tagAnalPsychological Payback Pt. 03

Psychological Payback Pt. 03

byThe Big Bopper©

Vanessa has been married to William for the past 10 years, but his gambling addiction is starting to tear apart what has been a good marriage that has produced one child. Struggling to pay the school fees, Vanessa has been unfaithful to William for the first time, spending a day in the bed of the school principal, who came up with a free scholarship to ease their financial burden.

Upon arriving home from her sexual trust with the principal, Vanessa found two thugs waiting for her in her house. They are the bodyguards for the bookie Nick who is now foreclosing on the $25,000 gambling debt that William has incurred. The men kidnap Vanessa and advise her – and William by phone – that she will pay off the debt by giving her body to the three men for as long as it takes to pay off $25,000 at call girl rates.

Nick went first and Vanessa coped with that. But then she had to take Manny, the bodyguard with the massive 12-inch incredibly thick cock that nearly tore her apart. She has been told Carlos will be next, but his penchant for only fucking women in the arse has Vanessa running scared.

Chapter Six

Vanessa had become so calm lounging around with these guys that she had temporarily forgotten her anal fears with Carlos. The imminent departure of Nick going off to bed brought her suddenly to her senses … it seemed that the moment had arrived, it sort of snuck up on her over a few drinks and fun talk.

"Yeah, I got it, man," Manny replied when his boss told him to get the phone and the door … Vanessa wondered what that meant. Would people really be calling in the middle of the night … and what sort of people would they be? Could she be in any danger hanging out in this apartment? Manny turned to Carlos and they high-fived each other, "Your time has come, man … enjoy it!"

"You betcha!" said Carlos, rising from the lounge and holding his hand out to Vanessa in a gentlemanly way. Nick departed through his bedroom door where Vanessa had enjoyed her first sexual tryst earlier tonight. Carlos steered her into the other bedroom where Manny and she had gone at it a few hours ago.

She heard Carlos close the bedroom door behind him and switch on an overhead light, illuminating the room. Vanessa turned to look more closely at Carlos under the harsh light, feeling that she had to let him know, "I've never done it this way before, so can you go slowly. Try to make it not hurt too much."

He was curt and dismissive, "Yeah, you'll be okay. Plenty of women do it, you're not the first."

"But you're my first, so be patient and give me time."

"Yeah!" he repeated, already getting his shirt off, another rippling male chest, this one hairless, for Vanessa to admire.

"Should I?" she started to say, placing two hands at the opening of the blouse she now wore, "Or do you want to?"

Carlos looked like he wasn't interested in the unveiling process of a female body. Perhaps he only liked the end product when the woman was nude. She hoped that he would at least take long enough for foreplay. Nervously, she unbuttoned her blouse, parting it and letting the sleeves drop down her arms … no reaction from Carlos who was now working at pulling off his shoes and shedding his trousers.

Vanessa quickly released her bra, speeding up, not wanting to be left behind half-dressed when he was naked. He had his back to her when he shucked his underpants off, baring his naked butt to her. She was now working at unclasping her skirt, but her fingers struggled with it in her nervousness. Carlos seemed uncaring and reached across to pull the sheet and blanket down on the bed. Then he turned to face her, his eyes took in her naked breasts and they seemed to rise approvingly. "I like your nipples … they're big ones!" he told her. She already knew that, but was glad that he appreciated them.

She saw his equipment for the very first time. Vanessa was so relieved to see that his cock was a typical normal size, nothing like the huge appendage that Manny had forced into her vagina. "Is something wrong?" he asked, seeing her pause in the removal of her skirt to stare at his semi-flaccid cock.

"No, nothing … I'm so sorry, Carlos." She smiled a nervous smile at him, "Everything's great, I was just worried that you might have had one like Manny's. I am so pleased that you don't … you know, considering where you want to put it."

"It will be good, you'll see … don't be nervous, you will like it, Miss Vanessa."

"I would like to hope I do, but I can't imagine that I would. Please don't be disappointed if I don't, Carlos. I have to admit to you that I am not looking forward to it at all." She hoped that by being honest with him, he just might take pity on her and change his plans. Her fingers made a breakthrough with the clasp on her skirt and it fell in a heap at her feet. She stepped out of it, now clad only in pale blue panties. His eyes expressed keener interest in her now and when her eyes dropped to check out his cock again, she saw that it too was stiffening in interest. It thrilled Vanessa to think that her 45-year-old body could have this reaction in a young Latin American man, just more than half her age. He had probably enjoyed some delectable young female bodies.

