tagLesbian SexPTA Volunteer Ch. 03

PTA Volunteer Ch. 03


This is the final chapter of the story. It has been done for several weeks but I have been trying to find an editor to go over it. After many attempts, I am just posting it. I've proofread it multiple times but I apologize if I have missed anything. I hope you enjoy it.


It had been a while since Kara felt this way. Not that it was unusual for her to feel good. She got that feeling almost every time she was together with Christine. It was more than that. She felt good about herself and her life. Having been away from Christine for the weekend at her parents, she couldn't wait to see her.

Despite Christine being a wonderful thing in her life, much of the rest of it had been deteriorating. Her marriage was definitely part of that. After having been ignored and dismissed for so long, Kara found herself unwilling to give her husband a chance when he woke up and realized the state of the marriage. He tried to be attentive and bring a spark of romance back into their lives. But with each effort, Kara shut it down. He made reservations at a restaurant that had been one of their favorites when they were dating. He couldn't help notice that when he took her hand as they walked from the parking lot that her hand was limp and didn't grasp his in return. Throughout the dinner he found that his attempts to engage her in conversation foundered in the face of her one or two word answers.

Other attempts met similar results. He was trying but he could see that she wasn't. Finally he asked her about seeing a marriage counselor together. Kara looked at him with unreadable eyes but didn't say anything. As the silence dragged on, he asked again. "Honey, clearly we have some problems. I just think it might help if we had someone to talk to."

After a few more moments, Kara finally spoke. It rocked him to his core. "I'm not sure I want to do that. I've been thinking about seeing a therapist by myself though. I need help with some issues of my own before I can try to work on our issues." She paused for a second and then quietly added, "If I want to."

Kara's words scared the hell out of him. Despite his best efforts and as so often in the past, being scared resulted in him getting mad. He snapped, "What the hell does that mean? 'If I want to?'"

In the past, Kara might have backed down and retreated in the face of his anger. Tonight she stood her ground. In a cold voice she replied, "Don't make me spell it out for you. You wouldn't like what I would say." She glared back at him.

This time it was her husband who backed down. In the face of her glare, he looked like he was slowly deflating. Shaking his head, he turned and left the room. For a moment, Kara felt sorry for him. But only a moment.

In truth, she was seeing a therapist the next day for a first session. Kara had been feeling like she needed help for a while. Of course there was the marriage disaster and needing to figure out what to do about it. But more than that Kara was confused about what she wanted and who she was.

She knew that she loved Christine. Time with Christine was wonderful but did she want more than what she had now? Was she willing to be in an out relationship with her? And what did being in love with a woman mean? Was she a lesbian, bi? Even the question of whether she needed to figure out some sort of label confused her. The fact that she was married and having an affair just added to how muddled the whole thing seemed to her.

Just as she had kept it from her husband, Kara hadn't let Christine know that she was looking for a therapist. As supportive as Christine was, Kara felt like these were things that she needed to figure out for herself. Only then could she make decisions that involved other people.

Kara had looked hard for the right person to see. In addition to wanting to make sure that she could connect with the therapist, she was looking for a specialist. Kara wanted someone who was experienced in helping people through issues related to sexual orientation. It was one of the things with which she was struggling the most. She needed someone who was open and accepting, and wouldn't push any particular outcome. She had done a little research online and then interviewed by phone a few before settling on a woman who had been practicing for twenty years.

"Kara, if you are looking for someone to give you the answers, I'm not right for you," Dr. Welheim had said. "I can help figure out what the right questions are. And I can encourage you to answer them honestly. If I think you aren't being honest, I'll call you on it. But you have the answers, not me. You just haven't found them yet."

It struck a chord in Kara and she made an appointment on the spot even though there was still one more therapist on her list. She was nervous about it but still felt better that she was confronting the issues.

Even though knowing that Kara was seeing a therapist might have made Christine feel better, Kara kept it secret. In truth, the fight when Christine let slip her feelings had prompted it. The whole question was scary for Kara. It was the idea to see a therapist that helped her completely warm back up to Christine. It gave her a framework to deal with the situation that she lacked before. As much as she cared about Christine and would have liked to comfort her, if Christine knew it would have added a layer of pressure that she didn't need.

