tagFetishPunished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 13

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 13


After being given permission by Sheriff Stone to leave his office, I had to undergo the ignominy of redressing in front of him and the drunken inmates. I felt ridiculous having to put my baby doll outfit on again, but it was a hell of a lot better than standing in front of them in my birthday suit.

With cheers and whistles from the inmates ringing in my ears I hurried from the Sheriff's office and walked quickly towards the hotel where my husband, Michael, and Mother in Law, Jane, had said they would wait for me at the bar.

The bar was done out in a Wild West theme, was dimly lit, and smelt of stale alcohol and cigarettes. There were half a dozen rednecks seated on stools at the bar. They all turned to rubberneck me as I entered.

There were less-than-subtle grins, and one of the men sniggered, "What do you want, girlie. Come to play with daddy?"

The grins turned to laughter, and I blushed in shame. My eyes frantically scanned the dimly lit room and to my utter relief I noticed my husband and Mother in Law sitting together in a corner booth. They had obviously seen me but had made no attempt to attract my attention or come to my rescue. I began to scurry pass the leering eyes of the bar patrons and make my way over to the corner booth when the bartender stepped in front of me and held up his big mitt.

"And where are you off to, Missy?" he demanded.

Frustration welled up from within. "Get out of my way, you fucking creep," I exploded.

The bartender responded by roughly grabbing my arm, but he contained his temper and spoke quietly. "Have you got ID young lady, to prove you are old enough to be in this bar?"

Instinctively I went to reach for my ID, but quickly realised that since I had changed into the ridiculous baby doll outfit I was carrying no money or identification of any sort. I groaned in anguish. Ironically the bartender was probably younger than my 29 years.

"Well?" the bartender quietly demanded.

I struggled to think how to form a suitable explanation, and breathed a big sigh of relief when my Mother in Law stepped into view. "This is my Daughter in Law. Is there a problem here young man?" she politely enquired.

The bartender looked me up and down, twice. "Your Daughter in Law?" he said, shaking his head disbelievingly. "Well your Daughter in Law is in a licensed hotel with no ID. I should report her to the Sheriff."

I screwed my face up in alarm. I had seen enough of Sheriff Stone to last me a lifetime.

"I am afraid my Daughter in Law is a little eccentric and very impulsive," my Mother in Law explained to the bewildered bartender. "When she behaves badly like this, which is frequent I might add, I normally spank her bottom."

"You spank her bottom?" the bartender scratched his head.

"Her bare bottom."

"Her bare bottom?" The bartender didn't know what to make of this but seemed intrigued.

I, on the other hand, was mortified and glared at my Mother in Law, but dared not utter a word. I glanced over to my husband, Michael, who was still seated at the booth. I pleaded with my eyes for him to intervene, but his only response was to give me a friendly little wave of acknowledgement.

"Perhaps if I spank her bottom, right here, right now, you might think that was sufficient punishment, rather than reporting her to the Sheriff, who I am sure is a very busy man."

The bartender rubbed the stubble on his chin. "On her bare bottom?" he clarified.

My Mother in Law nodded.

The bartender's eyes roved up and down my body once more, and he obviously liked what he saw. A broad smile covered his face from ear to ear. "Very well, but it needs to be a damn good spanking as she was downright rude to me and I was only doing my job."

"I totally agree," my Mother in Law spoke sternly like an old fashioned school ma'am. She turned to me. "Apologise to this nice young man for your behaviour."

I pouted my lip, and fought back a tear. "I am very sorry for being so rude to you. It was uncalled for."

"And what do you deserve?" my Mother in Law interjected sternly.

I blushed and looked at my feet. "I deserve to be spanked."

"How will you be spanked?" she demanded.

"On my bare bottom, Sir," I whispered in humiliation.

"Speak up girl. I want everyone to know how you feel you should be punished."

I was suddenly aware of how deathly quiet it was in the bar. I looked up and saw that the eyes of every patron were firmly fixed on me. There must have been over twenty people in total at the bar, including several women.

I gulped in several breaths of air to steady my nerves. I summonsed my courage and tried to speak loudly, "I deserve to be spanked on my bare bottom, Sir."

I felt so shamefaced.

