tagGay MalePuff Adder Pt. 01

Puff Adder Pt. 01


Hi Guys. This is my first bit of erotic writing in the past six years, and then I was a teen, so bear with me. This story is about a group of mainly South African kids who are studying at a university in Louisiana. One of the main characters is a girl, but the main action is men-men, so if it's not your cup of tea… You know what to do.

Obviously my very imaginative mind has made up all the characters and situations. Most of you will perceive some of them as far fetched unless I get a SA fan. Enjoy!



"Nice work but put in some more of the background. I'll need something more than portraits of Gavin to convince the Head of Department you're good." Lovely, just what I need. I spun around and stared up into my art professor's frown.

"Hi Dun." Silence… icky silence. "It's not my fault he keeps on sitting there where the best lighting is… You remember what you told me about lighting right?" I smiled up at him with one of those toothy fake smiles, and after two seconds the muscle in my cheek twitched from unnatural exertion. Oh crap! I let out as pained a groan as I could muster.

"Come on man, gimme a break. It's all you fault anyway. If you hadn't run off like a princess and hopped on to "Knight" Alan's stallion, I'd still have someone I could take care of … uhumm… special issues with! As it is I don't and we both know who has me acting like a sex crazed teenager."

Duncan sat down next to me and took my board. He looked up at Gavin and began sketching in the background. He actually sat scribbling for a whole three minutes without saying a word. What an ass. For an ex-lover, come best-friend, come teacher I could have chosen a better confidant. It just so happened that frustration levels were high in both of us a year ago. They calmed down in a weeklong explosion of sex and drinking and conversation. Sex being our main activity. Now he's disgustingly in love with our deputy principal Alan de Witt. He's my other confidant.

"Duncan Delon, if you intend on sketching My fantasy in silence, go do it somewhere else!"

"Huh?" I raised my eyebrows and gave him one of my strict teacher looks.

"Okay, fine! I think you should talk to him and tell him you're more open minded than he thinks."

If I'd been eating I would have choked. "Open minded? Are you kidding? I can see it now." Dun can come up with the blondest ideas sometimes. Really!

"Hi Gavin. I know you're a bit freaked out about what happened during Guy Fawkes but I think you should know I think bi is sexy." I ended my ridiculous confession with a raised eyebrow. "How do you think you'd take that? Hmm. Has my darling forgotten how freaked out he was when I realized he swung both ways?"

"An, just because you're okay with it doesn't mean anything. Remember how my wife reacted. She called me many names and faggot was the nicest. Not all", he stopped when I smacked my hand to his mouth. I think I did it a bit too hard, but I get ridiculous automatic reactions sometimes. Oliver standing behind him while he was about to give me his all-male-love speech was a good enough excuse for my body to take over.

"Fuck An! What the hell?" I gave him a poor version of a "sorry" smile and pointed behind him with a ridiculous grin on my face.

"Hi Mr. Delon. Umm, just wanted to see if I could kidnap An for five minutes… It's been a while," by God if that boy didn't squirm. It was so cute. Dun nudged me awake from my embarrassing ogle session and nodded his head.

"Be back in seven," he said "and use your head." I almost jumped off my stool in excitement. Oliver was my sort-of ex-flirt. And a sex and attention starved me was just about hysteric with desire to touch Oliver. I skipped and hopped right into his arms like a little girl. Thank God my hormones had me forget what I was doing, because normally, I'd be extremely embarrassed.

He grabbed me mid jump, pulled me up and planted a lovely, long wet kiss on my lips just as I wrapped my legs around his waist. "Hi stranger. When d'you get in?" I asked as soon as he broke free for air.

"Plane landed two hours ago." Another quick peck, and then he carried me out of the art room in his strong arms. I got a quick glimpse of Gavin with a confused look on his face. But I'd be damned if I was gonna sit and be satisfied with looking at him for another couple of months. Not with Oliver's strong arms around my waist and his nether regions coming to life. And I liked what I could feel.

As soon as we were out of the room Oliver crushed me against the wall and kissed me. Oh yes! A man! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Every time he made little moaning sounds, I'd feel the vibrations through his chest and would just melt further into his body. And the boy could kiss, oh my, yes he could. A deep, strong, manly kiss that emanated with sexual desire. If I weren't so aware of my surroundings I would have probably ripped his clothes off so I could get closer to his smell and taste. At least that was what I was fighting the urge to do.

