tagFetishPunished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 11

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 11


It was after 2 pm by the time the four of us returned from our conquest of Brooks Mountain. The three women, Debbie, her younger sister Rachel, and my Mother in Law (Jane) were all busy in the kitchen. As we entered the ranch house all three turned their attention to us.

Debbie zeroed in on me. "And where have you been, young lady?"

I hated when she spoke down to me like that, especially considering she was only a couple of years older, at the most, than my 29 years.

"I hiked up Brooks Mountain with the men," I responded, feeling a little more confident than I normally did in these situations.

"And did you behave yourself?" enquired my Mother in Law.

Darn, that was a tricky question. I felt like asking her to define 'behave yourself', but knew I would be setting myself up for trouble.

I decided to try and play it safe. "I did what I was told, and kept out of trouble."

My Mother in Law looked at me suspiciously, and then turned to her husband.

"She was a model Daughter in Law," Ben responded somewhat cryptically.

My Mother in Law could smell a rat, and she was not about to let matters lie.

"Shall I try being a little more specific," my Mother in Law persevered, " Did you take your clothes off in front of the men?"

I gulped. "Sort of. But only because..."

"Yes or No?" my Mother in Law interrupted.

I dropped my bottom lip, and looked down at my feet.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Did you let the men touch you?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Did you orgasm in front of the men?"

Was this woman psychic or what? Or perhaps she just knew me too well.

"Yes, Ma'am." I blushed with shame at this admission, and silently prayed that she would not ask me if I had given them a blowjob. Fortunately her crystal ball must have fogged over when I pulled that stunt. "Take off your clothes," my Mother in Law directed.

I cheekily wondered why I had bothered to put my clothes back on in the first place. I could have saved myself the trouble of having to undress again. However, without comment or hesitation I quickly undressed, and was soon standing before everyone totally naked

"Now go and get the hairbrush."

I grimaced, and my cockiness very quickly dissipated. My backside remembered only too well the pain inflicted by a walloping from the hairbrush. Silently I shuffled off, and then remembered I had no idea where to find the hairbrush. I therefore had to suffer the ignominy of returning to the group and asking where I could find it. Having been redirected to the bedside cabinet in Debbie's room, I fetched the solid wooden hairbrush. It felt heavy in my hand and I could see why it inflicted so much pain. As I walked back to the group I was sweating with anxiety, and fearful of being spanked again on my still tender and bruised buttocks.

With reticence I held out the hairbrush to hand it to my Mother in Law, but she just stared at me, one hand on her hip.

"Good girl. Now brush that hair of yours, you look a mess."

For a moment I frowned at her, then when I heard the others giggling I could not help but give a small grin of relief. I obligingly brushed the knots out of my long blond hair.

"I suppose you hoped I was going to punish you?" my Mother in Law enquired, partly in jest.

"No, Ma'am," I blushed

"Well you are going to be punished." She retorted

The grin was well and truly wiped off my face.

"I am, Ma'am?" I asked hesitantly.

"Yes, you are....but not right now. We have something very special planned for you tonight."

I gulped, "What is it you have planned, Ma'am?"

"You will find out in good time. In the meantime we had better get you ready. We will start by making sure those pubes of yours are shaven nice and smooth. Come closer girl."

I stepped in very close to my Mother in Law.

"Open your legs," she requested

Opening my legs was always a degrading experience for me but I did not hesitate to obey. Jane then reached down and ran her hand over my shaven pubic region

"Have you shaved around your cunt?"

"As best as I can, Ma'am," I blushed in response

"Let me feel. Open your legs wider."

I readily obeyed, soaking up the humiliation like a drug.

"I hope I am not going to find you wet?"

"I hope you are not, also." I responded truthfully. I suspected if I was not wet I was certainly at least at the puffy stage of arousal.

My Mother in Law ran her fingers over my labia, then repeated the exercise several more times. Despite myself, my body began to react. I tried to stifle a low groan of pleasure, and bent my knees outwards to give my Mother in Law better access. I stared deep into her eyes as she fondled me.

Just as I was starting to pant in short breaths she withdrew her hand, and again I groaned, but this time in frustration.

"I think you are definitely wet now, my dear," smiled my Mother in Law.

