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Public Humiliation


My name is Julie, and I got into a catfight recently over a man. I had been to the same bar the night before and met a nice looking guy named Kevin, who was a lawyer. Talk about a good catch! We danced together a lot, had a good time, and arranged to meet the next night.

When I arrived that night, Kevin was sitting at the same table as the night before, but a tall, strikingly beautiful brunette chick was sitting there with him. I approached the table and sat down. This brunette was poaching in my territory and I wanted her to back off!

When I sat down, she stared daggers at me, thinking I was poaching in her territory. After introductions by Kevin, I quickly established the fact that I had been dancing there with him the night before (point one for Julie).

The tall brunette, who said her name was Sandra, asked how long Kevin and I had known each other (score one for Sandra). Obviously enjoying this, Kevin kept ordering round after round of drinks, and the competition between us got less friendly the more we drank.

As the three of us talked, I sized up my competition. Sandra was a 21-year old graduate school student, who stood about 5'11" tall, weighed around 140 pounds and had a very pretty face, long auburn hair, and very long legs. She looked like a super-model except for big chest. She must have been a 38D on an otherwise slim figure. In short, she intimidated me.

I'm a very attractive 25-year old medical assistant. I have shoulder-length blonde hair and am 5'7" tall and weigh 120 pounds, with a 34B-23-34 figure and a great tan. I'm accustomed to being one of the best-looking women in any room, but this girl was trouble. And she was coming on strong to Kevin.

While I'm in very good shape, I merely do aerobics at the gym and run four times a week, which I didn't think would be very interesting to Kevin, so I steered clear of that subject. I wanted to get him thinking about sex, so I told a story about how a guy at a bar once tossed an olive from another table right into my cleavage, and then came over to ask for it back.

Before I could get to the punch line, Sandra interjected, "What cleavage?"

"Ooooh!" Kevin said, recognizing that the brunette bitch had zinged me good. I was livid, but at a loss for a witty response. Sandra sat there smugly, knowing that she'd just flustered me, impressed Kevin, and emphasized an advantage of hers, all with a good two word question.

Kevin then stood up and said to me, "While you think of a comeback, I'm hitting the head," and left to visit the men's room.

As soon as he left, the gloves were off. I told this young tramp in no uncertain terms to back off. She refused and told me I had no chance and should back off to avoid a shattered ego. I was so angry that I reached across the table and slapped her face. Then we both stood up and faced each other. Her height advantage intimidated me as I quickly tried to figure out a strategy.

In a flat out fight, Sandra would probably kick my ass. I realized that to win, I'd have to fight dirty. I had to go after her big tits. They were easy to get at, vulnerable and, I hoped, sensitive to pain. (Not many girls can survive a sustained attack on their tits.) Moreover, I figured it's hard for a girl with big tits to deal with the distraction of having her boobs out bouncing around while trying to fight, especially with the embarrassment of having guys watching.

Neither of us was dressed for a catfight. Sandra had on a loose-fitting, low-cut, short-sleeved sweater, a red, fairly conservative plaid, pleated miniskirt, white stockings and high heels. I was wearing a blue sleeveless, very short sundress, and high heels and was barelegged. Underneath, I had on a white front-hooking bra and white thong panties.

I was concerned about exposing my panties by fighting in such a short dress, but I had no choice. If Sandra retaliated by going for my clothes, I figured I could handle the embarrassment of losing my dress as long as she didn't get my bra off. That would put me in real trouble, especially since my breasts were much smaller than hers were.

My analysis was interrupted when Sandra suddenly stepped forward and took a swing at me. I ducked under it and grabbed my glass of white wine and threw its contents in her face. That served to slow her down. The 21 year-old brunette put her hands to her face to clear her eyes.

I immediately grabbed her long hair with both hands and pulled her forward, bending her over at the waist as she grabbed at my dress. I then reached behind her back, grabbed her sweater and pulled it up her back. I stepped back and pulled her sweater completely off over her head, revealing a sturdy white bra.

I nearly lost my balance and had to grab a table to stay on my feet. I expected to feel the brunt of her counterattack, but there was nothing. I turned around and saw Sandra standing there with her arms tightly crossed in front of her bra, demanding her sweater back. I couldn't believe my luck! This young bitch had obviously never been in a real catfight. Her face was bright red with embarrassment at having everyone see her in her bra.

I noticed that one of the shoulder straps of my blue dress had broken, revealing part of my bra, but otherwise I was okay. I glared at Sandra and tossed the sweater behind me toward a table of guys. I half expected someone to break up the brawl, but I guess guys don't interfere when they see clothes coming off of girls.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kevin emerging from the restroom. Just then the enraged brunette charged me with claws out. I saw her just in time and stepped enough out of the way that she was only able to grab my dress as she went by. She lost her balance on her high heels and fell into the table behind me.

