tagLoving WivesPulling a Train Ch. 01

Pulling a Train Ch. 01

byCJ Wilde©

My head swam with thoughts of right and wrong, my son, and my husband as I looked intently into the eyes of a man as he pushed his hot stiff cock into my cunt. Returning my stare the man was grinning. Not a look of mere satisfaction but, a look of triumph. On my right my peripheral vision picked out my husbands face agape watching as the second man of a group of six surrounding the bed were taking turns fucking me. To my left a reflection in a full size mirror I witnessed my debasement as the man humped his ass up and down. Though the first man had spewed his hot cum into me I was so full of emotion that even though I was open and wet, I wasn't peaking with orgasms yet. But one long exhilarating ride. I reviewed in my mind how I got here and the events that led up to this moment.

I thought I was normal but if you think about it normalcy is a matter of degree. However, two months ago lying in bed after a particularly good session of sex my husband of 20 years asked what our next phase of life might be. You see our son and only child had gone to his first year of college not 2 weeks prior and it was empty nest for us.

We began talking about how it was going to be fun having sex when and where we wanted, I told him I couldn't wait to be nude all over the house. He related some of his fantasies he had for me and I just listened without saying anything. One of his fantasies he told me would be to watch me get gangbanged.

I am a practical sort and when my husband wants something I usually find a way to get it for him. I bought him a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for Christmas one year. So when he asked me to pull a train I took the idea in stride. I told him I didn't want to but if he insisted I would think on it. Usually that meant I was not going to but I try to let him down easy.

The idea of being together naked with him in our house was making me Horney often so I was already using a vibrator daily. It was easy to guess that he couldn't keep up with my libido when he would fall asleep early most evenings. Sex was once a week and I needed a lot more than that.

Then a month and a half ago, lying in bed after sex, my husband asked me again if I would entertain a group of men while he watched. I responded I hadn't thought any more about it. Leaning over me on his elbow he whispered he really wanted this. I told him I didn't want to but if he was sure I would do it for him. Just as I said that I could feel a globule of his semen trickle down the crack of my ass and I shivered with excitement and apprehension. There I said I would do it. I was a very sexual person but I wondered if I could have sex with another man if it came to that. There was no doubt my husband would definitely be moving ahead with plans to change me into a slut. My husband was the only man I'd been with and I had no reason to believe he had cheated on me. I think he had sex with someone else prior to our having met, but I rarely thought about it. I resigned myself to my fate and tried to avoid thinking of this group sex orgy for the rest of the day.

One month ago my husband began planning. I told him I didn't want it at our house for obvious reasons and I didn't want anyone to have sex with me that either of us knew. I guess my propriety was more important than the risk of having sex with strangers. He said he had already thought of some guys and would let me know.

Then the question of the original reason for sex being a way to procreate, I asked my husband about birth control. I reminded him I was still young enough to get pregnant.

He said he didn't want the guys to wear condoms so I would have to make do with my diaphragm. Also he wanted me to find something sexy to wear at least at first.

After that our sex was more frequent. Randy must've been very excited about this. I cannot say that if I had offered sooner I would be having a lot more sex, but I would.

On Friday one week and a day before the big day after my husband had really given me quite a ride we again discussed the preparations for my abandoning my virtue and surrender to wantonness. He asked me if I had thought of something to wear. I told him I had ordered a mini wrap dress and a black satin knee length cape to wear. I asked him how many guys he found willing to fuck me.

He told me five guys not including him were lined up. I asked him if I knew them and he said I met one at last years Christmas party, other than that he didn't think so.

It surprised me my husband would want to include men he knew, because I always thought cheating on my husband was tantamount to cuckolding him. I guess he knew what he wanted.

I asked him where it would take place and he told me he hadn't decided yet. With that he gave me a big kiss and told me he loved me for doing this.

As for me, I was numb. I wanted it for him but wasn't sure about myself. However, to tell you the truth, if he was to say he'd called it off I would've been disappointed. On the other hand being 40 years old I would be relieved. These guys may not want me. I decided I would go to a salon and get a makeover.

Three days later I'm in the salon getting a cut and some makeup. Mulling these things over again, what if they reject me? Am I pretty enough? Can I physically have sex with six different men one after the other? What if they wanted more, more of what?

After the salon I went home and tried on my new pink wrap dress and draped my cape over it. Slipping into my 4 inch matching pink heels I looked into the full length bedroom mirror. I looked stunningly sexy. I thought I might lose my breath for a minute.

The garage door opened signaled my husband's return home from work. I got my outfit off fast because I didn't want him to see it before the big event. Not unless he asked me to show him anyway. I went down to prepare a dinner for him nude and his homecoming besides dinner tasting good, we fucked like bunnies on the dining room table for dessert.

He informed me we were going out Friday night and I would be wearing a blue knee length dress made of rustling taffeta and wearing high heels. That would be all. After what I had promised to do this coming Saturday I figured going out without bra or panties in a shimmering dress was nothing and so I nodded in consent.

