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Public Quickie with a Stranger


Strolling through the lingerie department, you notice a few things that catch your eye. Finding your size, which is difficult at times with such large breasts, you remove a few from the rack and walk towards the fitting room. On the way, I catch your eye with a smile and you return it, lingering as your eyes move quickly down to the huge bulge in my crotch. You stroll into the fitting room and close the door behind you.

Sitting your packages down, you hold up the nearly see-through bra and decide against it. You pick up a nice black corset and hold it against your body. As you unbutton your blouse and remove your bra to free your magnificent tits, the door opens quietly. I slip in and whisper in your ear from behind: "It's alright, I noticed you and had to talk to you." As my hands slip around you from behind and start to stroke your breasts slowly, feeling your nipples harden, I press my hard cock into your ass and gently grind.

You lean back against me as my lips find your neck and your hand reaches around to stroke my cock slowly. We hold each other like that for a few moments and then you turn to me. Your eyes bright and shining, you reach down to unzip my pants as I lean down to lick and suck your nipples. You release my cock and stroke me with both hands, reaching into my pants to pull out my balls as well. Feeling every inch of me thrills you as my fingers slide down your waist and lift up your skirt. You drop to the seat in the dressing room and begin to lick and suck me hungrily. Time is of the essence and you know that this has to be done quietly. Taking my balls in your hands, you try to take all of me in your mouth. I reach down and tangle my fingers in your hair as your head moves back and forth, your tongue working the shaft of my cock.

Not wanting to explode in your mouth, I pull you up to me and kiss you deeply. My hand goes back up under your skirt and I try to remove your panties but the passion and need drives me. Ripping them aside, I toss the damp fabric on the floor of the dressing room. I sit on the seat and pull you to me. Raising one leg, you reach down to glide my throbbing cock into your already dripping pussy. My hands grab your breasts as you reach up and hold onto the wall behind us, your ass rising and falling as you work your wet pussy down on my huge cock. Taking one nipple in my mouth to suck, I feel the heat of your first orgasm explode and your moans are low, deep and gutteral in your throat. You get a rhythm and move up and down on my cock, taking all of me inside you and grinding against your clit. The juices flow again as you start to cum and I look at you and whisper: "Fuck me baby, fuck me with that hot pussy. I saw you across the store and had to have you.

Your tits are fantastic and your pussy is fucking hot." As my words drive you on, you increase your speed. Fucking harder and faster, slamming your pussy down on my cock and exploding again. You slow and catch your breath a little. Standing, you feel every inch of me slide out of you. Your hands reach down to grasp me again, stroking the slick wetness of your cum, you take your magnificent breasts and start to titty fuck me. As the head of my cock pokes out from between your beautiful orbs, you take it in your mouth and tease the hole with your tongue. I can't stand it anymore and reach down to take my cock from you. You grab me with one hand and I put my hand above yours. We both stroke my cock, my fist moving faster and harder. I want to cum for you. You lean forward and take the head of my bobbing cock in your mouth just as I start to spew hot cum. Filling your mouth, the sticky juice spills from your mouth and lands on your breasts. You suck and lick me until there is no more and we both stand. I hand you your bra and blouse and tuck my semi-hard cock back into my pants. You dress and try to arrange yourself but can't escape that "freshly fucked" look you now have. I reach down and pick up your torn panties and slip them into my pocket. I turn and kiss you, and then leave as quietly as I arrived.

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