His weight crushed me into the wall, and I couldn't help but laugh when he almost dropped me onto the concrete in an attempt to grab my boobs, completely losing his coordination. I love the way that men act like dumb, starved animals when they get aroused. And I was defiantly a mans' woman. His cock rubbing against my belly sent a warm glow to my tummy and I gripped him harder with my legs to pull his hardness closer to me.

Men are so much more gratifying when it comes to everything erotic. I can see and feel how I'm making them feel. And a gorgeous blonde was driving me insane with his soft lips and desperate kisses.

"Okay, seven have passed. You've got three to talk." Duncan stuck his head back through the door when I ended the kiss to look up. I turned back to see a red faced Oliver and those pale eyes. His were the only pale eyes that made me stare. He smiled and put me on my feet.

"I guess we should talk then."

I pulled his hips into mine and felt his hard growth. "I see you've brought me something nice" I said trying not to sound too porn starlet. He chuckled. Oliver's laugh could only be called a chuckle; but a damn sexy one in any case.

"So you're gonna want my gifts this time are you? What happened? Duncan's been busy?"

"What do you mean "Duncan"?" he raised his eyebrows and gave me a look which said he knew. "Oh! How?"

"I think men generally know if the girl they want is more interested in someone else. I liked to know who, until I realised it was Duncan." he said with a low tone to his voice. I could have sworn I saw hurt there for a second. I waited for the rest of his little confession. "If it was someone my age I would've just tried harder. Read more philosophy and stuff, but I knew with your taste for intellectuals, and Duncan's profession and history… Oh well, can't outshine that can I. And he's not worse body wise, so I decided I was screwed and kind of backed off. As much as I could anyway," he looked up at me, his cheeks all pink. It was weird. You could see him blush more when his tan was gone. "You angry that I know?"

"No." But Dun will be livid! "But I suggest you talk to me more from now on. When I met you last term, Dun and I had been over for at least six months…"

"Really?" I nodded. His confused look was sweet. And definitely laced with disbelief. When boys make up their minds, it's a difficult process to convince them otherwise.

"So, you know when your dad's sending you back to the bundus?"

Most of the South African kids in school were the equivalent of American trust fund babies I guess. So were Oli and I. We just didn't dwell or feel embarrassed about it like most of the American TFBs in our uni did. I think what gave away our monetary status was our cars. We all drove. In Africa you need a car, even if you live in the city you visit the bush and farms. And in Africa, civilized as it may be, if you can avoid it, you don't get a used car. Most of our local American friends loved 'doing work' on their cars, but when the nearest garage is potentially a couple hundred kilometres away… Well, we were the kids with the big new four wheel drives in any case. And the first time Oli kissed me was in my Jeep.

"Ya, I gotta get back this month. He's giving me the run of a new game farm in the Okavango Delta."

"Are you serious! That's practically in the middle of nowhere and bloody far from the Cape! Why the hell is he sending you there?" I was shocked to say the least. Most of the SA guys would land up back in Africa, but even though we all loved the bush, we loved the city too. He was at least a day's drive from the nearest big city. As far as I was concerned it was like going into exile, beautiful as it may be.

"I asked him to. I'm the one who okayed the buy. It's a good place for wild cats and safer than SA. Don't worry, first thing I'm doing is making a landing strip. Then you can come let me shag you in the bundus," he had a silly grin on his face and his eyes crinkled in the corners. I'd never actually had sex in the wild so the idea started developing a life of it's own in my imagination. A smile later I was back in his lap and preparing to dive onto his plump lips. Mmm

Just then Dun popped his head through the door and mouthed 'H.O.D' to me.

"Listen babe, I gotta go. Johnson just came in. Why don't you call me later, or we can meet for lunch if you'll still be on campus at one?"

"Sure, I'll be here. Sorry 'bout my prying. Make it up to you later okay?" and with that he gave me a short, but very hot kiss and turned me towards the door before walking off. I couldn't help but take a look as he left smiling over his shoulder. Oliver was on the Uni's swimming team and you could tell. I'm generally the kind of girl who gets turned on by men's' brains, but for the last two years, something in my brain switched to 'body' mode. And Oliver's wide shoulders, messy hair and sexy butt pushed all my buttons perfectly.