"I think we all agree with that." My Mother in Law was playing to the onlookers, and was clearly in her element. She was not about to miss a golden opportunity to totally humiliate me in public. "Take off your panties," she requested loudly so no one was in doubt what was being requested of me.

I was only too aware that my baby doll dress was so short in hardly covered my bottom. Nervously I fumbled with my panties, at the same time trying to keep my back straight so as to not expose my buttocks. But I only succeeded in humiliating myself further as I stumbled sideways and fell clumsily to the floor, giving everyone an eyeful of my white cotton panda panties. Embarrassed, I quickly got up, and lowered my panties to my knees. I hoped this would be sufficient for my Mother in Law.

"What did I ask you to do?"

"Take off my panties, Ma'am," I sniffed.

"And have you taken them off?"

"No, Ma'am." I was trying not to cry in front of all these strangers. Hastily I lowered my panties to my ankles and stepped out of them.

"Hand them to me."

As gracefully as I could I bent down and picked up my cotton panties. I knew that my lower buttocks would be clearly visible to some of the patrons. The atmosphere in the bar was electrified with tension. Nobody was making any attempt to leave. They clearly wanted to witness the unexpected show that was unfolding before them.

My Mother in Law took my panties from me, and humiliated me further by inspecting the crouch. She looked up at me with sly eyes and I knew what was coming. "Are you wet, girl?"

I fought back the tears of embarrassment. "I don't think so, Ma'am. Perhaps just a little bit."

I was mortified when she held the panties up, clearly exposing a rather large, round wet spot in the middle of the crouch. "Is this what you call a little bit?"

I was crestfallen. "I guess not, Ma'am."

"I think not," her school ma'am voice reinforced. "Now open your mouth."

I was taken a back. "Pardon, Ma'am?"

"Open your mouth," she repeated impatiently.

Confused, I opened my mouth.


I obeyed, opening my jaws wide. I could not believe it when my Mother in Law then rolled my panties into a ball and stuffed them in my mouth.

"That will keep your foul mouth silent. Now bend over that table, and make sure that bottom of yours is pointing where people can get a good view." My Mother in Law indicated to a small round table beside her.

I was dying with humiliation but followed my Mother in Law's command without question. I bent at the waist and rested my upper torso on the table. It reeked of stale beer. I could hear an excited murmur amongst the bar patrons as my buttocks came into view.

"Open your legs," directed my Mother in Law.

I spread my legs wide, knowing that in doing so my labia would be in clear view of my excited audience. I tried not to think of what my husband would be feeling of his wife at this moment. Would he be shocked and disgusted by my behaviour? I hoped he understood I had no choice other than to obey his Mother. I hoped he could see I was only trying to be the perfect Daughter in Law to his parents.

I tensed as I felt my Mother in Law's hand take hold of the bottom of my mini baby doll dress, lifting it fully up to expose my milky white buttocks. She tucked it into the waistband so it was secured, and I was totally exposed. When the first spank connected I yelped in surprise and pain, but the noise was muffled by my panties in my mouth. The blows reigned down quickly and with considerable vigour. She was clearly not holding back on my poor buttocks, and I was soon squirming from the red hot pain. Tears began to flow, and I struggled to breath through my nose.

It was not until she had administered to me one of the most vigorous spankings I had ever received that she finally stopped. My buttocks felt like they were on fire and I continued to squirm and cry, and made no attempt to stand up. I knew my lurid little dance would be affording my audience a bird's eye view of my most intimate cavities, but at that moment it was secondary to the pain from the spanking.

"Stand up," my Mother in Law directed.

Gingerly I obeyed, pushing myself upright. My nose was running, and I quickly wiped it on the back of my sleeve. I fought to regain my composure. Shamefacedly I glanced around at my audience. They were clearly awestruck by what they had witnessed. "Apologise to everybody, and give the bartender a kiss for being so understanding."

I removed my soaking panties from my mouth and in a whimpering tone apologised to the bar patrons, and promised to be good in the future. I then shuffled over to the dumbfounded bartender and kissed him on the cheek. With that my Mother in Law took hold of my hand and began to lead me out of the bar. As I turned to go the onlookers broke out in spontaneous applause. Boy, had they enjoyed the show. It was then that I realised my little dress was still tucked up in the waistband, giving everyone one last, long look at my bright red derriere.