Before she could get up, I grabbed her by the back of her bra with one hand and the back of her skirt with the other and pulled her up. Then I tried to throw her towards the bar, but the zipper in back of her skirt broke and I lost my grip on it. So I attached both hands to the back of her bra and unhooked it. I then shoved her towards the bar. A couple of guys at the bar spun Sandra around and gently nudged her back toward me.

At this point, I paused to realize that her pulling at my sundress had done serious damage: the other shoulder of my dress was torn apart and the zipper in back had broken. Lacking any support, my dress had fallen to my waist (and was barely staying there), fully revealing my white bra to the bar's patrons.

When Sandra recovered and turned around, she stood there with one across her chest holding her bra in place, and the other holding up her skirt. I could tell that she badly wanted to re-hook her bra in back, but she was afraid to let go of her pleated skirt, lest it fall down, or to be momentarily defenseless with both hands behind her back. I decided to attack to keep her on the defensive (and away from my front hooking bra). I slapped her unprotected face repeatedly and she finally let go of her skirt to protect her face. The skirt dropped to her hips, revealing the top of her white pantyhose.

Sandra blocked my next two slap attempts, but her skirt then dropped suddenly to her feet, exposing her white pantyhose and rather conservative, white bikini panties underneath. The 21 year old took her eyes off of me to confirm that her skirt had really fallen, and I shoved her hard back against the bar, which was now only a few feet behind her. When she grabbed the bar for support, I grabbed hold of her unprotected, unhooked bra and snatched it away from her.

The totally frustrated brunette immediately grabbed her tits with her hands and lost her balance, sliding down to the bar to land on her ass between two bar stools, and losing one of her shoes. Unfortunately, my dress had now dropped off my hips and had fallen down, leaving me in nothing but my bra and thong panties. I was certainly embarrassed, but I dared not give up my advantage, so I stepped out of it and grabbed Sandra's hair, pulled her away from the bar and threw her back into the middle of the bar before the crowd of eager spectators.

The topless 21 year-old landed face down in the middle of the bar. She slowly tried to get up, careful to keep one arm across her chest to conceal her big breasts, but I gleefully grabbed her ankles and pulled them, dropping her flat on her tits and relieving her of her remaining shoe. This time, Sandra just lay there, face down, with her left hand cupping her right tit and vice-versa for added coverage from exposure. I could tell that she had entirely lost her will to fight. She just didn't want anyone to see her precious 38D's.

On the other hand, all the guys at the bar, including Kevin, wanted to see those huge tits of hers. The women in the bar were a bit jealous of Sandra, so they weren't displeased to see a perfect-looking, man-stealing, supermodel-type humbled. Thus no one did anything to rescue the distraught beauty.

Although I had already won, I was showing a lot more skin than I cared to, and I hadn't even shown off her breasts. So I dropped to my knees on top of Sandra's legs, reached down slipped my fingers inside the waistband of her pantyhose. I swiftly slid her pantyhose and panties down her kicking legs to her knees. She was unable to get her hands out from under her breasts in time to save her undies until it was too late.

She gasped, "Oh my God!" No, please, don't" as I pulled her only articles of clothing down to her ankles, as she placed both hands behind her to try to cover her bare ass, and modestly squeezed her legs together to conceal her womanhood. I was really enjoying this. I stood up over the tall bitch and twisted one of her wrists up behind her back with one hand and grabbed her hair with the other. Sandra was groaning and begging me to let her go, shouting that she gave up, but now I wanted to humiliate her in front of everyone.

I forced her painfully to her feet by pulling her hair and one of her wrists. She slowly and awkwardly struggled to get up, and stood there naked except for her pantyhose at her ankles. I had her hair pulled back so she had to use her free hand to try to keep her balance, leaving everyone in the bar with a full frontal view of the 5'11", 21 year-old knockout with her 38D tits. I made her walk - well, actually wobble - around the bar to give everyone a good look as she started sobbing in humiliation.

I then let go of her long, brown hair and reached around in front to give each of her nipples a hard pinch and twist as she shrieked in pain (they were quite sensitive). Then I delivered a hard swat to her bare ass, telling her never to show her face in the bar again.

The nude, disgraced, 21 year-old brunette with her panties and pantyhose at her ankles, tried to keep her balance while covering her tits and crotch with only her hands. After getting about 10 feet away towards the ladies room, she reached down with one hand to try to pull up her underwear. Her white pantyhose were so stubborn she could only get them to her knees without almost falling, clumsily dropping to a knee and one hand. She then resumed her retreat, still unsuccessfully trying to get her undies up when she entered the ladies room in tears.

As the guys, including Kevin, applauded my triumph, I remembered that I was clad in nothing but my white bra and thong panties in front of all of these guys. I quickly picked up my dress and held it in front of me. Kevin then took me home and told me that my catfight with Sandra was the most arousing thing he'd ever seen. We had great sex and have been together ever since!

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