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Punish Me No More


This story is the follow up to Punish Me, Again... while you don't have to read the first parts, it will give you a richer picture if you do.

Even now, as Robin ran down the stairs from Matt's apartment, her disloyal pussy still tingled as she replayed in her mind how Holly had licked her pussy and finger-fucked her while his thick cock had been pumping in her mouth at the same time.

She had done it for him, she was certain, she was absolutely certain that she had never told him that she wanted to be with a woman. What she had done was naively think, that in pleasing him, that by doing as he had asked, he would forgive her and take her back. However, the image of him spitting on his cock and then pushing it into Holly's wet hole as his fat thumb probed her ass, was burned into her mind and she could still hear him telling Holly how he was going to pump her full of his come, completely ignoring her. Robin was left standing, like a spare hand at a wanker's wedding. Her pussy pulsed yet again as she remembered how it had felt when Holly had sucked her swollen little clit into her mouth, all the while fingering her g-spot with deft, quick digits until she had exploded in orgasm. God, it had felt amazing! God, she felt so fucking confused right now.

She was turned on still, but hurt and so bloody rejected and angry that she actually felt ill. She was shaking. Hurt was the most prominent emotion and her cheeks were wet with tears. She could barely see where she was going, her vision was so blurred. He had used her yet again. She had let him hurt her again. What the fuck had become of her?

As she stumbled downwards, faster and faster, she bumped against the walls like some sort of human pinball. Catching her elbow on the ornate banister, she cried out from the pain and her sobs became harder and noisier. She reached the exit door of the building, crashed against it and blindly fought to turn the lock, desperately trying to open it, to get out, to escape from this place, from this hurt, this unbearable angst.

She finally managed to unlatch the lock and she burst through the doorway, turning left, looking for her car. She didn't see it and as she spun around in the other direction, she ran full force into someone coming the other way. She yelped as her handbag went flying, spilling its contents onto the sidewalk. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she exclaimed and without even looking at the person she'd bashed into, she dropped swiftly to her knees and began to scrabble blindly, trying to gather her things.

She heard a man's voice say, "Hey, are you okay?" And then, "Robin? Robin, is that you?"

Robin hands moved blindly picking up her purse, of course all of the coins had fallen out and rolled in every direction, her make up was scattered everywhere. She was crying uncontrollably now and her tears were splashing onto the concrete. She felt a hand on her shoulder and became aware of a figure crouching beside her.

"Robin, stop."

She ignored him, kept crying and trying to gather her spilled things, dropping them as often as she managed to grasp them, as if she were wearing thick oven gloves.

"Robin!" His hand pressed firmly on her shoulder, stopping her from what she was doing and forcing her to look up at him.

She blinked away the tears and looked, seeing a face that she recognised, one that was etched with of concern. It was Jake.

Jake? Shit! Could things get any worse? Jake was her oldest brother's best friend, she'd known him most of her life and she did not want or need any of this getting back to Robert, or the rest of the family for that matter. When she had split with Matt, well, more accurately, when Matt had unceremoniously dumped her, they had all come out of the woodwork, professing their intense dislike for him. They had each said to her how terrible Matt was for her, what a bad match they had been, how much she had changed while she had been with him. Her brother, Robert, had actually said that Matt had been 'a despicable, controlling cunt who wasn't worthy of cleaning her shoes'. He'd even offered to have him 'sorted out', although of course she had refused that, saying that violence never solved anything. She had found herself defending him, making excuses for his behaviour, making excuses for her own behaviour. Of course, now she could see what a weak pathetic fool she had been to stay with him, to do the things she had said and done, to have been completely at his beck and call.

She was snapped out of her reverie by Jake's voice, "Robin, what the fuck's going on? Look, you're bleeding!"

She looked down at her legs and saw that her stockings were torn at the knees, grazed and bloody from where she had thrown herself to the pavement to pick up her things. She sat staring at them and then she began to howl, a primal cry, like a wounded animal or an abandoned baby. She had no thought of what anyone would think if they saw or heard her, she just cried and cried.

"Robin, were you at Matt's house? This is where he lives, isn't it? Did he hurt you? Did that fucking bastard lay a finger on you? I'll kill him, I'll fucking kill him!" Jake spat.

