was easy money and she didn't mind a half hour romp in bed with other men. Bill didn't seem to mind because it turned him on and wanted sloppy seconds with her.

One evening when Bill came home from his new good paying job, he said, "Betty, we're making enough money now to pay our bills. You don't have to settle the rent money by getting in bed with Tom, our landlord, anymore."

"I know our finances are better now," Betty responded, "but I would like some new furniture and we need to build up our saving account. You didn't seem to mind very much when I was in bed with Tom or his son, Greg."

"I didn't like it in the beginning, but I got used to it."

"I know it turns you on because you are always ready for sloppy seconds."

Bill didn't say anything for a short time, then he looked directly at Betty, "I'll have to admit, it does turn me on when I hear noises coming from the bedroom that get louder, then I know he is spewing cum in you and you sometimes have an erotic orgasm at the same time. .I've watched you through the crack in the bedroom door. Your body will stiffen and shudder as I watch you go through a violent orgasm. I see his cock pounding in you like a jack hammer, then his body will start jerking and shaking as he spurts cum in your pussy. As you both begin to relax, I can hardly wait for the guy to leave so that I can have sex with you."

Betty said in a determined voice, "If that's the way you feel, I'm going to keep doing it. I want some new furniture. I hear our landlord's son has a good job now and probably has spare money to give me. He seemed to really like sex with me for his graduation present. He wasn't very experienced and I taught him a few things. Maybe he has a good friend who would like to spend some time with me, too. Our landlord called today and said he would be here in the morning to collect the rent. I'll be dressed only in my robe like I usually do. After I finish my session in the bedroom with him, I'll ask about his son."

Bill smiled as he said, "I'll be here in the morning because I don't have to go to the office until noon."

"Good!" Betty responded, "I'll leave the bedroom door cracked open just a little for you."

The next morning when the door bell rang, Betty yelled from the bathroom area, "Bill, let Tom in. I'm just getting out of the shower."

Bill opened the front door to say, "Come right on in, Betty will be right with you."

Tom started making idle conversation. "It's a very nice day outside and I'd like to stay outside some more, but I've been looking forward to seeing your very pretty and sexy wife all month long."

"She just got out of the shower and will be ready for you in another minute."

Just then Betty shouted, "Bill, tell him to come on into the bedroom."

Tom heard her voice and said, "I'll be right there."

Tom saw Betty dressed in her robe as usual when he entered the bedroom. "It's so nice to see you today. I've been looking forward to this all month long."

Betty let her robe fall from her shoulders to the floor to expose her naked body as she said, "I hear it's a lovely day outside. After we finish, I'm going outside for a walk. Go ahead and take off your clothes and let's get started."

Tom kept looking at her naked beauty, her full rounded breasts with the perky nipples he could hardly wait to fondle and kiss. Her hips were rounded and trim as his eyes viewed her pubic hair and he knew her pussy was right below. However, he couldn't actually see much of her pussy, but he knew he would soon be licking it with his tongue. He really liked to view her pussy and ass when in a six nine position. The first time he fucked her several months ago, she kept rushing him to finish and leave. Now she takes her time and seems to enjoy being with him. He kept looking at her naked beauty while he undressed.

Betty smiled at him and said, "I see you are already hard. I know you've been staring at me while you undressed. Do you like to see me naked?"

"That's a dumb question to ask. You know I really love to see you naked. You are a very beautiful lady. Let's get in bed so I can make love to you. I want to drink in all your sexy beauty. I only get to do this once a month."

"You could come visit me more often if you can afford to pay me."

"I'll consider that. Right now I've going to kiss your lips and kiss all down your sexy body."

Tom and Betty's lips locked in a very sexy kiss. Then he kissed her neck and on down to her nipples. Betty took in a deep breath and said, "You know kissing my nipples makes me sexy."

"Yes, I know that, but I'm going to kiss you farther down, too. I've had a shower and am clean for you to suck my cock, today."

"I knew you liked the six nine position, so I just got out of the shower to be clean. Roll over on your back and I'll turn around and get on top of you."

