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Punished Maid


(A note on the accents: 'but' and 'butt' are spelled 'boot,' 'it' is spelled 'eet,' 'good' is 'gewd,' etc. They are fairly self explanatory, 'roo een' is 'ruin,' etc.)



Mrs Sandra Zapeda was a kept woman. Having been raised in a large family of moderate means, she was accustomed to shopping at discount boutiques and consignment shops. Like most women, she loved to shop and collect clothes- her wardrobe had samples of every major designer in the fashion industry. Perhaps it was the result of a deprived childhood or a response to a lack of emotional fulfillment. Whatever the reason, her heart throbbed and her nipples ached whenever she went out with that purse full of credit cards.

Sandra was not only a remarkable beauty, she knew how to dress herself to advantage. She almost never dressed in a deliberately provocative manner. Rather, she believed in displaying refined taste and a sense of elegant class. Sandra knew how to attract the right kind of man. Pigs rut in mud, she would say, but ermines will die rather than sully their fur. Dress like a low class slut and you'll attract a pig, but dress with class and sensuous elegance and you'll attract an elegant and sophisticated man- one with wealth, power and influence. In her early twenties, while an impoverished law student, Sandra was swept away by Alfonso Zapeda, the owner of a chain of luxury car dealers in Queens and Long Island.

Alfonso and Sandra married in the idyllic spring of 1987. As all storybook romances go, they turn to blissful marriage... and from blissful marriage to disillusionment, tedium or turmoil. They needed to maintain appearances for the sake of careers, family and friends. Sandra tolerated his affairs with younger women and he tolerated her flighty moods and her costly extravagances. The possibility of divorce was never discussed. They had a mutually beneficial if loveless marriage; besides, Alfonso knew he'd lose everything in a divorce. Sandra worked part-time as a paralegal for one of Manhattan's most powerful law firms.


Cherry and cedar-lined wardbrobes were custom made for Sandra's sumptuous bedroom. Alfonso slept in his own bedroom, a result of their incompatible hours and his penchant for snoring like a diesel engine. Their separate rooms were adjoined by a large bathroom equipped with a luxurious marble tub, a large crystal-enclosed shower, a sauna and twin wash stands. She preferred to keep her room decorated in distinctly feminine tastes, with pink wallpaper, silk hangings and satin bedspreads. For Sandra it was a pink paradise. Alfonso preferred more masculine decor.

Sandra's longtime maid, an authentic Frenchwoman named Jeannette, married her lover and gave notice. There were tears, hugs and congratulations. Sandra footed the caterer's bill at their wedding. A dilemma arose. She resorted to a maid service who would send her someone based on experience, requirements and other factors. One sunny afternoon, Maria arrived at the doorstep with several bags of luggage. Sandra was surprised at her age- she was in her forties, she guessed, but very beautiful... an exotic beauty with large doe eyes and thick heart-shaped lips. Maria soon settled into her routine and Sandra grew comfortable with her, as if they'd known each other for years.

One winter morning, Sandra was heading for Manhattan on the Southern State Parkway when she realized she'd left her valise on the foyer table. It would take another forty minutes to retrieve it, but it was essential that she deliver its contents to her office. She called in late and took the next overpass to turn back towards home. In frustration, she gulped down her entire 32-ounce coffee. Her bladder was aching by the time she pulled into the long, winding driveway. Passing the forgotten valise, she rushed into the bathroom to relieve herself. "Damn that," she sighed. One of her exquisitely manicured nails had snagged on her pantyhose and caused an unsightly run.

Sandra rushed up the carpeted staircase to change her pantyhose. She carried an extra set in her car for such occasions, but since she was already home she'd change in her wardrobe. Always meticulously dressed, she preferred the taupe Hanes Silk Reflections to the flesh-colored pair she'd just ruined. They'd go better with her black pinstriped skirt. Maria was supposed to be picking up some of Alfonso's dry cleaning and then take his Astin Martin to Rocco the mechanic's. Sitting on a chair in her wardrobe, Sandra was changing her pantyhose when she thought she heard something. "Maria, is that you?" Sandra indistinctly heard a whimpering sound from a recess in the closet.

When Sandra looked in the recess, she saw Maria standing in a posture of vain modesty, her knees knocking together, her torso bending forward and her arm shielding her naked breasts. She squeaked like a mouse and tried to talk but only a few inarticulate sounds came out.

"Uh... ohh... kkkaahh... unnnn..."

Sandra stared at her, too shocked and angered to speak. Finally she blurted out without time for thought,

"Oh, Maria, that's my... my Marc Jacobs skirt... it... that cost me... twelve hundred dollars!!! What are... why... take that off now!"

Sandra looked around and saw a Searle blouse in striped Italian silk, a Lysette teddy, a suit jacket tailored by Yves St.-Laurent she'd bought in Paris.

"Maria! What are you doing in my clothes!... What have you... you... been doing? Do you realize this blouse you've soiled with your... filthy, yes, filthy body... that cost me four hundred dollars?!!"

