tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersProud To Be A Sissy Ch. 09

Proud To Be A Sissy Ch. 09


"I hope you like them," daddy stated cheerfully as he lifted the towel from my face while handing me a bra that was laced with trim, matching my panties, "they look great on you sissy."

Looking down I saw two flesh toned swells that weren't there before and sitting up I could feel a slight weight pulling down. I jumped off of my bed and stood in front of the mirror and looked at slim girl with a perfect set of tits. Their color was a perfect match to my own skin and could barely make out the seams. My little penis throbbed as I lifted my hands and gently squeezed my new tits and actually felt the pressure against my own flesh. They had nipples about a quarter inch thick that stood out almost a half of an inch to proudly display for ever that I was just a horny sissy slut wanting some cock.

"Oh daddy thank you so very, very much," I cried joyfully turning and hugging him fiercely, "this is the best surprise I've ever had."

"You're welcome sissy," daddy replied as he squeezed my bum, "now finish getting dressed so we can eat before they get here."

I felt pretty nervous as I put on the bra on over my new tits after spending several minutes turning this way and that watching myself in the mirror. I struggled with the zipper on the back of the pink maid's uniform and settled it into place. With the added ruffles on my panties and the several layers of stiff pleated cloth under the skirt made my bum look so big and round, while my new titties seemed to stretch the fabric of the lace trimmed bodice. I brushed out the pig tails from my hair and tied it back into a pony tail before putting on the small ruffled white cap and then went out to show my daddy how I looked.

My new daddy had his Polaroid camera ready when I entered the living room and he took several photos of me posing. The one that I liked the best had been taken with my back turned to him looking over my shoulder smiling back and you could see my pink anus and scrotum through the split in the panties I wore. The last shot daddy took was a close up while I raised the front of my maids uniform and my now throbbing little penis had a tiny drop of precum at the very tip when the camera flashed.

I made us some sandwiches from the party supplies though I felt too nervous to really eat very much at the time thinking about what kind of reaction I'd get from every one once they'd seen my new look. I brought daddy a fresh beer after he'd eaten his second sandwich and tried to thank him properly for my latest surprise but he was insistent that we save ourselves for his plans on the upcoming party.

It was just a little after seven when there was a knock on the door and I jumped up quickly to answer it I slowly opened the door while hiding behind it. Paul and Felix stepped in and turned as the door closed behind them to look at me. They both looked a little astonished at first then smiled widely down at me saying real nice things about how I looked now. I hugged and kissed them both grinding my body into theirs hoping to feel some hardening cocks. Felix was even bold enough to give my ass a nice firm squeeze which really turned me on more.

They both sat one at each end of the couch as I went to get them each a beer and made sure to give them a show when I served them. I turned my back to each one at a time bending at the hips keeping my legs straight and slightly spread my feet apart placing theirs beers in front of them. Paul reached up and rubbed a finger across my exposed anus sending a chill up my spine. Felix circled a finger around my sphincter before moving further into my crotch and rubbed my hard little penis a few times while I served Paul which made me shiver with excitement.

Daddy was smiling broadly at me as I knelt beside him and I could see his fat erection tenting his pants. I leaned against his thigh and rested a hand lightly squeezing and feeling the bulge through his slacks as the guys watched with large eyes and grins on their faces. They talked about sports while I gently stroked my daddy's hard cock waiting for Mr. Davis and Mr. Lester to arrive.

Mr. Davis was next to arrive and welcomed him with a hug and kiss to his cheek feeling his hand slide up the back of my thigh stopping when he found the opening of my crotch and making me shiver tickling my anus lightly with his finger tips. Then he held me by the shoulders at arm's length and told me how pretty I looked and making me blush.

Mr. Davis sat between the boys while I went to get him and daddy some beer and as served Mr. Davis in the same fashion as I did with Paul and Felix with my back to daddy I felt his wet finger push gently against my sphincter until just the tip entered me. I turned to serve daddy and I heard a chuckle from behind as I showed off my panties to all three of them. Mr. Davis pinched my throbbing little penis between his thumb and finger and I almost came when he squeezed it tightly and pulled it down until his fingers slid off the end.