"You like?" she asked boldly.

"You look good!"

He stopped there, but she felt she needed to finish his sentence, "For an older woman."

"I said you looked good," he told her again, appearing to be annoyed at her self-deprecation.

She took a step closer to him, embarrassed at standing back being looked over by him, now feeling a need to be hugged, to be enfolded in this Latin lover's arms. She tugged on the waistband of her panties, pulling them higher, stretching the material so that any camel toe at her crotch might be smoothed out. It was a nervous gesture. She took a second step forward and her body was barely inches from his. She reached out and put her arms around his waist, pulling herself up against his firm body, his cock flattening upright between their bellies. Vanessa was relieved when she felt his strong arms close around her back, hugging her to him.

She tilted her head up and looked into his eyes, her soft lips parting, moving them closer to him, wanting him to kiss her to make it more emotional, not just a cold pre-planned anal fuck. He leaned down and did so and she was so relieved. Coupling with a man you didn't love, one that you were about to give your body to because you'd been told you had to, she found was a nerve-racking experience. She returned his kiss enthusiastically, much to her own surprise. Her tongue even wrestled with his inside her mouth, and she welcomed the sensual feelings that they created, needing them to convince her body to do as he bid.

His hands began roaming … naturally in view of his previously stated preference, they were quickly fondling her arse cheeks over the silken fabric of her pastel blue panties. His hands were big, his fingers thick, they felt powerful and they ground around on her arse cheeks, even pushing the material of her panties into the crack of her arse. His hands slipped inside the waistband of her panties, touching the tender smooth skin of her arse cheeks … his fingers felt rough on her skin.

Their tongues still duelled, she felt one of his fingers insinuating itself in between her smooth rounded cheeks. She clenched her arse tightly in fear when she felt his fingertip touch her anus, trapping it there momentarily before he wrenched it free. The passionate kiss broke and he pulled his head back to look down into her eyes. She saw his hand come up and he suggestively licked a finger … she guessed it was the finger that was just touching her anus. When he appeared to have saturated it with his saliva, he thrust it back down to her arse.

The fingers of his other hand prised her cheeks apart and he pushed the saliva wet finger straight onto her anus, circling the ring a couple of times before pushing it quite forcefully so that her sphincter had to give way to let his finger push into her arse.

"Unnggghhh!" she grunted at the force of his thick finger intruding through into her tender tight rectum. She had expected it to happen, although she had not prepared for what it might feel like. His thick finger made her feel very full back there. Vanessa hid her face in his neck, not wanting Carlos to watch her face, to see her facial reactions, as his finger felt her up inside her arse.

Carlos jerked his finger in and out a few times, getting in to the second knuckle. Suddenly, she felt her tiny anal ring being incredibly expanded. "Oh God, what's that?" she screamed, her arms around his back gripping him tightly, her fingernails digging into his skin.

"Another finger!" he told her. "If you can take two, you'll take my cock, no problems."

"Oh God, it hurts," she cried, fighting to hold back tears, "Do you really have to do it this way?" She could actually feel his two fingers inside her now because they were not necessarily moving in unison, one pushing in while the other withdrew nearly all the way.

"I'm told it gets better, real quick … it's just that initial shock. A woman's body adjusts."

"The vagina is flexible, but not back there. The arse has no elasticity," it sounded like she was giving an anatomy lecture.

She pulled her head back to look up into his eyes as she tried to reason with him, but he looked indifferent to her protest. The euphoric look on his face told her that his having just two fingers in her arse was getting him off nearly as much as having his cock in there soon.

"You look like you're liking that," she said.

"What, having my fingers up your arse?"

"Yes!" she gasped as he twisted them around some more.

"I am, I love everything about a woman's arse … can't wait to get my cock up deep inside you." As he was telling her, both fingers pushed together and filled her arse all the way to the webbing of his hand.

She rose up on her toes, driven by the force of his fingers pushing up inside her. Then they were gone, her sphincter closing back with a snapping sound. Carlos spun her around quickly – his need now seemingly more urgent - and he pushed her face down on the bed.

