tagFetishPunished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 04

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 04


For a long while I sat on my Mother in Law's lap, seeking the comfort of her shoulder. I felt strangely comforted, despite the events of the past two days that had been decidedly uncomfortable. Eventually Jane suggested it was time for me to get up and get dressed. I walked to my corner where I had deposited my clothing, but Jane suggested I stand in front of them while dressing.

I scooped up my clothing and walked back over to Jane and Ben, stealing a glance out the open window as I walked past, however it was too dark outside to see if anybody could see my nakedness.

As I stood in front of Jane she took my bundle of clothing off me. She searched through them until she found my bra. She held it up as if inspecting it, before passing it to me. Getting dressed in front of somebody I found to be almost as embarrassing as undressing. After putting on my bra I realised my boobs were not positioned correctly in their cups, but I was too embarrassed to do anything about it. However Jane was clearly not going to let the opportunity pass. She beckoned me to stand closer and bend forward. She reached into my bra cup and grabbed a hold of my left breast. Holding firmly she repositioned my bra so the breast was secure.

I was too shocked to move. I could not believe my Mother in Law was handling me in such an intimate manner. I guess I should not have been surprised, given the developments over the past two days. I felt like a youngster being dressed by her Mum. Jane then reached over to my right breast and repeated the dose. She then sat back and inspected her work. It obviously met her satisfaction as she then rummaged through my clothing until she found my panties.

I expected her to hand them over to me, but instead she put her hands in the waistband and held them out in front of me, clearly expecting me to step into them while she held them for me. Oh, the shame. I put my hand on her shoulder to steady myself, and then lifted each leg into the panties. Jane slowly slid them up my thighs and pulled them into position. I was relieved my private parts were now clothed. I was worried that my slight arousal would be obvious to them.

Jane then handed me the rest of my clothing, piece by piece, and I finished dressing.

Incredibly we then returned to the dining table and drank coffee as if nothing had happened. It was so weird and confusing.

After my second cup of coffee I excused myself and left, receiving parting kisses from both of my in-laws. As I drove home I felt surprisingly buoyant. Although I had been punished, I felt I had pleased my Parents in Law. I had not always obeyed their commands promptly, but I felt they understood how hard it was for me to put my pride and dignity aside. I hoped so much I could become the Daughter in Law they wanted me to be.

I had been very surprised my Parents in Law had made no request of me to return the following day, Sunday, as Michael was not due home until Monday. Had I redeemed myself in their eyes? I had a nagging doubt this was not the case. I half expected to find a message from them on my answering machine when I arrived home, but this was not the case. Was there a very small part of me that was hoping there would be a message? Either Jane or Ben commanding me to be at their house at a certain time, and don't be late young lady.

At that moment the phone rang and I put it tentatively to my ear. Would it be Jane or Ben? I felt foolish when I heard Michael's voice on the other end.

Michael was delighted I had been to his parents for dinner for the second night in a row. He was clearly impressed with how well they were looking after me in his absence.

After chatting with Michael I retired to bed, but again sleep would not come to me. I was not sexually aroused in the same manner that I was with Michael when we were making love. This was more of a deep throb that excited my senses. And I did not need to touch myself to know I was swollen.

Again I climbed out of bed, turned the light on and stood in front of my full-length mirror. I was wearing a tee shirt that came down to my belly button, so my pussy lips protruded clearly underneath. For a long while I stared intently at myself. Then I heard the silent commands of my Parents in Law. Slowly I pulled my tee shirt above my head and off. I placed my hands on my head and admired how my breasts thrust forward, nipples rock hard. I scanned my naked body from my head to my toes.

Slowly I began to slide my feet apart. 'Wider,' 'Wider,' came the silent commands from behind the mirror. Soon my legs were so wide the muscles on my inner thighs were straining. I could not believe how obscene I looked. And to think Jane and Ben had observed me like this. I held this position for as long as I could, until my legs began to shake and ache. I took one hand off my head and without ceremony thrust three fingers deep into my vagina. I was immediately rocked by an explosive orgasm that sent me to my knees.

