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Punished in the Corner


I'm sitting in the corner of the room, at first blindfolded, gagged, and tied up so tightly I can't move my hands nor legs. You come up to me and force me to start sucking your big 9 inch cock with my soft wet lips wrapped around you. You start pulling on my hair forcing me to gag all over your cock, make me lick your rock hard shaft before I start licking your balls too. I begin to bob my head up and down your cock, sucking you deep, and moaning all over your cock.

That's right fuck my hot mouth wrapped around your big, hard cock. Fuck my throat so good til you decide to pull out and cum all over my big, 38DD tits. You whisper "That's a good little slut... Time for the real show to start for you to watch and learn to be a good little sub."

You take off my blindfold and replace the gag back in my mouth. Slowly you pull my g-string aside and start finger fucking my tight drenched pussy. Soon, you move your fingers away from my pussy and bring them to my mouth to suck on and lick up. You put a nice big 8 inch vibrator in my pussy and put it on the highest setting possible before slowly getting up and walking over to the bed.

Laying in the bed tied up in restraints holding her arms and legs wide apart is your sexy wife. From the position she's being held down in, her beautiful 40E tits are bouncing a bit from watching me suck you off. Her 5'9" yummy curvy frame is squirming a bit getting wet with excitement for more of what's to come.

You get in between her legs and start gently moving your tongue along the smooth shaved outline of her pussy, teasing her. Until you finally start moving your tongue against her clit over and over until she starts bucking her hips begging for you to tongue fuck her sweet little hole. Finally, you give in and start tongue fucking her pussy good, pushing your face as far as you can go moving your tongue in and out, in and out.. harder, faster.. alternating rubbing your tongue against her clit too. Soon, her hips are moving trying to fuck your tongue right back.. the sensations cause her to cum so hard her cum just drips all into your mouth and of course you lap it all up because it tastes so sweet, so delicious.

Once she's done cumming you move upward, gently kissing and rubbing on her big boobs and nipples for just a moment until you slide upward and move your now rock hard again thick cock up to her lips and start slowly moving your dick in and out of her mouth while one hand is pinching and rubbing on her nipples causing her to moan all around your cock while she deep throats you. Overcome with excitement you start fucking her face hard and look over at me and tell me what a good slave girl I am to be allowed to watch you both play with each other.

You hear me whimpering from cumming over and over all over the big vibrator buried deep in my tight wet hole. Each time I keep cumming, I become even more sensitive which causes a mix of pain and pleasure to go through my body as it keeps vibrating against my clit and deep inside me.

Oh yes, my little slave, you whisper from across the room, that's your punishment for having the pleasure of watching us. You then turn back to your hot wife and slowly push the head of your dick up and down her wet slit, rubbing the big head against her clit over and over a couple of times before moving downwards and roughly pushing it deep inside her with one hard stroke...

With your thick cock moving in and out of her hot, wet pussy.. You slowly undo all of her restraints and move her on her knees to start really ramming your big cock deep inside her from behind. You can hear her screams and moans of pleasure quite clearly where I'm sitting in the corner, still whimpering from my own forced painful pleasure. Just hearing her moans and screams of getting fucked good and hard make me cum even harder all over the big vibrator buried deep in my tight pussy.

Soon, after spanking her ass a few times you both switch where it's her on top and she starts moving her pussy up and down all over your cock, riding you slowly at first before she starts really getting into it and begins riding you harder and harder. You reach up in the position and start grabbing her big boobs and you play with her nipples as well. All of this pleasure has her start really riding you hard with just one intention: to get her pussy off hard with you inside of her.

She rides you so hard her boobs start bouncing up and down causing you to get even harder inside of her pussy. You reach down and start rubbing her clit with your fingers until her pussy muscles clench tightly around your cock while your deep inside of her. The feelings of her wet tight pussy squeezing you becomes too much and you grab her hips and thrust hard inside of her before you let all your cum pour out deep inside her pussy. After your done shooting a huge load inside of her, she moves over to lay on her back with a pillow underneath her ass to prop her pussy upwards so no more cum will leak out.

You walk over to me and finally turn the toy off before yanking me upward to walk slowly towards the bed still, my legs still bound somewhat and my hands handcuffed behind my back.

'You want to taste her so bad, time for you to clean up both of our cum deep inside her pussy. Time for you to be a good little slave and clean her pussy with just your tongue,' You whisper this in my ear as we get to the bed and push me down face first into her pussy to begin licking up.

My tongue tentatively rubs along the outside of her pussy before slowly moving my tongue up and down already I can taste your cum mixed with hers leaking out. It tastes salty but sweet too. I suddenly can't get enough of this delicious taste, I push my tongue deep in her cum drenched pussy lapping up all the cum I can. My tongue is buried inside her pussy I can feel her start to buck her hips at my face trying to get me deeper. I dart my tongue faster in and out of her sweet pussy hole.

Occasionally, I take my tongue out to gently lick and play with her clit before I resume tongue fucking her delicious tasting pussy. Finally, she can't take it anymore and she reaches down and holds my head as she fucks my face til she cums hard. Her cum drips out all over my face and I lick up every drop I can. My poor, now highly sensitive pussy is starting to drip wetness down my leg from getting so turned on by licking my very first pussy.

You pull me upwards with her cum glistening on my face where I couldn't lick it up fast enough. 'That's a good little slut. Servicing her has earned you the privilege of......'


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