'Oh God, my moment of truth,' she thought as she crawled further onto the middle of the bed so that her feet didn't hang over the sides, needing to be comfortable for this episode. She felt the bed move under the weight of Carlos getting onto it from behind her, then his hands on her hips, tugging on her panties, pulling them down over her thighs, her calves, exposing her butt to him. She looked back and saw his erection was now full, his cock hard and solid, but its dimensions still within reason, similar in size to William and Colin – and Nick.

She felt the cool liquid splashing in the crack of her arse at the same time as she heard the squeezing of the KY container. "Ooh, it's cold!"

"Not for too long, I've got something hot coming in there."

Vanessa felt him picking her hips up, forcing her into a kneeling position, feeling so vulnerable, her face buried into the bed with her arse in the air under the harsh overhead light that he had switched on when they entered the bedroom. She was embarrassed that Carlos would now be looking down closely at her arse, examining every minute detail of her crinkled anal opening. As fearful as she was about what was about to happen, she couldn't help thinking that she hoped her arse was clean.

"You've got one hell of a great arse … I'm gonna really enjoy this."

"I hope I can say the same," she told him with her head turned to one side, trying to look back at him, but not believing for one moment that she would enjoy it anything like he would. His fingers worked the KY all around her anal ring and even ventured inside again to paint the walls of her rectum with gel.

She pushed her head and shoulders up on shaky hands, apprehensive and wondering what was taking so long. His finger had long left her anus all slippery and Vanessa had expected to feel his hard cock pushing in there straight away. "What's happening?" she asked, curious.

"Still lathering up my cock," Carlos told her, "Want to get it all slippery for you."

"Oh, okay! Please be gentle, can you?"

"For fuck's sake, yes, I'll be gentle," he was becoming exasperated with her hesitation and constant pleadings.

At last, she felt the hard round knob of his cock-head push up against her tiny anus. The girth of the head felt twice as big as the incredibly tiny opening of her anal ring. Carlos felt her arse tighten, clamping her spread cheeks as tightly as they could on his cock-head. His hands were lightly roaming over her back, they felt soothing to Vanessa until suddenly they gripped her firmly by the shoulders. Too late, she realised they were holding her body steady while he thrust his pelvis hard at her arse. Her sphincter clenched tight only momentarily and then she felt her lower body impaled on his hard-on.

Vanessa felt more of that incredible fullness that she had first felt when he had added his second finger to the one already inside her, surprised that the pain was not as severe as she had expected. But her early relief was dashed when he told her, "Take a moment to adjust to that, then I'll get the shaft inside you."

"The shaft? Why, how much did you get inside?

"Just the head."

"Only the head … oh no, it feels like so much more than that. It feels like at least half of you in there."

Carlos wondered how she could assume anything since she had claimed to have never had a man's cock up inside her arse before. He was so eager to start the fucking, but he knew that he should be patient if he was to enjoy this virgin arse to the fullest. "Take some deep breaths, Miss Vanessa. Suck it up! It will help you to take it, make it easier on you."

Vanessa appreciated his compassion and she did as he advised, drawing deep long slow breaths. She imagined that it was making the discomfort of his being in her arse more bearable.

"You ready for the rest now?" he checked, his hands again gripping her shoulders and Vanessa tensing her arse in reaction.

"A bit more … not all at once, mind you."

"Relax your arse then," he commanded and she tried. When he felt her anal ring unclench, Carlos humped his pelvis hard and half his length was swallowed up inside her body. He looked down at her spread arse cheeks to see that he had only about three inches still to stuff inside her. "Good … it's going great, relax again!" he told her and when he felt her response, he drove the remaining three inches all the way in, his shaft completely disappearing from his view.

"Oh shit!" she squealed, almost thrown off balance by the force of his final thrust. But her knees and hands held her up and now the feeling of fullness was extraordinary to Vanessa, more intense than having two fingers inside her.

"You've done it, Vanessa, you took it all!"

"Thank God for that," she muttered as she felt his hands feeling around under her body, each of his hands closing around one of her hanging orbs.

