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I had an apartment in Torrance, California about 20 years ago. As my Dad was out of town, my Mom took me to dinner. On the way there I had this strong feeling that something horrible was about to happen..I couldn't eat. I thought I might lose a grandmother, or a major earthquake, I just knew it! My Mom was concerned about me so she drove me the long route home so we could talk. I got home and friends were waiting for me, so I told them something was going to happen, but what? I decided to walk to the store and stock up on beer in case of disaster. At the end of my block there were road flares and cop cars on Sepulveda Boulevard and people standing around gawking. I asked what had happened and was told a little girl had lost the chain on her bike and couldn't stop. She went out into 6 lanes of rush hour traffic and was killed by a truck. My Mom and I had driven over the exact same spot less than an hour before.

I was driving back from a fishing trip up by Tule Lake in Northern California with a dear friend when he went into a full Gran-Mal seizure. I pulled over at the nearest business to get help and get him out of the car.. He was shaking all over and bleeding from the mouth... I was frightened and started trying to get God's attention. I felt something move as I reached out from inside. Suddenly I found myself looking at my own face! I tried to refocus my eyes to see myself better when I kinda slipped back to looking through my own eyes.. At the same time, the left side of my body (face, arm, leg) tingled and threatened to seize up as my friend's seizure stopped suddenly. An ambulance arrived and after a brief hospital stay my friend was back on his feet.

I was 18 when my ex-roomate invited me to an after-concert party in San Marcos, Texas. I met Sarah, a cute smiling blonde who had just arrived from another party. My buddy had a small apartment and it was packed! Standing-room only, and only if you stood on someones' foot. There was a ladder next to the closet and a storage space above soon became our make-out space. There wasn't much room, but we were holding each other so tightly we forgot about the party! The party broke up around two and Sarah invited me back to her place for a glass of wine.

Her room was large with a sofa and a huge fluffy, four poster bed. We started with the wine on the sofa, but less than ten minutes later we found ourselves naked and under the 8 inch thick down comforter. She had a tight, nicely rounded butt with firm, hand-sized breasts. We carressed and fondled each other for a while before I dove deeper under the covers and slowly kissed my way down to her soft blonde bush. After kissing and licking and humming to two shivering orgasms, I headed north again and entered her warm, wet, wonderful pussy with my throbbing cock. Sarah started frenching me and sucking on my tongue and lips until they started to swell and get more sensitive. I was having such a good time I decided to relax and meditate to try to last a little longer. All of a sudden Sarah started a huge orgasm. Her skin felt like it had an electric current running through it. Then It happened, I wasn't feeling my body any more, I was in her body feeling me making love to her! She/Me/We were so into each others bodys and senses we were one creature, moving slowly, trying to never let this end. I will always remember my first out-of-body love-making session.

Over the years I have gotten more sensitive to a woman's sensitivities and it's not too unusual for me to sense her while making love. I practice to sensitize my sense of touch. Try touching a woman's breast while trying to sense her feeling your touch. One or two fingers let you notice how sensitive she is to your touch. Practice different pressures or vary the patterns you trace. Try to be as gentle and sensual as you get more aware of how both of you feels when you're doing this right. The breast is probably the easiest to learn at first, but you can sensitize yourselves as you learn, share and grow together.

Sometimes I get feelings that I have to trust/I . I do know people are intruiged by the unknown.. I do know people are ripped off all the time by people who seem so convincing and honest. The first 2 stories are as accurate as I can recall. Honest. The sex story is mostly true. I changed the girls' name, the bed type, and someof the sex. The part about feeling me through her is what I believe happened. I like to think that there is magic and destiny in making love. Learning to be sensitive to each others feelings (physical and emotional) is at least considerate, if not noble. I am intrigued by odd coincidences, strange experiences and true love.

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