Nevertheless it seemed to Kara that things quickly returned to the positive with Christine. Although she was frustrated by the situation, Christine didn't let it very often intrude upon their happiness. And she was extremely protective of Kara, wanting to make sure that nothing she did might threaten Kara's family. Even little things like keeping calls on cell phones to a minimum and refraining from texting so that there was less chance of Kara's husband accidentally seeing something suspicious. As much as Christine wanted her in her life, Kara knew that she wasn't going to do something to force the issue.

And even after months together, Christine could still surprise and excite Kara. One day Kara had to run a few errands and couldn't come over until later in the morning. When she arrived, Christine greeted her wearing a black overcoat. Her legs were in stockings and were displayed from the edge of the overcoat down to the high heeled boots she was wearing. The coat was only buttoned up to the level of Christine's breasts. Her cleavage was completely exposed and highlighted.

Kara stopped up short as Christine opened up the door. "Oh my," she exclaimed. Without realizing it, she licked her lips.

"Follow me, you little slut!" Christine said as Kara stepped inside. She spun on her heel, throwing her hair. Walking away, she swayed her hips more than usual causing the overcoat to exaggerate the movement. Kara's eyes followed for a moment, hypnotized by the sight before she started to obey Christine.

As Christine walked, her hands were up undoing the buttons. Reaching the bedroom, she shrugged her shoulders and the coat fell to the floor. It revealed that she had on only a garter belt that was holding up her dark stockings. The sight caused Kara to quicken her pace to get closer to Christine's lovely body.

Sitting down on the bed, Christine parted her legs and looked up and Kara. Her very neatly trimmed pussy parted slightly. It was clear that she was excited. All the time she was waiting for Kara to get there she had been thinking about this moment. It had been hard not to play with herself before that but now that Kara was there, she was glad. She was extremely horny and in just the right mood for the game she wanted to play.

Because she was running errands, Kara was dressed a little more conservatively than usual. She had on a long simple brown dress and a white blouse with only one button undone. Wearing low heeled flats meant her legs and ass were not quite as stunning as usual. To the world, she looked like the young housewife mother that she was. She was already raising one hand up to start undressing to get more ready for her lover.

"No, don't undress," Christine said in a commanding tone. "I want you like you are. Get down on your knees between my legs and show me what a slut you are."

Kara was slightly surprised by Christine's tone for just a moment. While clearly the dominant person in their relationship, this was a step beyond. At the same time, there was something exciting about her being so demanding. Kara could feel her pussy getting wet at the thought of Christine treating her like this. And the twinkle in Christine's eye reassured her that this was a fun game for them to play rather than anything else.

Stepping forward, Kara dropped between Christine's knees. Despite all the times they had made love, she had never been fully clothed like this. Her face flushed from the feeling of being wicked. "Right now I am the slut that Christine is calling me!" she thought. Kara could smell how wet Christine was and her mouth watered with anticipation of tasting her.

Kara reached out and put her hand on Christine's hips. As she leaned forward, she slid them around behind Christine. Her tongue tentatively reached out and flicked along Christine's short little pussy hairs. She could feel little twitches run up Christine's body in response. Kara smiled. It was true that Christine was in charge of most of their relationship, but Kara knew that she had power too. "I may be a slut for her, but I do it well," she chuckled to herself.

Pressing her tongue along Christine's slit, Kara parted it ever so slightly. She felt Christine's hands settle on her shoulders. For now they were just resting there, allowing her to control the pace. She ran her tongue up and down, maintaining the pressure. Her tongue slowly slipped further and further in until it was caressing the soft moist tissue underneath. Kara loved the tangy taste of Christine as it spread through her mouth. Her own excitement grew.

Starting low, Kara's tongue gently licked and flicked its way up Christine until it reached her clit. She paused and her tongue withdrew for a second. Kara felt Christine's hips tilt slightly, trying to keep contact. Pursing her lips, she blew lightly on it and then she flicked out her tongue and touched it. She was so very gentle. She didn't hurry. Slowly she ran her tongue around the hard nub. Kara was excited herself and wanted to go faster but she knew it would be better for Christine if she let it build. Around it and around it her tongue went. It was barely touching Christine's clit but it was enough. Kara felt Christine's fingers tighten a little on her shoulders. Christine's breathing was starting to deepen too.