It turned out that Johnson came in for some materials, but I was back and had to stay. I moved my stool and sat on the floor in my little corner and started to sketch Oliver. From waist up, but my mind kept on lingering on what was lower. As I said before, he was a flirt that never really went places. We met a couple of times, made out like crazy teenagers and had a heavy petting session once, but I was way too preoccupied with thoughts of Dun and Gavin and what I thought would be a wonderful steamy relationship at the time. Ha ha, as if. I said no to all below my belly button and annoyed Oliver. All that so I could sit and fawn like an idiot over Gavin for over six months, and only get close twice.

I could feel his cold accusing stare from across the room and looked up at Dun and shrugged. He looked at Gavin and lifted his brow. "Oh well, everything has an expiration date."

"Thank you darling. It's so nice to know that a twenty one year old has reached her sell-by date." I said sarcastically, and put on my Miss Louisiana smile, "You definitely have a way with words. Anyway, are we on for dinner tonight? I was thinking a braii."

"Make me cum in public why don't you!" he squealed. Dun can be such a queen… "It's been a year since I've had a good African braii and not these ridiculous American barbecues. Of course we're on. Do I want to know where the beef is from?" he asked with a cute air of childlike excitement about him. There were about sixty South-Africans and another thirty who grew up there at our uni. And the way to any Southern African man - regardless of his colour, religion and bank balance - was a braii.

"The parents were here yesterday and Dad found a supplier in New York who has South-African beef. He got me ten kg. So Nesa and I are gonna do the traditional add-ons. Oh, I just remembered, what's the word on my extra hours in the students' art room? The private ones?" I was mean, but then again, when you're the only person in the state with something that someone is drooling over…. Why not?

"Johnson says you can have ten a week if I take on the extra tutoring hours. That okay with you?"

"Yup! Perfect. I'll make koeksisters for you as a thank you." I got up and smiled at my sketch of Oliver's body. Well, what I imagined it would look like when I pulled his top off later. He'd been in London for almost six months. Big cities can ruin any man's body.

"You like my desert for tonight?" I said with a languid look.

I know biology says that men are supposed to be the one's with uncontrollable hormones when it comes to sexual matters, but personal experience told me that that was a load of crap. Something we were taught so that girls would have it imprinted in our brains that our natural behaviour was way cooler and more calculated than boys. Therefore meaning we were less entitled to shag whomever we liked. And that thinking seemed similar in Africa and America.

Well, good thing I could blame my openness and appetite for the male body on my artism. People forgave artists faster for our flaws. And I was a triple whammy with an Art major along with Theatre and Lit.


She was sitting across the room and glancing up every few seconds. I could tell she was sketching me again. I'd always wondered why she chose the ugliest corner of the art room to sit in. Everyone else was up at a desk or easel, but she kept to her corner with a high stool, and usually pinned paper to a huge board with her name scribbled on the back.

I'd known her since grade school. She transferred to our school in the last year, and we later moved on to high school together. It was weird how most of the SA kids in our uni went to a handful of schools back home. Our high school was big in African terms, and it was the best private school, so class groups were small. Over my seven years there I only had been in four classes with Di. To tell the truth I never really noticed her until she shunned the school cliques for older friends, most of whom were male, and included my brother.

She'd changed her name to Anaid when she moved to the states, but most of the SA bunch still called her Di. And now eighteen months after we started uni here, I was a bunch of nerves and knots whenever Di talked or looked at me. And that was just plain stupid because I'd done my fair share of flirting. All bundu babies did, and we had to be good at it because we usually ended up trying to seduce girls and boys we knew since kindergarten.

She looked up and caught me starring, and yes. Here we go. I feel my dick jump and I get all hot and God help me but a stupid grin spreads over my face. I try to stop it but can't so I look down. Normally you couldn't tell if someone with my complexion blushed, but my facial expressions were incontrollable when she gave me that deep stare. I groaned and buried my head in my work, but I noticed Duncan walk up to her. Again.