Maria could barely speak. In her thick Spanish accent, she moaned,

"I... I was... ju... j-joost try-tryeeng th-these on... please, Meezees Za pee da, I... I... deedn't..."

Sandra slapped Maria hard across the cheek as she shriveled in humiliation and embarrassment...

"You... you... you stupid bitch!"

Picking up a pair of her own panties, Sandra realized they were damp and smelled peculiar. Sniffing them, she recognized a familiar smell. Some of her clothes seemed to have a strange odor lately. She had wondered if there was a mold growing in her closet somewhere, or if her laundry was being done improperly. No. It was Maria! Maria had been wearing her clothes and not only that... my oh my, it couldn't be true... she'd been... masturbating in them!


"Pleeease, pleeease, I... I deedn't... I... noooo..."

Maria was pleading in a very humiliating and sniveling tone.

"I was onlee..."

"Shut that cunt of a mouth and listen, whore..."

Maria gulped, "Pleeaase!"

Sandra had cornered her.

"Show me what you've been doing in my clothes. Now! Do it! Show me just what you've been doing.. in my clothes!"

"You weesh me to... to... play weeth my... my... poosee?"

Maria stuttered.

"Yes, bitch. Since that's what you've been doing, show me now!"

The way Maria pronounced 'pussy' was making Sandra gush into her panties... 'poo see, poo see,' popping her lips with an unintented air kiss as she pronounced the 'p.'

"Play with what, you dumb cunt?"

Maria said it again, puckering her lips as she pronounced it,

"My poo see. My pooo seee!"

She had the most sniveling gestures and voice that Sandra could imagine, a mature forty year old woman reduced to the whimpering state of a frightened girl. She was pursing her lips and undulating her body as she thrust her hand in her, that is, in Sandra's, ruby red panties with crystal hearts...

"They're a little tight on that fat ass of yours, aren't they?"

Sandra taunted her, gloating over Maria's humiliation,

"Those big fat globes that bounce and wobble in your maid's uniform when you walk?"

The look in Maria's eyes as Sandra degraded her was delicious... she was getting aroused by being abused. Sandra sneered at her,

"Strutting around like a cheap slut?"

Maria cooed in her humiliation,

"My poo see, eet feels so gewd, my beeg fat ass... I weesh you to hurt me, I am a beetch, I roo een your preetee clothes..."

Sandra couldn't believe her good fortune at having this groveling bitch completely under her submission. Maria was masturbating furiously, heaving her bouncy breasts and rolling her torso, pivoting her hips as she abused herself... she was lost in paroxyms of masochistic lust. That sweet, girlish voice, those heaving breasts and bouncing buttocks, rolling and surging as she masturbated, sniveling before her... Sandra was overcome by the urge to punish her, to hurt her cunt and smack her tits, to thrash her fat ass into a swollen pulp of burning, stinging flesh. Sandra wanted to have fun with her. She tossed her a blouse and skirt, both tight-fitting and at least a size too small even on herself... Sandra would have some amusement watching this fat slut trying to squeeze herself into them. If this bitch wanted to play dress up, she'll have plenty of dressing up to do now.

Sandra sneered,

"I suppose I'll have to assist you, since you're fumbling with those buttons,"

Sandra's attitude was that of a mother dressing her awkward, disobedient daughter.

"Here, straighten out that hem, and adjust the collar,"

Sandra scolded Maria while roughly tugging the black striped blouse down by the hem. Sandra pulled the blouse together and told Maria to push the buttons through their holes. As Maria pulled tight, one button just wouldn't reach through. Her breasts were being squeezed so tight they hurt, causing her to moan.

"I no pool eet far eenough," she whimpered.

"If I squeeze your fat tits hard enough it'll close, Maria, so try harder!"

She whined, "Eet's hurteeng my teets, I... rrr..."

Once she fastened one button, the other was easier. She managed only three in all. There were wrinkles in the silk radiating from the over-strained buttons and her tits were plumping obscenely from the V-opening. Her belly was sticking out of the inverted V at the hem. She stood there in nothing else but the ruby red panties, slick with her arousal.

"Now the skirt. Let's see you squeeze your fat ass into that!"

Maria whimpered some more, "Boot eet's too leetle, my ass ees too beeg! I won't feet eento eet!"

Sandra growled at her simpering maid, "Get over here now, and bend over. That's it, bend over like that. Good. A little further."

Sandra palm-slapped her maid on the ass as hard as she could. Maria nearly toppled forward

"You are hurteeng me!" she cried.

Sandra responded, "Good! I want to hurt you and teach you to keep your filthy body out of my clothes!"

Sandra was administering a good spanking on her maid's ass, when she suddenly rolled her off of her lap and let her fall to the floor with a hard bony thump. Maria was stunned for several moments, then let out a long plaintive moan. Sandra said she needed something in the other room and had to make certain Maria didn't get away.

"I'm going to have to tie you up."

She used three very expensive silk scarves.

Looking for a good hairbrush to whack Maria's ass, Sandra heard something peculiar. At first, she thought it might be an electric razor left running. She followed the buzzing sound to a hamper near Maria's hiding spot. Reaching into a pile of her soiled bras, slips and panties, Sandra found it- a large buzzing vibrator!