"I think I definitely am, Ma'am," I responded in short gasps

"You need to be shaven. I want you as bald as a baby's bum."

"Yes, Ma'am," I blushed at having such a personal function openly discussed in front of the three men.

"Debbie will take you into bathroom and shave you," added my Mother in Law.

I opened my mouth in horror

"But, Ma'am, I am very capable of shaving myself," I pleaded.

"I want you especially clean for tonight, and to achieve that you need some help. Now run along dear and don't argue the point with me as I think you know what the result will be," chastised my Mother in Law.

I hung my head and knew better than to argue, despite how degrading it would be to have someone shave my private parts. Without uttering a word I turned and departed for the bathroom. I caught a glimpse of Debbie as I passed, and I was not surprised to see she was grinning like the cat that just found the cream.

Once in the bathroom I closed the door, and briefly considered locking it. But I knew I would have to come out eventually and the consequences would be far worse than I already faced. Therefore I just stood, naked, in the centre of the bathroom and waited.

For an eternity I stood silently and waited. I desperately wanted to pee, but was hesitant to relieve myself. Finally I could wait no longer and sat on the toilet. The urine had just started to flow when the door swung open and there stood Debbie. I felt mortified. I had always been a very private person when it came to using the toilet. I would not even go to the toilet in my own bathroom if my husband, Michael, were present. I found it embarrassing, and could never relax enough to do the task.

To make matters worse, Debbie's husband, John, and young Troy had a clear view of me squatting on the toilet from where they were standing. I tried to stop peeing but I was beyond the point of shutting it off as I had such a full bladder.

"Close the door," I hissed at Debbie, then added, "Please!"

She seemed to take an eternity to step into the bathroom, and slowly closed the door. But not before John and Troy got a good view of a naked female squatting on the toilet.

Debbie stood beside me with her hands on her hips. Sitting on the toilet, and glancing up at her, I felt like a young child being watched over by her mother, which was crazy as Debbie was virtually my own age.

Debbie stood over me as I urinated into the toilet. The noise of my pee splashing in the water made me embarrassed. I seemed to go on forever and ever. Finally the flow stopped.

"Are you finished?" Debbie enquired

I started peeing again. I was nervous at being watched, and was having trouble emptying my bladder. I gave Debbie an embarrassed smile. Finally I was finished.

"This time?" Debbie enquired again with a hint of impatience.

"Finished," I said quietly

I went to reach up for some toilet paper but Debbie smacked my hand away. I looked up at her confused. Debbie reached over me and tore off a length of toilet paper herself.

"Stand up," she commanded

Even though it was demeaning, I did not resist. I stood up as requested.

"Open your legs," Debbie commanded

I obeyed, as if her request was the most normal thing in the world. Debbie wiped me clean with the toilet paper, dropped it in the pan, and activated the flush. I then watched as she laid a towel out on the bathroom floor

"Now lie down on the towel."

I flopped down onto the floor and watched Debbie as she fetched some shaving cream and a razor out of the cupboard. She then crouched down beside me.

"Open your legs"

As I obeyed she positioned herself between my legs, looking straight up into my vagina. I tried to block out my embarrassment, but I was blushing. Debbie applied shaving cream to my pubic area and quickly removed my stubble.

"Okay, now for around your vagina. Bend your knees, lift them up and clasp them with your hands."

Reluctantly I obeyed, only too conscious of how revealing this position was.

"Open your legs wide, silly girl. I need to get good access to your cunt."

I groaned in protest, but obeyed her command. Debbie applied shaving cream around my crotch, and I was surprised how soothing and cool it felt. I closed my eyes, and willed myself not to become stimulated. Debbie pinched hold of one of my labia and pulled it out tight, before commencing shaving. She was holding me roughly and it hurt a little, but I did not complain. To be frank, the overall sensation was pleasant.

Debbie then moved her attention to the other labia and again pinched it and stretched it, before shaving any hairs I had down there. Despite all my willpower I was becoming wet, and I hated myself for it. It had also not gone unnoticed by Debbie

"I hope you are not getting wet," she chided

I closed my eyes in shame

"You really are a slut, aren't you?"

I managed to mumble "Yes, Ma'am."