Now that Betty was lying on top of Tom, his hard cock was staring her in the face. She wrapped one hand around it and squeezed, then moved her hand to jack him a little bit. She could feel his tongue going up and down her pussy, but had not touched her clit as yet. She then took the head in her mouth and sucked on it.

Tom responded, "That is really good, take it all the way down."

Betty then deep throated him as much as she could. She could feel the head in her throat but it didn't gag her. She had learned from experience just how to deep throat a man and give him the special thrills. She heard Tom moan and groan some, but didn't want him to cum while she had his cock fully in her mouth and throat. She raised back up to swirl her tongue around the head and lick up and down the underside of his cock.

"That is so good, so good, so good...," as his body began to tense up.

Betty asked, "Do you want to cum this way?"

"No, not yet. We just got started. Let's slow down a little bit."

Betty then began to lick around his balls and played with his cock while he relaxed some. She knew he was looking directly at her pussy and ass. She didn't mind for him to see her most private parts if it turned him on. In fact, she liked to show herself and often thought she might be an exhibitionist. She didn't think she would like to do it out in public in front of many people, but to show herself privately to one or two men at the same time would be alright. She even had a dream that she was the only girl in the room with several guys and proudly stripped off in front of them.

Tom was enjoying licking her pussy and occasionally sucked on her clit. She often responded with a moan of pleasure. Sometimes he could feel her squeeze her pussy muscles and at the same time her ass would pucker. He would suck on her clit to watch her ass.

Betty then remembered that she had left the door open a crack. She glanced toward the door and saw her husband with the door open part of the way and watching. She knew that Tom was so busy with his head between her legs that he would never see the open door.

Betty knew that Tom was thoroughly enjoying himself and she realized she was enjoying it too. By now Tom was no stranger and she was used to him after several months of settling the rent by being in bed with him.

Tom was beginning to have difficulty in holding back to make it last longer, "Betty, I would like to turn around and fuck you. I want you to ride me."

Betty turned around to face him and sat up in the middle of his body. She raised her butt, reached down with one hand to aim his very hard cock. She was very juicy with all the foreplay which allowed her to slowly ease all the way down. She pulsated her pussy muscles and smiled down at him.

He responded, "That is really good. Do it some more."

Betty continued to pulsate on his cock, then she started moving her butt up and down as he began to push up to her. It didn't take very long before Tom frantically said, "I can't hold it any longer, I'm going to cum."

Betty was close to an orgasm too. Tom started grunting and getting louder and louder as he frantically pushed up to match her movements. He finally yelled and groaned as his cock started spurting, spurt after spurt in her. She ground her pelvis into his body as her orgasm came on strong, then slumped forward onto his chest. Their bodies laid blended together as their heart beat raced and their bodies quivered in sexual eroticism.

Bill had been watching from the door and felt he had to have sexual relief soon, but he knew he would wait until Tom left. He went into the living room because he didn't want Tom to see him. He waited and it seemed as if it took a long time for Betty and Tom to come out of the bedroom. Tom was fully dressed while Betty had on her robe. He knew as soon as Tom left, he would quickly remove her robe and ravish her.

Betty spoke first, "Sorry it took so long. Hope you didn't get too bored waiting."

Bill just smiled at her, then Tom spoke, "Your beautiful wife is so wonderful. She mentioned that I could come back again this month if I paid her. I plan to do it."

Bill caught a gleam in Betty eyes, then said, "That's up to her. She would like to have some new furniture."

"That's fine, I'll call again later to make an appointment. Betty is so sexy that I just have to come back to see her."

Betty looked delighted at the prospect, then queried, "I hear your son, Greg, has a good job. Would he like to visit me again?"

Tom spoke right up, "Yes. He mentioned to me the other day and wondered if he could see you."

"Good! Tell him to call me soon. And would your brother like to visit with me again?"

"I'm sure he would now that he made a lot of money on a hot stock he sold."

Betty put on one of her best smiles, lightly kissed Tom goodby as he was leaving, then turned to her husband, "Now it's your turn."

