tagNonConsent/ReluctancePunished for Teasing

Punished for Teasing


I always liked to tease Sam, my boyfriend's best friend. He knew I was just trying to mess with him. I would never cheat on my boyfriend and he would never mess with his best friend's girl. But it was okay for me to flirt with him a little. I actually felt bad for the guy. He had gotten dumped by this evil girl six years ago and has never gotten over it. He's too introverted to go out and meet new people. Also, he lives 12 hours away so he couldn't hang out with his closest friends. The guy stays home all the time and immerses himself into school and work. So I flirted with him a little to help him out. I rationalized that if I could boost his confidence enough he could go out and meet a nice girl of his own.

I talked to him through text messages and online. Occasionally we would have video chats. Everything was fine until the day things went too far. We were chatting online and I was flirting a bit too much. Before long, things were getting hot and heavy and my hand was in my pants rubbing my clit. It had been a while since my boyfriend and I had the chance to have sex since our busy schedules conflict. I found that I had been spending a lot more time chatting with Sam than having sex with my boyfriend Jack. My simple flirting with Sam had somehow turned into cyber-sex.

It still didn't seem like cheating to me. It wasn't real. I felt that getting off to things he said to me online was just like getting off to porn or from reading erotic stories. Things between us were completely normal when we had video chats. It was as if we were talking to different people online. Sometimes we would feel guilty about it and would stop having cyber-sex for a while, but our conversations would always turn dirty eventually. We agreed that Jack would never find out.

One day Jack told me that Sam was coming to visit us for a week. It's always nice for Jack to have his best friend around. I imagined the two of them would be so busy going bowling and playing video games that there wouldn't be any awkwardness between me and Sam.

Everything seemed to be going fine for the first few days of Sam's visit. The guys kept themselves busy, like I had predicted. Jack never suspected anything. Things were going as planned, until the day Jack had to go to work and I was left at home alone with Sam for the whole day.

When I woke up in the morning Jack had already left for work. Sam was also sleeping in after staying up late with a new video game. He was asleep on the couch so I decided to jump in the shower. I was rinsing shampoo out of my eyes when I thought I heard something in the bathroom. My eyes were squeezed tight to prevent the burn from the shampoo and I quickly tried to clear the soap out to see who the intruder was. I was comforted when I heard the familiar noise of my cat digging in the nearby litter box. I had forgotten he was in the bathroom with me.

Confident that I was alone, I kept my eyes shut while letting the warm water and soap run over me. I ran my hands down my body, grazing my sensitive nipples. My thoughts were on the man on my couch and the intimate conversations we had on the internet. My mind drifted off to the fantasy we had played out online. He had tied me up in the forest and forced me to suck his cock. When we talked online I felt I could share anything with him so he knew that my secret fantasy was to be tied up and forced into sex. His secret fantasies were more mythical involving magical creatures such as mermaids and angels. In our fantasy, he was an elf lord, master of the forest.

As I stood in the shower I was suddenly running through the forest in my mind. I was looking for something, although I didn't know what. I came to a clearing and the forest seemed to come to life. Vines stretched like tentacles towards me. They wrapped around my wrists and ankles. I was forced to a kneeling position. The elf lord appeared before me. At his command, the vines continued to snake up my legs, tearing the fabric of my clothes from my body. I was kneeling naked, ready to serve this master of the forest. Without a word I tilted my head back and opened my mouth. Graciously, he offered his hard elf cock. It tasted so good, growing harder and stronger down my throat. I sucked and licked, stroking his shaft with my lips. I knew I wasn't worthy of the gift he was about to give me. I worked hard, taking his whole cock into my mouth, down my throat. The elf lord was pleased. He sent my reward gushing into my mouth, a magical dose of elf cum.

As he came down my throat in my fantasy I stroked my clit and pulled on my nipples. A little moan escaped my mouth and an orgasm shook my body. I slowly opened my eyes and caught my breath. It was time to compose myself and finish my shower. I turned around to rinse the rest of the soap out of my long hair and I suddenly saw that I wasn't alone.

I let out a scream as I saw that Sam was standing naked in the shower with me, grinning from the show he had just witnessed. Sam quickly put his hand over my mouth to stifle my scream. His other hand grabbed my wrist and pushed me against the shower wall, pinning my arm above my head. He shushed me and signaled for me to be quiet as he pulled his hand away from my mouth.

"How did you sneak in here? How long have you been standing there? What are you doing in here?!" I demanded.

"I thought you heard me when I opened the door. But I decided not to bother you when started touching yourself. Were you thinking about me?" His grin got wider.

"No!" I lied. I pushed against him with my free hand but he was much stronger than me. He pulled my hand up above me and held both wrists in just one of his massive hands. His other hand began exploring my body. My skin was still tingling from my orgasm. He squeezed my breast and I tried to pull away again unsuccessfully. I began to protest but he pushed his lips hard against mine. I tried to close my lips against his intrusion but his tongue found its way in. I broke down and let him kiss me. It was a deep, long kiss and I could feel the passion behind it. His hand slid down between my legs. I started to kick against him, but his legs pressed against mine. With his feet he spread my legs, pushing my calves apart. I felt completely vulnerable as he overpowered me. He began stroking two fingers inside of me while continuing to kiss me. I started to feel another orgasm building. My body loosened under his grip and began to submit to him. I found my tongue stroking against his and my hips started moving against his fingers, humping myself on him.

Suddenly he pulled his hand away from me and his lips left mine.