"The masturbating little whore must have shoved it in there when I walked in," Sandra hissed to herself.

Maria had been so startled that she hadn't time to turn it off. Without neglecting the hairbrush, which Sandra found in a bathroom drawer, she returned to her trussed up maid. Sandra shoved the vibrator in Maria's face...

"Look what I found! What have we here, you rutting little cunt?!"

Maria pleaded with her as she slithered on her belly...

"Eet's my toy, I admeet eet... pleeease, pleeease, poot eet een my poo see!"

"I have a better idea, Maria," Sandra purred.

Sandra made a demeaning imitation of Maria's accent,

"I'm going to 'poot eet een your beeg ass'!"

Sandra pushed the ruby panties aside and simply shoved the vibrator deep into Maria's ass without any anal foreplay or lubrication. Maria's eyes popped from their sockets and she let out a sharp and deep "Ughhhh!" The panties snapped back into place, with only a circular projection where the base of the vibrator protruded from Maria's bouncy ass. Maria was lying on her belly with her fat rump elevated. Her arms were tied at the wrists, but she tucked them under her and was able to stimulate her clitoris. Her rotund ass bobbed and rotated in the air as she worked that clit.

"Oh, ooohhh, mmmmm... my poo see, eet teengles, I theenk I weel have come soon... Heet me, keeck me on my ass, slap me!"

"Don't come yet, bitch! Don't you come! I'm telling you, not yet!"

Sandra leaned on the floor above Maria's prostrate body and slipped the skirt over her ankles. She roughly tugged the tight gabardine sheath over her knees and up her thighs. Lifting Maria's waist off the floor, she gave it one last set of hard tugs, first one hip, then the other, alternately. When the ultra-tight skirt was stretched taut over Maria's fat ass, Sandra rolled her on her side and slapped her hands away. With a few "grrrrr's" Sandra pulled the zipper up and fastened the two large buttons on the tab.

"Boot I can't teekle my cleet!"

The vibrator was still buzzing in her ass, though the sound was muffled by the skirt. Maria seemed to thrash around on her belly in frustration, since her buzzing clit was now encased in the fully-lined skirt and she could no longer provide direct stimulation.

Sandra viciously squeezed Maria's feet into a pair of bright red 5-inch stiletto 'fuck me' heels, just for effect. They pinched her toes and heels.

"Do you want to come, Maria?" Sandra asked sarcastically...

"I'll make you come, you stupid whore."

Sandra raised her powerful leg, still in its runny pantyhose, and heard Maria's pathetic pleading,

"Hurt mee.. heet me so I weel come... I am a feelthee beetch who roo een your cl- uugghhhh...owwww..."

Sandra planted the pointed toe of her high-heeled boot directly between Maria's ass cheeks. Maria's back instantly bowed, thrusting her round ass higher into the air. Her torso stiffened in pain. Her mouth opened wide with crackling noises... her bulging eyes seemed to focus intently at some distant object when she was really focused on the startling sharp pain in her sodomized ass.

Sandra's cunt gushed at the sadistic pleasure of kicking Maria this way and she thrilled at the perverse sight of her thick round ass sticking so high in the air. It seemed to her that she'd driven the vibrator up into Maria's throat with that kick. A few ripples and spasms flowed through Maria's torso, the after effects of her very powerful masochistic orgasm. A fluid dribbled from the hem of the skirt into a puddle on the floor. She'd either pissed herself or ejaculated during her pain-induced climax.

Maria whispered in a throaty gasp, "You roo een my poo see, roo een me... oooh, my ass... eet hurteeng... ooooowww..."

When Maria had recovered from her punishment and the residual effects of her orgasm, Sandra informed her...

"I will not tolerate you soiling my expensive clothing with your filthy slut body. You have demonstrated to me that you are a shameless rutting cunt. You actually enjoy pain and humiliation, you perverted bitch! From this point on, I will dress you how I want, whenever I want and with anything I please. You are going to wear my filthy panties under your uniform. You will wash them with your mouth and tongue. I will gag you with them if necessary, and you will be forced to suck them clean, to swallow the taste of MY 'poo see.' Capeche? Puta!"

Maria not only remained in the services of Sandra Zapeda, she was a devoted submissive. Sandra taught her everything imaginable concerning haute couture, panty gags, bondage and sadomasochism. Even Mr Zapeda noticed the change in Sandra's normally venomous demeanor. She seemed to have an aura about her, an air of vivacity. Maria, on the other hand, was ever more simpering and she had the eccentric habit of always refusing to be seated. She also seemed to walk in a peculiar manner. Maria's ass often appeared to grow fatter and heavier than normal, and her nipples poked obscenely through her uniform... the results of Sandra's harsh gluteal punishments. Mr Zapeda sniffed the air as Maria passed him during the course of her household duties. Maria exuded some very peculiar smells... odors which were both revolting and curiously arousing. Sometimes Alfonso heard what sounded like two copulating alleycats in Maria's bedroom, but he knew better than to interfere with Sandra's kinky little whims.

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