Fuck, but that smug ass made me so jealous. I'd seen them chatting away enough times to know that they were close. And definitely not just friendly close. When I ran into them in Miami last summer on the beach, they definitely looked flustered and like they were trying to hide something. I know I have no right to feel jealous but I can't help myself. Just because I have a couple of issues to resolve, doesn't mean I don't want her. And because I want her, all male attention directed in her direction is defiantly something that annoys me.

If my shooting mental daggers Duncan's way wasn't enough, I looked up to see Oliver van de Merwe waltzing into the room. Super! Di smacked her open palm against Dun's face and the whole class froze and looked in their direction. Dark as it was in her corner I could tell she didn't notice because I saw the lust in her eyes as she stared at Oliver. The guy was hot, I have to admit I had a few daydreams staring him but I was just not in the mood for empathy right now.

Dun said something, and I swear to God I almost jumped out of my seat with every intention of pummelling Oliver's ass into the ground when I saw Di jump into his arms. Jealousy is a real issue of mine, and right now I was stuck to my seat and fuming. He carried her out of the room, and crushed her against the wall. From my place I had the perfect view of him trying to swallow her whole. Straight guys, no idea how to be gentle. Why don't you just crush her with your heavy ass, you Fucker. Sexy ass…

"Hey Gavin. We're looking a mighty bit unimpressed aren't we?"

Duncan was sitting on the edge of the long desk where I was working. He had this infuriating smirk, backed up with a sweet un-innocent smile. Last thing I needed was Duncan in my face.

"Uh, not really," I stammered, he stared. Silent. "Don't see what I should be unimpressed with, really."

Duncan threw one leg over another and hooked it above his knee. He leaned back and eyed me. Was I getting a gay vibe here? No way. I was getting a detailed view of his crotch in any case…

"Oh, I just thought that Oliver coming in here and sweeping An off her feet so he could try and seduce her on campus would piss you off a bit. But if it doesn't I guess An was right about you." he looked at me as if he was waiting for an answer.

"Right about what?" I asked. Oh God! Did she tell him what happened during Guy Fawkes? I didn't think she was that pissed off! I felt a cold sweat break over me and I felt an involuntary shudder. Fuck!

"Right about you ignoring her one minute and then eyeing her as if you wanted to strip her and fuck her the next." he said in his calm English accent. My eyes almost popped out of my head! Dun, my art teacher just… OMG! "If you want to say something to her I suggest you do it today," he glanced at his watch and then gave me a serious look. "And the other thing you were worried about. Di doesn't have to tell me what I can see and already know. You should chill out about it. It's not the end of the world you know… If you want to talk about it give me a call."

I sat open-mouthed and gaped at him as he walked towards the door and said something to Di that made her hop off Oliver.

Talk. Talk. I was good at talking, but I never talked about this with anyone. Only Jason. I walked out the side entrance and called him.

"Hi Babe. What's up?" Mmm, Jason had the sexiest voice I knew. He had a deeper Afrikaans accent than the rest of us, but with his deep voice and sexy lips it was all I could do to not plop down onto the pavement. This was a good idea, he always calmed me down. Mmm…

"Gav? You there?"

"Oh, yeah, sorry. Um, I need to talk to you. Remember how we agreed I was gonna have that talk with Di?" I was shaking again. The talk included me telling Di I was bi. Actually that I thought that I was gay up until she started flirting with me. Ehem, not the subject I was most comfortable with… Especially seeing as I wasn't sharing this information with the world yet.

"Ya babes, I remember. You gonna do it today?" I swear I could hear the smile in his voice. Jason was older and didn't give a crap who knew his sexual preferences.

"Ya, her best friend just came sauntering over to tell me that if I needed to speak to her about something I should do it today. I think he knows. And all that after that fucker van de Merwe strutted into class, carried her out and then attacked her like a fucking barbarian the second he got her out the door."

He giggled, "Oh? Mr I-got-a-body-so-hot my boyfriend drools over him, is back? Mmm, I'm gonna have to make you extra happy tonight to keep you from running out of our bed then…"

I sent a sigh that was probably too annoyed over the phone. "Jay! This isn't funny. And he's not that hot! Anymore…" I groaned. "Could you just help me out with how I'm supposed to go about talking to Di?" Silence. "Please?"

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