"My, my," Mr. Davis exclaimed, "looks like our little sissy maid has gotten a little wet."

I turned and looked to see him examine the fingers he used to squeeze the precum from my glands. Then he offered me the fingers to clean and I sucked hard on both at the same time tasting myself. I felt very hot and flustered as went back to daddy's side and before I could kneel there came another knock and now Mr. Lester had finally arrived.

I greeted him as I had the others and felt that nice feeling I get whenever someone gives me a compliment as Mr Lester told me how nice I looked while patting my bottom with his large hand. The others all stood and moved to the other room to start their game. I kept busy getting snacks and making sandwiches for the guys receiving gropes whenever I stood close beside anyone of them. I was become more and more excited as time went on and I had an incredible urge to crawl under the table to start sucking all of their cocks.

Daddy was the first one to run out of chips to be knocked out of the game. He motioned me to follow him leading me to his bedroom. Once there he had me bend over at the hips to touch my toes and I heard a drawer opening. Daddy's hands slid my panties down to mid thigh while he stood beside me and I felt him apply a cold jelly to my anus. It warmed as he spread it around with little circles of his fingertips before pushing some through my sphincter. My breathing quickened as I moaned with the pleasure his intrusion gave me. I sighed discontentedly when he removed them but then felt something cold and hard pushing against my anus.

"This is what's called a butt plug," daddy told me, "It'll help stretch you out for what I have planned for you this evening."

With one hand on my hips he pulled me tightly against him I felt his hard cock through his pants against my other hip as daddy forced the object slowly through my sphincter. I groaned as it stretched the muscle wider filling me more then daddy's own erection had. Just when I felt I would scream from the pain daddy slowly withdrew it slightly several times opening my entrance a little more going deeper with every stroke.

I moaned loudly and my body started shaking as I suddenly felt fuller than I'd ever been before and my anus seemed to snap shut around the bottom but still stretching my sphincter open. My daddy patted my bum and chuckled as he helped me to stand straight. He pulled my panties into place making sure to arrange the crotch so that the base would be exposed for everyone to see if I bent over.

"Are you okay sissy?" he asked.

"Yes," I breathed deeply, "oh daddy I feel so full."

"Wait," he laughed, "the night is early yet."

Daddy pushed me forward and guided me out into the hall towards the others and he commented on how much more my ass wiggled now. I could feel it too as the butt plug seemed to move slightly with each step as the base rubbed my inner thighs. My body was trembling with arousal by the time we got back to the table. As I served each of them fresh beers they all seemed to be amused by what was inserted into my bum and each took a turn to twist and pull on the base every chance they got.

I felt myself growing hotter and more excited with every moment from all of the attention the guys were giving me. I almost came several times from feeling so full and with my hard little penis constantly rubbing against the inside of my skirt.

Felix was the next to drop out of the game and getting up from table he left the room. Daddy motioned me to follow him and I knew what he expected me to do. I felt a rush of excitement run up my spine knowing that I'd finally get to play with one of my favourite things as I rushed to the bathroom. Felix left the door open enough for me to slide in beside him as he just fished his semi hard cock from his jeans.

"Let me help you with that please?" I asked him.

"Sure thing sissy," He laughed, "But with you holding it I might not be able to go."

"I'm sure if you can't," I said looking up into his eyes, "I'll think of some way to help you."

Shaking I reached out and grasped his big thick cock feeling it's weight and hotness in hand as I aimed it to the bowl. With a loud groan Felix released a heavy flow and I couldn't help myself from giggling as it seemed to last forever. By the time he finished I was holding onto a fully erect long black cock. Feeling so horny and frustrated from all the teasing I had endeared so far this evening and the big plug filling my ass I just couldn't help myself. The sissy slut in me took full control and lifted his organ up towards my mouth and kissed the tip before letting the glands slide across my lips.

Felix moaned as his hard cock reached the entrance of my throat and I felt his penis twitch against my tongue. He toyed with my plug twisting it while pushing and pulling on the base, I felt like I was being fucked while I sucked on his beautiful large black penis. I only got play for a minute or so before we were interrupted by a rap on the door.