"No, no. I'm fine," she sobbed. "I just need to get home. My car's over there," she waved weakly in the general direction. "Jake, please don't tell anyone. You can't tell Robert, please Jake, please! Promise me? I'm begging you"

Jake stroked her shoulder, deep in thought, "Okay, well, first things first. Let's get you home."

He quickly scooped up her things and stuffed them into her handbag, looking around to see if he'd missed anything and leaning over to pick up the few stray coins which had rolled towards the kerb. "I think I've got everything, Robin. Come on, I'll drive you home," he said, clutching her keys.

Jake put his arms around her shoulders and helped her onto to her feet. "I want to know what happened to you, why you're in this state. You look awful, Robin, really awful. I'm very concerned."

Robin simply continued to cry, her shoulders shaking, tears streaming down her face and as she went to reply, she half sneezed, snot exploding from her nose. "Oh god, I don't want to talk about it," she mewled as she delved into her bag for a tissue then blew her nose, loudly.

Jake said nothing, just opened the passenger door to help her in. He got in the other side and started the engine. Robin pulled down the sun visor to look at her face in the mirror. When she saw her reflection, she began to cry even harder, she looked terrible. Mascara halfway down her puffy cheeks, swollen lips, her skin was red and blotchy from crying. Jake put out his arm and snapped the visor shut. "Stop that," he ordered. "We'll be back at yours soon. Just relax until we get there."

When they arrived at her apartment, Jake got out and opened Robin's door for her, arm around her shoulder once more, helping her out of the car and to her building. As they reached her door, he fumbled for the correct key, finally found it and let them inside. They ascended the stairs and he never let her go, gently squeezing and rubbing her shoulders as they went. Robin was glad, his presence was having a calming effect on her.

He took her through to the living room and sat her down on the sofa, lifting a throw-blanket and wrapping it around her. Robin just sat there, numb, her body still shaking with silent cries although the tears had stopped. He made sure that she was comfortable and then went to the kitchen and she could hear him fill the kettle, open and close cupboards. "I'm making you some tea, Robin," he called. "You seem kind of traumatised to be honest and I think some tea will calm you down."

She smiled weakly and said, "Thank you, Jake."

She heard him leave the kitchen and go into the bathroom. When he came out, she could hear the noise of water running and a floral scent began to waft into her nostrils. Then he came back from the kitchen, with two large steaming mugs. He sat them down on the small coffee table and pulled it closer to the sofa, within Robin's reach, before going back to the kitchen, only to appear seconds later with a plate of cookies. He stood for a moment, smiling and Robin looked up at him, starting to feel embarrassed now. He leaned over and lightly rubbed her shoulders through the fluffy throw. "Back in a minute," he said, leaving the room again.

She could hear the sound of water being run into the bath and then she heard him move to her bedroom. "Oh shit," she thought. "Have I left anything lying there that shouldn't be?"

Then she heard him go back to the bathroom and a few minutes later he reappeared and sat back down beside her on the sofa. "How are you feeling?" He asked as he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him.

Robin took a sip of the hot, sweet tea then replied, "I'm feeling a little better thank you, Jake. This is really good of you, to do this I mean. You didn't have to you know. Don't you have to go? Won't Susan be wondering where you are?"

Jake's face fell slightly and he looked at her. "Didn't Robert tell you? Susan and I broke up a few months ago, love. It was all very amicable, we'd just grown apart. I mean, we'd been together since uni and we both wanted different things. Plus, you know she got offered a job in Perth? Well, it just seemed like a natural time to break things off."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Jake. I never knew... I've not really been around very much lately. I've been kind of preoccupied with, well... you know... Hey, Perth isn't so far though. It's only a few hours on the train, Jake. Is there no chance you could stay together?"

Jake smiled ruefully at her, "Perth, Australia. It's just a little far to commute. No, it was the right thing to do. As I say, we'd really become purely platonic. I mean, I've been so busy with work and her career is really starting to take off now. I think that we'd only have held each other back. I think we'll always be good friends, Robin. I love her very much, but just not in that way."

