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I waited in the brightly lit reception area of the club, for my latest prize. My Italian jacket and designer jeans emphasised the tan on my skin and the sun bleaching of my hair was for real. My lean muscled body with its expensive perfume showed I was a man who took care of himself.

Then she was with me, the soft long blond hair framing the fresh naïve 22 year old face. Her dark brown eyes like that of a doe looked up trustingly into mine as her soft pink lips formed into a kiss to brush my lips. The kiss was warm, fresh, like candy on my tongue. She took my arm hugging her body close to mine. I could feel the firm young frame through the thin fabric of her mini slip dress. She was young, pretty, with a hunger for passion which had grown through the night.

I had succeeded. They would be pleased when I brought her to them. I slipped her coat about her shoulders as we stepped into the waiting taxi. Her slim thin fingers disappeared into my broad hand. As we rode in the taxi she rested her head onto my shoulder pressing her warm thigh against my mine. I could feel the expectation tensing the muscles in her body. As we neared our destination the squeezing of her fingers in mine increased, matching the tempo of her breath shortened by excitement.

I paid for the taxi and we entered the apartment building like twins joined at the hip. As we rode the elevator to the top floor she turned my face to hers. Her butterfly kisses covered my face and exposed neck. She raised her leg to rub along mine. She bent my head to her mouth by tugging the short mat of hair on the back of my head. Her hips ground into my groin. I could feel the heat inside her spreading along her naked thigh through the thick cotton of my jeans.

Her fingers slipped to trace the outline of my erect cock. I had to gently brush them away. "Not yet my sweet. Not yet." I saw the question form in her eyes but I would not answer.

I unlocked the door into the warehouse style apartment. The low lighting in the entrance bled into the shade bordering the central room. As always the square of three white leather sofas was lit like a stage. On the centre sofa sat the two lead players, my flatmates or should I say my owners. Since joining them in the flat I had known no other life than pandering to them. Pleasing them in whatever way I could. Tonight I had brought them a new offering, a new toy for them to play with and use.

My young friend turned to me. I sensed the surprise and disappointment in her face. She had thought we would be alone. "These are my flatmates Daisy" I said to her. "Chloe and Sabrina." The two women broadened their crimson glossed lips into welcoming smiles. They parted their voluptuous satin dressed bodies to make a space between them on the sofa. Sabrina extended her glistening long nailed hand towards Daisy and indicated the girl should sit between them.

"Tea would be nice Darren dear. We girls will chat for awhile and get acquainted." I had been dismissed. I turned taking the stairs up the mezzanine to the gallery kitchen. From above I watched as Daisy slipped into the space created between the two women. Within seconds the space had closed, and Daisy was pressed closely between them.

The conversation was indistinct but I knew what its contents would be. How had we met. How long had we known each other. Did she like the flat. This was always the first chance visitors had to study the décor. The subtle erotic paintings on the wall, the lamps which were bronzes of lovers entwined, and then of course there was the single large circular bed partially obscured by a screen.

The kettle boiled and I created the herbal infusion. I was not to hurry. The women needed time for the corruption to commence. Daisy was a student. Intelligent, wise yet totally naïve. She was ripe for education, liberation even, as our little game of perversion would open her mind and body to new pleasures she would never have thought of. I watched now as the bewilderment clouded her sweet face. Soon there would be apprehension, maybe just briefly fear, before joy would overtake her and she would enter the light of pleasure that awaited her.

Daisy's coat had been removed from her shoulders. I watched Sabrina's ample bosom rise and fall with the quickening of her breath. Her fingers had started to stroke Daisy's long hair. Chloe was tracing her fingers along the line of Daisy's shoulder. I could see the girl's nipples hardening through the thin fabric of her slip dress. My cock bucked against my jeans. Chloe rearranged the split of her satin dress revealing the full length of her black stockinged leg which she pressed against Daisy's bare knees.

It was time for me to enter as the audience. I walked down the stairs, as best I could with my cock straining to be free of my jeans. I placed the tea tray on a table in front of the girls. Daisy looked quizzically almost pleading into my eyes. I smiled. She was ripe. I knew she would enjoy, she just had to let go. Chloe handed Daisy her tea. She was trapped now. The pleasure would get to her before fear, reason or doubt could prevent the moment.

The women talked to Daisy again. The words were unimportant, it was just the accent, the tone, the rhythm, a quick question would prevent her from thinking or noticing what was happening to her until it was too late.

Daisy's thighs had been gently parted. Sabrina had worked the hem of Daisy's dress to the top of her thighs. I could see her white cotton G string dampening at the front. College girls always wore cotton, they had no ingenuity, they felt no need to glamourise their sex it was still fresh and youthful.