"I hate to barge in on your fun son," Mr. Lester snickered, "But it's my turn to go and besides Clarky doesn't want anybody getting too carried away just yet, especially you, you horny little slut of a sissy."

"It's hard to stop dad," Felix groaned pulling his cock from my mouth, "when these sweet lips are wrapped around you."

I felt myself blush and smiled impishly up to Mr. Lester as Felix struggled to get his hard member back into his pants and left the room. Mr. Lester just stood in front of the bowl with his hands on his hips waiting expectantly for my aid. I hurriedly undid his pants eager to once again hold his magnificent huge black cock. With both hands wrapped around the thick shaft I could feel his piss flowing out to the bowl to splash noisily into the water. I took the flaccid glans easily into my mouth when the flow finally stopped and stroked his shaft. As I felt him growing erect I with withdrew the head slightly from between my lips and sucked on the very tip until he pulled it away from me.

"That's enough for now you cock crazy slut," Mr. Lester chuckled, "If you get it any harder I won't be able to get my pants done up."

"Well then you'll just have to leave out," I giggled, "that way I'll be able to play with it some more."

"It's hard enough to concentrate on the game as it is with you flittering around dressed up so cute." He said and slapped my bum so the plug pushed up into me. "Besides, we still got all night."

I pouted at him as he left the room and decided to wait excitedly knowing the others would soon want their turns in the bathroom too. I really enjoyed any opportunity to get my hands on some one's cock. I wasn't disappointed as I got to hold and taste all five penises before they started the next round. I had just finished serving each a fresh beer and was standing beside my daddy as he held the cards and waited for everyone to be quite.

"I think it's time to make the game more interesting," Daddy started to say, "I'm going to give my little sissy slut the honour of blowing off the winner of each hand."

They all cheered and I felt myself blushing as my little cock throbbed in anticipation daddy continued as he started to deal out the cards, "Of course the winner of the round will get the pleasure to be the first one tonight to take the sluts ass."

Shivered in delight at first but with then with fear as the thought of Mr. Lester's gigantic cock forcing its way into my ass. My bum clenched around the base of my butt plug as I nervously began to wait for them to play the first hand. Finally after what seemed forever, Paul laid down a full house and looked up to me with a big grin on his face.

Daddy stood up to move his chair so I could crawl under the table and kneel between Paul's spread legs. Reaching up with shaking hands I fumbled with his pants until I got them pushed down to his ankles. His thin cock was already hard and stood proudly against his shirt. With one hand I lifted his scrotum and sucked his testicles one at time into my mouth until he groaned out loud and the others chuckled.

I licked upwards from the sack along the underside of his hot long penis until I reached the glans to swirl my tongue around it tasting Paul's precum before engulfing his erection straight down to the base filling my throat. The next hand was over way to quickly for my likes as Mr. Lester was announced as the winner. I was hoping I'd have time to taste Paul's come before the next winner would require my services.

Mr. Lester stood and completely removed his pants and folded them over his chair before sitting down pulling his chair in slightly leaving me room to kneel between him and the table. I felt even more turned on knowing everyone would be able to watch me as I serviced his big beautiful cock with my hands and mouth.

I started with his balls first tonguing and sucking barely able to get one of the large egg shaped balls into my mouth one at a time as I stroke his long hardening shaft. I slowly licked around the base and moved upwards towards his glans trying to cover every inch with my saliva. He moaned his pleasure as my licking reached the ridge where Mr. Lester's shaft ended.

With both hands tightly wrapped around his huge erect cock and began stroking while my lips moved over the tip tasting a steady flow of sweet precum. Taking as much of the glans as I could between stretched lips and still be able to have room to swirl my tongue around it I happily began sucking as hard as I could. My anus seemed to throb, thinking of his huge cock entering me there and with fear part of me hoped someone else would win this round while the sissy slut in me really would like to at least try.

The round of poker seemed to last over an hour and no one seemed to able to win two hands in a row. I soon had sampled all five cocks at least once and every one of them was now naked from the waist down. But I never seemed to have enough time with each one to get a mouthful of semen though on my second time between Felix's naked legs I felt his big cock start to throb between my lips as a new winner was declared and Mr. Davis pulled my greedy sissy slut mouth away before Felix could give me his load.

