I woke up as usual with Dana pushed against me. I was pulling on her nipples through the flannel, and Dana was pushing my hands onto them and moaning. I couldn't help myself. I pulled the gown up and slid into her warm, wet pussy.

Dana screamed at the entry and I thought I'd hurt her at first. She started pushing that big fleshy ass against me so hard she almost knocked the wind out me.

"Oh, Luke, fuck me," she said. "I need it so bad." And that's what I did. The first time was rough and fast. We almost shredded her night gown trying to get it off. Dana's body had matured over the years. Her breasts were even bigger though they sagged a bit. Her legs were a little rounder, and her ass was a little less firm. But I had to admit that I missed that body, and I wanted it.

The second round started with Dana sucking our combined juices off of me until I was hard again. Then she got on top of me and gently rode me until we both climaxed again. The next morning we both knew that we were back together in some fashion but didn't talk about it for fear of ruining it. She very gently kissed me, and told me that she'd never stopped loving me. And I told her that I loved her, again.

We've lived that way since then. We're not married, we just live together. We love each other and have a lot of sex, but are not legally bound. I guess we've seen how that ends and just want to enjoy each other. Yesterday something really funny happened though. After another night of making love, Dana got up to make us breakfast. We wanted to get out on the road early because we're driving the Mustang to Detroit for the Woodward Dream Cruise.

I'd just gotten out of the shower when I heard Dana screaming.

"No fucking way!" she screamed. "Not this time." Then I heard the sound of paper ripping violently, then nothing.

I went into the kitchen wondering what she'd reacted so crazily about. I found her calmly making our breakfast. The mail had already been delivered and there were several envelopes on the table.

I noticed a few scraps of torn paper by the kitchen garbage can and looked inside to see what she'd ripped up.

"Just junk mail," she said smiling. "Breakfast in about twenty minutes then we're outta here."

I nodded at her, hugged her and then while she wasn't looking gathered the scraps of paper from the garbage can. I went into the basement and put the letter back together like it was a jigsaw puzzle. Once I realized what it was, I laughed my ass off. It was an invitation for Dana to join the PTA.

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by Anonymous07/11/16

Good Story

A good story but sad in a way. She finally got her true love back after 20 years and only because of the death of Gianna I would have liked for it to have a really happy ending with Luke and Gianna livingmore...

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by Anonymous07/03/16


Lucas McCain's wife screwin' Chuck Conners?
Wouldn't that be like, incest, or something?
Pretty good story, though.

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by MwRadical04/04/16

Good story, and then

You have talent as an author. I enjoy your stories, but this story should've ended halfway through page 4. You worked so hard developing your characters, then you flushed that down the drain in the lastmore...

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