On Sunday morning I rose after a sound sleep, feeling surprisingly at peace with myself. I busied myself with the housework, wanting everything to look nice for Michael when he returned the next day. I am not really the housework-type of person, but today I felt motivated. Later I did the supermarket shopping, then stopped in to see my friend Colleen, who I had only spoken to briefly since my drunken episode at the bar. She had seen me leaving the bar with my Father in Law, and had tried to follow but by the time she had made her way outside I had obviously been bundled into Ben's car and exited the scene.

Colleen had asked me what had happened afterwards and I wanted to tell her the truth, for her to help me make sense of it. But would she understand my submission to my Parents in Law. Being naked, humiliated, and spanked. I had many doubts of my own, and suspected she would be mortified. Therefore I remained silent on my subjugation.

When I arrived back home late afternoon I took a peep at the answer phone to make sure there were no messages, and then began preparing my dinner. More and more I was feeling off the hook with my Parents in Law. Could I put the whole humiliating experience behind me and get on with my marriage?

As I went to pour myself a wine the phone rang. For a moment I just stared at it, letting it ring. Then realised I was being stupid. It could be anyone. Including my darling Michael. At this thought I picked up the phone hastily. It turned out to be one of my supervisors from work enquiring as to my health, and whether I would be at work Monday. I reassured her Friday's illness was just a 24-hour virus and I was fully recovered and would indeed be at work. I felt more than just a touch guilty.

As I hung up the phone I noticed my answer phone blinking. There had been another call. It was from Ben. The message was short. Call him immediately. As I lifted the receiver I noticed my hand was actually shaking. I put the phone down and took a couple of big mouthfuls of wine in an endeavour to steady my nerves. With a deep breath and a steely resolve I phoned the home of my Parents in Law.

Ben answered. My voice was weak, and all I managed to say was "Hello, this is Kym."

"Kym, I want you over here now." Ben's voice jumped at me down the phone.

Should I tell him I was in the middle of preparing dinner? Could I come later? Instead, my only response was one nervous word, "Yes."

The conversation ended. A few demanding words. No explanation.

I worried about changing my clothing but did not want to risk keeping Ben and Jane waiting, so instead turned off my dinner, grabbed my keys, and set off on the short drive to their home. Within ten minutes of the phone call I was knocking nervously on the door.

Ben answered the door, smiled and gave me his usual hug. With his arm around me we walked into the kitchen. I expected to see Jane but she was nowhere in sight. I sensed she was not home and my nervousness increased significantly.

Ben sat me down at the breakfast bar and poured me a glass of wine. We made conversation, but it was small talk and the atmosphere was thick with tension. Then Ben put down his own glass and looked at me with a small smile on his face. For a moment he searched for his words, but when they came they were direct and to the point

"Jane and I have decided you need to be punished today. We are going out to dinner with friends, but have decided to get the matter dealt with now."

"But why?" I pleaded. What had I done? Had I not suffered for my sins?

"Kym, you need to understand we will punish you when we see fit to do so. There will not always be a reason. But we want you to be the best Daughter in Law possible, and a great wife for Michael. To reach this goal you must learn to obey. You must learn to trust that we have your best interests at heart."

I just stared at Ben. Frankly I did not understand

Ben continued, "Jane will be home shortly, and I want you undressed and ready for us when she arrives."

At least I felt a little better knowing Jane would be there for my punishment.

"Finish your wine and get ready. I need to get dressed for dinner." With that Ben departed up the stairs.

I just sat there, stunned. The irony of it was not missed on me. He was going to dress for dinner, while he expected his Daughter in Law to undress and submit to a punishment. How dare he. Indignation began to rise up from within. I was a mature woman, the wife of their son. I would not be treated in this manner. It was unnatural and unwarranted.

I snatched up my keys. I'm out of here. Enough is enough. My hand reached out for the front door handle. But then I froze. Doubt began to replace defiance. What would be the consequences for my marriage if I fled? What of my future relationship with my in-laws?

My shoulders began to slump in defeat as I realised I had little choice other than to accede to the demands of Ben and Jane. For a while longer I gripped the front door handle, as if I was holding onto the last piece of my dignity. Eventually letting go, I walked into the lounge, holding my head high in a silent, but pointless, act of defiance.