Debbie pinched both of my labia together painfully and stretched them as far as she could. Then taking the handle of the razor she slid it between the lips and into my vagina. I gasped at the stimulation.

"Please don't." I whispered, but already my breath was quickening. "Please don't embarrass me like this."

Debbie pinched my labia even tighter, while stroking the razor handle in and out.

"But you do want to cum, don't you?" "No.....yes!" I responded in confusion, then gave in to the needs of my body and lifted my hips off the ground. "Fuck me," I grunted, the words escaping my mouth before I even realised it.

As I built quickly to an orgasm I turned my head towards the bathroom door and saw it was wide open, and the doorway was full of prying eyes. I groaned in horror but was too far gone. My hips bucked wildly as the orgasm charged through my body.

Still shaky from the aftermath of my orgasm, Debbie and Rachel helped me to my feet and placed me in the shower.

"Your clothes are sitting on the stool here," Debbie pointed to the pile of clothing, before they exited leaving me in my solitude to recover and shower.

When I had showered and dried I picked up the pile of clothing, but did not recognise any of it as being mine. My initial thought was that Debbie or Rachel had kindly lent me some of their own clothing, and I was briefly gratified by this kind gesture. But when I looked closer the clothing was more appropriate to an 8 year old. There was a white frilly top, a very short dress with a bib in front, knee high socks, and white cotton panties with panda bears embroidered on them.

Confused, I just stared at the clothing. There must be a mistake. There is absolutely no way I am wearing those baby doll clothes. In protest, I sat down on the side of the bath and sulked. About 10 minutes later my Mother in Law opened the bathroom door, and frowned disapprovingly at my naked form perched on the side of the bath.

"I will be back in 5 minutes, and you had better be fully dressed, or suffer the consequences on those pretty little buttocks of yours."

I tried to protest but my Mother in Law ignored my pleas and exited. I stood up and stomped my feet on the ground in protest. However my resolve was broken and I quickly began to dress. Surprisingly all the clothing fitted. When I looked at myself in the mirror I looked absolutely ridiculous. I looked like an adult woman in children's clothing, which is exactly what I was. I stood in the bathroom, too embarrassed to go out.

Finally my Mother in Law returned, and smiled when she saw my appearance. "You look lovely, dear."

"I do not," I pouted, "I look like a child."

"Exactly, but a lovely child," she smiled

"But why?" I enquired

However my Mother in Law ignored my question, instead lifting up her hand, which I saw was holding the hairbrush. I winced and instinctively put my hand down to protect my buttocks. But instead she ran the brush through my hair, then to my horror she tied my hair with two pink ribbons. I felt like crying as I looked so ridiculous.

Satisfied that I looked pretty, my Mother in Law took my hand and led me out of the bathroom. Everyone turned to stare at me, and I expected them all to laugh at my stupid, young girl clothes. But much too my surprise there were no laughs, not even a sly grin. Instead there were just positive comments about how pretty I looked. It made me feel a little bit better about my ridiculous clothing.

I spent the rest of the afternoon helping to prepare dinner, and gradually became more relaxed in my clothing. I wanted to ask why I was being made to dress in the childish clothing, but felt it would be smarter not to push the matter. I also desperately wanted to know what the special surprise was they had in store for me. I was very apprehensive, yet curious.

We ate early, and the atmosphere was friendly and chatty. I found it difficult to focus on the conversation as I was becoming increasingly nervous. I knew they had something planned for me, and knowing my Parents in Law it would be humiliating and painful. I also knew I had a big wet spot on my white cotton panda panties.

After dinner my Mother in Law glanced at her watch, then looked over at me.

"It is time my dear."

"Time for what?" I responded nervously

My Mother in Law just smiled, got up from the table, fetched the keys to the rental vehicle, then beckoned for me to follow her as she went to the front door.

"Give everyone a wave goodbye."

I turned and gave everyone a nervous wave. Once we were seated in the car my Mother in Law started the engine, then turned to look at me. For a moment I looked back at her with a nervous grin, then it dawned on me what she was waiting for. I lifted my buttocks off the seat and lowered my panties to my knees, carefully concealing the wet spot in the crotch. I then reached into the glove box to grab some tissues, and awkwardly positioned them on my car seat before lowering my buttocks back down on them.