There was no movement within her arse, just the feel of the thickness of his cock holding steady in there while the palms of his hands and the tips of his fingers worked her nipples into a stiffened frenzy. She approved of what he was doing to her breasts, even if she was yet to be convinced of what his cock had in store for her arse.

His muscular body hung over her back, his mouth came down on the back of her neck, sucking and kissing her tender skin while his hands performed their magic on her breasts. His fingers played tantalisingly with her special long nipples, pinching them and twisting them playfully. Vanessa's body began to writhe around, implying her eager aroused anticipation to the hard shaft that lurked deep inside her rectum. Carlos began a subtle movement of his cock, starting with just barely an inch in and out, steadily increasing the push and pull within her arse until soon his whole thick seven inches was coming and going at length.

The Latin lover had mastered her body superbly, she was now accepting his hard driving anal fuck with little hesitation … and no protest … just a whimpering acceptance of the good sensual feelings that were shooting through her body. One of his hands left her breasts and slid along underneath until he found her clitoris. Vanessa's body was now on fire, his fingers on her clit beginning a pulsing that would soon take over her whole body while his hard shaft was now sliding easily within her lubed-up arse.

She was warming to anal sex with every hard driving thrust of his pelvis that pushed his hard-on all the way in and then pulled almost all the way out. "Yes, oh yes, Carlos!" she moaned, exhorting her Latin lover to bring her to her inevitable peak. "I'm nearly there! Oh my God, who'd have believed I could cum from doing this?"

His cock was now pummelling her arse, his hard driving piston-like moves within her rectum meeting no resistance … just eager acceptance as she clamped every muscle she could use to urge his cock to release its bounty inside her arse. His fingers were a big part of it and it was they that at last pushed her body over the top into ecstatic release that had her lower body throbbing and spasming around his invading cock.

"Yes, come now!" she was screaming, loud enough – she would learn later - for Nick and Manny to hear her pleas through the closed doors. "Oh shit, yes … yes … oh, you're good!"

Vanessa's own climax was easing off just as Carlos gave that final decisive lunge that lodged his hard cock fully inside her arse and his cock tip sprayed his cum into her bowels in copious quantity. Her straightened arms trembled, struggling to hold her body up as her arse felt the full brunt of his explosive finish. Her body trembling, her elbows buckled and her face fell forward onto the bed, leaving only her raised arse joined in carnal contact with Carlos' body.

Her voice was dreamy when at last she spoke some cohesive words beyond the moaning and whimpering that punctuated her orgasm. "To think that I didn't want you to do that. Carlos, thank you for talking me into it, I've just enjoyed a new experience. Who would have thought at my age that I could find something new like that." She tried to turn her head back to look at him, "I loved it, do you hear me, Carlos? I loved having your cock up my arse. Oh, I can't believe I am talking like this."

"I heard you, Vanessa. If you remember, I told you that you would."

"Yes, yes … you were right. Oh my God, have I no shame left? Here I am, at my age, applauding anal sex. Is this really me?"

"I'd say it is," he told her.

Chapter Seven

Vanessa woke with a start, unsure of where she was for a moment. She glanced at the bedside clock – 4.30. It was still dark outside, obviously a.m., and not p.m. A hand had shaken her awake, she quickly realised that it was not William and she was not at home in her own bed.

A tall male person – not her husband – was leaning over her, over the bed, "Wake up Vanessa," he told her. The memory of her first night held captive in a city high-rise apartment since her kidnapping yesterday came flooding back to her. Before acknowledging the man that leaned over the bed interrupting her deep sleep, she turned to check that Carlos, the Latin American man, who had taken her anal cherry late last night, was still alongside her. He was there in the bed and still soundly sleeping in spite of the presence of…

'Who is it?' thought Vanessa, annoyed at herself for not being able to recall his name. 'The bookie … err … Nick, that's it … Nick the bookie. A ruggedly handsome man,' mused Vanessa as she stirred from her sleep. 'I did enjoy his loving … oh my God, when was that? It seems like so much has happened to me sexually in less than 24 hours. Four men have been inside my body … that's the most incredible part. With their cocks inside sweet ultra conservative Vanessa … my God, I haven't had much more than 4 other men in my entire sexual life. What day is it?' she wondered and thought to herself that it could be Wednesday. She had gone to have sex with Colin at 10am on Tuesday morning.

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