"Not so fast," he laughed. "You're going to pay for always teasing me online."

I let out a little whimper and tried to push my body against him. It was no use. Sam shut the water off in the shower and handed me a towel. He let my arms down from above my head but stood in the shower with me while I toweled off the excess water. He also began drying off and I decided to try to step out of the shower.

"Where are you going?" he asked as I wrapped the towel around my body and stepped towards the door.

"Leave me alone, Sam. We agreed that it was online only. I'm not going to cheat on Jake. Do you want to do that to your best friend?" I tried to put the guilt on to him.

I watched the anger come across his face. "This is all on you, bitch. You started this. You already cheated on Jake. Now you're going to get what you deserve!"

Scared, I grabbed the door knob and tried to escape the bathroom. He beat me to the door and held it closed with his massive palm. I struggled with the door knob, but I knew it was pointless. With one swift motion, he pulled the towel from my body. Then he grabbed my arm and pushed my back against the door. I was avoiding looking in his eyes, not wanting to see his anger. He grabbed my hair and turned my face towards his. Slowly, he commanded, "You will do exactly as I tell you."

I was too scared to disobey. I felt completely taken over by him. I wasn't sure what he meant about getting what I deserve. I didn't know how far he would go. He seemed so angry I was afraid he might hurt me if I didn't obey him.

"Do you understand?" He yelled in my face. I slowly nodded as tears came down my face.

He kept his grip on my wet hair and pulled me away from the door. Then he opened the door and led me down the hallway to the bedroom I shared with my boyfriend. He threw me down on the bed and I scrambled away from him when I left his grip. I cowered at the head of the bed and watched as he stood between me and the only exit in the room. Beside him was my desk and I had my winter coat hanging on the back of the chair. A small smile came to his face when he saw my scarf hanging over my coat. He slowly walked towards me, pulling the scarf with him. I shrank away from him, but I had nowhere to go.

"Come here," he commanded as he pulled me by the arm. He pushed me face first into the mattress and pulled my arms behind me. He wrapped the scarf around my wrists and bound my hands behind my back. When he was finished he stepped back and admired his handiwork. He was looking around the room for more things he could use against me. On the floor he found the pair of jeans I had worn the night before. I had a leather belt still in the belt loops of the pants. Sam pulled the belt free and came back to my side.

"What are you going to do to me?" I asked frantically when he approached me with the belt.

"Punish you."

I felt the sting of the belt striking my upper thighs. He worked his way up my backside and I let out a little scream with every strike.

"Please stop! Please!" My ass cheeks were burning and tears streaked down my face.

"Had enough?" He seemed amused.

He tossed the belt aside and rolled me onto my back. I cried out when my sore bottom touched the rough fabric on the bed. My hands were still bound behind my back, causing me to push my breasts out awkwardly as I tried to keep my burning ass from pressing too hard against the bed.

"Don't go anywhere," Sam said. He began rummaging through my closet, in drawers and on shelves.

I took the opportunity to speak to him. "Why are you doing this?"

"You are a tease," he said. "It has been six years since I've last had sex and you find enjoyment in taunting me with something I can't have. Well, here's news for you. I'm taking what you have offered! No more teasing me. It's time I tease you!"

He must have found what he was looking for in my closet. He came back to the bed, but I couldn't tell what was in his hand. He sat between my legs and leaned over me. He ran his fingers up and down my sensitive skin. I wasn't sure what his next move would be.

"Please don't hurt me anymore," I cried.

He grinned at me. Suddenly I heard a familiar buzzing between my legs. He had my vibrator! He rubbed the vibrator against my clit and slid two fingers inside of me. I began to moan as he worked his fingers inside of me. I felt the familiar tingle of a mounting orgasm. My breath quickened and I tried to push against the vibrator. Just like in the shower, he pulled away right before my orgasm.

He brought the vibrator up to my chest. He teased one breast with his tongue while he worked on the other with my vibrator. It felt so good.

"Are you enjoying this?" He asked me.

"Please don't stop," I whispered breathlessly.

He brought the vibrator back down to my clit while he continued to kiss and caress my breasts.

"Ooooh," I moaned. The orgasm was so close. But he stopped again.

"I love to hear you moan," he smiled at me. "But it's time you do something for me."

He pulled me off the bed. I tried not to lose my balance, staggering to my feet with no hands. But he pushed me down onto my knees in front of him. He pulled my hair, jerking my head back, and my mouth came open as if he had commanded it.

His dick was very hard. I knew it wouldn't take much to get him off. I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked lightly. My tongue traced up and down his sensitive head. Then I ran my tongue down his shaft. I tickled his balls with my tongue and heard him groan in appreciation. I breathed lightly against him as I went back up to the head of his penis. I took him into my mouth, letting him slide all the way down my throat. I sucked him in as I bobbed up and down on his dick. My pace quickened and so did his breath. I could tell he was close. I slowed down, sucking and teasing, and I went back to licking the head.

"No more teasing," he said. With that, he grabbed my head with both hands and thrust his dick deep down my throat. I gagged at first, but he pulled out enough for me to catch my breath. He thrust my head back down on him again and continued with a steady pace. I began having trouble catching my breath, but he was almost done. He thrust one last time, pushing further down my throat than before. I felt his warm cum squirt down my throat and into my mouth.

Slowly, he released me from his dick. He pulled me back up onto the bed and untied the scarf from my wrists.

"Remember," he said softly into my ear, "Jack never knows about this."

And he walked out of my room, leaving me with his salty taste in my mouth.

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