My life was changing and as I pointed out before I wasn't sure I wanted it this way or not. My husband and I fucked first and made love afterward again that night. The sex was great! I knew I could stop what was coming up this Saturday but did I want to? What if my son found out?

Thursday brought more anxiety. What would it be like? Could my husband stop the men from hurting me if they got rough with me? Would my husband stop them if they got rough with me? Will I like it? Will I like it too much and want it again? Will it break up our marriage? What if he thinks I like it too much and thinks I'm a whore? I didn't usually drink during the day but I needed something.

Friday I found the dress I was to wear hanging on the back of the bedroom door. An envelope attached had a bracelet and ring for me to wear. Of course with mixed feelings of trepidation and wanton lust I put the dress on and the jewelry. I applied my make up carefully but heavily. The looking back at me from the mirror wasn't me. I looked completely different. My body was actually slim looking and I had a smile on my face that was natural. I was moist with excitement. My heart was beating wildly when two hours later, I was at Sweet Waters a four star restaurant, with my husband.

I was embarrassed with nothing on underneath my dress but at the same time sexually keyed up and trembling with excitement. I liked the way my husband was turned on to me. He really hadn't been this keyed up over me in a long time. I didn't care how I looked or came across to others, I wanted to please my husband and then have him take me home and fuck me.

In the back of my mind I thought of what would transpire in the next 12 hours? Would my husband love me tomorrow night? Could I have sex with six different men one after another? Am I a whore? Maybe this dinner with sans panties and bra is enough and my husband will cancel tomorrow?

We danced and he asked me if I was going through with "it." I told him this is your party; I'm following my husband's commands. A bulge was almost instantaneous between us.

Evidently with that hard on between us my husband had wanted me to host a gangbang for a long time. I was worried I would disappoint him. I thought I'm not a porn star, what if I didn't turn everyone on. What if... I concluded that this was for my husband so if he got excited even this once it would be worth it. I love him and would do anything for him.

After sweet love late Friday night I awoke in early dawn and made coffee before my husband awoke. I thought I'm not the first woman to be fucked repeatedly in an orgy nor would I be the last. My husband came down stairs and we sat together sipping coffee and he read the newspaper. I ate a small breakfast keeping in mind I didn't want to get nauseas during the orgy. I became worried again about how much I could take and what I would do if I was being hurt, will my husband stop them if I ask them to. I don't want to embarrass him. What if I couldn't do more than a couple?

It was 10:00 and Randy told me to go get ready. I was shaking so hard I couldn't apply eyeliner. I put on my dress and heels and slung my cape over my arm and went down stairs. Randy sat there sipping a jigger of Vodka. I approached him my heels clicking on ceramic tile, and just as I was going to ask him for a drink he stopped me and had me turn around for him. He loved my dress and heels. I curtsied to him and he made me my favorite drink without being asked.

Taking me by the hand after our drink he walked me out to the car in the driveway. I looked surprisingly whorish and I was suddenly in the middle of the day on display for our neighborhood to ogle. My eyes met our neighbor Hank from across the street as he watched me sashay down the drive and flash my upper thighs as I got in the car. I wondered if he saw how red I was.

As Randy drove I squirmed, scared but committed. Getting out of the car I felt a lot like a hooker would I expect? Not knowing where I was going we went inside in a building without windows and into a bar. Randy led me into a room in the back which had a bed with a satin sheet in the center and 6 straight chairs lined up against the walls. Without talking he had me sit on the bed and while he went out and returned with another drink.

I heard the bar door open and close and I knew my time had come. When I heard voices near my room I braced myself with courage and downed my vodka. The first of the men arrived. Randy beckoned me to stand and display myself to the man by turning around and curtsying to him. He was obviously dazzled. Right now I couldn't tell you what he looked like. Over the next thirty minutes six men had come. I counted twice and realized my husband didn't expect the extra man. My husband played quite the host as he directed everyone. The men drew numbers from a bra of mine my husband must have borrowed from my lingerie. I hoped he would keep it as I kind of liked that one.

Then Randy pulled the string and my dress unfurled like a flag and I let it slide down my arms and onto the foot of the bed. I stood for them modeling my nakedness with the exception of my heels and each man stared at me as though I was a much wanted car.

Laying down I prepared myself for what ever. The first man crawled from the foot of the bed over my dress and up between my legs. He was naked and his hard on I'd say a 7-incher jutted out in front of him. The way it bobbed along aiming at my heavenly shaft it reminded me of a divining rod used to find water. I must have been ready because he slid into me filling me like it had found the well of passion.