The blinds were all open, as it was only 6.00 p.m. and still light outside. I walked around the room and closed all the blinds. Damn the consequences, as if by this single act of defiance I was proving to myself I was not just a pawn.

Then I found myself standing in the corner. 'My corner', as my Parents in Law quaintly referred to it. I just stood there, hanging onto my newfound courage. Hands on my hips, refusing to undress. I would have looked stupid to anyone witnessing this scene. I was being defiant, stroppy and argumentive. Great, except I was the only one present in the room.

But then I heard noises above my head, which was Ben moving around in his bedroom. I thought I heard a door opening. Was Ben coming back downstairs? Damn. Damn. Damn. Defiance was dead. Quickly I began to undress, throwing my clothing off without another thought. I didn't want to think of the consequences. No more debates with myself. Once naked I turned and faced the corner, closed my eyes, and waited for whatever lay in front of me.

It was a full ten minutes before Ben came down the stairs. I heard his footsteps as he walked into the lounge. I was especially apprehensive being alone, and naked, in the room with Ben. When naked with Jane I knew it was about humiliation and a prelude to spanking. But with Ben there had been sexual overtones. He was clearly aroused by my nakedness. I conveniently shut out the fact I had also been aroused. Although I did not understand what had caused my arousal, I knew it was not because I was sexually attracted to my Father in Law.

As Ben walked across the room and stopped behind me I was aware I was holding my breath, and could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I heard him doing something in the vicinity of my feet and could not resist opening one eye. Ben had gathered up my clothing and was now leaving the room with them. I was confused and more than a little apprehensive. This had not happened before.

I resumed my corner time and was acutely aware of the silence of the house, save the occasional muffled noise of Ben moving about in another room somewhere.

Suddenly the silence was broken by the noise of the front door opening and I heard Jane calling out to Ben that she had arrived. I almost breathed a sigh of relief knowing I was no longer alone in the house with Ben.

But then to my absolute mortification I heard other voices. Jane had clearly not arrived alone. I began to panic, but could not think of an appropriate action. I wanted to flee, and briefly thought of climbing out of a window. But somehow the thought of being naked on the street did not appeal as a suitable option. There was no other way out of the room, and my clothes were gone. I now realised what Ben had been up to. He had anticipated my reaction and knew I would have got dressed when I realised other people were in the house.

With no suitable options for me to my get out of my predicament I remained huddled in my corner. My mind rationalised that my in-laws would not betray me by allowing someone else to see me naked. If I stay still and quiet the guests, and hopefully Ben and Jane, will leave for their dinner engagement, with the guests none the wiser a young lady was standing naked in the corner of the adjoining lounge.

From the voices I could ascertain the visitors were a couple, and from the conversation I gathered the male was a business acquaintance of Ben's. I had met many of my Parents in Law's friends and tried to place the voices, but couldn't.

They continued to chat in the kitchen and I could hear wine bottles being open and drinks served. I was suddenly aware of how dry my own throat was, and realised I was hardly breathing in my attempt to be as quiet as a church mouse.

Then to my horror I heard Jane suggest they would be more comfortable in the lounge. 'No! No! No!' my mind screamed but before I had a chance to react I knew they were at the doorway. Whatever I could have done to prevent my shame, it was now too late. I stood as still as a statue, willing myself to be invisible.

The conversation stopped dead, and I heard the female guest cry out in surprise. "For heaven's sake, there is a naked lady in your lounge."

I could feel the tears of humiliation well up in my eyes.

"Now isn't that a surprise," Ben responded with a hearty laugh, "Take a seat and I'll do the introductions."

I felt like I was going to faint and tried to take in some deep breaths.

"Now don't be rude, Kym," Ben addressed me, "Turn around so I can introduce you to our guests."

Slowly I turned around to face everybody. One arm was across my breasts, while my other hand was in front of my pubic region. If you have ever wondered whether it is more humiliating to be naked in front of acquaintances or strangers, I can assure you they are equally bad.