Every few circle's Kara slid her tongue down Christine's pussy, gathering in her juices and making sure that her tongue was slick from them. As she came back after one dip, Kara flicked her tongue up and over the hard clit. Then she flicked it down. They were long gentle strokes. She alternated that and the swirls while Christine's excitement grew. Soon she had Christine's hips moving back and forth rocking into her face. Her cheeks were covered with pussy juice as the lips rubbed against her.

Before Christine even started to pull her closer, Kara was pressing her face deeper into Christine's pussy. Her lips surrounded the clit and softly sucked on it. The elicited a long moan. She pressed the tip of her tongue against it as it was held by her lips. She started to vibrate it back and forth. It started slow and followed the building of Christine's excitement. As it grew, Kara pressed harder and moved it faster.

Soon Christine was leaning forward with her chest and breasts pushing against the top of Kara's head. "Oh you fucking slut," she cried out. "That's it. Fuck me, Baby!" Christine was starting to almost gasp for air. Kara could feel the tension starting to peak in her.

"Oh fuck!" Christine screamed as she started to cum. Her body heaved against Kara. It was hard for Kara to keep her face pressed against Christine's pussy. Her hands were pulling on Christine in order to maintain the contact. Opening her mouth wider, Kara's tongue was licking up and down and pressing into Christine's pussy to capture the juices that were flowing down. As the orgasm reached its heights, Kara plunged her tongue as deep as she could into Christine and started to fuck her with her tongue. Even as it started to fade, Kara's tongue was thrusting in and out of Christine's pussy.

As Christine felt her mind slowly clear, she became aware of how she was almost wrapped around Kara's head; her body curled over. She straightened herself up and took her weight off of Kara. When she did so, Kara changed from sliding her tongue in and out to licking and cleaning Christine's juicy pussy. It felt good to begin with as it wasn't quite as intense.

Finally just before the touch started to begin to irritate, Kara stopped and looked up at Christine. Her face was all wet with Christine's pussy juice. And it wasn't just her face. She had pussy juice in her hair and down the front of her shirt. Both her lipstick and her mascara had smeared. The darkness around her eyes gave her quite an erotic look. Sitting back on her heels, Kara's eyes were shining with her excitement. Her nipples were clearly visible pressing against her blouse. She was still dressed just as properly as before but now it was a look of propriety despoiled. Her tongue ran along her lips to find a little more of Christine's taste.

Christine looked at Kara and her desire changed. Before she had wanted to Kara to make her cum; now she wanted to take this soiled sexy woman. Her voice was husky as she said, "Go get my strap-on, my little slut."

Kara's eyes lit up. It was somewhat of a rare treat for Christine to want to use it. Kara was more used to penetration and loved it when Christine would fuck her with it. Part of it was just the familiarity with being fucked like that, but there was another part. There was something about it that made her feel more like she was Christine's. It was moments like this that Christine was more likely to want to use the strap-on with her. At those times when Christine showed that she was the most in control of the relationship, the strap-on helped to put the final emphasis on it.

Briefly Kara thought about standing up, but instead she crawled over on her hands and knees to the dresser to take out the strap-on. It felt like the more slutty way to do it. Just as Christine had done earlier, she made sure to sway her hips to add to the effect. Taking it out, she realized that it would be hard to carry back if she stayed on all fours. She quickly solved the problem by taking the strap between her teeth. The dildo swung in a wide arc as she returned. For Christine it was a very sexy sight.

Without any delay, Kara started to put it on Christine. After getting it over Christine's feet, she slid it up her legs. As it got to her crotch, Kara made sure to carefully position it so that the little nub would press against Christine's clit. Her fingers eagerly tightened the straps so that it was tight and ready.

Sitting back on her heels again, she looked at the beautiful older woman in front of her with the incongruous large pink cock jutting out from her crotch. The sight was intensely arousing for her. Christine always excited her, from that very first moment meeting her when she didn't even understand it. But at that moment, Kara was as horny as she could remember being. Again her hands went to her wet blouse to start to undress for Christine when she noticed Christine shaking her head no.