Robin felt a little embarrassed. She and Jake had always gotten along very well. Even when she was younger and her brother used to tease her and make life hell at home, Jake had always stood up for her and been kind to her. He had been a constant in her life since she'd been very young. They'd kissed more than once, usually at Christmas time, but it had never gone any further than that. He'd seen her naked, running around the house in various states of undress over the years. She wondered what might have happened if they had... "I'm sorry, Jake," she didn't know what else to say. She wondered briefly if she smelled of sex, if that was why he had ran her a bath. She shook her head.

"Hey, you've nothing to be sorry for, sweetie," he smiled, pulling her in close and kissing her forehead. "It's all water under the bridge now and while I will miss her, of course, I am absolutely fine with it. It's all good. Now, if you've finished your tea, I've run you a bath and I think that you should soak in it for a while." Robin sat up, about to interject, but Jake continued. "No arguments, Robin. You go, soak in the bath and I'll hang around and watch TV or read a book or something. I'll be here, okay?"

She nodded then whispered, "Thank you Jake." She even managed to smile and small as it was, it was genuine.

She got up from the sofa and winced as she felt the congealing blood which stuck her stockings to her knees. Her body was beginning to ache and her eyes stung. Jake looked concerned and got up to help her. She could see that he wanted to say something, she could see the anger in his face, but he said nothing. She gasped as she stood up fully.

Jake took her arm, "Come on, darlin', let's get you through to the bathroom. Do you have matches or a lighter or something? I saw candles in the bathroom. You need to relax."

"You'll get a box of matches in the drawer below the cutlery one," said Robin, pointing to the kitchen.

Jake said, "Well, let's get you to the bathroom first, then I'll sort that." He supported her as they went to the bathroom. As they went in, he put down the toilet seat and guided her to sit there. Damn, she felt so weak, so spent, she let him. As she lifted her toothbrush, he left the room and came back momentarily with a box of cook's matches and proceeded to light a few tea-light candles in the room. "Do you want me to go out, so you can get into the bath?"

"No, it's fine, nothing you've not seen before," grinned Robin, remembering long hot summers from her youth when Jake was always at their house and she used to run around naked whenever possible. She began to pull off her clothes, wincing as she did.

"My god, Robin!" He spat. "Look at you! You're going to be black and blue tomorrow. What the fuck did that bastard do to you?"

"It wasn't him," she whined. "I bumped into the walls and bannisters as I was running down the stairs, I was crying and upset and wasn't looking where I was going. I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could." She began to cry again and looked longingly at the deep, bubble bath, quite ready now to step inside and soak for a while.

"Hmm. Okay, I'll keep my mouth shut... for now at least, but you're going to tell me what happened when you're feeling better, okay?"

Robin nodded and bent to remove her stockings. Jake was instantly on his knees before her, gently pulling them down and when he got to her grazed knees, he said, "Take a deep breath, this might sting," before quickly whipping them down quickly.

"Aaaah!" she gasped, tears welling up again but from pain rather than emotion this time.

"Sshh, it's okay. Come on, finish getting undressed."

She slipped out of her underwear and stood, completely nude before him. She didn't feel uncomfortable in her nakedness. She knew that she had a good body, nice pert tits and a cute tight ass, but Jake certainly wasn't leering at her or anything like that. All she could see in his face was concern. "The water should be just right," he said, swirling his hands in the bubbles, making sure, as he supported her so that she could step into the bath.

As she sank into the water, she let her head slip below, only wincing slightly at the stinging in her knees and her pussy too, now that the hot water was on it. Her head popped back above the water and she put a wet flannel over her face and lay there, eyes closed. Jake sat quietly on the toilet, simply watching her, not in a rude way, just being with her.

"Would you like a glass of wine, Jake? I have some in the kitchen," she asked.

"I'll take one, if you'd like one, Robin. Shall I?" He said, getting up.

She nodded and he left the room. He came back a few moments later with two wine glasses and a bottle of Shiraz. She smiled, watching him, as he deftly opened the bottle and poured each of them a glass, sitting hers on the edge of the bath. She lifted it, "Cheers, Jake, and thank you. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate this."

