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Public Adventure


The thought of sex with a stranger drove my excitement, as I showered.

The soap gel foamed as I lathered my body, my hands working quickly to complete the task, my cock was beginning to stiffen with the anticipation of what may befall, I pushed a slippery finger into my tight virgin anus, practicing to relax & minimise resistance. Although I had not yet had the courage to offer my bottom for fucking, the teasing of my arsehole was all part of the ritual in preparation of these forbidden adventures.

I dressed in a tee shirt & jogging trousers, I enjoyed the feeling of the light material that clung slightly. With no underpants, the shape of my cock could clearly be seen beneath the fabric as I moved & the elastic waistband allowed me to easily expose myself.

I had decided that my destination would be Newlands Corner, a local beauty spot with a public lavatory & plenty of woodlands.

It was early evening, plenty of time before the toilet would be locked for the night.

It was about 7pm, I parked beside the café at the top of the pathway that led to the toilet.

I locked the car door & noticed a few people moving about the large car park, they were walking or exercising dogs, there were also one or two at the bench tables of the mobile café.

I hurried down the path & through the toilet door.

The light inside was poor but I could see that both the cubicles were empty & there was no one at the stalls, I stepped up to the urinals & lifted my cock & balls out over the top of my joggers.

I waited for what seemed like ages without company, so decided to return to the car & maybe try going somewhere else. I put myself away & left.

As I walked up the path back to the car park, I felt the stare of a man sitting with a coffee at a table. I felt a thrill & the butterflies of excitement in my tummy. He was dressed smart casual & I guessed him to be about 60 years, very attractive to this 34 year old passive male. Our eyes met & he dropped his gaze to my crotch, then back with a lecherous smile. I reached the table & asked if I could join him,

"Please do" he said.

The tables had a bench seat either side of the tabletop fitted to a frame, I slid into the seat opposite my admirer, my leg brushed his under the table & he maintained the contact.

The café was closing & there was no one else sitting. The café owners locked up & left in their van.

"I was just about to join you when you re-appeared" he said. " I'd like to see more of you, come with me" he demanded.

We both stood up & he boldly reached down & cupped my balls, gently squeezing them. I was both shocked & delighted, I let out a little moan of pleasure, there were still dog walkers about, and anyone could have seen us!

" Behind the café" he instructed,

His hand was on my bottom as we walked through the other tables to the other side of the café, then down into the woodland behind the building.

The light was fading & under the tree canopy it was quite dark, there was a clearing with an old table & other rubbish from the café.

He pulled me close, his hands up inside my shirt, running up & down my back then around to my chest where he pinched & pulled my nipples. My heart was pumping hard, the danger & excitement complimenting one another.

His lips crushed against mine as he roughly kissed me, his tongue searching my willing open mouth. He pushed my joggers down over my hips as he groped my bottom, they fell to the floor & I stepped out of them. He pulled my t shirt over my head, throwing it to the ground. I was naked, in the open, my cock hard for this lustful stranger.

He stood back & I could feel him looking at me from the gloom. This was my every erotic fantasy come true!

He opened his trousers & pulled his cock from his pants,

"Suck me" he commanded,

I knelt on the dirt floor before him & breathed in the musky scent of his manhood. He was thick & hard, I took him in my mouth & moved my lips back & forth over his swollen knob, flicking my tongue into his urethra & tasting the salty fluid. It was wonderful!

His voice guttural he said,

" That's enough you bad boy. Stand up"

I did as I was told.

"Bend over that table"

I leant on my forearms, dipping the small of my back & pushing my bottom up. This was it, I thought, I'm going to be fucked. Then I felt his hands stroking the cheeks of my bum, reaching between my legs & pulling my balls.

"You need to be spanked" he growled.

Fear gripped me, but I didn't move.

His palm slapped against my bottom making me jump & cry out a little.

"Six of these boy" He said,

After each slap he caressed my cheeks, easing the pain. The sound of the blows & my yelps seemed to fill the night air, surely someone would hear? This made me even more excited.

My cheeks burned & tingled delightfully in the afterglow of my chastisement, my cock was rigid & I was dizzy with excitement, I wanted to wank myself hard, but I resisted & remained bent over the table.

He passed me a small bottle.

"Deep breaths" he said.

I new what to do with poppers as I'd fantasised about using them often, I inhaled deeply as instructed.

I felt those strong hands again, pulling my glowing bottom apart, I rocked my hips in encouragement, the sensation of my arsehole stretched open was lovely & I breathed in more of the relaxant.

"I'm going to fuck you" he growled,

I groaned with delight, then his delicious cock was pushing into me & I cried out as he entered me. His fingers dug into my cheeks as he drove his gorgeous thick cock into my eager hole, he pumped forcefully & in moments filled me with hot spunk. I felt him fully inside me then shudder as his final spurt drained him.

His grip loosened on my hips & he drew out his softening manhood.

I stood up & turned to see him fastening his fly, he smiled & walked away.

My cheeks still tingled, my anus burned & I could feel that lovely cum running out of me. I sat back on the tabletop, naked & feeling so sexy. I grasped my swollen shaft & wanked myself hard, my orgasm spurted out over the dirt. I felt fantastic, I did wish that someone had seen me come.

Perhaps next time?

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