We drove for about fifteen minutes in silence before my Mother in Law pulled over to the side of the road. The traffic was not heavy, but there were other vehicles on the road, mainly trucks.

"Get out of car, push your panties to your ankles, and lift your pretty little dress up to your waist so that I can warm those buttocks of yours."

I wanted to ask why, but knew better than to question my Mother in Law. Reluctantly I exited the car, and looked around nervously to see if anybody was watching me. I quickly lowered my panties to my ankles, but hesitated to lift my dress up to my waist, as I knew how exposed this would leave me.

However once my Mother in Law opened her door I quickly lifted my dress. I could hear the rumble of an oncoming truck but tried to ignore it. As the truck thundered by the driver obviously got an eyeful as he blasted on his air horn several times.

My Mother in Law came around to where I was standing nervously, took hold of my arm, and without ceremony gave me a good old-fashioned hand spanking on my still tender buttocks. During the spanking several cars and trucks drove past, and as it was still daylight they would have copped a clear view of a mature woman, dressed in children's clothing, getting a damn good spanking on her bare buttocks. I found the situation deliciously humiliating.

Following the short, sharp spanking we continued the journey to the township close by. It was a small rural town with a hotel and a handful of shops and eating establishments. I tried to slouch down in my seat as we drove into the township so that people could not see my baby-doll outfit, but realised by doing so my short dress rode up over my hips revealing my naked pussy. My panties were still bunched at my knees. We were passing within a few feet of people, and even stopped once to let some pedestrians cross the street in front of our car. I could not help blushing bright red.

It was not until we pulled into a car park that my Mother in Law allowed me to pull my white cotton panties up. We both noticed how damp the tissues were I had been sitting on. My Mother in Law got out of the car and beckoned for me to follow. I looked at her wide-eyed. I had expected I would sit in the car while she purchased supplies, then we would leave. I had no expectation of actually being seen in public in my ridiculous clothing.

I pouted my bottom lip and refused to budge. My Mother in Law came around to my door, opened it, and loudly reprimanded me. "Get out of this car now young lady or I will give you a bare bottomed spanking right here in the car park."

A couple of mothers pushing prams turned to stare at us. Reluctantly I climbed out of the car and my Mother in Law took my hand and led me down the street to a café. I was so embarrassed, due to my baby doll clothing, plus the fact that my short, bibbed dress struggled to cover my panda panties. Any small breeze and I would be exposed. My outfit was certainly a showstopper. Men and women stopped in their tracks and just stared disbelievingly at my bizarre clothing.

In the café my Mother in Law ordered herself a latte, but I was only given a glass of water and a straw, which helped to reinforce my junior status. 20 long minutes later we exited the café and walked hand in hand to the only hotel in town. My Mother in Law walked up to the counter, and after a brief conversation she paid some cash and was given a key.

She took my hand again and led me up the stairs. Half way up the stairs I turned to look at the male behind the counter, who not surprisingly was ogling the view he was getting of my panda panties. As I looked at him he wet his lips with his tongue in an erotic gesture, which caused me to blush yet again.

At the top of the stairs we entered a modestly furnished hotel bedroom. My mind was racing with thoughts of what was going to happen to me. My heart was pumping at twice its normal rate.

"Undress, but leave the ribbons in your hair, and keep the knee high socks on," my Mother in Law casually requested.

I undressed as directed, and stood nervously in the middle of the room.

"Lie down on your back on the bed."

Again I obeyed without question, lying prone on the double bed.

"Put your hands above your head."

Again I mechanically obeyed, stretching my arms above my head. It was then I noticed my Mother in Law had produced two pieces of short rope from her purse, and began securing my wrists to the headboard. I was genuinely frightened, as I had never been tied up before. Michael and I had not been into bondage, although I did recall a couple of times he had suggested tying me up but I was reluctant to indulge.

Plus we were in a hotel room in a strange town and I felt very vulnerable.

After securing my wrists, and double-checking to ensure I could not extricate myself, my Mother in Law produced a blindfold, which she tied securely around my eyes. I was plunged into darkness. This only served to increase my fears and I began whimpering. I had to breath deeply to stop myself having a panic attack.

Sensing I was close to being terrified, my Mother in Law gently rubbed my tummy until my breathing settled down.

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