The guests were a couple not much older than myself, perhaps in their early-30s. Being so close to my own age just added to my misery. Whilst the male had a wry smile on his face and was obviously enjoying the pleasant surprise of having a naked lady standing in front of him, the female was clearly in shock. Her mouth hung open as if she could not quite believe what she was seeing.

"This is John and Debbie." Jane did the introductions. "They are from Ohio," Jane added, as if knowing they were from out of State somehow made the situation more bearable for me.

Jane then turned to her guests, "And this charming young lady is our Daughter in Law, Kym."

I did not move or utter a sound. Neither did Debbie. The fact that I was the Daughter in Law did little to account for the fact I was stark naked.

"Kym is from New Zealand. Our son, Michael, met her there while on holiday." Heaven knows why Jane added this little snippet of information. Would the fact I was originally from New Zealand in someway explain my naked state?

"Oh" was all Debbie could add, still in shock, "from the land of the kiwi, Lord of the Rings, and the America's Cup".

Her knowledge was actually only right on two of the three points. New Zealand was no longer the holder of yachting America's Cup, but somehow I did not feel now was the occasion to enter into a discussion on my country of origin.

The brief conversation died and there was an embarrassing silence, broken only when Jane reached out to me with her empty wine glass. "Be a sweetheart and get me a refill."

I now had a real dilemma. To take hold of her glass I had to either remove my arm from across my breasts, or remove my hand from my pubic region. Both were alarming options, but I decided there was no way I wanted to expose my shaved pubes so reluctantly lowered my arm from in front of my crushed breasts.

Hastily I took the wine glass and retreated to the relative safety of the kitchen. My eyes scanned the room for any sight of my clothing, but they were nowhere to be seen. I refilled the glass and tried to pluck up the courage to return to lounge.

"Hurry up there, young lady. I am thirsty," Jane sung out good-humouredly.

Reluctantly I re-entered the room and handed over the glass. For the next 30 minutes I became their naked waitress, fetching drinks and nibbles for them. As embarrassing as it was, I was thankful for the opportunities to retreat out of sight into the kitchen. I also stood to the side of them so my nakedness was perhaps not quite so obvious.

Debbie was clearly bewildered by it all and I sensed she wanted to ask me what an earth I was up to, parading myself around naked. While the other three engaged in conversation, I could feel Debbie's eyes following me in and out of the room. She wanted an explanation.

Perhaps sensing this Jane addressed her visitors. " You are no doubt wondering why Kym is naked."

Debbie nodded her head enthusiastically, desperate for an explanation

"Kym is being punished. She has not been a good wife, but Ben and I believe that by shaming and punishing her she will reach the potential we know she has. Is this not so, Kym?"

"Yes, Ma'am," was all I could say.

"And you actually agree to this?" Debbie enquired incredulously.

"Yes, Ma'am" I responded, blushing with embarrassment.

"How is she punished?" Debbie enquired of my Mother in Law

"She is about to be punished now. You and John are welcome to stay if you wish, otherwise we will go to the restaurant and leave Ben to join us after he has punished Kym."

I could not believe what I was hearing.

John was clearly enthusiastic about staying to watch, but Debbie was hesitant. I silently prayed she would turn down the offer. Even though I did not want to be in the house alone with Ben, it was preferable to being smacked in front of strangers.

But Debbie's curiosity got the better of her and she nodded her head affirmatively. My heart sank. This was not going to be good for me. The meaning of humiliation was about to be redefined for me, yet again.

"Come and stand in front of us in the manner you have been instructed," Ben commanded of me.

"No, not that. Please, not that," I pleaded. I knew the consequences of disobeying but could not help myself.

"You have just earned yourself increased punishment young lady. I suggest you do not push us any further."

Again I felt faint, but somehow shuffled forward until I was standing directly in front of the four, seated persons.

"Come closer."

I obeyed.

"Assume your position."

Mechanically my arms lifted and I placed my hands on my head. My breasts jutted out, nipples erect. I did not want to endure the slow humiliation of gradually opening my legs and being further humiliated with requests to open them wider. Therefore in an instance I splayed my legs as wide as I could.

I thought Debbie was going to have a heart attack. She was shocked I could even think of debasing myself in such a manner. Her eyes were as wide as saucers.

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