I could smell the combined odour of sex welling from inside the women. I desperately wanted to free my dripping cock but I had to wait. I had to wait until I the instruction came.

Chloe was the first to kiss Daisy. Taking the young face into her hand she raised the chin and bore down with her lips forcing the girls mouth apart. I watched as their tongues flicked together. I saw Daisy tense. I saw a brief fight rise in her. Sabrina gripped at Daisy's shoulders then released her as Daisy locked onto Chloe's embrace.

Slowly they stripped the slip dress down Daisy's body. Sabrina gripped at Daisy's freed breasts. Tweaking them between her thumb and forefinger till they were taut she finally suckled into the closest breast as her fingers pushed aside the cotton covering the young girls pussy.

I could see the shaven pink puffy lips glistening with love juice widening to accept Sabrina's two slippery probing fingers. Chloe released Daisy's face and gently eased the girl down onto the cushion of the sofa. As she cupped, kneaded and suckled at the young girls breasts she watched Sabrina strip away the last of Daisy's clothes.

As they each stimulated their young plaything they gradually stripped each other till they hovered over their victim wearing black stilettos, stockings, and matching lace thongs. Their full breasts nudging and brushing each others exposed flesh causing their nipples to tauten into over ripe berries.

The two women kissed mischievously before Sabrina dipped her head to kiss Daisy's head and abdomen. Her head travelled futher towards the young girls bare pubis. Sabrina's tongue circled the exposed clitoris rising from the hood of Daisy's pussy. Chloe stripped off her own panties and bent over to kiss Daisy full on the lips once more. This was my signal. I could leave the audience to join the performance.

Racing out of my clothes I dropped to my knees and gratefully kissed Chloe's fleshy bottom extended to me. Her thighs parted, and her hand slipped to the back of my head forcing my face deep into the cleft of her pussy. Eagerly my tongue probed between the softening lips, till my teeth could take hold and I could suck and draw on her labia lips. My hands stroked along the smooth flesh of her inner thighs, till my finger pressed against the bud of her clit. Briefly she pressed back against my face until she twisted away.

Directed towards Sabrina's raised derriere I saw Chloe position herself over Daisy's face and watched as she sank down onto the flicking tongue awaiting the taste of her clit. Now rampant with excitement I pulled aside the thin covering of Sabrina's G string and buried my face into her pussy. Sucking on her clit I ran my fingers over the saliva forming on my lips. Once sticky I reached up gently testing the opening of her anus. Teasing with increasing pressure, I felt the tension ease and my fingers slid inside.

Beneath Sabrina's body I could feel the upward pressure from Daisy's body as her climax began to well inside. Sabrina sat back, grabbing my dripping cock, she pressed it into her waiting pussy. With her other hand she continued to tease Daisy's clit. Sabrina and Chloe locked lips into a long smouldering kiss before Sabrina's head dipped back to cover the fully flowered opening of Daisy's pussy. Her buttocks slammed into my groin burying my cock up to the balls into her own hungry pussy.

As I thrust back and forth into the gyrating body beneath me I watched Chloe's untethered breasts dance before my eyes. Gripping Sabrina at the hip with one hand my other latched onto one of the flayling breasts in front of me. Chloe gripped her other breast and between us we each urged the other to climax.

As Chloe began the low whine that led to her siren like climax I could feel Sabrina being jerked back against my own thrusting body. As Chloe's shriek filled the vast void of the apartment I could hear the low whimpering whelp of shocked delight coming from Daisy beneath the sumptuous volumes of voluptuous flesh. Sabrina in her usual mix of guttural expletives was next to climax immediately snatching my straining cock from the velvet comfort of her welcoming vagina.

Releasing Daisy from beneath their combined advances the two women held my quivering sticky cock close to her wide eyed flushed face. "Do you still want this sweet lips?" Chloe asked. "Yes" was the dreamy positive reply. Chloe propping Daisy's head in her lap raised her face level with the enlarged eye of my pulsing cock. Sliding her hand along the length of my quivering pulsing rod, Sabrina jerked at my cock till I could hold back no longer, in a rush of spouting gushes my love juice sprayed into Daisy's waiting mouth. Peppering her cheeks and lips with globules of my white sticky goo.

Daisy reached up with outstretched hand pulling my still hard length into her mouth slowly she licked and sucked it clean as Chloe and Sabrina licked away my spray from her face. Some would say I should be ashamed of my slavish behaviour towards my two flat mates. Many would consider our life style wicked, corrupting, even addictive and depraved. You may even question my reasoning for staying with them. Yet when you see the satiated glow on the young face of a girl such as Daisy, I have an almost evangelical feeling and realise our meeting was providence not evil and I must continue the good work for as long as I am able.

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