I was on the prowl so to speak: that is I was looking for something interesting. Something interesting and hot in the sex department. Sometimes (quite often in fact) I just have to have something nasty and strange. This was certainly one of those times. I guess I should tell you that I’m 31 years old, 6’1” tall, 165 pounds with auburn hair, green eyes, nicely muscled without being silly looking. My ass cheeks are kinda high and firm and my body’s fairly smooth except where my 7” cut cock is. I’m told that I’m good looking by both sexes. I like both of those sexes as well as that third sex which was what I really wanted tonight.

There was this little club in town that skated the line between straight, gay and something else that I sometimes went to. Sometimes with luck and sometimes not. I was hoping tonight was a lucky one.

I was sitting at the bar nursing a vodka tonic when I saw these two creatures sitting in a booth across the room. From a distance they both looked hot---one with long stringy blonde hair while the other had short short dark hair. They were sitting and looking and watching and were obviously eye prowling just like me. They didn’t see me or the light was too dim but after awhile they got up and slow danced with eachother. The blonde was an easy 6’ in heels and had on a white off the shoulder dress that showed that she had some cleavage. The skirt was a good 5” above her knees and nice knees they were. Her friend was a little shorter and was wearing a black leather mini skirt with a designer t shirt cut off just under her breasts. I had to try.

So I got up and walked over to them and asked if three was an interesting crowd. Up close you could tell if you wanted to---but I didn’t want to. The three of us danced and I found out that the blonde was Carrie and the brunette was Lisa. We all three brushed up against eachother and hands dropped and brushed the front of skirts and pants and squeezed tight asses. When the song ended we went back to their table and I sat between them. We made this pretense of talking while playing touchy feely under the table. Every time I’d get close to their hot crotches they’d push my hand away but I wasn’t brushing theirs away at all. I was hard as a rock. Carrie told me that they weren’t into simple everyday sex or easy threesomes. She said they were into hot kink and wondered what kind of things I’d be interested in. I asked what she had in mind while Lisa squeezed my thigh really close up to my cock.

Carrie said they knew about this XXX bookstore with big video booths and glory holes galore that she and Lisa wanted me to go to with them. I didn’t know what to say----I’d never been to one before.

“Come on Terry.” she said, “Go with us and we’ll all suck cock and eat cum while we do eachother as well.” As she was saying this :Lisa was massaging my cockhead through my pants.

I didn’t really have a choice did I?

So the three of us left and I drove us to this bookstore on the north side of town. The place was bright on the outside but deliciously dark and nasty inside. We went into the back where the video booths were and found one in the middle of a row that had glory holes in both side walls. I could smell cum. Lisa popped a ten dollar bill into the money slot and both video screens lit up. She scrolled through a bunch til she came to a TV scene on one and a gang bang on the other, We were all taking clothing off. Carrie had nice breasts---about 36B’s while Lisa was pretty flat but she still looked really hot in heels and thigh highs. Carrie and I were french kissing and eating each others lips and tongues while we ground our cocks together. Lisa hiked up her skirt and lowered the front of her panties so that here hard thick cock could flop out. She jerked on it as she watched us. I could see this guy watching through one of the holes and there was all of a sudden this big fat semi hard cock sticking through the other one. Carrie pushed me to my knees and whispered that I should suck it.

“Cmon Terry, stick it in your mouth and suck on the head. Eat it like it’s a lollipop. Fuck it in and out like your mouth’s a pussy.” She said.

I sucked it into my mouth without touching it with my hands and sucked the head in and out time after time. I could see Lisa on her knees sticking her tongue into Carries ass while she stood at the other hole fucking some guys mouth. I was so into sucking this cock that it took me a minute to realize that Lisa was sticking her tongue into my ass and fucking it. She started stroking my cock and pulling on my balls and it was making me so crazy that I was blowing this guys brains out. He started fucking my face like it was a cunt and I just held my mouth tight around his cock and pressed my tongue against the bottom of it. He kind of thrust into me really hard and I gagged a little as he went down my throat. He just held it there and I could feel the head get big and then felt jets of cum go right down my throat. I pulled away and sucked the head as he shot and dribbled more cum into my mouth. I kept it there and then spit it into my hands and turned and rubbed saliva and cum all over Lisa’s cock and balls and then sucked it all off her. She moaned and as Carrie moved away from the wall she took her place sticking her wet cock through the hole and into the slut mouth on the other said.

Carrie shoved my face up against the glory hole and another cock slid into it while she wet my ass some more and then stuck a couple of fingers into me. This long kinda slender cock started sliding in and out of my mouth while Carrie got up and started rubbing her cockclit up and down my ass finally sticking it into me. Just the head. .I gasped as he stuck it in and the long cock kept fucking me. She slid all the way in and started fucking in and out of my nasty asspussy while my mouth lover fucked my mouth until his cock spasmed and he shot a nice load of cum which I swallowed. H pulled away but Carrie kept my face pressed to the hole while she pulled my hair and fucked me. Another cock went into my mouth. It was a big one and it hurt as he pressed it into my throat. She was fucking my ass and he was fucking my mouth and I was jerking on my cock and squeezing my balls. Carrie pulled me away from the hole and turned me around so I could watch her jerk off. I was kneeling there playing with my cock while she took off one of her shoes and jerked off her cock cum onto it. She grabbed the back of my head and forced me to lick her cum off the shoe and then she stuck her cock into my sore mouth. I wanted to cum so bad but was so overwhelmed by all the cock and cum that I couldn’t.

Lisa turned away from the wall and started jerking her cock into my face finally shooting a load all over my mouth and into it. I took her cum and slid it all over my cock and started jerking myself. I came in seconds and shot a big wad into the air. Some of it landed on Lisa’s legs and she made me lick it off of her. I was exhausted and just kind of laid there while they both got dressed. Carrie lifted the front of her skirt and took her cock out. She stood over me and started pissing on me.

“You’re hot Terry.” she said. “We have to play again someday lover.”

They walked out and left me there covered with pee and cum with the door open.

It was just the start of my night.

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