It was not until we had exited the door that my Mother in Law pulled down the hem of the dress. My husband suddenly appeared beside us. His face was flushed, and it was very clear he had enjoyed my humiliation and punishment. I smiled at him sheepishly.

We were actually standing on the sidewalk when my Mother in Law took my panties from me, and held them open so I could put my feet into them.

"You had better put these on. I would hate for you to be arrested for indecent exposure."

I blushed and looked around on the street. A group of teenage girls were looking disapprovingly over at me from across the road. All I could do was smile with embarrassment as I put my hand on my Mother in Law's shoulder for support and stepped into my panda cotton panties. Once she had pulled them up she reinforced my humiliation by giving me a light swat on my bottom before taking my hand. My husband, Michael, took hold of my other hand, and I was led off like a little girl towards where our vehicle was parked.

I had a strange mix of emotions as I was led away. Despite my humiliation I felt very proud to be hand in hand with two people who I felt loved and cared for me very much. However they sure did have a very strange way of demonstrating their love and concern for me, which left my mind swirling with utter confusion. This was not helped by the fact that the humiliation and punishment administered to me was both my worst nightmare but also my most exciting erotic dream.

Once we reached our car Michael opened the rear door and I clambered in, holding down the hem of my dress to preserve what little modesty I had left within me. I was not surprised when Michael climbed into the front seat along side his mother. She put the key in the ignition, but did not start the engine. She was clearly waiting for me. With a sigh of resignation of lifted my buttocks off the seat and slid my panties down to my knees. This was really embarrassing as I had never done this in front of Michael before.

My Mother in Law asked Michael to reach into the glove box, pull out several tissues, and hand them to me. Michael readily obeyed and with a Cheshire grin reached over to hand them to me. He stared at me expectantly, waiting to see what I was going to do, which only served to make me more self conscious.

"Tell Michael what you are going to do with the tissues, Kym." My Mother in Law did not want to miss the opportunity to ratchet up the humiliation.

"I am going to sit on them," I pouted.

"And why are you made to sit on the tissues, darling?"

"Because I make the seat wet," I blushingly confessed.

"Yep, you sure do. Can you believe it, Michael? Your little Kym excretes her juices over the seat of the car. She just cannot control herself."

Michael chuckled quietly, while I just about died with humiliation, yet again for the umpteenth time. With Michael staring at me intently I raised my buttocks off the car seat and carefully placed the tissues in position under me, then lowered myself onto them. I was still very tender from the spanking, but thankfully the tissues were soft and the car seat was cold.

On the drive back to the ranch mother and son chatted away excitedly, while I only joined in occasionally when spoken to. But strangely, I did not feel left out. I felt warm and secure. I had overcome the initial shock of finding out that Michael had known of my punishment at the hands of his parents all along. In a strange way I was excited to know he was going to be a part of my 'behaviour improvement' experiences being administered by his parents.

When we finally reached the ranch of John and Debbie, Michael opened my car door and I slid out. Embarrassingly several of the tissues stuck to my buttocks. I quickly pulled them off and tried to screw them up, but Michael held out his hand. Reluctantly I handed them over. Michael held them up in the evening light and the dampness on the tissues was clearly visible. I screwed up my eyes with shame. My Mother in Law smiled knowingly.

It was already well after midnight and everyone crept quietly off to bed. I was relieved to see that Michael and I had a separate room to ourselves. As we undressed I noticed Michael was already fully erect. He was evidently very excited by what he had witnessed tonight, which gave me the warm fuzzies. Once we were in bed he fucked me with frenzy from behind, doggy style, so he could feel his groin up against my still-reddened and tender buttocks. We did not speak of the evening's events, even though I desperately wanted to know whether he and my Mother in Law knew anything of my run in with Sheriff Stone. We quickly fell into a deep and restful sleep.

It was early morning when I heard people moving around in the kitchen. This was our last day at the ranch of John and Debbie, and we were due to fly back to the city later in the evening. As I sleepily poked my head around the corner of the bedroom door I noticed everyone else was up and dressed, my Parents in Law (Jane and Ben), our hosts John and Debbie, plus Debbie's younger sister Rachel and her boyfriend Troy. I heard Michael stirring on the bed behind me.

"What's going on?" I enquired of Michael. "Everyone is up and dressed." Michael suddenly sat up. "Damn, I forgot. We are all going horse riding this morning."