Both daddy and Paul where forced out of the game losing to Mr. Lester and I heard Mr. Davis sigh as I left his long thin cock to feast on the huge mammoth again. The hand was quickly over when Mr Davis declared all in and wiped out Mr. Lester and his son in the final hand of the round and winning the chance to be first.

I was overcome with arousal as everyone now stood and daddy reached down to help me stand up. He pulled a chair out from the table and led me over to stand beside it. Pushing on my back with a hand on my tummy I bent at the hips and placed my hands on the seat to expose my panties and the butt plug to them all. I felt so nasty and dirty being put on display like that I shivered with excitement and anticipation of what was about to happen. I remembered the first time I sucked on Mr. Davis's cock and how I wondered what it would feel like inside of me. Now I would have the chance.

Daddy pushed my maids uniform up over my waist, then pulled my panties down my legs until I could step out of them and he told me to spread my legs as he gripped the base of the plug. He slowly twisted and pulled it back and forth a few times until I felt it gradually expand my sphincter almost painfully until large end was finally free and letting the rest quickly fall out. I felt the cool air invade my gaping anus before I managed to close it. I realized why Daddy had put such a large plug into me when he held it up to Mr. Lester's erection in front of me, the plug was even wider than his thick cock.

I felt Mr. Davis step up behind me as his long thin penis rubbed against my scrotum and stiff little penis. I shivered as he rubbed it back and forth a few times almost making me have an orgasm. Then I felt the heat of his cock along my spine as he squeezed the tube of jelly out onto it. I could tell he was spreading it over his organ and along the crease of my behind as I waited for him to impale me with his erection.

I could feel him rub the glans around my anus teasing my sphincter open, I was breathing heavy as he finally pushed the end into my prepared ass going in deeper than anyone else had ever had before. Sinking to the base of his cock inside me I felt his pubic hair tickling my ass cheeks and I shivered violently and came as my little penis spewed sperm out onto the chair.

I could hear them cheer and begin to egg Mr. Davis on as he started to piston his hard cock in and out of my ass. I felt a hot wetness across my bottom lip and opened my eyes to see daddy's penis dripping precum and willingly sucked him into my mouth as he timed his strokes with Mr. Davis so I was fucked from both ends.

Mr. Davis seem to growl as his strokes became faster and erratic pounding my behind as he griped my hips tightly and slammed into me one last time as I felt his penis throbbing deeply inside of me and filling me with his hot seed while I had an orgasm with him. I groaned around daddy's cock feeling several blasts of his hot cum hitting the back of my throat before he pulled out to finish shooting his load across my face.

My legs gave out as Mr. Davis withdrew his softening penis from my anus and I fell across the chair. I felt myself being lifted from both sides as someone unzipped my pink uniform and let it fall to the floor before I was laid face down over the hastily cleared table. I could feel Mr. Davis's sperm slowly leak and run down my thighs. Next I felt Paul's thinner cock easily find its way past my sphincter as he took his turn in my bum. I was so aroused I seemed moan continuously as he pummelled my ass while I seemed to have one anal orgasm after another.

I was aware of the occasional camera flashes as daddy recorded they event. Paul only lasted a few minutes before I felt the tell tale throbbing of his erection just before I felt the heat of his seed pumping up into me while tremor after tremor rocked my body. I could feel daddy's cum drying on my face as more seeped down my legs when a felt a larger cock forcing itself into me. When the glans slipped past my sphincter I knew without having to look that it was Felix's turn to use me.

His cock was a little fatter and longer than daddy's but my well used ass hole accepted him easily filling me more than I'd ever been before as I felt his hips contact my shivering ass. Felix only lasted a little longer than Paul but when I felt him shooting his seed deeply into my bowels I thought I'd not be able to take anymore. But there was still one cock left in the room untended and now I shook with fear as I felt it lay heavily along my spine as Mr. Lester rubbed some of the cool jelly onto it. I could feel his large scrotum resting against my crotch while his glands reached half way up my back. The sissy slut in smiled to myself thinking what a way to die for surely I thought his huge cock would split me in two.

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