He clinked his glass against hers, "It's okay. I'm here for you. You know that. Look at the state of you. I do love you Robin, you know that, don't you?" He set his glass down on the vanity unit and lifted a bottle of shampoo. "Let me wash your hair, is that okay?"

Robin nodded as he squeezed some of the liquid onto her hair and began to massage her scalp. Man, that felt good. She closed her eyes and let him do what he was doing. He had a very gentle touch. As she enjoyed his ministrations, she began to speak, to tell him what had happened. She told him all about Holly, Matt and even Simon, she never went into great detail, but told him enough so that he could fill in the blanks himself. Jake never said anything, merely sighed or mumbled,"Mmm hmm," to encourage her to continue, and continue she did. She explained what her relationship had been like with Matt. How she had never felt secure with him, how he had treated her and as she talked, unburdening herself, she began to realise how manipulative he had been, keeping her always on the back foot, never secure of either herself or herself as one half of a couple.

Jake lifted a beaker from the sink and used it to rinse the lather from her hair as she spoke. It felt good and as he washed and rinsed, she kept talking. It was funny, the more she spoke, the better she began to feel. She sat up in the water, nipples just above the bubbles, but she didn't feel exposed or uncomfortable. Everything came out, the harsh words from Matt, the way she jumped to attention every time he called, how she always had put him before herself, always trying to please him, appease him. She felt a cool sensation on her head as Jake squeezed some thick conditioner from a bottle and began to rub it in, massaging and smoothing her blonde locks which were slick and dark from the water.

As Jake took sponge and began to gently wash her back, Robin could not stop talking. She told him everything, confided her deepest darkest feelings, the thing was though, that as she did, she felt like she was putting together the pieces of a puzzle and she began to understand why Matt had gotten under her skin the way he had. When she had first met him, she had not long ended the relationship she'd been in with David. They had been engaged and she'd found out that he'd been seeing another woman, well, actually, other women the whole time. Of course she had been devastated and it had ended, acrimoniously. She had been vulnerable, unsure of herself, desperate to know that she was loveable still, for she had felt anything but. Matt had swept into her life like a dashing knight. He had showered her with gifts and affection, told her that she was beautiful, that she was worth something. He had made it quite clear to her that he was totally committed to this relationship with her, that there was a pair of them in it and he had no intention of going anywhere.

She had not believed him at first, wasn't sure that it was a good idea to jump from one relationship into another. He had been persistent though, giving her loads of unexpected presents, writing love letters via email or text. Dammit, he had made her feel sexy, better than she had felt in years. He would talk to her until the wee small hours of the morning, whispering and singing into his mobile phone, coaxing and reassuring her that she was special and loved, and how he would always be with her. And the sex... God, the sex had been amazing. The two of them just seemed to fit. How he had made love to her, soft, hard, fast, slow, his energy and inventiveness seemed to know no bounds. He had encouraged her to let go of her inhibitions and she had, by god she had. She had never felt so free as when he was making love to her. A tear slipped silently down her cheek and Jake gently wiped it away before gently pulling a comb through her hair. "It's okay," he whispered. "I'm here, love, carry on."

She went on to explain how Matt had grown cold, how his moods became more and more unpredictable and how she more and more frequently found herself trying to anticipate them so that she could placate him, buoy him when he was down. He became detached, his moods dark and he began to contact her less. Because she had been on such a high of love and attention, Robin became less secure, more needy and when her texts or calls went unanswered, she would become upset and unsure of not just the relationship, but herself. Since nothing had actually happened or changed, well, not that she was aware of, she began to assume that the blame lay with herself. She became convinced that she was in the wrong. She washed her body as she spoke and Jake rinsed the conditioner from her hair.

"Anyway," Robin explained, "That's sort of where I'm at now, Jake. What do you think? Am I terrible and pathetic?"

She stood in the bath and Jake lifted a soft, fluffy towel from the radiator and wrapped around her wet body as she stepped out of the bath. He stood behind her and briskly rubbed her skin through the thick fabric. She smiled, feeling like a kid. He sighed, "Robin, I love you very much and I always have. I've seen you grow from a gawky little kid into a beautiful, accomplished woman." Robin opened her mouth to speak but he put a finger against her lips and continued.

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