I didn't exactly jump up and down with joy as memories of my last horse ride flooded back

"Come on, kiddo," Michael encourage, "it will be a lot of fun."

I lot of fun for whom, I silently wondered. At least I had been forewarned and was not going to get caught out like last time. I dressed in my most conservative sports bra and panties, and then slipped on a pair of Michael's boxer shorts, before putting on my jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

Once dressed Michael and I joined the other six for a healthy breakfast. Nothing was mentioned of the previous evening's events, and the chatter was light and friendly. The men rounded up the horses and we were soon underway on our trek. We took a different route this time, heading west, but looped around and a couple of fun hours later we ended up at the same lake we had stopped at last time.

It had turned into a scorching hot morning and we dismounted and gave the horses a drink, before sitting down and quenching our own thirsts with fruit juice and water we had brought along. My heart was fluttering with anticipation and dread, especially as Michael was in a whispered conversation with his parents and John and Debbie. I, along with young Rachel and Troy, were clearly not included. After a short conversation the five of them seemed to be nodding their heads in agreement. This did not look good, but for several long minutes nothing was said.

Finally my Mother in Law turned to where Troy, Rachel and I were sitting together beside the lake. "You three young ones go for a swim then we need to talk to you."

I had been expecting something like this, but the inclusion of Troy and Rachel was a surprise to both them and me. They frowned at me in confusion. I shrugged my shoulders to indicate I had no idea what was brewing. Gingerly all three of us stood up and stripped off our clothing down to our underwear. We laughed at the fact all three of us were wearing boxer shorts, although mine were clearly a few sizes too big. Rachel and I both had on full sports bras. Rachel laughingly acknowledged that I had come prepared this time.

As we turned and headed to the lake Debbie called us to a halt.

"Come here," she demanded

I was now conditioned to instinctively follow commands and began walking the few yards to where Debbie was seated with the others. Rachel and Troy, thinking they were not included, continued to walk to the lake.

"All three of you!" Debbie bellowed, "and quick smart."

Rachel and Troy quickly joined me as we all stood submissively in front of Debbie and the other adults, of whom my own husband was included. "Undress." It was a simple, one-word command with a powerful impact.

"Why?" Rachel whined with disbelief. "Why me? Why Troy? We won't do it. It's not fair." She stamped her foot in protest.

Debbie maintained a steely glare at her younger, eighteen year old sister. "Get undressed. Now!"

Having been in this situation before I feared the consequences of not obeying and quickly began to undress. I was soon totally naked and standing, self conscious, in front of everyone. It was an even more gut wrenching experience than normal as I was only too aware of the fact I was parading myself naked in front of my husband.

Rachel and Troy both stared at me wide-eyed, disbelieving that I could actually parade myself naked before everyone. I briefly felt a twinge of guilt that I had not stood united with them in defiance of Debbie's request to undress. However my mind reconciled that a little bit of guilt was a lot less painful than a thoroughly smacked backside.

The stand-off between Debbie, and Rachel and Troy, continued, but as the latter two scanned the eyes of the other adults they could see they were not going to get any support for their belligerence. To my surprise it was Troy who buckled in first. Nervously he lowered his boxer shorts and, given I was standing beside him naked, I was not surprised to see his penis was semi erect. Embarrassed by his arousal he cupped his hands over his privates.

With Troy and I now both naked Rachel's defiance capitulated, and with a heavy sigh of reluctance she began to remove her sports bra. She was clearly mortified by the experience of having to undress in front of several people, and I knew only too well the emotions she was experiencing. Removing her bra she revealed she was surprisingly well endowed for such a slim framed young female. Her breasts had the milky-white perfection of youth. Rachel was blushing profusely as her fumbling fingers lowered her boxing shorts, revealing a pair of simple cotton briefs underneath.

In search of some sort of last second reprieve her eyes desperately scanned the adults, pleading for support. It was no surprise to me that none was forthcoming. With a pained look on her face she slipped her fingers into her waistband and slowly lowered her panties and stepped out of them so she was totally naked. When she stood up her hands quickly covered her breasts and pubic region, but not before she revealed a triangle a jet black, tightly-curled hair, which contrasted starkly with my own smoothly shaven pubs.

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