A few days later the phone rang.

Betty answered, "Hello, this is Betty."

"Hi, this is Greg. Remember me? I've been thinking of you ever since I had my graduation present in bed with you. Dad told me you would allow me to come over to see you again. When would it be convenient?"

"What about this weekend. Saturday morning would be nice to start out the day."

"That's perfect for me. I have a date with my girl friend that afternoon and evening. I'll be there about nine o'clock in the morning. Thanks for letting me come to see you again. I assume the price is the same?"

"Yes. I'll see you at that time."

Betty had enjoyed sex with Greg, but it had been several weeks ago. He was young, vigorous, could maintain a very hard erection, very muscular, and could go two or three times in a relatively short period. She could look forward to a sexy time on Saturday morning and collect money, too.

Saturday morning Betty was up, showered, had breakfast with her husband, Bill, and was waiting in the living room for Greg. She wanted to look nice and sexy for the young Greg. She had carefully applied her makeup, combed her hair, and put on a mini skirt and skimpy blouse without any panties or bra. After she had dressed, Bill whistled and said, "Wow! You look hot!"

"I want to look nice for this young stud. I call him a stud because he is really an eager young man. I wonder if he is screwing his steady girl friend. I'm going to ask him."

Greg arrived on schedule, "Remember me, I'm Greg."

Greg shook hands with Bill, but then turned his attention to Betty, "You really look beautiful today. I'm so glad you let me come back to see you. I still remember what a wonderful time I had with you when I had just graduated from high school."

"It's nice to know you liked your graduation present. Are you ready to go in the bedroom?"

"Lead the way. I'll be right behind you."

As Betty was walking down the hall to the spare bedroom, she knew Greg was probably watching her butt. She did her best to walk as sexy as possible. Her mini skirt was long enough to cover her butt and maybe just a little bit more of her legs. She led him into the bedroom and pushed the door nearly all the way shut.

She thought she would tease him a little bit by giving him a peek between her legs. She sat down on the bed allowing her legs to spread some and laid back on the bed. She knew her pussy was in full view. She used her elbows to raise her shoulders and head to look at him. She saw Greg staring at her crotch.

She smiled as she said, "Do you see something you like?"

"I sure do and I've got something very hard for you."

She was surprised when Greg suddenly unbuckled his belt, dropped his pants and shorts with one quick push down and moved between her legs. She could feel his hard erection seeking her hole, but was punching in the wrong place. She thought about taking one of her hands and guiding it, but knew she would probably be too dry to get it in without any foreplay. However, she quickly decided to guide it to her hole.

With one hand she grasped his erection, "Greg, I may be too dry, but we'll try to get it in. Don't push so hard as I try to moved the head up and down to lubricate me with your precum."

Greg relaxed the pressure so that the head barely was touching her pussy inner lips. She slowly moved the head up and down and could feel that she was gradually being lubricated. She moved the head at her hole, "Greg, push just a little."

Greg gently pushed and could feel the warmth of her pussy surrounding part of the head. Betty prompted, "Now pull back a little and push in more."

Now Greg could feel the tender warmth of her pussy enveloping the head of his cock. He didn't want to push in any farther to cause her pain. They both laid still as she pulsated on the end of his cock. Greg moaned with delight.

"Greg, pull back again and we'll go deeper next push."

Greg could feel his cock come out of the warmth of her pussy. Her hand was still holding it to guide it back in. Then he felt her give a little tug on his cock prompting him to push in again. This time he slowly eased most of the way in. They laid still while she pulsated on his cock a few time.

"You sort of rushed me," Betty said, "But we did get it in."

"You were teasing me with your open legs and I took advantage of it. I didn't mean to hurt you or be unkind to you. I'm sorry if I did."

"That's alright. We came in here to fuck and that's what we're doing. Do you want to continue doing this or do you want to pull out and play around some."

Greg got up and pulled Betty up in a standing position in front of him. Their lips met for a long sexy kiss.

"Betty, you are so sexy and your kisses are the best. I love my girl friend, but your kisses are the best."