"Stand up, you horny little slut," Christine commanded in her husky voice. After Kara did, Christine grabbed her and pushed her over to face the bed. Placing her hand on Kara's shoulder, she pressed firmly to bend Kara over the bed. Grabbing the skirt, Christine pulled it up and bunched it up around Kara's waist. Stepping back slightly, Christine looked down at the tanga panties that Kara was wearing. Not surprising, they were soaking wet. They exposed much of Kara's ass cheeks, and Christine ran her hand over them. She loved the way that Kara arched her back and pushed against her hands. Grasping the panties and Christine just pushed them to the side. She put the head of her strap-on against Kara's pussy lips.

"Now I am going to fuck you, slut," Christine said.

Pressing hard, Christine began to drive her grrlcock into Kara. She made one long thrust. Kara was so wet that it coated the dildo as it went. And Kara was so ready for it that she assisted by pushing back against Christine. She let out a long moan of relief as Christine's grrlcock filled her. Kara could feel the edge of her panties getting pulled along just a little by the dildo. Another time it might have been irritating. Today it just served as an exciting reminder of how Christine was in control and taking her fully dressed.

Her hands gripping Kara's waist, Christine pressed in until the dildo was all the way in. Her hips met Kara's ass and stayed there for a moment. Then she pulled back until it was almost all the way out. For a second Kara thought she was going to take it out and moaned "Nooo!" When she plunged it in, this time Christine didn't stop. She started to fuck Kara hard. Her hips moved back and forth, pushing the dildo in as far as she could. Each thrust was hard enough to jolt Kara's body forward. Only the fact that she was bent over the bed kept her in place.

The hard thrusts were exactly what Kara wanted. The dildo was reaching deep inside of her. As it withdrew it left an aching void that Christine quickly filled. At first she was braced up on her hands, but the pure force that Christine was fucking her with made her lose her balance and fall down onto her face and shoulders. Her breasts were pressed into the bed and she could feel her rock hard nipples brushing against the bed with each thrust, adding to Kara's pleasure. With each stroke, her gushing pussy covered the dildo with more of Kara's juices, allowing Christine to increase her pace.

Kara was no passive participant. Rather she was meeting each thrust by pushing back her ass into Christine. She loved the deep penetration that Christine was giving her and pushed back to try to increase it. At the deepest point, Christine's hips pressed against her ass and she could feel their thighs touching. Christine's fingers gripped her waist, pulling her back and then pushing here away. There was a roughness in the way that Christine was taking her that was a turn-on all of its own that took her excitement to a higher level. She could feel the starting of her orgasm starting to build. Kara began to move harder back against Christine. Each thrust ended with Christine's hips slamming into Kara's bucking ass. To Kara it felt like an electric shock. Her mind was clouding as the feeling started to overwhelm her. Hard spasms ripped through her body as the orgasm began.

"Oh fuck Christine. Yes, I'm cumming. You're making me cum!" she screamed.

"That's it, my little slut! Cum on my grrlcock! I'm fucking you like the slut you are, Kara!" Christine changed her rhythm to fast short thrusts in and out. They were still very strong, but the fucking was now fast and furious. Gripping her ass tightly, Christine used short hard jabs. As Kara gasped loudly, Christine watched Kara's body tense and untense as she came. Finally it started to pass and Kara was collapsing into the bed. Her loud breath was coming in gasps and pants as tried to recover from the powerful orgasm.

Christine didn't completely stop her thrusts right away. But they became much softer and much slower. Finally when Kara's breath was starting to come back to normal, Christine pulled out. She reached down and quickly undid the straps and pulled the strap-on off. Dropping it on the bed, Christine lay down and put her arms around Kara. Feeling her lover next to her, Kara rolled over on her side to face Christine. Kara had a very satisfied smile on her face as she reached out to stroke Christine's face. As one, they leaned forward and kissed. Unlike a few moments before, this was full of tenderness. Kara's own arms slipped around Christine. She couldn't maintain the kiss for long as she was still catching her breath.

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