He pushed and poked and rammed my poor pussy until I began to get his rhythm. The feeling of someone different inside me wasn't unpleasant but made me feel apprehensive. I watched his face above mine and wondered if he had a wife and if she knew I was taking her place. The rhythm and feeling changed and I was getting slippery. He had come. He spurted 5 times because he grunted satisfaction five times. Then the full weight of his body set upon mine. Had I pleased my husband? Was Randy disgusted with me? I groaned with the weight of the man on me. Directly after that a chorus of cheering went up. Did they think he made me orgasm? Well maybe Randy will like this. The second man was crawling between my legs, and again slipped into me and began fucking me in earnest. I wrapped my arms around this man who looked vaguely familiar to me. I looked into his eyes intently and then to my husband who had a big grin on his face. The man began kissing me on my lips. I hadn't expected that but I kissed him right back.

Judging from my Randy's hard on I was pleasing him so I was determined to finish what I had started. The man was beginning to get a more brusque rhythm and then he groaned and rolled off gasping "what a fuck!"

Without interruption the next man crawled up between my legs with a good 8 inch erection but straddled my body and laid his cock on my face and across my lips. Another thing I hadn't mentally prepared for. Randy was smiling as I looked at him and so I took it to mean his approval of my actions. I opened my mouth and the man slithered in. Getting on his hands and knees he began fucking my mouth. Sometimes he went far enough to make me have to suppress gagging. This went on for a while. It was not anything I'd done before. I had given my husband blowjobs during my period and I'd swallow his jism, but this was rough and instead of me the man had control. All through this time the men were shouting and egging him on to cum in my mouth. I heard one of the men ask Randy if I would swallow. Actually I had the same question except my mouth was busy full of cock. Randy's response told me what to do. He told them boldly sure she will;

"I told you she is a real slut."

While thinking about what my husband just said and not knowing whether to be offended or energized my mouth filled with the salty flavor not unlike my husband's.

Randy commanded me to swallow and lick and clean his cock off just like I do him. I never before realized how much I submit to my husband. I did it without hesitating.

The fourth man told Randy to have me clean up first. Randy guided me off the bed and slipped my cape around me walking me to the ladies room. I was soaked with sweat and semen was running down my inner thighs. I cleaned with some paper towels and washed out my cunt as best I could.

Returning to my place on the bed the sheet had been changed. Well I guess they are not totally uncouth. Then number four took the tour between my legs sporting a surprisingly small erect sausage and crawling on hands and knees up over my mound came to rest his ample belly on my pelvis. He quickly humped on top of me and at first I didn't feel anything. Then I felt him graze my clit a few times and I began to have an orgasm. A minute later as I was in the crescendo of my arrival at a nice climax he was pushing off me and giving a high five to number five.

No ceremony passing me from one to the next. The next man mounted me from my side settling down with his lips on mine. I was bereft of my orgasm and wanted to get at least one. I didn't get a look at his cock but I felt it. Pushing his way inside to more cheers of triumph from the group I smiled at the thought of this not being scary but being fun. This guy took the pieces of my orgasm and glued them back together to give me an audibly wonderful orgasm that made the lover in me kiss my lips and fuck me harder. I began the journey to the next orgasm before I finished the first. This is more like it I thought. My next one coincided with his and we bellowed in unison. The group sent up a shout as he pulled off me and stood up his cock all shiny and still hard. I immediately sat up and took him into my mouth and began cleaning and suckling milking a little more sperm for my stomach. I felt satisfied.

I heard Randy's voice "two more"

The next one stood next to the bed and pulled my head over for me to suck a 9-incher. I put as much in my mouth as I could and worked my tongue and jaw on what I could hold. He was gentler than the last one I blew. After a minute and an even bigger harder cock he flipped me over and while on my hands and knees he slid that monster into me from behind and began riding me. He massaged and gently pulled my nipples. The noise was deafening when I realized it was me doing the screeching. I was higher than I'd ever been before. One continuous long orgasm and then he spewed in his baby making sperm no doubt making it past my diaphragm and saturate my fertile womb. He pulled out but hands held my hips and I immediately felt another cock slide in. I was sweating and panting throughout this man and then he added his sperm to my already drenched cunt. He pulled out and shouted what a slut.

Hey, that was Randy's voice! Well I'd done it. The bed had weight on the front and I felt a cock at my lips. Randy commanded me to "open up." I did and I felt a really small cock slide in over my tongue and I didn't gag as my nose pushed into pubic hair. I bathed the cock in saliva and sucked hard causing some more semen in my mouth and I swallowed it down with a wide grin. Another cock appeared at my upper love opening and without hesitating I sucked in right to the root of his cock again inhaling smells of myself and others.

I sucked four more until they left me alone with my husband. Randy slipped on my cape and I stepped into my heels and we walked arm and arm out through the bar. Wolf whistles and shouts went up as we walked through.

In the car I checked the time, it had only taken me 2½ hours to fuck seven guys and give 6 blowjobs.

As we drove home Randy told me that was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He asked me if I would do it again.

I asked him what do you have planned next weekend?

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