"Are you having sex with your girl friend?"

"She wants to wait until we are married."

"That's too bad, but you can fuck me most anytime until you get married."

"If I had the money, I'd be here every day."

"You should be able to visit me more often because I hear you have a good paying job now.

"I do, but if you would reduce your price a little to help with my finances, I can visit you more often."

"I'll consider that, but right now we're here to have sex, so why don't we get undressed and be more comfortable."

Betty slipped her dress up over her head while Greg quickly undressed. Greg picked her up in his strong manly arms and playfully dumped her on the bed. After she bounced once and settled in bed, she reached out to grab his hard erection, "Bring this thing to bed with me."

Greg crawled onto the bed and snuggled up to her, parting his lips to mesh with hers in a tongue searching kiss.

Greg moved his head back to look her in the eyes, "You are nearly as old as my mother, but you are so sexy and beautiful that I could make love to you every day all day."

"Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you like me. Last time you were here, I think you fucked me three times, didn't you? Do you think you can do it again?"

"I know I can make it at least twice."

"Well, what position do you want first."

"Let's try it six nine. I want to eat your pussy like I did last time. That was my first time to do it and I've been thinking about it ever since then. I even masturbate thinking about it. I learned a lot about sex from you last time."

Betty wasn't surprised with that answer because most men like to have their face in the lady's crotch. They also like to see with the light on, too.

Betty rolled up on top of Greg in the six nine position. Immediately, she felt Greg's tongue open her pussy lips and lick up and down occasionally probing at her hole. She started licking up and down on his cock, then went over the head to take it in her mouth and suck on it. Greg reacted to that with a push into her mouth. She pulled back a little to suck on the head.

She could then feel Greg's tongue licking all around her crotch and often going over her ass hole. He didn't do that last time. Evidently, he is exploring and experimenting with something new.

She deep throated him as far down as she could. A cock could go only so far in her mouth and throat. He reacted to that with a loud moan and groan. She deep throated him a couple more times causing him to act as if he was going to cum soon. She pulled back up so that she wouldn't choke if he started cumming. Greg started to be very vocal.

She felt his cock jerk and the sperm came in big gobs of spurts in her mouth. She could feel his mouth covering her pussy as his cock continued to erupt.. When his body stopped shaking and straining, she grabbed a tissue to wipe her mouth, although she was able to consume most of his cum. She held tissues at her crotch as she rolled off to lie by his side. Greg was lying very still and she knew she had tamed this big muscular stud. She would let him rest and doze off if that is what he wanted.

Greg didn't doze off, but opened his eyes and looked at her to say, "That was fantastic. I wish my girl friend would do that before we get married. Maybe I won't marry her. Instead, I'll shoot your husband and marry you," he jokingly said.

"I need to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back, so rest a few minutes and get ready for another one," Betty said

"I'm not going anywhere until you come back and have some more fun."

Betty was completely naked when she went to the hall bathroom. Bill saw her in the hall and followed her into the bathroom.

Betty asked, "Did you peek at any of the action? I was too busy and didn't look for you. You know I'm earning money for us by doing this."

"Yes, I saw you suck him off. Now I have a big hard on. Can you help me?"

"I have to pee. While I'm sitting here, I'll try to satisfy you."

Bill took his erection out of his pants and moved close to Betty. "When you cum, keep the noise down because I prefer that Greg doesn't know I'm giving you a blow job in here."

Betty opened her mouth as Bill pushed forward. Bill's butt went back and forth just a few times when he started filling her mouth. He was able to keep his grunting and vocal noise at a low level.

"Bill, I have to go back to Greg now. I think after I get him hard, he will fuck me this time and maybe that will finish him for the morning, I hope."

"I'm going to miss you while you are in bed again with Greg. Finish him off and out the door so we can be alone together."

"I will. I'll be thinking of you and how much I love you as he fucks me."

Betty went back in the bedroom where Greg seemed to be about asleep. Greg became alive when Betty sat on the bed. She reached over to feel his soft cock to say, "Well, we'll see if you have anymore life in you."

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